Top 15 Ugliest Leaked NBA Jerseys for 2015-16

With a recently leaked image of the new NBA jerseys for 2016, it is only right that we create a list of the newest and ugliest current NBA jerseys heading into the season. Unfortunately, not all the jerseys are displayed in the leaked image, but there is certainly enough "ugly" to create a top 15 list and get some opinions from viewers.

Our list is compiled from alternate, pride, sleeves, throw backs and of course "regular" NBA jerseys heading into the 2015-16 season. (Please feel free to add your opinion and insight in the comments section, as there are so many ugly jerseys we may have missed a few)

While creating this list of "ugly" we took multiple factors into consideration including color scheme, design, font, relevance etc.

This year's crop of new NBA garments consists of some very interesting newbies including Chinese uniforms (similar to the Spanish uniforms "Los Nets" and "Nueva York") and some strange combinations of colors that really make you wonder, "who is the genius who though of this design and did they really get paid for that?" (no offense jersey designers).

By no means am I or the Sportster claiming to be world renowned jersey designers, however, many of these jerseys are questionable at best and it does not take an expert to see where 15 of them (at least) went wrong.

With that said, we begin our list with a trip to Denver, Colorado to see if we can find their new jersey that seems to blend in perfectly with the white snow on the mountains.

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15 Denver Nuggets "Pride" (Sleeves)

via imgur.com

I understand that snow is a big part of Denver, but they may have went a bit too far attempting to relate to their location. It is an interesting jersey to say the least and provides a decent design in my opinion.

The jersey features a simple yet elegant design of the traditional pick axes with a Colorado mountain peak on the front of the jersey. This part of the jersey is the main reason it comes in at 15 rather than a top 5 on our list. The shorts appear to have blue and white stripes coming down the sides with a small logo on the front. I have seen worse I guess.

Now, the reason this jersey easily had to make our list (and has many of us scratching our heads) is the white numbers on the white jerseys. (Good luck with that refs)

At least they have the design in blue and the rest of the jersey is pretty decent, congrats Denver Nuggets, your number 15. Did I mention sleeves? I forgot because they blended in with the background, sorry.

14 San Antonio Spurs -"Stretch"

via imgur.com

Like the previous jersey on our list, this jersey seems to have some issues with color scheme as the numbers appear to be black on a black jersey.

Once again, this may make things difficult for the refs who already seem to struggle at their profession and do not need anything else to make it harder on them.

Other than that, the jersey is not bad and has the classic Spurs feel to it which has not changed much....ever. Not much else to say here.

13 New Orleans Pelicans - "Pride" (Sleeves)

via imgur.com

This jersey is not too bad, especially if you are big on "Mardi gras" because the color scheme is spot on with gold, green and purple. Yes this is for an actual NBA team and I suppose it definitely ties to the city of New Orleans pride.

I will go on record saying this jersey could have been much, much worse. Imagine if there was a giant purple or green pelican across the front of the jersey rather than NOLA (which I actually think looks good).

Not too bad Pelicans, but your "Mardi Gras" jerseys had to be on the list. Will you be handing out beads at your home games this year as well? (That could certainly get interesting fast!)

12 Atlanta Hawks - All New

via imgur.com

There is one main thing I am confused about regarding these new jerseys and that is the yellow numbers on every one of them. Where does that yellow come from? Maybe from the beak of a hawk? Or even better, the feet of a hawk. (If someone has some inside information on this please leave a comment letting us know)

That is all I've got for these jerseys.

11 Dallas Mavericks - All Green Throwback 1980

via imgur.com

I may catch some flack for this, but it is what it is. These all green jerseys are the definition of plain which is not necessarily bad, but man that is a lot of green.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this jersey was "a hunter in green camouflage roaming the forest" (potentially hunting a maverick).

But seriously, one all green team in the NBA is more than enough. Right Boston?

Although, I could almost say the same for the new Milwaukee Bucks jerseys, but I feel they have improved and are a much better shade of green.

10 Oklahoma City Thunder - Alternate

via imgur.com

I will give OKC an "A for Affort" on their new alternate jerseys for 2016, but that main color is tough on the eyes. It is allegedly an orange color, but the leaked image makes it look like a red-orange color (favoring red) that would possibly be more suited for the Chicago Bulls or Portland Trailblazers.

Anyhow, we will have a better idea of the actual color once we see them this coming season. Until then, they stay on the list.

