Top 15 Steamiest WAGs In Los Angeles Lakers History

There are a few names on this list that would surprise you as to how they could be so fortunate in snagging such a beauty!

The life of a professional athlete brings a consistent form of jealousy for the average Joe. Money, fame, travel, mansions, cars, you name it. Oh and let's throw in some of the hottest women on the planet attached to their arm. For most of us we are extremely lucky to stumble across one or two of these riches, but for members of the LA Lakers it's pretty much a way of life.

Now considering all of the time that our favorite Lakers spend away from home, either at the practice facility or the arena or on the road, the temptations of straying are readily available. Beautiful women throwing themselves at our hardwood heroes left, right and center. For some, they get brushed to the side as NBA players are just as committed to their wives or girlfriends as you and I are. For others, the fact that a scantily clad ten is waiting for them at the next stop leads to nothing more than a booty call.

Of the 15 beautiful ladies appearing on this list, their significant others come as no surprise as many would expect a player of their talent and fame would settle for nothing less. On the other hand, there are a few names on this list that would surprise you as to how they could be so fortunate in snagging such a hottie.

15 Iggy Azalea (Nick Young)


Imagine having one of the most Google searched rumps in the entertainment industry. Now imagine that scantily clad badonkadonk playing patty cake with an even more popular rump in one of the hottest music videos (didn't say the song was good, feel free to watch with sound off). Now put yourself in Nick Young's position. Would you really want to let your mind (among other things) wonder to someone who wasn't your fiance?

14 Khloe Kardashian (Lamar Odom)


Okay, we all know why Kim Kardashian is popular (thanks to a certain video tape and some suggestive pics), but what in the world is her sister Khloe known for? Sadly the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters (not including the two Jenner girls) has been under scrutiny for not being as sexy as her older sisters and even potentially not blood related. Either way, everyone needs love and both Khloe and Lamar found each other.

13 Kendall Jenner (Jordan Clarkson)


Speaking of Kardashians, the former Missouri Tiger has been winning (sorta) since day one of entering the NBA. As the 46th overall pick in the 2014 Draft, Clarkson was traded on draft night from the Wizards to the Lakers and after a brief learning curve that included a couple of stints to the D-League, he has been one of the most consistent pieces of the Lakers rebuilding project for the last three years. Although the Lakers aren't yet where they want to be in the league standings, it doesn't appear to hurt Clarkson's game off the court as he hooked up with fashion model beauty last summer.

12 Monica (Shannon Brown)


Love and Hip Hop. Love and Basketball. Unfortunately for Monica and husband Shannon, both titles have already been claimed. After meeting on the set of her music video for Love All Over Me, the former Lakers guard and the R&B singer kickstarted their relationship that turned into a secret marriage in the fall of 2010. Although Brown was a bench player in the Lakers 2008-10 back to back championship runs, he did play the role of an energizer with the second unit and was a fan favorite with his highlight reel dunks.

11 11.Vanessa Williams (Rick Fox)


From 1999 until 2004 you might not have been able to find a better looking couple than the Lakers forward and his former wife. As one of the classic beauties in entertainment history, Williams covered the gauntlet of music, screen, theater and fashion. Throw in a Miss America title along with some scandalous pictures and it is no wonder that the brunette beauty caught the eye of the three-time NBA Champion.

10 Jeanie Buss (Phil Jackson)


Jordan, Kobe, Jeanie. Gotta credit the Zen Master for partnering with three of the most powerful and influential people in NBA history. After leaving the Bulls and joining the Lakers in 1999, Phil hooked up with the boss' daughter and for the next seventeen years were one of the most known secret relationships in the sports world. If you question whether or not now 56 year old Lakers owner and president belongs on this list, the late Hugh Hefner would disagree with you as he snapped a few tastefully NSFW pics of Buss back in 1995.

While the Lakers were slowly on their way to creating something special, the special relationship between Buss and the former Knicks President came to an end last year as the NBA power couple mutually broke off their four year engagement. Is there a coincidence that both the Lakers and Knicks have started to play better since the love birds parted?

9 Ashley Henderson & Rece Mitchell (Lou Williams)


Two for the price of one! There are a few gentlemen on this list (and around the world for that matter) that could have taken a page or two from the Williams playbook on how to keep multiple women happy. How it came to be that Williams, had two beautiful women, who both knew full well of each other, somehow agree to the terms of the relationship.

