Top 15 Reasons You Should Hate The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have taken the sports world by storm. Their sheer dominance on the court has become a sight to see for basketball fans night in and night out. Upon their arrival of greatness in basketball, the Warriors were actually a fun team to root for. They had a certain charm and charisma that appealed to fans nation wide. However, like any team in any sport, their prolonged run of success has turned many of these supporters into haters. They’re no longer that young, feel-good team of the NBA, in fact, they're now quite the opposite. They’re now a perennial powerhouse who have positioned themselves for league-wide hatred.

Coming off a historic 73-win season, many felt all the Warriors really had to do to keep contending for championships was keep their team intact. Instead, the Warriors snagged the biggest fish in free agency, signing superstar Kevin Durant away from the Oklahoma City Thunder. They've strengthened their team while eliminating one of their biggest threats in the west. You can't blame the team for doing so, but from a fan's perspective, it's hard to swallow, as everybody loves parity, something the Warriors have taken away from the league. They're now the villains of the NBA, with KD perhaps being the biggest one of all.

Here are 15 reasons why you should hate the Golden State Warriors.

15 15. Rooting Against the Villain

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Let’s be honest, one of the more fun things to do in sports is rooting against the best team. Whether it be the Patriots in the NFL, the Blackhawks in the NHL or the Royals in the MLB, we love watching these titans of the league take the fall. It might be safe to say that we enjoy watching these teams lose just as much as we enjoy watching our favorite team win. The Warriors are undoubtedly that “villain” team in the NBA amidst their incredible run of success. Back to back finals appearances and a myriad of shattered records have positioned themselves as the “Evil Empire” similar to the old Yankee days.

14 14. David West

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You may be wondering, why would David West amount to even a sliver of hatred directed towards the Warriors? While he certainly is not one of the primary factors causing for Warrior dislike, it would be hilarious to watch them fall at the expense of West. This is because the 13-year veteran has been ring chasing for some time, and is still empty handed. First, he tried the up and coming Pacers joining the likes of Paul George and Roy Hibbert hoping to finally raise that trophy. Nothing. Then he raced over to San Antonio, hoping a Gregg Popovich led powerhouse team would earn him a ring. Negative. Now, he’s signed a lowly $1.55 million contract with the juggernaut Warriors in hopes of finally landing that coveted title. It would be quite amusing to see West come up short yet again.

13 13. California Team

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There are 30 teams in the NBA, and I swear it feels like 17 of them are from California. How many teams does one state need? We already gave you the Lakers, who were seemingly championship contenders for 50 years. The Clippers have become perennial post-season threats under the helm of superstars like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Even the lowly Sacramento Kings are on the rise. Now on top of that, let’s add the team that just went 73-9 last year. The Golden State is overly represented in the NBA and the league should spread the wealth to other cities or states dying for a professional sports team. The North Dakota Clippers has a nice ring to it.

12 12. NBA 2K Video Games


11 11. Ayesha Curry

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Steph Curry has gained league-wide notoriety for his remarkable ability to shoot the basketball. His 30-plus point games night in and night out have made him a regular topic of conversation and one of the league’s more popular stars. Steph’s wife Ayesha has become nearly equally as famous but in her own annoying way. Ayesha is not afraid to bite her tongue when the game is not going in the favor of her husband, and her arguments are usually illogical.

10 10. SportsCenter


Many sports fans like to kick off their day by turning on ESPN and catching the morning SportsCenter. This is done in hopes of catching up on what happened in the wide world of sports the previous day, including scores and highlights from multiple different sports. However, during basketball season, this program might as well be called WarriorsCenter. It at times feels like a two-hour long drooling and gushing over the NBA’s premier team; how good Steph Curry is, the Splash Brothers and comparing them to other past great times. They are certainly worthy of extensive conversation, but not to the point where all other teams and sports are an afterthought.

