Top 25 Hottest NBA WAGs

The NBA is an intoxicating environment – many players who enter the big leagues come from humble backgrounds, playing their sport of choice, and are thrust into the limelight when they make a professi

The NBA is an intoxicating environment – many players who enter the big leagues come from humble backgrounds, playing their sport of choice, and are thrust into the limelight when they make a professional team straight out of college – or before, in some cases. That kind of fame and fortune leads many players to date an endless string of beautiful women just because they can. Every man has different tastes, but most NBA wives and girlfriends have one thing in common – they’re really, really, ridiculously gorgeous. A baller wants a beautiful babe on his arm, and his wife or girlfriend needs to fulfill that role. While shows like Basketball Wives might make it seem like the WAG lifestyle is all about drama and diamonds, one thing is for sure, it’s not always easy being an NBA WAG. While some women seem to be in it for the fame and money, there are others who probably wish the paparazzi wouldn’t get quite so close when they’re just showing up to root on their husband or boyfriend.

True, some NBA superstars seem to treat beautiful women like toys, being seen with a new one at every game and trading them in on a weekly basis. However, there are an equal amount of NBA players who show up to events with the same woman every time. They only have eyes for their wife, and she reciprocates by keeping herself trim and groomed for her man.

Regardless of money, cars, houses and bling, most NBA players want a woman they’re excited to come home to after tiring games and long road trips. Whether they’re the flavor of the week or the wife of ten years, here are 25 of the hottest NBA WAGs that you very well might see sitting courtside at their main man’s games.

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25 Iggy Azalea (girlfriend of Nick Young)

Thanks to her smash hit “Fancy,” unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know exactly who blonde bombshell rapper Iggy Azalea is. While many in the music business gravitate towards dating their own, Iggy was enthralled by the charming tweet of NBA player Nick Young and the two have been an item ever since. You can see her regularly as Lakers games, cheering on her man, while the Lakers inevitably lose again or celebrate excessively after winning one game.

24 Elaine Alden Fields (wife of Landry Fields)

1.5' barrel

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The Toronto Raptors’ Landry Fields plays for a pretty popular NBA team, but chances are, if his wife shows up to the game, she’ll steal a fair bit of camera attention. Elaine Alden Fields is a model who has graced the pages of Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and GQ, and she basically epitomizes the image of a California blonde. She started dating the NBA player in 2012, and they’ve since had a child and gotten married.

23 Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith (wife of Kenny Smith)


Osborne-Smith has been married to former NBA player Kenny Smith for nearly 10 years. Originally born in the United Kingdom, she’s made a home in the United States. Her occupation is that of many WAGs – model, etc. She’s been in several films, such as Jack and Jill and Snow Dogs, and is a regular on The Price is Right, showcasing expensive goods in style. The aspiring singer also apparently has an album in the works. Now a mother of five, she’s still happily married to Smith. You'll be able to see them in Kenny Smith and Family, a reality show that will debut on TBS, which will follow them and their children.

22 La La Vasquez Anthony (wife of Carmelo Anthony)

Everyone knows Carmelo Anthony is a skilled basketball player, but his wife Alani “La La” Anthony is equally talented in other fields. She got her start in the radio industry at 16 and her personality and on-air talent led her to snag a series of gigs, including her own show on several prominent stations. She was a MTV VJ on Total Request Live, the early 2000s phenomenon, and has had several acting roles. The couple was engaged in 2004 and married in 2010 in a ceremony filmed as part of the reality television series La La’s Full Court Wedding.

21 Kayla Wallace (girlfriend of Isaiah Thomas)


While she’s certainly gorgeous enough to be a model, Wallace has dedicated herself to being the best possible mom to the couple’s child, Jaiden. She also helps Isaiah with his son from another woman, proving just what a class act this bombshell is. Thomas definitely isn’t keeping this hottie in the shadows – he proudly goes with her to boxing matches and more. Even a move can’t separate the couple – Wallace is happily going with Thomas to Boston since he was traded. You could probably safely bet that this couple will end up married within the next few years – Thomas should definitely lock down a woman this hot and sweet.

20 Meghan Allen (wife of Devin Harris)

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Some WAGs have highly successful careers, but many end up falling into the model/actress/reality television star category. Harris’ wife Meghan Allen is one of the latter. She met the basketball player when he walked into a Dallas bar where she was bartending and they’ve been together ever since. She’s been on several reality television series, including Fear Factor and Momma’s Boy, and even got her own spread as January 2008 Playboy Cyber Playmate of the month.