8 Veronique Green (A.C. Green)


Imagine trying to be a professional basketball player in LA, Phoenix, Dallas and Miami. Imagine all the wonderful flavors of women that could potentially be available for you to mate with. Imagine turning them all down. Please also keep in mind that his running mate Magic Johnson was known for his extra curricular activities off the court and considering he claimed sleeping with over 500 women a year, chances are he may have been willing to share.

7 Camilla Poindexter (Dwight Howard)


By all research accounts during his one and done season in LA, D12 was in a relationship with Camilla Poindexter...we think. Considering how many baby mama's, girlfriends, sidechicks and one night stands that the former Lakers big man has been said to be with, names such as Marion Douglas and or Christina Vest could easily replace Poindexter, but for arguments sake, lets think that the current Charlotte Hornet remained faithful for at least a season.

6 Silvia Lopez Castro (Pau Gasol)


Not sure if we should put Castro and Gasol together or Castro and former Lakers guard Shannon Brown. Or maybe it should be Gasol and the side chick he had while with Castro. Who knows what is right or wrong when it comes to locker room stories and rumors. Either way, Gasol has moved on to a new love of his life and a new team, but when he was helping the Lakers win back to back championships, Castro was by his side.

5 Kendra Shaw (Julius Randle)


Both Shaw and her man Randle are two of the youngest names on this list, but the fourth year star already has the honor of having one of the hottest WAGS in Lakers history. After meeting during his one and done season at the University of Kentucky, Shaw and Randle tied the knot this past summer.

4 Gloria Govan (Matt Barnes)


You know how teams put up with having Rodman on their roster because even though he was a basket-case he still provided the team with a valuable presence on the court in some way shape or form (before he eventually wore out his welcome) and he was one of those guys who you love to have on your team but hate to play against. Yea, Matt Barnes was kinda a watered down version for the Lakers. Sure he didn't gobble up rebounds or play defense like the Worm, and he wasn't as crazy off the court, but there was something about Barnes that just seemed to piss everyone off.

3 Maria Sharapova (Sasha Vujacic)


Meet the luckiest guy in the world, Mr. Sasha Vujacic. No really, if anyone can explain how a guy with a career average of five points, two dimes and two boards who spent most of his career coming off the bench can not only claim two championship rings, but also one of the hottest pieces of arm candy in the sporting world, please step forward.

In his six and a half years in Los Angeles, the Slovenian combo guard played a decent role off the bench during the regular season, but when it came down to Phil Jackson deploying minutes during the playoff runs, Vujacic hardly good off the pine. Considering that Sharapova during that span was one of the hottest tennis players on the WTA, both on and off the court, you have to give credit to the two time champ for stepping way above his league.

Unfortunately, once Vujacic left Hollywood the relationship seemed to hit a downward spiral, ending with their engagement being called off in 2012. Currently Sharapova is trying to make a comeback in the WTA rankings after a two year suspension as a result of a failed drug test. As for Sasha, he made the rounds in the NBA for a few years before his current role in the Italian League.

2 Carmen Electra (Dennis Rodman)


As far as acting talent goes, nobody has ever really placed Electra among such names as Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman or even Halle Berry. Heck some could even argue that her former Baywatch alum Pam Anderson was better behind the camera (which camera is up for debate). Either way, lets get out of the gutter and back to Electra and her relationship with former Lakers member and NBA Hall Of Fame forward Dennis Rodman.

1 Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant)


Mrs. Bryant is easily the most famous and possibly hottest Laker' wife on this list - she could give any NBA WAG a run for her money. From the time that a young Kobe Bryant met an even younger Vanessa Ubrieta (Laine), the former music video vixen and Lakers guard seemed to be inseparable. Now, maybe it was just the ten year itch that needed to be scratched, considering that they had been married since he was 22 and she was 19, but take a second and really enjoy the beauty that is Mrs. Bryant and ask yourself, why would Kobe want to ruin his marriage with a romp in the Denver hay?

Now look, we get it, long road trips, hottest women ever throwing themselves at you etc. But come on Kobe, really? Now sure they could have been having a little spat, but whatever his reason for letting his mind (and other things) wonder, could have cost him more than just his pride as Vanessa would have taken half of his earnings, his homes and his kids. Guess a $4 million ring, a tattoo and the brink of divorce makes up for it.

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Top 15 Steamiest WAGs In Los Angeles Lakers History