Top 20 NBA Shooters ALMOST as Good as Steph Curry

Following the past couple of seasons, and especially during the current season, reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry has been declared as the best shooter in NBA history by pretty much everybody. Every time Curry steps on the court, it is a show in itself, but his shooting is on another level. Each time Curry lets the ball go, the players on the opposing team hold their breath. Curry shoots three-pointers like free throws and shoots half-court shots like regular three point shots. What makes Curry's game even more amazing is the quickness and efficiency of his shots. He shoots the ball faster than you can say his name and usually makes most of them. He can get open with his sick handles and even with a hand in his face or great defense, Curry shoots the ball as if he is wide open.

Being deemed as the best shooter in the world and in NBA history is a pretty big title to hold when your only 28-years-old. Curry is only in his seventh NBA season and has already accomplished things that players never accomplish. Curry is a NBA Champion, MVP, and a three-time All-Star. In addition to that, Curry has already broken shooting records and not only that, but shattering those records so that they will never be broken again.

Curry has the NBA record for most three-pointers made in a season with over 330 so far this season. Curry had the previous two records the last two seasons. Curry has the second most three-pointers made by a rookie in NBA history with 166. Curry has led the league in made three-pointers, including this season, the last three seasons. Curry is the only player to do that back-to-back-to-back and is tied for the NBA record of leading the league in threes, which is three times. In a thrilling game against the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, Curry tied the NBA record by hitting 12 threes in the game. Curry also has the NBA record for consecutive games with a single three pointer, at 140 with the season still going on. To top it off, Curry has tied for the NBA record of most threes in one quarter during the postseason with five, and he as accomplished this feat three times.

Now that Curry is the unanimous best shooter in history, let's look at some other players that can shoot pretty good as well, but not as good as Curry.

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20 Michael Jordan

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We all know Michael Jordan as the greatest player ever, but part of why he was so good was because he could shoot so well. For his career, Jordan averaged 30.1 ppg on 49.7 fg% shooting. Jordan had six seasons where he shot over 51% from the field. Jordan was not the best three-point shooter (32.7%), but when the Bulls needed a clutch shot, the ball was in Jordan's hands and he usually came through. From the fadeaway to the post moves, Jordan has one of the best shots in history.

19 Jerry West

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Jerry West, aka "Mr. NBA Logo," had one of the best shots during his time. West was not always the great shooter that we know and love today. His rookie season, West shot 41.9% from the field and 66.6% from the free throw line. West got better each season and in 14 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, West averaged 27.0 ppg on 47.4% shooting from the field and shot 81.4% from the free throw line.

18 Mitch Richmond

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In 1988, Mitch Richmond came into the league known as a scoring sharpshooter, averaging 22 ppg on 46.8% shooting. In his 14 seasons in the league, Richmond averaged 21 ppg on 45.5 % from the field. Richmond was also money from the charity strike, shooting 85%. Richmond made a total of 1,326 three-pointers in his career on 38.8% from long range.

17 Tim Hardaway, Sr.

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Tim Hardaway, Sr. has been known in the NBA for his deadly crossover and quickness, but he also was a pretty good shooter as well, which made his game so hard to figure out. Hardaway averaged 17.7 ppg on 43.1% shooting from the field in 14 seasons. Although Hardaway shot 35.5% from behind the arc, he knocked down 1,542 threes for his career, which is 22nd in NBA history.

16 Rashard Lewis

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With that unorthodox shot, Rashard Lewis was a knock down shooter during his career. Due to his decline at the end of his career, Lewis only averaged 14.9 ppg on 45.2% shooting from the field for his career. However, in his prime, Lewis was a key piece on the 2009 Orlando Magic team that went to the NBA Finals. In 16 seasons, Lewis made a total of 1,787 three-pointers, which is 12th in NBA history.

15 Chris Mullin

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Hall of Famer Chris Mullin was a deadly shooter during his time in the league. In 16 seasons, Mullin shot a staggering 50.9% from the field for his career, averaging 18.1 ppg. Mullin was not known for his three point shooting, but could knock it down if needed. Mullin hit 815 total three-pointers for his career on 38.4% from the behind the arc. Mullin was also part of "The Dream Team" that won Olympic Gold in 1992.