19 Yvette Prieto (wife of Michael Jordan)


There’s this retired NBA player named Michael Jordan, you may have heard of him. When a sports superstar of that caliber gets hitched, everyone is eager to know who the woman on his arm is. So, who is Yvette Prieto? She claims her career is as a model, but she isn’t really a magazine cover staple. At any rate, since dating Jordan she can definitely call herself a hot WAG. She is Jordan’s second wife, coming after his ex-wife Juanita, who was with him over 17 years.

18 Chelsea Kilgore Redick (wife of J.J. Redick)


Redick and his wife Chelsea dated for quite awhile before getting married in 2010, and the couple are still going strong. When she’s not doing her WAG duties, Chelsea makes her living as a pilates instructor. She’s also very involved in the J.J. Redick Foundation, which she helps her hubby run.

17 Vanessa Bryant (wife of Kobe Bryant)

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Bryants are basically the entertainment industry version of high school sweethearts. The couple met when Vanessa was still a high school student and married at the ages of 19 and 22, respectively. They’ve certainly undergone their fair share of drama regarding Kobe’s philandering, which we don't need to rehash, but at the end of the day, they just keep coming back to each other.

16 Axelle Francine (wife of Tony Parker)


Tony Parker’s first wife was the unbelievably gorgeous actress Eva Longoria – those are pretty big shoes to fill. However, his new wife, French journalist Axelle Francine, certainly is no slouch herself. Francine began dating Parker shortly after his divorce and the two eventually got hitched. Surprisingly, Parker didn’t go for the typical ten years younger model that seems to lure many NBA players away from their wives. Francine is in her 30s and has a Master’s degree in information and communication. One can only wonder if she’s going to get into sports journalism – she does have an inside connection in the NBA, after all.

15 Jessica Olsson (wife of Dirk Nowitzki)


Dirk Nowitzki’s wife Jessica was born in Kenya, and her hubby Dirk isn’t the only professional athlete in the family – both her younger brothers play soccer on a professional level. She met the tall German drink of water when vacationing in Scotland in 2010 and the couple wed in Texas in 2012. The couple have a daughter together, but Jessica isn’t content to be a stay-at-home WAG – she’s currently the associate director of Dallas’ Goss-Michael Foundation Art Gallery.

14 Porschla Coleman (wife of Jason Kidd)


In the tradition of smoking hot second wives comes Porschla Coleman, who is married to retired NBA player and current NBA coach Jason Kidd. Kidd was first married to ex-wife Joumana before tying the knot with Porschla in 2011. The couple have two children together and she keeps her post-baby body by following a vegan diet and doing lots of yoga. She helps oversee the Jason Kidd Foundation.

13 Kristen Blake (wife of Steve Blake)


While he should certainly be commended for making it into the NBA, Steve Blake isn’t exactly on par with the greats like LeBron James or Kevin Durant. However, he does have a pretty incredible wife. His wife Kristen shows up to his games, smiling and enthusiastic, and she’s equally warm hearted in the off season – the couple worked together to sponsor a young girl in Rwanda.

12 Amelia Vega (wife of Al Horford)

A photo posted by Amelia Vega Horford (@ameliavega) on

Amelia Vega is the wife of Al Horford, but she certainly doesn’t need her man to introduce her into the limelight – she was at the center of the public’s attention in 2003 when she was crowned Miss Universe. Come on, how many guys get to say they're dating Miss Universe. Well played Al Hordford. She married Horford in 2011 and the couple have a child together.

11 Crystal Renee (girlfriend of Kevin Durant)

10 Hazel Renee (girlfriend of John Wall)

A photo posted by Hazel Renee (@hazeree) on

Wall’s girlfriend Hazel is – you guessed it – a model. Her Filipino/African American/Puerto Rican background gives her a unique and gorgeous look. She got her start in pageants and talent shows and has had several television appearances. However, this woman may be smarter than she first appears – amidst all that modeling, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in entertainment PR.

9 Maliah Michel (girlfriend of James Harden)

A photo posted by Maliah (@maliah_michel) on

When James Harden gets home from a long day running up and down the court, he doesn’t want to have a complex conversation with his physicist girlfriend. He wants a nice welcome home and a relaxing evening, something that his girlfriend Maliah Michel likely provides, as she's a exotic dancer. Maliah isn’t likely to get too starstruck by the NBA superstar, as her dating rap sheet includes several rappers and athletes.

