Top 15 Retired NBA Stars You Didn't Know Have Hot Daughters

You'd definitely be in the spotlight right now if you were the kid of an NBA star - even if you weren't able to speak yet. The current generation of players in the league have eyes all over every aspect of the lives, and their children sometimes garner a whole lot of focus.

The NBA kids of yesteryear, however, didn't have as much exposure. So you would be very likely to miss out on the fact that your former heroes even had kids. But as it turns out, they do, (well most of them) and some of these kids happen to be really hot daughters.

Some of them have managed to move among us and blend in, going about life right under our unsuspecting noses, while others simply don't care to avoid the attention. As you'd expect a few of them chose to follow in their dads' footsteps, and they're pretty good.

Some of them pursued other disciplines, and for the rest, it seems like volleyball was the next best thing. Yet apart from being the daughter of a former NBA star, all the women below have something in common: they're insanely hot.

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15 Jason Kidd - Cheyenne Kidd

via Twitter.com

Now in charge the Milwaukee Bucks, and having held the coaching role in New York as well, Jason Kidd will definitely go down as one of the best point guards to ever feature in the NBA. The former Mavericks and Nets star won a title during his second stint with the Mavs and is a 10-time All-Star who led the league in assists on five occasions.

His daughter Cheyenne is quite the looker, but you would probably want to be careful around her. She’s been to rehab more than once, and is now said to be battling a heroin addiction. You wonder if she could have turned out better, though, as she accused her father of being a ‘deadbeat dad’. And to be fair, he does make our list of NBA deadbeat dads. Could have spent a bit more time maybe?

14 John Stockton - Laura Stockton

via news.gonzaga.edu

The blonde beauty has followed in the footsteps of her dad John Stockton, who was also quite the exemplary point guard back in the day. Unfortunately, the former Utah Jazz man cannot boast winning an NBA ring, but he made 10 All-Star appearances over his 19-year playing career – all of which he spent with the Jazz.

Stockton is a 9-time NBA assists leader, and led the league in steals twice. His daughter Laura is paving her own path as a guard at collegiate level with the Gonzaga Bulldogs, featuring for the same University her dad did.

Laura is lauded for her insanely hot looks, but can hold her own on the hardwood. She averaged 6.7 points a game in her freshman year, also finishing the campaign with the second most assists.

You can imagine how proud John must be.

13 Doc Rivers - Callie Rivers 

via chatsports.com

Callie Rivers is daughter to Los Angeles Clippers head coach and president of basketball operations Doc Rivers. Blessed with pulchritude, Callie is said to have had relationships with Paul George, Dexter Strictland and Kyrie Irving.

Her Instagram page could probably keep one occupied for hours as it’s filled with gorgeous snaps, and there’s even a racy video of her twerking at a pool party.

Callie is also thought to be the reason DeAndre Jordan decided to remain in Los Angeles after it looked like he was bound for Dallas. According to a certain source, Doc’s hot progeny got a gold of Jordan and convinced him to stay with the Clippers.

If this is true, Mavs fans are probably still hating her right now.

12 Gerald Wilkins - Jasmyn ‘Jazz’ Wilkins

via lamodels.com

Jasmyn Wilkins is surrounded by basketball talent. She’s the daughter of former New York Knicks guard Gerald Wilkins, as well as niece to the legendary Dominique Wilkins. And Damien Wilkins, now in the NBDL after spells with the Hawks, 76ers and Pistons, is her older brother.

This hot beauty is nicknamed ‘Jazz’ because she used to play the saxophone in her prep school’s orchestra, as well as their marching band. But as you may have guessed, she’s athletically inclined too, although she chose to pursue a career in nursing. Her younger sister, though, went to college on a basketball scholarship.

Jasmyn was also the fourth runner up in the 2012 Miss USA Pageant, having won the Miss Georgia Pageant on her first attempt. She really has got it all.

