Top 8 Players Who Loved Being Allen Iverson’s Teammate And 7 Who Hated It

Allen Iverson was a very controversial player on and off of the court. His style of play and attitude wasn't for everyone, but there was no questioning his heart or desire to win. On the court, Iverson was a player who required the ball and took plenty of shots. If you didn't agree with his style on the court, there was no telling him that. Off the court, if you didn't agree with his partying or off day activities, there was no telling him that either. And if you got into an argument with him and management was going to choose either you or him, they would keep him every day of the week. When you were on Iverson's team you played by his rules whether you liked it or not and that's why you either love him, or you hate him; there is no in between.

One of the reasons Iverson didn't last as long with any one team after his tenure with the Sixers was over was because his game was declining but he still had the same attitude. His game was no longer a safety net to keep in town unlike when he was on the Sixers as their savior. He annoyed many people over the course of his career.

Below are 8 players who loved being Allen Iverson's teammate and 7 players who hated it.

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15 Loved: Andre Iguodala

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

While Andre Iguodala wasn't as great of an, "AI," as Allen Iverson, he did relish the opportunity to play with him. The two created many great highlights together and Iguodala has fond memories of their times playing together. Although the Sixers did end up dealing Iguodala as a part of the dreadful Andrew Bynum deal it seems as if he has no hard feelings recently tweeting that he thought that latest Sixers star, Joel Embiid should have been an all star. "Iggy" was a good player during his time with the Sixers he just never had much help around him. He wasn't the franchise centerpiece the team was looking for. It's safe to say he's enjoyed playing with Steph Curry much more than Iverson.

14 Hated: Richard Hamilton

via NBADestiny.com

Richard Hamilton and Allen Iverson played together on the Pistons and the entire team was a total mess. Rip even called it the worst season he had experienced as a pro. Hamilton and Allen had a tough time getting along with their coach as well as each other. Their work habits contrasted greatly. Iverson was more of a laid back, take it easy in practice, type of guy while Hamilton worked his butt off every single day. He never openly stated that he didn't like playing with Allen Iverson but there is a reason that the duo didn't last very long. Combine that with the fact that it was the worst season he had experienced, there is no doubt that he didn't like playing with Iverson.

13 Loved: Dikembe Mutombo

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Mutombo helped Iverson reach the finals for the first time in 2001 but unfortunately they were halted by the Kobe-Shaq Lakers, possibly the only duo that was better than Iverson and Mutombo. The Sixers stole Game 1 from the Lakers, which shocked the world the way the Lakers had been tearing teams apart. Unfortunately the Lakers bounced back and won the series in five games. After Mutombo retired, he was asked what it was like to play with Iverson. He replied that he played with many great players throughout his career and Iverson was one of the best. He was always so impressed with how he got to the rim at his size. It's a shame the two greats couldn't cap off their time together with a championship.

12 Hated: Mike Conley

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Conley was the Grizzlies' starting point guard while Iverson was on the team. Albeit he only spent three games with the team, and he wasn't happy about coming off of the bench, which may be one of the reasons he only lasted three games with the team. For how much of a distraction Iverson was, he wasn't worth it if he wasn't putting up decent numbers. He had the option to come off of the bench or leave and he decided to leave. The only man standing in his way of starting...Mike Conley.

Without a doubt there were many locker room arguments in the short amount of time he spent with Memphis. The Grizzlies were dumb to sign Iverson in the first place when he made it abundantly clear with the Pistons that he wouldn't accept a bench role.

11 Loved: Eric Snow

via fansided.com

Eric Snow played on the Sixers for six years alongside Iverson and was a very solid player that knew his role and contributed when needed. He understood that Iverson was the star and never tried to steal his thunder. Snow was a key contributor to the Sixers 2000-01 title run that ended with the Sixers losing to the Shaq and Kobe Lakers in the NBA Finals. Snow would play in Philly until the 2004 offseason when he was traded to Cleveland.

In 2015, Snow praised Iverson saying that he would be the best scorer in the league in today's day and age. It's great to see former NBA players still sticking out for their teammates even when it has been years since they last played together. That is a testament to their relationship.

10 Hated: Jerry Stackhouse

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Jerry Stackhouse and Allen Iverson had a well documented relationship. The two were not especially fond of each other. They were reported to have fought at a practice once and there were never enough basketballs to go around during games. Both wanted the spotlight. The fame may have gotten to Stackhouse's head when many Sixer fans wanted to name the new Sixers stadium, now the Wells Fargo Center, "Stack's House." When the Sixers drafted Allen Iverson the following year with the first pick in the 1996 draft, Stackhouse might not have appreciated that the fans had a new favorite. And a fan favorite he was. Iverson, as you know, would go on to be one of the greatest Sixers of all time and Stackhouse...well he ended up out of town.

9 Loved: Theo Ratliff

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Ratliff and Iverson made a dynamic duo. The center and the guard each supplied something essential to the team. Iverson brought the offense and Ratliff brought the defense. Ratliff, in his three year stint with the Sixers averaged 3 blocks per game which scares away many drivers throughout the game. When slashers knew that a huge presence like Ratliff was looming underneath the rim, they thought twice about taking it to the rack. Recently, Ratliff tweeted out a pick with Iverson as he was being honored by the Sixers during a game in 2014. He also offered congratulations when Iverson was inducted into the basketball hall of fame. I'm sure the two stay in touch today since they had a great connection on the court.

