Woman Looking At Cell Phone During NBA Game Gets Basketball Right In The Face!

The idea that "you should always keep your eyes up and pay attention whenever balls are flying around" is good advice to give a casual fan going to an NBA game. This poor woman found that out the hard way last night in North Carolina during the Hornets/Kings game.

The woman was sitting a couple rows back looking at her friends cell phone when a Lance Stephenson pass sailed high and clocked her right square in the face. And in case you miss it the first time, the video above gives you a close up and three replays in slo-mo.

I'm not sure what her friend was showing her on the phone. But, unless it was a clue on where to find that one Looney Card in Looney Tunes Dash that I (I mean she) can't seem to get, then it just wasn't worth it.

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