Unfaithful: 15 NBA Players Who Were Caught Cheating

In the sports world, it is hard for an athlete to remain faithful...

It is true that the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB are all different sports leagues that showcase and promote vastly different sports, but despite all of their differences, there are certain things that the leagues have in common. One of those things is the fact that each league is home to some of the best athletes in the world, individuals who have incredible skills, and the physical and mental fortitude to play their desired sport at the highest possible level. If you are lucky enough to play in one of these leagues, then chances are pretty high that you will be making a great deal of money that will allow you to live a fairly lavish lifestyle, a lifestyle that many regular people envy.

When you take away all of that talent and money though, you will find that professional athletes are regular people like everyone else, which means that they too will do things that are wrong and that they generally regret. People are attracted to other people, it is simply nature, and when you find someone who you are attracted to and care for, you will start a life with them. The problem though, is that people are not only attracted to one person, which is why so many marriages and relationships end with one party cheating on the other. In the sports world, it is hard for an athlete to remain faithful, especially with all the time they stay away from home, which is why quite a few athletes cheat on their significant others. Nowhere does cheating seem more prevalent than in the NBA, and this list will identify 15 players who at one point cheated.

15 Steve Nash


In every sport, there are a few great players who manage to have a very lengthy career, with no championship ring to show for it, and former Point Guard Steve Nash is one of those players. For the time being, Nash is the best basketball player to ever come out of Canada, and is the only Canadian to be named NBA MVP more than once, but just because he comes from Canada, does not mean that he is immune from cheating. Apparently, Nash and his now ex-wife had been separated for months prior to the birth of their third child in 2010, with the apparent reason being that Nash had been caught having an affair with a 22-year-old woman. This would have garnered a lot more attention, had rumors not spread that the child born in 2010 was actually the offspring of Nash's ex and former teammate Leandro Barbosa.

14 Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes has been playing in the NBA since 2004, and is currently a bench player, which in his case is pretty good, because he spent last season with the Golden State Warriors, who basically won him his first and only championship ring. Earlier in his career, Barnes played for the Orlando Magic, and while playing in Florida, his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, caught him cheating with a local girl. Despite catching him in the act, the couple did not separate for a while, and the reason for that is because they were kind of made for each other. Apparently, Govan was no stranger to infidelity herself, as she was rumored to have slept with several other men during their relationship, including Avant Rose, a rapper and bodyguard, who she brought into the house she shared with Barnes.

13 Charles Barkley


Over the course of his 16-year career, Power Forward Charles Barkley appeared in 11 All-Star Games, and managed to earn the MVP award during the 1992-93 season, and although he never won a championship, he is a deserving member of the Hall of Fame. Barkley has been married to Maureen Blumhardt since 1989, which is a very long time by NBA standards, and their lengthy marriage is even more surprising considering how many times he cheated on her. Apparently, Barkley would advise other players on how to cheat successfully, by suggesting that it was best to keep wives and girlfriends as far away from each other as possible. In 2008, Barkley was caught by police offering a San Antonio stripper money, so that she would accompany him back to his hotel room, which is the definition of being caught red handed.

12 Daniel Gibson


Professional basketball players will sometimes find themselves in relationships with celebrities, whether they be actresses, musicians, or reality stars, and with this entry, we will be talking about our first celebrity. Daniel Gibson was a Guard who played his entire six-year career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and seeing as many of you have probably never heard of him, you can imagine how much of an impact he was on the court. While playing for Cleveland in 2011, Gibson got married to singer-songwriter Keyshia Cole, who by all accounts, truly loved her husband, but he apparently did not feel the same way, as their marriage ended in 2014. Apparently, Keyshia caught him with a stripper, but that was not all, as she also caught him texting with another woman about their affair, and posted a picture of the texts online to show how much of a cheater Gibson was.

11 Kobe Bryant


Based on his collective body of work, Kobe Bryant will be a first ballot Hall of Famer, and because he went on to become an 18-time All-Star, two-time Finals MVP, and five-time NBA champion, there are those who consider him to be one of the greatest players of all time. For the past 16 years, Kobe has been married to his wife Vanessa, and although the couple just recently welcomed their third daughter, things between the two have been fairly bumpy, as evidenced by Vanessa filing for divorce in 2011 where she cited irreconcilable differences. For those too young to remember, Bryant was charged with sexually assaulting a Colorado hotel employee in 2003, which was ultimately settled out of court, and although she stuck by her man then, there were constant rumors circulating that he was engaging in affair after affair. It looked like Vanessa had had enough, but the pair were able to reconcile in 2013.

10 Raymond Felton


Raymond Felton is a former 5th-overall pick who has been playing in the NBA since 2005, and by signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder this past July, he is probably hoping to win a championship this season before retiring. In 2013, Felton married Ariane Raymondo, a promising law student from New York City, but that marriage managed to last just 19 months, after the two got into a heated argument on Valentine's Day regarding Felton and SEVERAL of his mistresses. She filed for divorce shortly after the fight, and turned in Felton's loaded semi-automatic to police, claiming that he had threatened her life with it, an act that ultimately caused Felton to turn himself in. This just goes to show that you should never cheat on a lawyer.

