Top 15 Things Fans Would Like to Forget About Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is known as the best basketball player to ever step foot on a court.  Jordan became an immediate fan favorite from the time he entered the NBA in 1984 with the Chicago Bulls.  Before Jordan joined the Bulls, they had never won an NBA Championship, so they had a lot of faith in their 1984 3rd overall pick. Jordan did not disappoint by delivering the Bulls six championships during his epic career with the Bulls.

From clutch games to clutch shots to clutch passes, Jordan was a player in the league everybody wanted to play alongside. Jordan has left countless moments that fans will never forget, such as game winners, two three-peats, dunk contests, the game he played with the flu and of course the amazing moves he showcased on the court.

In addition to the championships, Jordan was the NBA Finals MVP in all six of his championships, five-time NBA MVP, 14 time NBA All-Star, three-time NBA All Star MVP, 10-time All NBA First Team, nine-time NBA All-Defensive team, 10 time scoring champion, 2 time slam dunk champion, Hall of Famer, Bulls all-time leading scorer and holds the NBA record as the all team leading scorer in playoffs history.

Jordan has done everything there is to do in the NBA.  From the awards to the rings to becoming the first African-American billionare athlete, Jordan has left his mark on the NBA world.  Although Jordan has an unlimited amount of memories for fans to never forget, he does surprisingly also have moments that fans would like to forget and not think about.

The follow are 15 of those moments.

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15 Jordan's Mustache

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Nobody could forget when Jordan came out with his best Hitler mustache impersonation. The mustache just didn't fit him and looked awkwardly place on him, like a first-grader drew it on while he wasa sleep as a prank. There's not really an explanation for him doing this unless he loss a bet to somebody or somebody challenged him to do it, knowing he never backs down from a challenge. I will never believe that Jordan woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror and said "yeah I like my mustache this way."

14 Trash Talking/Cockiness

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Although it is a natural part of the game to talk trash opponents, Jordan was on another level with his trash talking because he was actually intimidating. Jordan not only did it to opponents but also teammates.

During a practice with the Bulls, Jordan went as far to punch teammate Steve Kerr in the face because Kerr did not agree with something he said. Jordan didn't like it and gave Kerr a flagrant foul in practice he would never forget.

Most Jordan fans know how terrifying it was to have to play against Jordan, but nobody had it worst then 5-foot-3 point guard Muggsy Bogues. Once in a playoff game, Jordan was checking Bogues with the game coming down to the wire and then backed off and said, "Shoot it you f**ing midget." Bogues took the open shot and didn't even come close. Bogues career and life was never the same after that incident. Bogues averaged 11 ppg and double digits the previous two seasons before that as well. After the confrontation with Jordan, Bogues never averaged double digits in points again.

13 Third/Last Retirement

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This was the moment fans around the world knew they would never see Michael Jordan play on an NBA team again.  It was a bittersweet moment because although nobody wanted to see him leave the game, we all knew it was time for him to hang it up for good.

During his last two seasons with the Wizards, they failed to make the playoffs both years. Although Jordan could not take his team to the playoffs, he still showed he could play at the age of 40.  During his last season with the Wizards, Jordan scored 20 or more points 42 times, 30 or more points nine times, and 40 or more points three times while played all 82 games.

12 Jordan's Injury with Wizards

In 2001, Jordan figured he still had enough to play in the NBA at the age of 40 and also wanted to support a great cause at the time as well.  Jordan announced that he would play for the Washington Wizards and that he would donate the salary he made that season to the victims of the September 11 attacks.

Towards the end of the season, Jordan suffered a torn cartilage injury in his right knee and only played in 60 games.  Fans thought this was it for Jordan and felt bad that this was the way he would leave the league.  At the time, fans were debating whether Jordan should have came back to play for the Wizards and should have just stayed away while he was on top during his stint with the Bulls.  Jordan shocked the world by, not only returning for another season with the Wizards, but also playing in all 82 games.  During the season Jordan became the only person in NBA history to score 43 points in a game at the age of 40. Jordan proved he that he still had that drive and toughness he had when he came into the league as a rookie.

