Tracking The Dating History Of These 15 NBA Stars

Back in the '60s and '70s, the NBA was led by superstar Center Wilt Chamberlain, who was running through the league as though he was playing NBA 2K17 on easy mode. As he pummeled through the NBA, Wilt's popularity, with NBA fans, rivaled the likes of The Beatles or Aerosmith. He was a cultural icon and he was not bad looking either. The ladies loved him. From California to New York, and every city in-between, Wilt Chamberlain was a hit with the ladies. He was such a stud that he claims to have slept with nearly 20,000 women in his lifetime, a number that will forever be disputed and discussed while people try to figure out the math behind those numbers. (It would end up being about 1.5 women per day for 37 years, if true.)

Magic Johnson is another NBA superstar with a long list of females he has concurred, once claiming to have slept with 300 to 500 women per year, before his HIV diagnosis that is.

So when Millennials say something about Chandler Parsons being a ladies man, we wanted to make sure they knew about those two men. Also, let's not forget that Shawn Kemp and Calvin Murphy were baby making machines. (Calvin has 14 children from 9 women, Shawn Kemp has just as many, if not more.)

Compared to the past 50 years, NBA players today fall short of those insane numbers but replace the numbers with quality. Let's take a look at the dating history of 15 of the NBA's biggest stars.

15 Kris Humphries: 5

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  • Current Status: Single
  • List of Women: Bianca Kamber, Kim Kardashian, Fatmire "Myla" Sinanaj, Kayla Goldberg, Natalie Pack

So many people felt bad for Kris Humphries after he married and divorced Kim Kardashian after just 72 days, all of it being filmed for a reality show on E! But those same people forget, he is a tall, dark, and, we think we are secure enough in our manhood to say this, not a bad looking dude. Does saying dude make it any less awkward?

Not only has he managed to overcome the divorce, he has done quite well for himself. The marriage and television show alone helped raise his status in the NBA, and among single ladies all across the USA. In fact, look at the women he replaced that Kim Kardashian void in his heart with. Myla Sinanaj is considered a Kim K. clone, only hotter, and Natalie Pack, who is a former Miss California, and a current supermodel. From the tiny sample of post-Kim girlfriends, it looks as though Kris Humphries is anything but sad. In fact, he might be better off because of Kim's very public divorce where he turned out to be the good guy being dumped.

14 Tony Parker: 5

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  • Current Status: Married to Axelle Francine
  • List of Women: Barbara Morel, Erin Barry, Eva Longoria, Alexandra Parresant

The grass is always greener on the other side, unless you have the perfect type of grass that remains green all year long. Then, there is never a good enough reason to cheat on Eva Longoria with a former teammates wife. Erin Barry, wife of former San Antonio Spur Brent Barry, and a former teammate of Tony's, was rumored to be the mistress that led Tony down a dark path which ended in his divorce with one of the most beautiful women in the world. The entire affair was one of the most scandalous and disgusting in recent NBA memory because it was more than just a simple mistake, it was an affair with a teammates wife.

He has since found himself someone else to marry and Axelle Francine just might be the dumbest lady in the world, or maybe the smartest. Maybe she has that same idea that many women share about fixing a guy. Look ladies, we are not experts by any means, but guys cannot be fixed. You can sprinkle glitter on us and make us look nice and shiny, but if you cut us down, you find that we are the exact same person, only with a nicer wardrobe.

13 Kevin Durant: 6

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  • Current Status: Dating Brittney Elena
  • List of Women: Jasmine Shine, Ashley Champ, Crystal Renee, Chantel Jeffries, Monica Wright

It did not take Kevin Durant very long before he started becoming a ladies man. Throughout his first few seasons, he was very quiet about his personal life, almost leaving us without a single name or picture of anyone that could be considered a girlfriend. Then, just like with most of the single athletes in the NBA, he gave into the pressure and started to become very open about his relationships. Well, his girlfriends are very open about it at least.

But if he wanted a private relationship than the last person he should be dating is none other than superstar dater Brittney Elena, who has been a NBA fan for as long as anyone can recall. The former MTV Wild'N Out performer and model uses her Instagram well and if you have the time, you should go enjoy some of her better shots, it won't take long to find them.

12 DeAndre Jordan: 2

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  • Current Status: Dating Amber Alvarez
  • List of Women: Anara Atanes

We mentioned earlier that not all of these men are going to have a long list of lovers that they have been spotted with at least once during their careers. DeAndre Jordan is one of them. His two girlfriends push him into the top 15 list simply from the quality of the ladies.

Amber Alvarez is a gorgeous lady that was once a struggling model. She met DeAndre Jordan a few years ago and the two of them have been together ever since. She has helped to keep him grounded and just might be the reason he decided to shun the Dallas Mavericks and resign with the LA Clippers.

