Jim Ross Discusses Steroid Use In Wrestling, Addresses Brock Lesnar Rumors

Jim Ross has shared his opinion as it relates to wrestlers taking steroids.

Steroid use has been an issue in multiple disciplines for a great many years but not so much where wrestling is concerned as outcomes are determined before wrestlers even get near the ring.

On his latest Grilling JR podcast, Ross discussed steroids with Conrad Thompson, revealing he doesn't care if wrestlers use them as long as doctors are involved.

“I don’t care if they all do steroids," he remarked (h/t Sescoops). "I really don’t. If you do things under doctor’s care, he’s not such a rogue, and a maverick, and any other metaphor I can come up with here on the tip of my tongue, that he would go into business for himself. He’s going to be under doctor’s care no matter what he’s doing, I think. He’s his own investment. He’s gotta take care of the horse that’s pulling the wagon here.

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“It doesn’t matter. If you’re getting doctor’s care, and somebody’s looking after you, and you’re looking after your own health, and it makes you feel better.

“As long as you’re using your brains, and it’s under doctor’s care, and you’re not blowing yourself up like the Goodyear blimp, or the Subway guy, then why not? Why not? And some of you are going to go, ‘Oh god, I can’t believe he said that.’ Think about it, under doctor’s care is what I’m saying here.”

Brock Lesnar was the main focus of the conversation, given his past. The former WWE Universal champion failed drug tests while he was with UFC and was arrested for being in possession of steroids in 2001. Charges were eventually dropped, with Lesnar's lawyer claiming that his client was arrested because what were believed to be steroids were actually vitamins.

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Lesnar himself has denied using steroids in the past and JR claims he doesn't know if the Raw superstar uses steroids or not.

“What do you want me to say, Conrad? Want me to throw me on the wrestling sword? I don’t know the answer," he said.

"His dad is a big, rugged, powerful man. I’m talking significant, turn your head in an airport type of guy. Thick, muscular, barrel-chested, hands look like catcher’s mitts. So there is no doubt in my mind this kid’s got great genetics, but because he sometimes got real ripped, you gotta wonder if that was just his diet."

We have to go with Brock's word for now but, as mentioned above, it doesn't really matter as performance-enhancing drugs don't necessarily give wrestlers an advantage in the ring. Marketability, though, is a different issue altogether.

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