What These 15 NBA Stars Look Like Today

Everybody ages. However there is something about looking at what stars of the past look like today and seeing if they are holding up well or not. The same is true with NBA stars, as during their playing days they are in tip top shape and in the prime of their lives, so it is interesting to see them age just like the rest of us as even guys like LeBron James, who has been at the top of the basketball game for over 10 years, will eventually be an old man who a JV basketball player could beat one-on-one.

In this article, we will be looking at 15 past NBA stars, and what they look like today. Some of these guys have held up better than others, as life after basketball is a big adjustment to players in the league as they are now off the strict regimental life of the league to being able to sit next to the pool all day. As you will see, retirement life of NBA stars can go a few different ways, as some of these players still look great while others look down right bad now

As always, feel free to leave any thoughts you have in the comment section below, for we would love to hear your thoughts on these players.

Here are what these 15 NBA stars look like today.


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15 Dennis Rodman

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Then: Dennis Rodman started his career as the typical NBA big man. Strong, tall, and very athletic. He went on too have one of the greatest NBA careers of all-time as was a major piece of the Bulls second three-peat in the Michael Jordan era. Rodman was never afraid to do the dirty work and even averaged over 18 rebounds per game one season even though he was an undersized center. While his look definitely changed over the course of his career, we used this picture to show his true self and to see how different he looks today.

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Now: Dennis doesn't really resemble his old Detroit Pistons self, as his body is now covered in tattoos and it looks as though Rodman has taken a liking to piercing his body, as he has piercings all over his face now. He has thrown away the basketball uniforms for women's dresses, which is completely fine of course, however Dennis Rodman is one of the last NBA players I would have thought to do that. Rodman was always a character on the court, and is just as big of one off the court as well.

14 Hakeem Olajuwon

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Then: Hakeem Olajuwon is arguably the greatest center of all-time, and had a long and very successful run in the league. An NBA champion, Hakeem has a ton of very prestigious NBA awards to his name, as he dream shook his way to becoming the 11th highest scoring player in the history of the league. The 7 footer was a long and lanky player, and many could recognize him from the goggles he sported throughout his playing days.

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Now: Hakeem has aged nicely since retiring from the league years ago, as he looks like an older and wiser version of himself, obviously. His dark black hair has since receded and grayed as the years have passed, but he is still holding up well and looks like he could still do some damage in the league, just kidding. Hakeem has helped NBA centers in the off-season work on their games, as he really is one of the most respected NBA legends of all-time.

13 Charles Barkley

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Then: Charles Barkley has always gotten flack for his weight, as he was even labeled "the round mound of rebound" during his career which was a knock on his round figure. Barkley, even though hefty, was incredibly strong on the court and was in incredible shape as he put up eye opening numbers as he is now considered one of the greatest power-forwards of all-time. Even though a lot of people made fun of Barkley and his weight, I guarantee nobody would want to get into a fight with Charles Barkley during his playing days.

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Now: Charles Barkley is now really starting to look like "the round mound of rebound" as he is definitely gaining weight as it looks like he hasn't picked up a basketball in a long time. Barkley is still very much involved in the basketball world, as he is an analyst on TNT and his word still carries a lot of weight around the league. Even though his word is strong now, his body doesn't look like the beast he once was during his playing days.

12 Julius Erving

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Then: Man was Julius Erving a baller during his playing days. An NBA champion, Julius Erving had an excellent career in the league as he became one of the most popular players in the league as his style met his talent in an awesome way. He sported a sweet afro and had a great basketball look as he is one of the most iconic NBA players of all-time.

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Now: The Afro is long gone as Erving is now wearing his hair much shorter and black has changed to gray now. He still looks pretty good, as he says he can still dunk to this day and I believe him the way he looks now. While he probably can't suspend himself in the air and reach around the basket like he did years ago in his most legendary play, but I do think he could still run 5 on 5 at the local park.

11 Larry Bird

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Then: Larry Bird is one of the greatest players to ever grace the NBA hardwood. Bird came into the league in 1978 and played every single season for the Boston Celtics over the course of 13 seasons. He won 3 NBA championships as he solidified himself as one of the best overall basketball players of all-time as he not only scored, he led his team to victories in every way possible. Fans got to see Bird grow up, as he came into the league as a kid and left the game as a broken older man who could barely even stand up straight due to his bad back.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Now: Bird is 60 years of age now, and he hasn't aged all that great. Maybe it's all the weight on his shoulders from being the Pacers owner, but Bird looks like he needs to get himself a vacation. Hopefully Bird can bring a championship to Indiana, because he definitely did good to the other city that loves him in Boston, as he won them three championships as a player.

