15 Women You Didn't Know Recently Became NBA WAGs

The very issue of what it means to be an "NBA WAG" was addressed recently by none other than perhaps the NBA's most prominent WAG in this era, Ayesha Curry, the extremely beautiful wife of Golden State Warriors shooting guard Stephen Curry. On the January 3, 2018 edition of ABC-TV's "Nightline," Mrs. Curry declared emphatically that she is not to be called an "NBA wife."

Ayesha went on to point out that her hubby Stephen wouldn't call himself a "chef's wife" (she's never had professional training, but has hosted cooking shows on Food Network). First off, why would Steph call himself "wife" in any context? He's her husband. Secondly, the only reason anyone on Earth knows that Ayesha is a "chef" or even knows who she is at all is because...you guessed it, she's the wife of a superstar shooting guard on the NBA's most popular team!

Further, the only reason Mrs. Ayesha Curry was given a platform to speak on a prime-time program like "Nightline" in the first place is because the NBA is a broadcasting partner of ABC. In other words, gather some humility and embrace your status as an NBA WAG, Mrs. Curry--and the rest of you ladies, pro basketball wives and girlfriends alike. Of course, these females should make being an NBA WAG part of their identity and a component of life--while never allowing "WAG status" to define a woman's entire being. But don't deny reality. Same goes for a guy married to a female professional athlete.

Not to worry, Ayesha, you won't be discussed any further or featured on this particular list, as we're concerned with the new year of 2018 and a brand-new batch of NBA players and their current and recent WAG's, women who hopefully who won't be so hypocritical in understanding how the world works.  If you're famous, recognize and acknowledge the source of that fame.  But enough of all the contrived controversy, it's time to start enjoying the endless eye-candy and interesting lives of these recently turned NBA WAGs!




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Brian Urlacher (or whoever) can have Paris Hilton. That's because Charlotte Hornets shooting guard Dwayne Bacon has Hyatt. Mackenzie Hyatt, that is, a true head-turning stunner on this list of NBA lovelies. Per her Instagram page, @mackenziehyatt, there's a lot to admire about MacKenzie, and not only because she's a buxom brunette goddess decked out with full luscious lips. This couple has had a baby together, so the relationship runs a little deeper than most of the women that will populate this countdown of basketball babes.

As for her relatively unknown beau, Bacon is presently averaging but 3.6 points-per-game and struggling with a 37 percent shooting percentage for the Hornets. But we can all tell Dwayne scores off the court with regularity with the steamy Ms. Hyatt.


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The number 14 entry on this list has to be the Bria Myles--Victor Olapido "relationship"--or is it stalking? Per a Bossip story this past December, this is one of the most recent NBA couplings as the magnificently stacked Ms. Myles made it clear in no uncertain terms that she is down with Indiana Pacers emerging superstar Victor Olaopido, as she called him "Bae." Bae is a 21st century American urban acronym that means a person's lover comes "Before Anyone Else." Good thing Olapido isn't Danish, for Danes use the term "bae" to signify "poop." Even worse, if Victor and Bria had been Icelandic, for then Ms. Myles would have been telling him "bye,. As far as the Pacers are concerned, Olapido comes "before anyone else" as he leads the team in scoring with 24.6 points-per-game.


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Forget that old adage about the meek inheriting the Earth--for it is the young who shall claim the world, if Jayson Tatum's all too incredible life while still technically a teenager is any example. Not only is Tatum a starting wing for the Eastern Conference leading Boston Celtics, he is currently third in the entire NBA in three-point shooting percentage at 47.5 percent as a 19-year-old rookie wise beyond his years. Oh yeah, and he's also dating a 6'2" gorgeous brunette who just happens to play volleyball for Duke University, where she met Jayson during his one required year of college before he moved on up to the pros.

Interestingly, Ms. Amos appears fascinated by media coverage of her and Mr. Tatum in stories and lists such as this; on December 28, Samie shared an article entitled "Samie Amos: 5 Facts About Jayson Tatum's Girlfriend." The most interesting fact we found is that her dad played college football for the University of Pittsburgh, for there is nothing very scandalous in the life of this squeaky clean female athlete.