14 Glen Rice, Sr.

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Glen Rice, Sr. was never known as a superstar throughout his career, but he always played his role to help his team win games. That role was usually scoring the ball. In 15 seasons, Rice averaged 18.3 ppg on 45.6% shooting from the field and 40% from three. Rice made 1,559 three-pointers in his career, 20th in NBA history. In 2000, Rice was on the Los Angeles Lakers team that won an NBA Championship. Although that team was led by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, Rice averaged 15.9 ppg that season and was a key part to them winning.

13 Dell Curry

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Dell Curry may not be as good of a shooter as his son Stephen Curry, but Steph did have to learn the basics from somebody and Dell was that teacher. Dell was not like his son who is an MVP, franchise type of player. Dell was more of a sixth man that provided scoring off the bench. During his entire career, Curry only started in 99 games in 16 seasons. However, Curry shot 45.7% from the field, 40% from three, and 84.3% from the free throw line for his career. Despite coming off the bench for his most of his career, Curry still made 1,245 three-pointers, which is 43rd all-time.

12 Drazen Petrovic

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Drazen Petrovic only played in the NBA for four seasons, but there was no doubt in anybody's mind that he was a natural shooter. Petrovic averaged 15.4 ppg on 50.6% shooting from the field and 43.7% from three, which is fourth all-time in NBA history. Although he only played in the league for a short period of time, Petrovic played professional for 14 years and left his shooting mark on the NBA.

11 Jeff Hornacek

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Before being let go this season, Jeff Hornacek was the head coach of the Phoenix Suns for the past three seasons. Prior to coaching, Hornacek was on the court lighting defenses up with his shooting. In 14 seasons playing in the NBA, Hornacek averaged 14.5 ppg on 49.6% shooting from the field, 40.3 from three, and 87.7% from the free throw line. Hornacek showcased his shooting in the three-point contest, wining twice in 1998 and 2000.

10 Dirk Nowitzki 

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

On March 20 against the Portland Trail Blazers, Dirk Nowitzki showed that he still has his jump-shot at the age of 37 by dropping 40 points on 16 of 26 shooting from the field. Nowitzki is the best shooting big man in NBA history. At 7 ft, Nowitzki has mastered that high arching shot and can shoot over any defense thrown at him. Nowitzki is currently in his 18th season and has a career average of 22.1 ppg on 47.5% shooting from the field. Dirk is nearing a total of 1,700 three pointers in his career and is 15th all-time right now. In 2011, Dirk torched the Miami Heat with his shooting in the NBA Finals, earning him his first NBA Championship and Finals MVP Award.

9 John Stockton

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John Stockton is one of the best PGs ever to play because, not only was he a floor manager with his passing, but he was also an assassin with his shooting. Stockton only averaged 13.1 ppg for his career, but he shot the ball at 51.5%. Stockton's shooting and all-around play has led him to All-Star games, NBA Finals, and All-NBA rosters. Stockton wasn't known for scoring but when he shot the ball, most of the time it was probably going through the net.

8 Steve Kerr

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Right now Steve Kerr is known as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors that just came off an NBA Championship and is looking to make history this season by beating the Chicago Bulls regular season record of 72-10, that Kerr was actually part of. Prior to coaching, Kerr was a shooter you never wanted to leave open or give space. Kerr shot 47.9% from the field and 45.4% from three, which is the highest career three-point percentage in NBA history. Second on that list is actually Kerr's current star, Stephen Curry. Kerr won four NBA Championships with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Bulls. Kerr also won a championship with Tim Duncan and the Spurs as well and hit many clutch shots for both teams, including game winners.