Before Amber, there was Anara Atanes, who can only be described as a woman who knows how to use Instagram correctly. She was once known as Samir Nasri's hot girlfriend but has since grown into a super sexy supermodel that dates athletes from all over the globe.

11 J.J. Barea: 2

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  • Current Status: Married to Viviana Ortiz
  • List of Women:  Zuleyka Rivera

If DeAndre Jordan is doing such a good job of quality over quantity, than J.J. Barea is doing even better because he has had two women marry him and both of them are among the hottest women in WAG history. For a man who averages 8.6 points, 3.6 assists, and 2 rebounds per game, for his career, it is easy to assume that because he is in the NBA, he has been able to pull these women, right?

His first wife, Zuleyka Rivera, who was better known as Zuleyka Mendoza before she married J.J. Barea, is a Kim Kardashian clone apparently, even though she has been around such a long time. Whether she was here before Kim K. or not, the fact that she is labeled a clone of someone she is only seven years younger than could be considered an insult, but luckily for her, Kim K's such a smokeshow that it is more of a compliment than anything else.

Once he got divorced from Zuleyka, J.J. Barea moved on fairly quickly and met and married another supermodel, Viviano Ortiz.

What a life!

10 Paul George: 3

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  • Current Status: Dating Destiny Marie
  • List of Women: Jessica Burciaga, Daniela Rajic

Paul George is one of the NBA's most disrespected players. If it is not one thing, it is another. He has to constantly prove to the owner's and coaches that he is a top talent in the league and deserves respect. What is scary to see is that he signed a 5-year deal worth just a tad over $91 million, putting him behind players like Steven Adams, Chandler Parsons, Harrison Barnes, Nicolas Batum, and Bradley Beal. He is hands-down a better overall talent than any of them, period. He should be earning Mike Conley money soon, which is about $150 million.

That massive raise is coming in his future and should do nothing but good things for his personal life, which is currently just a bunch of great Instagram pics of him and is girlfriend Destiny Marie, who is also one of the most underrated hotties in recent WAG memory.

Until he gets paid, he is going to wear that as a badge of honor and use that to help propel his game into a completely different level.

9 J.R. Smith: 6

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  • Current Status: Married to Jewel Smith
  • List of Women: K.Michelle, Rihanna, Chanel Iman, Britani Girard, Solange Knowles

Since his first years in the NBA, J.R. Smith has been underrated as a starting shooting guard. He even turned into a sixth man for the Denver Nuggets, helping them turn into one of the NBA's scariest offensive powerhouses. However, his best time on the court came when he was starting and getting 30 minutes a night, not coming off the bench and hoping to get 25. He averaged around the same minutes per game whether he was starting or not but the consistency has increased with his current addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers starting rotation.

As for his personal life, well, let's just say he does pretty well for himself. He even married his current wife, Jewel Smith, after having dated Britani Girard very openly for awhile. His marriage shocked fans because no one knew he was even talking to her again until he announced his marriage. They must have had such an open relationship that he was allowed to date whomever he felt he wanted to and she would be fine with it.

8 Dwyane Wade: 4

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  • Current Status: Married to Gabrielle Union
  • List of Women: Kelly Rowland, Star Jones, Aja Metoyer

Dwyane Wade could have a list of women that reach double digits and the only name that would matter on it would be Gabrielle Union. From the moment he started dating her, he knew, just as we did, that he was at the top. There was no going higher than Gabby Union. She is so beautiful and so gorgeous that there might be two women on the planet Earth that are considered hotter. Even then, we are not too sure that would be a consensus either.

So, eventually, he married her and locked her up before she got away. They lived in South Beach, Florida, you know, Miami, but since his move to Chicago, have had to deal with traveling between the two places. She is not only beautiful, she is loyal and is one of the biggest stars on the planet without him, yet remains courtside for most of his games.

7 Amar'e Stoudemire: 4

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  • Current Status: Married to Alexis Welch
  • List of Women: Ciara, Amber Rose, Serena Williams

After spending much of his final few seasons in and out of surgery, Amar'e Stoudemire finally decided to make the decision he was working so hard not to, to retire. He retired officially last summer, after 14 years in the league. Instead of enjoying his marriage and spending all his money he has accumulated since he joined the NBA, Amar'e decided to go play for the Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Basketball Premier League.

His deal runs for two years and in his first season, he helped them secure the 2016 Israeli Basketball League Cup, proving to us all that he still has a few more days left in those knees. His wife Alexis Welch is probably back home enjoying their massive 185-acre farm in Hyde Park, New York.