9 Dwayne Wade


With 12 All-Star Game appearances, one Finals MVP, and three NBA championships under his belt, Dwayne Wade will undoubtedly find himself in the Hall of Fame when his career is over. Now that he has signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wade is hoping to win a fourth title with his friend LeBron James, but aside from bringing a veteran presence to Cleveland, he is also bringing his wife, actress Gabrielle Union, along for the ride as well. Wade and Union have been married since 2014, but their relationship first started in 2009, and things between the two have not always been stable. In 2013, Wade and Union briefly separated, and it is believed that this occurred mainly because Wade had an affair with Aja Metoyer, who at the time was dating actor Damon Wayans Jr. This affair led to the birth of Wade's son Xavier, a child that Union continues to not acknowledge as Wade's son.

8 LeBron James

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In every sport, there is a debate amongst both fans and historians regarding who the best player to ever play the sport is, and when it comes to basketball, there is a big debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Based on all he has managed to accomplish so far in his career, LeBron's name is definitely in the conversation for best all time, but aside from being an amazing player, he has also proven to be a great father to his three children, all of whom he has had with his wife and high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson. As family oriented as LeBron may be, he too has experimented with other women, because just a few months after their wedding, James was seen hitting on another women in front of an NBC associate producer, and he has also been linked to models Nina Agdal and Carmen Ortega.

7 Andrei Kirilenko


In 1999, the Utah Jazz used the 24th overall pick to draft Andrei Kirilenko, a Russian Forward who managed to play in the NBA for parts of 12 seasons, where he was named an All-Star in 2004. Kirilenko has been married to Russian pop singer Masha Lopatova for 17 years, a marriage that has resulted in three sons, and over the course of his playing career, both in the NBA and in Russia, he was known for sleeping with other women. Unlike all of the other women on this list however, Kirilenko's wife encouraged him to cheat, because she believed that it would happen anyway due to the lifestyle of basketball players. She may be fine with cheating, but even she has her limits, as she made it very clear that he was only allowed to have one fling a year.

6 Tony Parker


Since coming into the NBA in 2001, Tony Parker has managed to become a six-time All-Star, Finals MVP, and four-time NBA champion, which pretty much guarantees him a future spot in the Hall of Fame. Parker has done more than just win basketball games though, as he was once married to the beautiful Eva Longoria, a marriage that did not even last five years, largely because of Parker's infidelities. One day, Parker left his phone out in the open, and by chance, Longoria took a look, which is when she found numerous texts between her then husband and several other women. One of these women turned out to be Erin Barry, the former wife of NBA player, Brent Barry, who at the time, also happened to be one of Parker's San Antonio teammates.

5 Shaquille O'Neal


As of right now, Shaquille O'Neal can be seen as a sports analyst on the TNT network, but before that, he played in the NBA, where he became one of the best centers in the history of the game. This gentle giant is a Hall of Famer who managed to win four championships, while becoming a three-time Finals MVP and one-time league MVP, which goes along with his 15 All-Star Game appearances. Shaq is known for being a great guy, but even he could not keep it in his pants, something that his former teammate, Kobe Bryant, alluded to during his aforementioned assault case in 2003. Kobe said that he needed to pay off the girls the same way Shaq did, and if that was not enough proof, he even admits that he did cheat on his ex-wife-but in a "respectful" way.

4 Lamar Odom


As terrible as it is to admit, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is still a hugely popular show, and at one point in time, the show featured former NBA player, Lamar Odom, who was legally married to Khloe Kardashian for almost seven years. Odom managed to win back-to-back championships with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010, which was a good way to celebrate the couple's first two years together, but the relationship was anything but fun. Sure, there were impressive dinners and vacations, but there were some real problems, such as Odom's drug habit, and the fact that he cheated on her multiple times. It got so bad that Khloe hired a private investigator to follow her ex around, which is how she learned that he was cheating on her with five different women. 

3 Paul George


Despite making it clear that he plans on joining the Lakers when his current contract is up, Paul George became quite the commodity during this year's offseason, which saw him get traded to Oklahoma City. He may want to play with the Lakers, but there was once a time when he could have seen himself playing on whichever team had Doc Rivers as their head coach. No thanks to his infidelities, that option is likely closed for good. At one point, George was married to Rivers' daughter, Callie, but the marriage ended shortly after she discovered that George had cheated on her with a stripper at a yacht party. Callie would have probably never learned of this had the stripper not gotten pregnant with her ex-husband's child, a child that George allegedly tried to have terminated by offering his brief fling $1 million.

2 Stephon Marbury


Stephon Marbury is a former 4th overall draft pick who is still playing professional basketball over in China because he needs the money, despite having played in the NBA for 13 seasons. Since 1999, Stephon has been married to his wife Tasha, and she has managed to stay by his side despite the fact that he cheated on her several times with a former employee. On at least five separate occasions, in the house that he shared with his wife and children, Marbury slept with the family chef, a woman who slept with him because she believed it was part of her job. Court documents allege that Marbury was paying the chef to keep the affair a secret, and after paying nearly $1 million, the chef spilled the beans when he decided to stop paying her.

1 Michael Jordan


LeBron James may be viewed by many fans as the best player in NBA history, but that is because those fans are too young, and never got the chance to see Michael Jordan play in his prime. Jordan is a 14-time All-Star, who was also named the league MVP five times, and the Finals MVP six times, which is really significant, considering he went to 6 straight NBA Finals in his career, and won all six times. For 17 years, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy, with whom he shares three children, and after filing for divorce in 2006, he had to pay her a settlement of roughly $168 million. As it turns out, Juanita had to deal with Jordan's infidelity for years, as he had numerous mistresses, including a woman named Karla Knafel, who Jordan offered $5 million to in order to keep their affair a secret.

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