8 Callie Rivers (girlfriend of Paul George)

A photo posted by callierivers (@callierivers) on

Callie Rivers has been linked to basketball player Paul George, who has faced his fair share of scandal due to his sexual liaisons. He currently plays with the Indiana Pacers, but Rivers’ father Doc is coach to the Los Angeles Clippers. If the couple were to stay together, George wouldn’t be the only athletically inclined of the two, as Callie is also involved in a sport – volleyball. She played for the University of Florida, as well as professionally in Puerto Rico.

7 Masha Kirilenko (wife of Andrei Kirilenko)

A photo posted by mashalopatova (@mashalopatova) on

Masha Kirilenko is the exact opposite of controlling basketball wives who restrict what their husbands can or cannot do when they’re gone at away games. She’s notorious for giving her husband one free ‘cheat’ card a year to do what – and who - he wants with. The blonde bombshell has been in the public eye for awhile, as she’s a pop superstar in her native country of Russia.

6 Savannah Brinson (wife of LeBron James)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Savannah and LeBron are basically the golden couple of basketball. His meteoric rise to fame means girls are throwing themselves at him in every city he travels to, but he remains dedicated to his high school sweetheart Savannah. The couple, who have two kids together, eventually tied the knot and are going stronger than ever.

5 Adrienne Bosh (wife of Chris Bosh)

A photo posted by Adrienne Bosh (@mrsadriennebosh) on

Adrienne Bosh is married to everyone’s favorite Heat velociraptor look-alike, Chris Bosh. A former model from Venezuela, Adrienne is primarily known as a WAG – and a scandalous one at that. She came into the public eye when rapper Lil’ Wayne began to make allegations about having engaged in various activities with a younger Mrs. Bosh. The couple took it in stride and remains devoted to one another, as you’ll see in any press photo of the two together – with Chris staring down at her from way, way above, of course. Adrienne Bosh is married to everyone’s favorite Heat velociraptor look-alike, Chris Bosh. A former model from Venezuela, Adrienne is primarily known as a WAG – and a scandalous one at that. She came into the public eye when rapper Lil’ Wayne began to make allegations about having engaged in various activities with a younger Mrs. Bosh. The couple took it in stride and remains devoted to one another, as you’ll see in any press photo of the two together – with Chris staring down at her from way, way above, of course.

4 Ayesha Curry (wife of Stephen Curry)

A photo posted by Ayesha Curry (@ayeshacurry) on

Stephen Curry met his now-wife Ayesha when they were just young kids at church. At the time, their families teased the reluctant duo about how cute they’d be together, and now they’re happily married. The Curry clan is a homey and loving bunch, often found staying in with labradoodle Reza and daughter Riley. They’re expecting another child in July, and both their careers on the rise. While Curry breaks records in the NBA, Ayesha, an actress by trade, is working on building her YouTube channel and creating a future cooking show.

3 Whitney Wonnacott (wife of Jimmer Fredette)

A photo posted by Whitney Fredette (@whitneyfredette) on

The old tale of the cheerleader and the athlete. The two first met when Fredette was a college player on the rise and Whitney was the cheerleader on the sidelines at BYU. Fredette married Wonnacott in 2012 and the rest is history. The former cheerleader has a degree in broadcast journalism from Brigham Young University and may one day be on the sidelines in a professional capacity rather than just as a supportive wife.

2 Hannah Stocking (girlfriend of Klay Thompson)

A photo posted by Hannah Stocking (@hannahstocking) on

Pretty much everyone who has the internet knows who Hannah Stocking is, even if they might not know her name. This regulation hottie is an absolute social media superstar with over 700,000 Vine followers and a staggering 1.1 million Instagram followers. Her stock continues to rise – who knows who will be the more successful of this power couple?

1 Gabrielle Union (wife of Dwyane Wade)

It’s a toss up between who’s the more well known of this couple – basketball superstar Dwyane Wade or his wife, silver screen staple Gabrielle Union. Union got her start in teen movies Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You before moving on to meatier roles. Her Hollywood career shows no signs of slowing down and she’s graced the covers of countless magazines. She married Wade in 2014 and, while her busy shooting schedule likely means she can’t make every single game, she’s likely rooting on her hubby from afar when she can’t make it courtside.

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Top 25 Hottest NBA WAGs