10 Bernard King

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Then: Bernard King really was the king of New York during his playing days in the Big Apple, as he was a dominant scorer and is one of the greatest New York Knicks of all-time. King was incredibly strong and athletic, and got to the rim with ease and could also knock down jump shots at an impressive rate as he could put up big scoring numbers in a hurry. King was definitely a guy teams around the league wanted to have, as they were all hurt at one point by his deadly scoring.

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Now: King looks different than he did during his playing days as he is bigger than he once was, but it looks good as he dresses nice and has a real New York feel to him. Look at that nice pocket square he's rocking in the photo above, he really cleans up nice when he is out in the public eye. King is now working as a part-time broadcaster for NBA TV as well as the MSG Network, filling in on some occasions as color commentator when Walt Frazier is on vacation.

9 Allen Iverson

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Then: Allen Iverson was one of the most popular NBA player of all-time as millions gravitated toward his cool style and awesome play on the court. The braids and the the tattoos were great and it all looked even better when he dominated on a nightly basis for the Philadelphia 76ers. Even though he had some distractions off the court during his career come about multiple times, Iverson never let that come onto the floor with him, as he had a great NBA career and is one of the best guards to ever play the game.

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Now: Life after basketball hasn't been the greatest for Allen, as he apparently was almost completely broke but was bailed out by Reebok, as a shoe deal has kept him a float after he really lost millions and millions of dollars due to his bad spending habits that eventually caught up to him. He showered his entourage of friends and family with cars, jewelry, and even houses, and when he forgot where he parked his car, he just bought another one, true story. The braids are still there tucked under the hat in the photo above, and the style is still there as well as he still rocks the clothes that made him so popular in his playing days.

8 Shawn Kemp

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Then: Shawn Kemp was drafted with the 17th pick in the 1989 NBA Draft to the Seattle SuperSonics and ended up becoming one of the team's first franchise players has he had an excellent NBA career. Kemp was a beast on the court as he was easily one of, if not the strongest player most times he stepped on to the court, as he was a big 6'10" and 240 lbs. He used his strength and jumping ability to be an impact player during his days in the league.

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Now: Kemp has been out of the league for over 10 years now, and hasn't made any headlines too keep his name and face around for NBA fans. Here is Shawn Kemp today as he is now 47 years old, and most likely just enjoying retirement life as there is not much on what he is doing today. Almost a 50-year-old man now, Kemp obviously looks much different than he did during his playing days, at least his days with the SuperSonics, because he did resemble his 47 year old self during his later days with Orlando.

7 John Stockton

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Then: John Stockton is one of the greatest point-guards in the history of the NBA as he was a staple of consistency, leadership, and winning(not championship winning however), throughout his long NBA career with the Utah Jazz. Stockton, a small point-guard from Gonzaga University, Stockton was taken with the 16th pick in the legendary 1996 NBA Draft. Stockton wasn't the flashiest of players, and could even walk the streets of Barcelona during the 1992 Summer Olympics while all the other players were surrounded by fans. That's just the kind of guy Stockton was.

via purpleandblues.com

Now: John Stockton doesn't look much different than he did during his playing days, as he looks a bit grayer and than he did during his time on the Jazz. Seeing him as an older man who could pass for just someones grandfather really makes you understand how incredible it was that Stockton literally dominated the point-guard position for 19 years, as he wasn't any super being athlete like LeBron James, just a guy who played the game the right way.

6 Oscar Robertson

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Then: Oscar Robertson could be the most underrated player in the entire history of the NBA, as he dominated the league during his playing days as he could do everything there was to do on the court. He didn't just score, which he did superbly by the way, he could rebound with the best of them and his height and passing skills allowed him to see the entire court as he could pass as good as any point-guard in the league. He averaged a triple-double one season, which until this season was a feat that nobody thought would ever happen again.

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Now: Oscar Robertson is now 78 years old, and still is holding up great as a lot of the guys he played with during his career are not even around anymore to tell of his dominance. He still makes appearances at games and the media can get a word in with him still. His name has been brought up much more recently due to the play of Russell Westbrook this season, as Westbrook has now joined "The Big O" as the only two players to average a triple-double for an entire season. Who's season was more impressive is still up in the air, however both men have solidified themselves as NBA legends due to their ability to do it all on the court.

