Top 15 Teams That Could Sign LeBron James If He Leaves Cleveland

LeBron James made a career and life changing move when he decided to go to the Miami Heat.  The infamous speech is widely known as one of the most famous ever. LeBron held a one hour special in which he announced "The Decision".

LeBron was ridiculed by many as a coward, and a loser who left his hometown. The town of Cleveland erupted in anger and bewilderment. Fans burned his jerseys, and anything that was the official apparel of LeBron James. Just four years later, LeBron found himself back in a Cavaliers jersey. Fans rejoiced, and forgave him for his blunders. All the people that burned his jerseys bought new ones. Could this same phenomenon repeat? Is it truly possible that LeBron James could end up playing for another city? After all, The King is a free agent at the end of this NBA season.

LeBron James is bound to potentially win a championship in the next five years. My question is, if he doesn't win it this year in Cleveland with Kyrie and Love, will he consider going elsewhere. There is a chance, and those potential team destinations are outlined in the article. Could he be a Philadelphia 76er? Maybe a Portland Trail Blazer? All of these vague  assumptions will be answered this offseason.

So let's look at the evidence. When James opts out of his contract, as he said he would, he will technically be a free agent, and have the option to go elsewhere. That being said, if the Cavaliers win the championship, will this possibility cross his mind? Most likely, it will not.

If the Cavaliers do NOT win the Championship, then this possibility kicks in as potential. There is a chance that he when he opts out of his contract, he will think twice about sticking around, like he's done already did in Miami, and Cleveland. If he does this the league will despise him.

Here are The Top 15 Free Agent Destinations For LeBron James.

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15 Sacramento Kings

via insidehoops.com

The Sacramento Kings currently have a payroll of $70 million. Currently, their biggest guarantee is DeMarcus Cousins (nearly $50 million).  The Kings could obviously become a huge threat with the addition of The King, as one would. With Cousins and James leading the team, they would be a championship caliber team.

I doubt James would go there, but it's here at no.15 because there is a very very minor opportunity for him to lead a good team there.

14 Detroit Pistons

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The Pistons have found their superstar in Andre Drummond. The guy is a beast down low.

They have a current payroll of $85,828,165. The Pistons also have Reggie Jackson, whom has received a nifty contract. James would fit right into this offense as a dominant forward. With Reggie, Drummond, and James, this team would be dominant. It might take a couple years, but Reggie Jackson would develop very much so, and LeBron would find a confident team.

13 Indiana Pacers

via operationsports.com

If LeBron went to the Pacers, they probably would be a dynasty. Move Paul George to shooting guard, and the duo of these two players is one possibly unmatched. Needless to say, the Pacers also have Monte Ellis and Paul George.

The Pacers could be a dynasty, and maybe LBJ could go to Indiana this offseason. Hey, who knows.. right? Add on some draft picks, and this is a dominant team, hands down.

12 Orlando Magic

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Magic have a lot of money spend, and will have some nice draft pick additions this offseason as well. With Vucevic as a big man, Brandon Jennings at guard, and a bunch of stockpiled draft picks PLUS LeBron James. This team would be very interesting in the NBA, and eventually a dynasty.

Out with Dwight Howard, in with LeBron James. The Orlando Magic franchise would be refueled completely.

11 Phoenix Suns

via brightsideofthesun.com

The Suns have a lot of cap space, and LeBron is an AMAZING investment. Obviously this is true, and I don't have to preach this anymore.

LeBron could be interested in living in sunny Arizona, with Eric Bledsoe and maybe even Denzel Valentine from the draft. LeBron could feel at home here, and Phoenix would cherish the superstar.  The truth is any team with LeBron will be very good, and competitive in the NBA playoffs.

10 Atlanta Hawks

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With a ton of cap space this offseason, the Hawks could make a move on King James. Atlanta would be very good, as they would have a pack a punch team with LBJ, Paul Millsap, Al Horford, and Jeff Teague. The Hawks haven't found that big superstar yet and would feel home with King James.