7 Larry Bird

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One of the greatest players in NBA history was a pure shooter. Larry Bird is a three-time NBA Champion and part of that success is because of his shooting. For a player of his caliber, Bird shot at a high percentage. Bird averaged 24.3 ppg on 49.6% shooting from the there field and 88.6% from the free throw line in 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics. Thanks to his shooting, Bird was a two-time member of the 50-40-90 club in 1987 and 1988, which is a player who had a shooting percentage at or above 50% for field goals, 40% for three-pointers, and 90% for free throws during a regular season. Bird also won the first three three-point contest in history and is only one of two players to ever win the contest three years in a row.

6 Kyle Korver

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver has one of the quickest releases in NBA history with his shot and can shoot lights out from anywhere on the court. So far in his 13 seasons, Korver is shooting 44.2% from the field and 43% from three-point range, which is eight all-time in NBA history. Korver is also eighth all-time in three-pointers made with over 1,870. Korver had the NBA record for most consecutive games with at least one three made at 127, but a player by the name of Stephen Curry is shattering that record as we speak.

5 Peja Stojakovic

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After playing international ball for six years, Peja Stojakovic brought his talents to the NBA. When Stojakovic arrived on the scene, he did not disappoint. In 13 seasons, Peja averaged 17 ppg on 45% shooting from the field and 40% from three. Peja won back-to-back three point contests in 2002 and 2003. In 2011, during a playoff game with the Dallas Mavericks, Peja hit six straight threes without a miss, which is second in NBA history. The Mavericks went on to beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, earning Peja his first NBA Championship. Peja made 1,760 threes in his career, good for 13th all-time.

4 Steve Nash

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The two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash could not just pass the ball, but he was a clutch and efficient shooter as well. Nash's shooting was so on point that he was a four-time member of the 50-40-90 club. Nash shot 49% from the field, 42.8% from three, and 90.4% from the free throw line during his career, showing why he has the record for most seasons with 50-40-90. Nash also came close three other times and could have had seven 50-40-90 seasons. Nash made 1,685 threes in his career, which is 16th all-time.

3 Reggie Miller

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Reggie Miller is one of the most clutch players to ever play the game. In 18 seasons, Miller averaged 18.2 ppg on 47.1% shooting from the field and 39.5% shooting from the three. Miller was a member of the 50-40-90 club in 1994 when he shot 50.3% from the field, 42.1% from three, and 90.8% from the free throw line. In his career, Miller has made a total of 2,560 three-pointers, which is the second most in NBA history. Miller is second in NBA history with two seasons leading the league in three-point field goals. Miller is also second in NBA history with five threes made in one quarter in the postseason.

2 Klay Thompson 

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Splash Brothers consists of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors, the best shooting backcourt in history and the best backcourt overall in the league today. Thompson may not be as good of a shooter as Curry because of the difficulty and range of Curry's shots, but he is not far off. Thompson may have the best shooting form in NBA history. The way he shoots, the ball should go into the basket nearly every single time. At the age of 26, Thompson is shooting lights out and can only get better. In just five seasons, Thompson is shooting 44.9% from the field and 42.1% from three, which is 12th all-time. Thompson has the second most threes in a half, hitting nine of them in 2015.  That same game, he broke the record for most threes in a quarter with nine. To add insult to injury, Thompson scored 37 points in the third quarter, which is also an NBA record. Thompson is tied for second most threes scored in the game of a postseason with five. The scary part is, Thompson may just be hitting his prime.

1 Ray Allen

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Before Stephen Curry came along, Ray Allen, aka Jesus Shuttlesworth, was deemed the best shooter of all-time. In his career, Allen averaged 18,9 ppg on 45.2% from the field and 40% from the three. Although Curry has taken the title of best shooter ever, Allen definitely left his mark on the game. Allen holds the record for most three pointers made with 2,973. Allen is tied with Curry with most seasons leading the league in three-point field goals at three. Allen is tied for the NBA record of most threes made in a playoff game with nine, something that he has done twice and something that Curry has not done, yet. Although Allen had not officially retired, there was talks of him going to Golden State last season before they won their championship. Imagine the three best shooters of all-time on the same team: Curry, Thompson, and Allen.

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