20Will Perdue - San Antonio Spurs, 1999

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While never anyone’s idea of a star-caliber talent, Will Perdue got by as a purveyor of the less glamorous parts of the game. As part of the three-time champion Chicago Bulls of the early '90s, the seven-footer embraced a reserve role as a grit-and-grind interior presence. By the 1998-99 season,

however, nearly five years after being dealt to San Antonio for Dennis Rodman, a 33-year-old had lost a step or twelve.

Perdue’s 2.4 points marked his worst offensive output since his rookie season and his 3.7 rebounds were more than six fewer than he had managed two years prior. Fortunately for the Spurs, they had the Twin Towers combo of Tim Duncan and David Robinson and didn’t need much from Perdue. Come playoff time, he was getting just a shade over seven minutes a night and doing little to affect the game.

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