11 Playoffs Against the Boston Celtics 

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In the early part of his career, Jordan showed that the Bulls made the right choice by drafting him.  In just his third season, Jordan became the only other player besides Wilt Chamberlin to score 3,000 points in a season.  Despite his early success, there was one team that stood in his way, the Boston Celtics.

In Jordan's first three years, Jordan and the Bulls made the playoffs every single season. Unfortunately for the Bulls and Jordan, they had to face one of the greatest team in NBA history in the Celtics, that featured players like Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, Bill Walton, and of course Larry Bird.  The Bulls got swept by the Celtics back-to-back years, causing concerns for Bulls fans that Jordan was a good player but could not carry a team.  Jordan went on to prove all of them wrong six championships later.

10 Jordan Fired by Wizards Owner Abe Pollin

Jordan made some questionable decisions as the Washington Wizards President of Basketball Operations, which led to him being fired by Pollin.  This left a bad taste in Jordan's mouth and the Wizards franchise and fans.  Jordan said he never would have never came back and played for the Wizards for a second season if he knew he would be fired.  This was weird for Jordan fans because nobody was use to seeing him fail at anything basketball related.

9 Michael Jordan vs. The Bad Boys (Detroit Pistons)

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After being knocked out the first round for the first three seasons of his career, Jordan and the Bulls finally made it out of the first round by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, they met a much experienced Detroit Pistons team and lost to them in the second round in five games.

Jordan and the Bulls came back the following season and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but the Pistons were waiting for them.  The Pistons doubled and triple teamed Jordan every time he touched the ball, leading to a 4-2 series win and the Pistons knocking the Bulls out the playoffs for the second straight year.

After two straight losses to the Pistons in the playoffs, Jordan and the Bulls were determined to not be denied during the 1989-90 season.  Jordan lead the league in scoring at 33.6 ppg that season and they acquired new head coach Phil Jackson.  For the second straight season, the Bulls and Jordan made it to the Conference Finals, but the Pistons were waiting on them again.  The series went seven games with the Bulls coming up short again losing in game 7.  The Pistons had the Bulls number and the Bad Boys bullied Jordan and the Bulls out of the playoffs three straight years.

8 Jordan's Injury During Second Season

In just his second season in the NBA, the Bulls faced their worst nightmare as Jordan broke his foot in the third game of the season, causing him to miss 64 games.  This was heartbreaking for, not only for a young Jordan, but also for Bulls fans who had so much faith and hope that Jordan would revive their franchise and bring them a championship.

Despite the injury, the Bulls made the playoffs at a surprising 30-52 record.  Jordan's foot was healed by then and he came back to help the Bulls in the playoffs even though he could not help the team advance to the next round as they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. Jordan never had a major injury like this again while with the Bulls.

7 Second Retirement 

With the departure of people such as Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson from the Bulls, Jordan decided to retire, again.  Jordan said he was "99.9%" sure that he was done for good, and at the time, everybody believed him.  This was the end to the legacy of the greatest player ever and nobody wanted to see him leave, but then again, what else was left for Jordan to do.  Jordan had the rings, the MVP awards, the money, the fame and the milestones of course.

Jordan already shocked the world once when he made his first retirement and now he was doing it again.  This was the last time fans would see Jordan grace the court with his presence.  Every time Jordan retired it's a sad day in the NBA.

6 Baseball Career

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It was already shocking enough that Jordan had retired from basketball, but to make things worst, he retired to play professional baseball.  When this story first broke, it was like a joke or bad dream.  It was unreal.  How could you quit something that you were the best at and at the top of your game for another sport?

Jordan played for the the Birmingham Barons, which is Double-A minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.  While there, Jordan batted a .202 average, with three homeruns and 51 RBIs.  Jordan started playing baseball right after his father passed, knowing that his father wanted him to played in the MLB at one point.