5 Bill Walton

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Then: Bill Walton had an excellent NBA career, and even though it was shortened due to injuries, he was still able to win a championship and put his name in the history books as one of the greats. Walton started his career looking like a caveman to be honest, as as you can see in the photo above, he looks like a scary opponent to match up against as he beat down other centers to finish at the rack. Walton's looks changed throughout his career, as he ended up ditching the beard and long hair later in his career as he began to look more like he does today.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Now: Walton looks a lot different than he did when he came into the NBA decades ago, as he looks a lot cleaner now than he does in the photo of him playing you just saw. Walton is a famously known, DeadHead, or fan of the band the Grateful Dead, so you can always catch him sporting some tie-dye, as he is a man of peace and love. Walton is still a beast of a man when it comes to his large height and weight, but he looks a lot nicer now than he did during his playing days, as with retirement he is able to relax and not have to play through the pain he had to endure during his playing days.

4 Dikembe Mutombo

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Then: Dikembe Mutombo was a defensive stopper during his long playing career, and his signature finger wag has been imitated by millions of basketball fans around the world whether they know it originated from "Mount Mutombo" or not. Dikembe had a very memorable career in the NBA and was a fan favorite due to the hustle he showed on both ends of the court and the fact that he wasn't afraid to go up and try to block anybody in the league. While this led to him being dunked on by NBA greats such as Michael Jordan, you gotta respect the effort Mutombo played the game with.

via usaftw.com

Now: Mutombo looks pretty identical in the two photos we have shown you of him. Mutombo was in a Geico commercial about a year ago where he is seen blocking multiple people as they try to do things such as throwing a crumpled up piece of paper in a trash can or throwing some laundry in the washer. After sending the items flying, he does his signature finger wag and says "no, no, no, not in my house." Mutombo was very popular during his playing days and his staying relevant with young fans today as his Geico commercial was seen by millions and showed him as the fun loving guy he looked to be on the court during his playing days as well.

3 Adrian Dantley

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Then: Adrian Dantley is one of the best scorers in the history of the NBA as he averaged just over 24 points per game over the course of his career which is one of the highest of all-time. Dantley played for multiple NBA teams during his playing days which include the Buffalo Braves, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, and the Milwaukee Bucks. Most dominant with the Jazz, Dantley used his length, strength, and shooting touch to torch NBA teams on his way to becoming one of the deadliest scorers to ever play the game.

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Now: Dantley's life after retirement has been different than most NBA stars, as he is now a referee for kids as young as 10 years old, and is enjoying every minute of it as he says it is keeping him in shape and keeping him around the game of basketball which he loves so much. He apparently isn't the greatest of referees however even though he was in the NBA for over a decade, as he holds the whistle and lets kids get away with a lot of physicality on the court, as he says he is teaching them for the big leagues. Hey, Dantley's an NBA Hall of Famer, if he wants to let 5th graders smash each other without blowing the whistle, he can do that.

2 Walt Frazier

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Then: Walt Frazier could be the greatest New York Knick player of all-time, as he led the franchise to two championships during his time in the Big Apple and is considered one of the game's coolest personalities. Frazier was a perfect 70s baller, as he rocked the muttonchops and fro like a champ as he turned in effective game after game as he was a very well rounded player, ending his career averaging about 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists per game.

via newsday.com

Now: Like I said above, Walt Frazier was, and is continuing to be one of the coolest basketball personalities around, as his sense of style and fashion is one for the ages. Frazier color-commentates for the Knicks and always shows up to the arena in a suit that turns heads, as the photo you see above isn't even one of his most outlandish outfits! Frazier is 72 years of age, and is still looking good as ever as he has ditched the muttonchops which was the right move for this day and age and his excellent style in his apparel still has him looking like a real New York star.

1 Michael Jordan

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Then: Michael Jordan. Air Jordan. The G.O.A.T...Whatever you wan't to call him, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever walk the face of the Earth. His list of accolades is unparalleled as he dominated the basketball so easily that he decided to try to dominate the baseball world, which obviously didn't go as well, so he decided to come back and win three championships in a row in pure Jordan style. Who else would be the one to end this list, as Jordan used to be in the public's eye all of the time during his playing days, but he has since taken a step back and many people are wondering what he is looking like today.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Now: Michael Jordan is now 54 years old, and is currently the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan can still dunk amazingly, which just shows how incredibly athletic he is as he is still jumping around at 54. While he can't soar from the free-throw line like he could in his 20s, Jordan still has some game left in his tank. Michael Jordan is reaping in the rewards of all of his business endeavors, as his shoe company, Jordan, is still the hottest shoes at there right now, which just goes to show the impact MJ had on the culture of the world, as millions of people all around the world are still lining up to cop a pair of Air Jordans.

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