9 Memphis Grizzlies - Throwback ABA

via imgur.com

I have seen some unprofessional and hideous fonts in my day, but the font on this jersey takes the cake. (Maybe that was the inspiration?)

The numbers are the main problem here and the "2" looks an awful lot like a "Z" to me. (More confusion for the refs possibly?)

For some reason, this jersey and the number reminded me of the old cartoon show "Speed Racer" which is probably not a good thing for an NBA team.

8 Chicago Bulls - "Pride" (Sleeves)

via imgur.com

The new "Pride" jersey for the Bulls left me a bit confused as well, mainly because of the color scheme chosen. It is especially concerning because the "Pride" jerseys are supposed to show team/city pride. (Last time I checked silver was not a big part of Chicago or Bulls history and it definitely is not the color of the championship trophy.)

Yay...sleeves again....

7 Houston Rockets - Alternate (Sleeves)

via imgur.com

These are some interesting jerseys and are (like many others these days) favoring the color silver for their alternate jerseys. Maybe this new silver/grey trend is actually popular and I am off base here. It must be because silver obviously goes with everything right?

But to separate themselves from the pack, the Rockets added what appears to be some kind of white and black checkers board theme going up the sides of the jersey and down the sides of the shorts. (All of a sudden "Speed Racer" popped in my head again)

I am interested to see these jerseys this season and get a closer look at the checkers board theme.

6 Cleveland Cavaliers - Throwback 1974

via imgur.com

Another jersey I may catch some flack for, but this is an atrocious looking jersey. I am sure we all know why, but I will go ahead and explain anyway. The continuous white, red and yellow stripes running up and down the sides of the jersey are very distracting.

They remind me of the "bumble bee" jerseys the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to use for some unknown reason and are pretty close in ugliness.

Maybe the Rockets got their checkers board idea from these jerseys? Either way, it's going to look weird seeing LeBron have to don one of these.

5 Sacramento Kings - "Pride" (Sleeves)

via imgur.com

To show pride in their city and NBA team the Sacramento Kings brought out....powder blue and purple jerseys?

At first glance I did not even realize this was a Kings jersey and thought it was possibly for the Jazz, Knicks, Magic or any other team that actually has blue in their team colors.

I would prefer to see the retro blue Kings jersey over this one any day.

4 Los Angeles Clippers - All

via clippers.com

Where to begin? I suppose the main point here is that the Clippers are a REALLY good team no matter what their jerseys look like.

But those red jerseys are almost bad enough to land them a number 1 spot on our ugly jersey list, but unfortunately there are a few worse jerseys coming up shortly.

The alleged LAC on the red jersey seems to be out of order and reads CLA. Perhaps this was a scare tactic they will use against opposing teams this season. (Does anyone remember "the claw" dad always tried to scare you with? See Liar Liar movie if not.)

3 Washington Wizards - "Pride" (Sleeves)

via imgur.com

Before we even discuss the jersey, my question is when will the name be changed back to Bullets or anything other than a wizard. The wizard really has nothing to do with the team minus the name itself. Just food for thought.

Now, these jerseys certainly bring more flair to the game (I guess) and definitely look better than the old Bullets jersey they replicate from the 70s.

However, if they are as ugly as they appear in the leaked image it could be a funny debut for them this season.

They really look more suited for the Portland Trailblazers with the color scheme, but are still pretty ugly none the less.

2 Phoenix Suns - Alternate

via imgur.com

For our number 2 ugly jersey, we travel to Phoenix and delve into the darkest NBA jerseys I have seen to date. (If anyone know of a darker NBA jersey please post in comments below)

Unfortunately, the Suns continue to add to the list of annoying problems with their new black on black alternate jerseys. (Maybe the Morris twins helped with the design to further upset the fans?)

Anyhow, black on black looks good on a hat, but not an NBA jersey. From the leaked image it looks like whatever is above the number cannot be seen.

After all the drama last season, one would think the Suns would come up with a jersey that makes the fans (and the refs) happy...

1 The Refs

via imgur.com

Speaking of refs, they must have felt left out and wanted a new jersey too.

Apparently refs in the NBA are far from the traditional zebras of old and not looking back. Now they design their jerseys to look like they are an NBA team as well.

Note the silver/grey theme here again. Even the refs like it and I guess grey is what happens when you mesh black and white stripes?

I predict a few "Shaqtin a Fool" moments this season from players passing the ball to the wide open ref for a 3-pointer.....oh wait, turnover.

So there you have it, the ugliest NBA jerseys heading into 2016. Please add your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear what you think of the new NBA jerseys.

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