6 John Wall: 6

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  • Current Status: Dating Hazel Renee
  • List of Women: Kash Barb, Keyshia Dior, Karlie Redd, Renee Quarles, Karrueche Tran

If John Wall is going to win a NBA title, he needs to do it somewhere else. Sure, he might squeeze out a win or two in the Washington Wizards opening round playoffs series this year, but will that be it for them? Even if they win the series, and possibly the second round series too, they still do not have enough to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, or even worse, anyone in the top three spots in the Western Conference. Can you picture these Wizards beating the San Antonio Spurs? What about the Golden State Warriors?

While he considers his future, he is still signed thru the 2018-19 season, he remains a happy man thanks to his current girlfriend, and the one he has been with for a long time now, Hazel Renee.

The two of them have been together for as long as we can recall and even if he were to sign elsewhere in a couple years, chances are she is going to be by his side. It looks as if his days of dating are far behind him now.

5 James Harden: 11

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  • Current Status: Dating Queen Pee
  • List of Women: Ashanti, Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, Farrah Flossit, Maliah Michel, Tahiry Jose, Sarah Bellew, Kyra Chaos, Jenna Shea, Trina

James Harden might be the NBA's latest MVP when the voting results are tallied and then announced on June 26th, but he has not needed it to help him when it comes to getting women. He has been doing that since his first year in the NBA, when he was still a sixth man for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Isn't it insane to think that the Thunder once featured Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden?

For awhile, it appeared that James Harden was going to just be a bachelor, enjoying life as a single man in Houston, and life was good for a very long time. That is, until, he got involved with a Kardashian named Khloe. Once he was taken in by her brand new looks, he was gone pecan. All of his playing days were over, in his personal life we mean, and he seemed to be happy. It eventually ended and he has been spotted back out and about, once again.

4 Chandler Parsons: 7

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  • Current Status: Single, Technically (Dude is a player!)
  • List of Women: Bella Thorne, Robyn Crowley, KC Concepcion, Christina Perri, Toni Garrn, Kendall Jenner, Jen Selter

Long before Chandler Parsons decided to start using social media to pick up chicks an post his many conquests, real players like Wilt Chamberlain were holding up in the team hotels, sleeping with multiple women a night. Then there is Magic Johnson, who, according to James Worthy, once hooked up with some chicks in the locker room sauna shortly after a game.

But since we are talking about players still around, Chandler Parson makes this list. His number might show seven but that does not cover the entire portfolio, that just covers the women we have names for. You can do a Google Image search to find out he has multiple women, who remain nameless, as well.

Chandler Parsons is the epitome of how to pull women just from being a celebrity superstar athlete. He uses his charm, good looks, and huge pocketbook, he just recently signed a massive deal worth $94 million bucks, to convince just about any woman to spend some private time with him. Maybe he will settle own eventually but why should he?

3 Klay Thompson: 4

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  • Current Status: Dating Sache Lamonte
  • List of Women: Cherise Sandra, Hannah Stocking, Shaila Singh

Let's talk about faithful relationships for a second. Whenever you see this amazingly beautiful woman, that you probably could not get, and then hear about the guy that cheated on her, you wonder what kind of moron would cheat on such a smokeshow. Like when Klay Thompson strayed from his girlfriend, Hannah Stocking. What was he thinking? She is not just a perfect 10, she is an A+++++ on the eBay hottness scale.

Seriously Klay, what is up? If you end up reading this, and you wanted to explain yourself, feel free to do so. Because if we had to rank Hannah Stocking with the rest of the women on this list, she would be in first place, by about 1,000 votes, so, in other words, she would win easily.

2 Blake Griffin: 5

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  • Current Status: Dating Brynn Cameron
  • List of Women: Daniella Grace, Kari Klinkenborg, Kate Upton, Bethany Gerber

After spending the first few seasons as one of the NBA's most eligible bachelor's, Blake Griffin finally decided to give it a rest and has been dating Brynn Cameron for so long that people are asking why they have not gotten married yet. They share a son and a daughter, and a family. They mine as well be married.

But before he locked himself up for Brynn, who is also former NFL tight end Jordan Cameron's sister, he was spotted in Los Angeles with all kinds of arm candy. From Daniella Grace to Kate Upton, Blake Griffin was spitting so much game that if he sneezed, he would have found another two women. Kari Klinkenborg is still one of the sexiest on his list of women, we would like to add.

1 Kevin Love: 3

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  • Current Status: Dating Kate Bock
  • List of Women: Cody Horn, Elise Novak

When it comes to quality, Kevin Love is the king of pulling some of the hottest WAGs in NBA dating history. And why not? He went to UCLA, which is another way of saying he played for the Hollywood Bruins, where the campus is crawling with perfect 10's. The level of beauty in Southern California is so thick that if you ranked a woman soley on her looks, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, then even a 3 in Southern California would be a 8 or 9 back in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kate Bock, his current girlfriend, is one of the many choices he has made throughout his career that have turned out to be great. He also dated Cody Horn and Elise Novak, both of which are rock solid hotties.

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