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And you thought we were done with all the "Bria's" on this list. Here we have a Bria who simply uses a single initial to signify her surname, because brevity rules the day in today's  skim-only-the-surface society.  Brooklyn Nets point guard Isaiah "The Cyclone" Whitehead might be young at age 22, but he's already celebrated a Father's Day. Whitehead's daughter Zaria was born May 21 of last year. Whitehead's woman, the jubilant Ms. J, shines on her Instagram page, @thatbriachick, where she alternates snapshots of her rock-hard bod and bouncy twins with pics of Isaiah cradling her as if the bedroom just isn't close enough! Whitehead's shown scoring potential averaging 7.5 points per game in his brief career, but needs to improve on his paltry 2.5 assists average.


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This may be the most obscure couple on the list, but a playful partnership still worth taking an eye's view nonetheless! This is a coupling with a European bent, as Ms. Muccio sports a "pet name," meaning it's been shortened from a longer Italian last name, like "Giacomuccio". Whether you can pernounce that or not, we're interested in learning more about her.

Meanwhile, Luwawu was born in Cannes, France, home to the world-renowned film festival. Cannes is a "commune," but that has nothing to do with a manifestation of socialist politics but rather a designation of a French civil township.  Luwawu is the only "Timothe" in NBA history, and is currently averaging over six point a game for the 76ers, while seeing an average of 17 minutes per game playing time.


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The Los Angeles Lakers rarely playing rookie center Thomas Bryant may have been a mere second-round selection in the 2017 NBA Draft, but he has a lottery pick of his own in girlfriend Hanna Langenderfer. We're guessing the beautiful blonde descends from a Teutonic background, given her excessively lettered surname. Bryant hopes to have a larger role on the Lakers going forward, as they're expected to make a big run at some free agents this summer.

As for his girlfriend, Hanna is a Midwestern girl through-and-through, hailing from Ohio and currently attending Indiana University, where she met Bryant. Originally drafted by the Utah Jazz, Bryant was then traded to the Lakers where he balls with fellow rookie Josh Hart (for more on Josh and his WAG, keep reading).


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Here's another NBA couple that has taken the next step and produced offspring, forever uniting them through a child--even if their male-female union does not stand the test of time. It is Atlanta Hawks small forward Taurean Prince and his beautiful brunette partner, Hanah Usman. Taurean has said he loves to see his daughter's smile every morning, and that has got to certainly be more pleasant than another Hawks defeat, even if it does inch them closer to a possible number-one draft pick later this year. Per Hanah Usman's fun Instagram page, she makes sure she shares images of herself in a variety of alluring poses in various locales, looking no worse the wear despite having gone through motherhood. If only every woman was so fortunate.



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Welcome to the NBA, Jordan Bell. Oh by the way, you had the rare opportunity to launch your career with one of the greatest teams in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors of the mid-2010s (and likely beyond). As for his lady, Ms. West is a SoCal girl, hailing from Long Beach and attending the University of Oregon. Want to be served a hot latte or iced espresso by the fetching Ms. West? You possibly can, as she has been reported as working as a barista at The Duck Store, the bookstore on the Oregon campus in Eugene. The cutie Carissa is a human physiology major, which means she's very acquainted with the human body, and likely knows very well how to to ring Jordan's bell.


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Here's a couple where the "better half" might be the "better player" for Ms. Kelli Hayes currently hoops for the UCLA Bruins as a senior guard. She also shows a spark of individuality, as her Instagram page, @hellikayes, declares "Being normal is overrated." As for Jabari, he's the second most famous Boston Celtics player to have the surname of "Bird," after Larry Legend. Jabari is currently a "two-way" player for the Celtics, meaning he divides his time between the pros and the Celtics "G-League" team, the Maine Red Claws. That's the league that used to be called the "D-League," which made sense, as "D" stood for development.

Now, in a sign of these times of corporate hegemony, the "G" stands for sports-drink manufacturer Gatorade. If the NBA were truly honest, they'd name their minor league the "S-C," as in "Strip Club."