9 9. Future of Basketball

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8 8. Style of Play

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With that being said, watching how the Warriors play can become extremely frustrating for opposing fans. Most of their offense comes from one of the two Splash Brothers posting up from 40 feet and draining three-pointer after three-pointer. The Warriors rarely play with a big man, instead typically going small with five shooting-minded players. Their elite ability to put the ball in the basket makes watching the game agonizing for fans. Any time the ball is released from their hand you fully expect it to go in, leaving you with a sense of helplessness.

7 7. Lack of Parity

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The Warriors aren’t exactly doing a great job of keeping the NBA even-keeled. Any time they take the floor they are the unanimous favorite, and for good reason, just take a look at that roster. The days of the NBA in which superstar players were fiercely competitive with one another and wanted to dominate all competition is gone. Now, they all want to buddy up and play with each other in the hopes of creating a super team. It has become the new model of success in the NBA.

6 6. Officiating

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There is the unwritten rule in all of sports that the best players, and best teams, generally get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to officiating. If you are an all-star player or you’re team is a championship contender, the referees typically make calls in your favor. This notion certainly holds true with the Warriors. It seems as though no one is allowed to lay a finger on Steph Curry and the officials seem to keep their whistles in their pockets when Draymond Green clotheslines someone driving to the rim.

5 5. Fans

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Warrior fans are starting to become one of the more infuriating fanbases in all of sports, if you want to call them fans. The “Dubs” as they like to call themselves quite frankly are comprised of Laker fans who jumped ship when they stopped winning championships and Bay Area natives who discovered the sport of basketball three years ago. Where were you guys in the days of Baron Davis and Jason Richardson? The “bandwagon” label is frequently thrown around in the world of sports, but it is certainly an appropriate title for the Warriors “fans.”

4 4. Steph Curry

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Don’t let Steph Curry’s slender frame and boyhood nature fool you, there’s a lot to hate on when it comes to the two-time MVP. He has been hailed as a breath of fresh air in the league when it comes to his faith and family-oriented nature, even though there are an innumerable amount of players in the league who follow similar ideals and guidelines. He has become the spoiled rich kid of the NBA, quick to complain when things aren’t going his way. His talent in undeniable, but he’s not this messiah that NBA fans have pegged him to be.

3 3. Draymond Green

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If there’s anyone that’s easy to hate on the Warriors roster, it’s Draymond Green. Since his arrival into the league, Green has played with a chip on his shoulder after sliding to the mid second round in the draft. However, this chip often turns into dirty play. As we saw in this year’s playoff run, Green doesn’t hesitate when it comes to taking the cheap shot, including kicks to the groin and racking up enough cumulative technical fouls to warrant suspension in Game 5 of the Finals.

If there was anyone to blame for the Warriors collapsing in the finals and missing out on history, it was Green. The Cavaliers were dead in the water after Game 4 and LeBron seemed to have given up on the prospect of beating the Warriors, but Green gave The King and the Cavs new life in the series.

2 2. The Addition of Kevin Durant

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This is perhaps the most obvious reason on this list and is the reason that the amount of Warrior haters has grown quite a bit this summer.

The Warriors went 73-9 last season, breaking the record for best regular season record in the league history. The defending champions were also a 48 minutes away three separate times from clinching a second consecutive Larry O’Brien trophy. Safe to say the Warriors are good, really good. So what did the do this offseason? Not much, aside from signing one of the league’s premier players in Kevin Durant. The addition of Durant to an already incredible roster is downright frightening to NBA fans league wide. We’re left wondering, “When are they ever going to lose a game?”

1 1. They’re not my Team

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There, I said it. The main reason I hate the Warriors is because they’re not my team. I think I can speak on behalf of all fans of other NBA teams that we wouldn’t exactly be upset if the Warriors were our hometown team. Watching Curry and KD put on a clinic night in and night out would be incredible, so much so that I can't even really fathom it. Bay Area natives have been blessed with a squad that is positioned to dominate the league for years to come. If they were my team, I’m sure I would spin the previously mentioned 14 reasons as reasons why I love the Warriors. But, they’re not my team so I will continue to hate them, as should you. Don't be a bandwagoner just because they're set to have success. Stick with your team and wait until it's your turn to brag about what a great team you have.

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Top 15 Reasons You Should Hate The Golden State Warriors