11 Magic Johnson - Elisa Johnson

Fun times shooting w. the @boohoousa fam❤️ #givinghamptonslooks #summerstateofmindcampaign

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Former Lakers guard Earven Johnson didn’t only produce magic on the court. The 5-time NBA champion has also blessed us with quite the daughter, albeit a foster one. His adopted daughter Elisa Johnson has looks to kill, and could probably bring showtime back in whatever she decides to do.

Magic adopted Elisa in 2005, and she grew up to be pretty hot. Her style has gotten her a massive Instagram following of over 313,000.

Now in charge of the Lakers’ basketball operations, the Dream Team star has his work cut out for him as it will take some doing to get the Los Angeles side back challenging for the title in the post-Kobe era.

He may have helped them win five titles in the past, but his new job presents the biggest challenge yet.

10 Karl Malone - Karlee Malone

via pinterest.com

Karlee Malone is one of Karl Malone’s four children with wife Kay Malone. But the former Utah Jazz and Lakers forward is said to have fathered three other kids outside of his marriage, whom he refused to take care of for a fair amount of time.

The Mailman, as he was called, impregnated a 13-year-old while in his very early 20s, and also had twins with another woman. Daryl and Cheryl Ford weren’t acknowledged by their father until the media began swirling around in 1998. However, his four kids with his wife had a pretty sweet upbringing.

Karlee, a model represented by the Wilhelmina talent management agency, has a steadily growing following on social media; and given her looks, she’s bound to blow up pretty soon.

9 Byron Russell - Kajun Russell

E L E M E N T Swimsuit : zooskinzswimwear ( coming soon ) ? Makeup : @joselopezbeautystudio ? : @jessyjphoto

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Byron Russell had his legacy tainted by the legendary Michael Jordan, but he’s still got a whole lot to show. The ex-Jazz small forward is probably best known for being the player MJ hit a final-winning shot over, and the horror reared its ugly head again during the former Bulls star’s Hall of Fame speech.

During the speech, Jordan recalled the moment that he decided to return to basketball, citing a talk with Russell as the real deciding factor. Apparently, Russell taunted His Airness, boasting that he shouldn’t have quit the game because he could have kept him in check.

Three rings later, Russell must have regretted it.

His daughter Kajun, though, is as hot as her dad’s burning desire to get one back over his old foe.

8 Michael Jordan - Jasmine Jordan

she ain’t gotta photoshop it

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Well you had to know that she was coming soon. And luckily for Jordan, he does have a daughter – otherwise one of his sons would have had to feature in this list just because he’s Jordan.

Jasmine Jordan didn’t get her father’s athleticism or jumping ability, but she can definitely make hearts leap. The Nubian beauty does share MJ’s keen interest in sports, though, and took up Sports Management at Syracuse University.

Despite her father’s still soaring popularity, Jasmine has never been fond of the spotlight and describes her college experience as awful because of all the attention. But she does have sneakers named after her, with the business magnate releasing the Jasmine Jordans two years ago; obviously inspired by his little girl.

7 Steve Kerr - Madeline Kerr

"Wait, Crush, how old are you?!" "Hundred and fifty, dude! And still young!!!"

A post shared by Maddy Kerr (@maddykerr) on

Another daughter of an ex-Bull’s star, Madeline Kerr did stick to the family’s sporting tradition. Her father Steve Kerr is quite the achiever in the NBA, having won five rings as a player and one as a coach.

Kerr won the NBA title on three occasions with the Chicago Bulls, twice with the San Antonio Spurs and then coached the Golden State Warriors to a ring in 2015. Kerr’s Warriors have made it to three consecutive finals, and are currently gunning for the second title in three years, having met with the Cleveland Cavaliers yet again.

Sadly, however, health issues have kept daddy Kerr sidelined for quite some time.

Madeline, meanwhile, is a volleyball player who represents the California Golden Bears. And we understand her game is as sizzling as her looks.

6 Fred Hoiberg - Paige Hoiberg

via Twitter.com (pictured, right)

The stunningly-beautiful Paige Hoiberg is the daughter of Chicago Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg.

The former Indiana Pacers and Bulls shooting guard built his coaching CV at Iowa State University, becoming the fastest coach to reach 100 wins in Iowa history. He left to coach the Bulls in 2015, and was able to squeeze them into the Playoffs this year. They could not advance past the first round, unfortunately.