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The sultry Shannon has been dating the Los Angeles Lakers rookie shooting guard Josh Hart since his college days at Villanova, where he lead the Wildcats to the 2016 NCAA basketball championship. Thus, this is one of the more durable relationships in this era of disposable emotions. Shannon's played soccer for the University of Maryland--Baltimore County and she's got the athletic body to back it up. Meanwhile her honey Mr. Hart is currently marooned on a Lakers team sinking into another lost season, despite the high-profile addition of Lonzo Ball. Even worse, if the Lakers inevitable lottery pick happens to wind up being selections two, three, four or five, then the rights to the pick revert to the Boston Celtics, thanks to the genius machinations of Celtics GM Danny Ainge. Sucks to be a Lakers fan right about now--unless they can land the number one overall pick later this year.


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Sometimes, we forget. Even though a player like Fultz was drafted first overall by the Philadelphia 76ers and his injury status is this big national sports story, he was just in high school less than two years ago. That’s when Markelle took Kaila Charles to prom in May 2016. This stunning African-American queen can also hoop, as she and Fultz were All-USA high school players.

The cutie Ms. Charles aspires to be a WNBA player herself, and she currently plays for the University of Maryland. As for Fultz himself, is he destined to be an NBA overall number-one bust, known more for his prom dates than his on-court highlights? Time will tell. In early January Fultz was reportedly participating in 5-on-5 drills with the 76ers, and is expected to actually begin his career soon as he seeks to overcome a shoulder injury that hampered his shooting ability. 


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The gorgeous Ms. Gondrezick has quite the interesting backstory to entertain and delight. Kysre transferred to West Virginia from Michigan to play for the Wolverines, which uses the same nickname as the male teams. Such was not the case with Kysre's mother's team, when she played collegiate hoops for Louisiana Tech, who are called the "Lady Techsters" instead of "Bulldogs," the team's more recognizable nickname. The purpose of the other name is likely to avoid the connotation of "women" with "dog" but it's almost like the school denies the existence of female bulldogs, as if the breed magically procreates with only males.

Kysre's dad, Grant Gondrezick, also played basketball at the highest level--for the Phoenix Suns and the L.A. Clippers in the 1980s. Like her father, her boyfriend Josh Jackson also plays for the Suns, and as a rookie this season, the small forward and fourth overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft is currently averaging 9.4 points and 3.7 rebounds per game. 


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Nearly topping our list is the impossibly pretty Ms. Payne who is involved with the Portland Trail Blazers Zach Collins. The angelic Angelica just misses out on the top spot, but it's certainly not for lack of looks and a sweet demeanor that makes her the kind of girl you bring home to meet the folks because it's getting serious. Angelica looks like the type you marry, not leave at a strip club in Vegas. As for Colllins, who hails from private Jesuit school Gonzaga, he's currently averaging 4.0 points-per-game in an average of 14 minutes per game for the Blazers. We'll know all in time if this squeaky-clean couple decides to take it to the next level and tie the proverbial knot.



Here is the entry that inspired this compilation, the "relationship" between New York Knicks center Kristaps Porzingis and the bodacious babe who simply goes by the salacious sobriquet of "Bambi." When the name "Bambi" is applied to a cartoon fawn, it signifies "woodlands innocence," but when it's applied to a model that dates NBA players, the name implies something akin to "innocence lost a long, long time ago." TMZ published video of the 7-foot-3 titan protectively cradling his full-lipped lovely in early December as they were exiting an NYC nightclub.

The pairing seems to be an animal nickname match in heaven with "Bambi" and the "Unicorn," which happens to be Porzingis' colorful alias. That is, if Kristaps is actually dating this girl and not some other...


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Wait a minute, didn't we already see Porzingis on this list? Ah yes, but the Latvian has a lot of love to go around apparently, as he recently made gossip headlines in January when Clutch Points reported that Instagram model Jen Selter (just wondering, but is there any other kind of model these days?) had publicly cast all-star ballots for Porzingis. And Kristaps definitely needs the votes, as he trails the top 3 leaders for the Eastern Conference front-court, per voting released by the NBA in early January.

As for the sizzling Ms. Selter, Jen's ripped bod doesn't come without a lot of hard work, as she adheres to a disciplined fitness regime of exercise and diet. While Jen said she and the Knicks center were "just friends," her own mother told a reporter "you never know" about a possible romance when the two were questioned at Madison Square Garden the previous night, while watching the Knicks lose to the Bulls. If Kristaps Prozingis keeps this up, one day we'll have an entire 15-female list of his romantic conquests alone.


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