LeBron James would fit right into this Atlanta Hawks roster, and would undoubtedly lead them to at least multiple NBA Finals.

9 Miami Heat

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Is it possible King James himself could return back to South Beach? There are whispers out there that he would consider a return to Miami. LeBron enjoyed his time in Miami, as he built bonds with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. He found another home aside from his real one in Ohio.

He would pick up right where he left off, plus with the help of Goran Dragic, this team would be really good. Could he make 'The Decision 2016'? We shall see.

8 Dallas Mavericks

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Could LeBron and Dirk finally team up?

This team would be pretty solid, but the Mavs do need some other star power. Nowitzki is getting old, and Deron Williams isn't what he once was. They have 75$ million in salary cap, and maybe trying to get LBJ would be the move to replenish the city's hopes for a championship. Chandler Parsons would be a great sixth man. Mark Cuban would be jumping around like a child on the sidelines with LeBron there. Oh wait, he already does.

7 Denver Nuggets

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Nuggets have nearly 73$ million in cap space, and could go after The King. With LeBron joining a talented squad, including Gallinari, Faried, and Mudiay, they would have potential. Within five years, this team would stockpile draft picks. They wouldn't have the skill right out of the gate, but surely they would eventually get there.

The Nuggets are a semi deep team with a lot of potential, and LeBron would only build upon what is being created.

6 Washington Wizards

via triangleoffense.com

Now this would be quite interesting! LeBron going to the capital, would be very entertaining. LBJ would fit pretty solidly into the Wizards roster, and would accompany John Wall, Brad Beal and Nene. I believe this team would probably win the championship, and be very very good out of the gate.

LeBron could match the Warriors depth with this supporting cast, and build his own dynasty in Washington.

5 Golden State Warriors

via nextimpulsesports.com

If LeBron took a pay cut, he would be joining the greatest team ever. With LeBron James the Warriors would win the championship every single year. Maybe he will take a pay cut, who knows?

With Stephen Curry drilling shots, LeBron being well.. LeBron, and Draymond and Klay being in their usual beast form, this team would be the greatest of all time. No team would ever touch this team's excellence. With a team like this, then LeBron could start saying, "not one, not two, not three..."

4 San Antonio Spurs

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It would be kind of crazy if LeBron really decided to go to San Antonio, the team that crushed his heart on many occasions. Although this is true, if he teamed up with Ginobli, Tony, and Duncan, he would aid them to yet another championship. Throw Kawhi Leonard in the mix as the sixth man, and this team will be good for a very long time.

The Spurs would be perfect for LeBron if he wanted to win NOW. And from what it sounds like, LeBron wants just that.

3 Boston Celtics

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The city of Boston could use a primetime guy like LBJ. Ever since the big three broke up, times have changed. The team is in a new direction. If LeBron came to Boston, he would accompany a good young team with Jared Sullinger, Isaiah Thomas, and other young prospects.

Plus Boston will get a top pick this year, so throw that guy in the mix (Maybe Dragan Bender) and the Celtics would be pretty solid.

LeBron would fill needed gaps, and if the city of Boston pays a lot, this could really be possible.

2 Chicago Bulls

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Though James hasn't voiced interest in filling Michael Jordans shoes, he might just do that. If he went to Chicago, the city would light up like it did with MJ. He might feel some comfortability in this.

Accompanying Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Jimmy Butler, this team could have serious potential. The Bulls could afford it with some business moves, and it would be essential. LeBron has talked about Chicago, and who knows, he might be a Bull one day. That one day could be in a couple months.

1 Los Angeles Lakers

via clutchpoints.com

The Lakers are a huge market, and without Kobe Bryant, they have a void that needs filling. They will take a hopeful superstar at no.2, but they want some reassurance. LeBron would be just that. LBJ would fill Bryant's shoes perfectly, and he may even lead the team to unprecedented heights.

With LeBron James, potentially Brandon Ingram, DeAngelo Russell, and Julius Randle, one day this team could sit atop the NBA's vast empire of excellence.

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