5 Gambling Dispute

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During the Bulls playoff run in 1993, Jordan was seen gambling in Atlantic City the night before they had a game against the New York Knicks.  Later that year, Jordan admitted to losing $57,000 from gambling.  Jordan went as fat as losing $1.25 million on the golf course.

When Jordan had a interview with 60 minutes he assured everybody that he was fine and they had nothing to worry about.  Jordan kept his word because during that 1993 playoff run, they went on to beat the Phoenix Suns in six games to win their third championship in a row for the three-peat.

4 Admitting to Being a Racist at a Young Age 

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Jordan and sportswriter Roland Lazenby teamed up to write a biography about Jordan entitled "Michael Jordan: The Life."  In the book, Jordan talked about how he was suspended from school in 1977 after throwing a soda at a girl who called him the N-word.  "So I threw a soda at her," Jordan's said in the biography.  "I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people."

This was very brave of Jordan to admit in the world we live in today, where racism is still very much alive.  Many people criticized Jordan for his remarks and thought maybe he should have kept this incident to himself, bottled up.  Jordan was never the person to keep his comments and thoughts to himself.  He was always very outspoken and continues to be to this day.

3 Jordan's Draft Picks as Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets Owner

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Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets fans were ecstatic when they found out that the greatest player to play the game was going to be in charge of their team.  Well, let's just say Jordan's drafting skills are not as good as his play on court skills.

Since becoming the owner, Jordan has drafted players such as Emeka Okafor, Sean May, Raymond Felton, Brandon Wright, D.J. Augustin, Gerald Henderson, Bismack Biyombo, Kemba Walker, Jefferey Taylor, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Adam Morrison, Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky.  To make matters worst, most of these were lottery picks.  Most of the players on this list are either role players or not on a current NBA roster at all.  When owners have lottery picks, you' re suppose to pick a possible franchise player or a player that's going to make an immediate impact on a team.  Jordan didn't seem to get that memo.

These are some of the players that Jordan overlooked or passed on in previous drafts: Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, Andre Igoudala, Trevor Ariza, Kevin Martin, Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo, Kyle Lowry, Paul Milsap, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Jeff Teague, Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond, Damian Lillard and Draymond Green just to name a few.

2 Jordan's First Retirement/Father's Death

After not only winning the Chicago Bulls their first Championship in franchise history, Jordan went on to win two more completing his first three-peat.  Jordan and the Bulls were unstoppable and it was looking like the only team that could stop them was themselves.

Jordan shocked the world when he announced in October 1993 that he was retiring from the NBA and that he "lost his love for the game."  Jordan's father was murdered earlier that year in July and he was still dealing with it.  Bulls fans and Jordan fans around the world were in amazement that one of the greatest players ever was hanging it up after only nine short years in the league.

Jordan came with another shock to the world announcing that he was going to play baseball.  Jordan's father loved baseball, and although he may not have been a Ken Griffey, Jr., he was doing it for his pops.  Although many were disappointed, they knew Jordan needed that time to get his head together.  Eventually he came back to his senses and then won three more championships.

1 Drafting Kwame Brown

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Washington Wizards fans, staff, players and coaches will never forget June 27, 2001 in New York at Madison Square Garden.  This is the day that Michael Jordan, the Wizards President of Basketball Operations at time, drafted the infamous Kwame Brown.

Not only did Jordan possibly draft the worst overall pick in NBA history, but he put the Wizards in the hole for a very long time.  The Wizards did not make the playoffs for the next three years, but luckily got Gilbert Arenas, Antwan Jamison, Caron Butler and Larry Hughes to save their franchise for a little bit, but once they split up and left the Wizards, they did not make the playoffs for the next five seasons.

In that draft class, Jordan skipped over Tyson Chandler and Pau Gasol, who got drafted as the next two picks.  Jordan also passed on Joe Johnson, Zach Randolph, Tony Parker, and coincidentally Gilbert Arenas.

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