Paige, like her father, took the basketball route and now works in the Kansas Jayhawks basketball front office, having represented her hometown Ames, Iowa on the court as well, averaging double figures in her senior year. She also scored 31 points in a famous win over North Polk.

5 Karl Malone - Kadee Malone

via Twitter

Well, the Mailman does have seven kids, so the odds of him having two hot daughters were always going to be pretty good. Malone retired from the game of basketball in 2005, following an unsuccessful last attempt to win a ring with the Lakers.

After an impressive 20-year-career, Malone left the NBA without having won a single championship and will go down as one of the greatest talents who never won a title.

The former player has undertaken several business ventures since leaving the game, including car dealerships and a lumber company.

"A big fear when I retired was boredom," Malone said in an interview earlier this year. "So I started doing all these different things, just so I wouldn't get bored. But that hasn't been a problem."

His daughter Kadee, 26, is as gorgeous as her sister Kylee, but she doesn’t seem to want to flaunt it as much.

4 Patrick Ewing - Randi Ewing

via nytimes.com

Daughter of former New York Knicks star Patrick Ewing, Randi had ambitions of following her father’s footsteps – until she didn’t anymore.

Instead of pursuing a career in basketball like her dad and brother, the athletic 6 footer chose volleyball. Patrick Ewing Jr. now plays for Qatari side Al Rayyan, having completed a stint with the New Orleans Hornets in 2011.

“My brother played,” Randi said of her struggles. “I think the pressure was maybe more for him because he was Junior. But I also felt like, I’m going to play. I’m going to go to the W.N.B.A.

“When I was little, I would tell my dad, ‘I want to be as tall as you, Daddy.’ He said, ‘You’re going to say that now, but you don’t.’ I think I realized that I just didn’t enjoy the game as much.”

3 Charles Barkley - Ari


A post shared by @x_arianna_xx on

About three years ago, some fine pics of a female known by Twitter handle @AriannaTheAngel surfaced on the internet. She was said to be Charles Barkley’s daughter, and I have to say that fine doesn’t even begin to describe the thick beauty.

The word beauty was somewhat used loosely here, as she does bear a slight resemblance to the former Suns man; and Charles sure ain’t pretty!

As it turns out, though, Ari isn’t actually Barkley’s offspring. But she just had to make this list, despite her unknown paternal lineage. After all, why deprive our readers of such a sizzling photo.

Barkley’s real daughter, Christiana Barkley, looks nothing like the thick hottie pictured above, but you could see why the rumor started, no?

2 Jeff Hornacek - Abby Hornacek

via thebiglead.com

Abby Hornacek could probably be as famous as her dad Jeff one day. The USC alum graduated majored in Broadcast Journalism and has already gained plenty of experience in the field, having worked with USC media, as well as interning for Fox Sports 1, where she assisted producers and occasionally appeared on the air.

She also worked as a feature reporter for Fox Sports Arizona and a correspondent for the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas last year. The former volleyball player was hired by 120 Sports in August of 2016 as a co-host of Twitter-based highlight show The Rally.

Jeff, meanwhile, was brought in as Knicks head coach by Phil Jackson last February.

1 Dennis Rodman - Alexis Rodman

via zimbio.com

The eccentric Dennis Rodman has lived quite the life. Known for his wild partying, bizarre clothing and friendship with Asian dictators, 'The Worm' - as he was known - did find time to have a daughter – and a lovely one at that.

Alexis Rodman is nearing her 30s, but she’s still quite hot. And if the above paragraph led you to believe that she’s Rodman’s only child, that’s certainly not the case, as the former star is also father to a son, D.J Rodman, as well as another daughter, Trinity Rodman. Alexis is his first, however, and is the daughter of his first wife Annie Bakes.

Rodman and Bakes divorced two years after Alexis was born, and he went on to date famous model Carmen Electra later on, before marrying Michelle Moyer.

Rodman and Alexis seem to have a very good relationship, as they have been seen out having a good time on many occasions.

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