8 Hated: Othella Harrington

via trendingtoplists.com

Othella Harrington was supposed to be the star of the Georgetown Hoyas. While he might not have been the star, Iverson took that role, he was a great player and could have stepped up into a bigger role had Bubba Chuck not arrived. Unfortunately for Harrington, he had to live in Iverson's shadow, no matter what he did. Sure, he got drafted into the NBA, and that's all well and good but Iverson got drafted 30 picks ahead of him... as a sophomore. It's never fun to be overshadowed by a player, much less a player that is two years younger than you. Harrington didn't take kindly to role reduction. His point totals decreased throughout his career which is rare in college. That had to really discourage him, especially when he was trying to improve his NBA Draft stock.

7 Loved: Chris Webber

via TSN.ca

Chris Webber is notorious for being a member of the fab 5 as well as blowing a national championship game by calling a timeout when the team had none, resulting in a turnover. He was able to avenge this terrible play by having himself a great NBA career that started with the Warriors after he was traded on draft day by the Magic. After bouncing around a bit, he landed with the Sixers, becoming Allen Iverson's wingman. They were both great offensive weapons so it took a bit of time for them to gel, but once they did, they were hard to stop. Eventually when Webber wasn't getting the role he wanted, he asked out, but it wasn't because of Iverson. The two had a special bond.

6 Hated: Marcus Camby

via wikipedia.org

Marcus Camby is a player that some would consider a bust. He was selected with the 2nd overall pick in the 1996 draft by the Raptors. He and Iverson crossed paths while they were both on the Nuggets. This team was pretty full with talent with a roster that also included Carmelo Anthony. If Camby could have stepped his game up a bit more the Nuggets could have been a championship caliber team. Camby never fully developed as an offensive weapon but he was a great defender. He won the defensive player of the year award in the 2006-07 season. Unfortunately the duo between Iverson and Camby never resulted in much success. How did this big three never at least make it to the finals? I have no clue.

5 Loved: Victor Page

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Page was a teammate from Georgetown. They comprised the dynamic backcourt of the Hoyas as they reached the Elite 8 of the NCAA Tournament. Iverson likely taught Page a lot as Page went on to lead the Big East in scoring the season after Iverson left. They were good friends in college and they actually hailed from the same area. Unfortunately, Page wasn't as fortunate as Iverson when it came to life after Georgetown. While Iverson went on to be an NBA icon and legend, and now a hall of famer, Page got shot in the eye, arrested for assault and is in jail. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison back in 2013 for aggravated assault. Talk about a stark contrast in former teammates.

4 Hated: Doug Overton

via Philly.com

If anyone had the right to dislike Iverson it was Doug Overton. Not that Iverson ever did anything to him personally, nor was it Iverson's fault but Iverson was always the easy person to blame. Overton was the starting point guard the year before Iverson arrived. It must make you feel like nothing when you are the position that the team feels the need to spend the first pick in the draft on. Essentially you are the problem with the team. While that might not be the case (Iverson was a great prospect), it still doesn't feel good. To know that the team that puts their trust in a player two years removed from high school over yourself must be very disappointing to say the least.

3 Loved: George Lynch

via nba.com

Lynch Played with Iverson on the 2000-01 Sixers. In a recent interview, he called Iverson a great teammate without hesitation. He thinks he gets a bad reputation for his practice speech but that speech doesn't embody Iverson at all. Overall, Lynch and Iverson loved playing together and they were great friends. He also said that Iverson made him a better player. There is such a respect and friendship between the two and when the ball went up, he said that Iverson had all of the energy in the world. He had nothing negative to say about Iverson. He also said that Iverson ignored the media and didn't care what they said about him. That's why he was so polarizing. Sounds like Lynch enjoyed his time in Philly.

2 Hated: Carmelo Anthony

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Melo and Iverson should have and could have been one of the best scoring duos of all time. Granted Iverson wasn't in his prime anymore, but he also wasn't too old. Coming to the Nuggets, Iverson and Melo were the league's top 2 scorers. But what else would you expect when two of the biggest egos in the NBA team up. They couldn't share the ball and although there wasn't much media coverage of the frustration between them, it was palpable and they never lived up to their expectations, unless you expected them to flop that is. Melo hasn't been able to play with anyone well however, which is one of the reasons he is rarely ever in the playoffs. Perhaps Iverson hated his time in Denver, just as much as Melo did.

1 Loved: Aaron McKie

via NBA.com

McKie and Iverson comprised an outstanding backcourt for the 76ers. Technically McKie was the point guard while Iverson was the shooting guard which is weird because you don't often see NBA players under 6 feet tall and when you do they are almost always point guards. McKie was a great distributor during the 2001 NBA finals season averaging five assists per game. They were more than teammates according to Iverson. Of course they were teammates, but they also were great friends. Talking about the friendship brought tears to Iverson's eyes. It's clear that when he was inducted into the hall of fame, Iverson was feeling grateful for his time  McKie also said that he reciprocated the friendship and that they had a mutual respect for each other.

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