It's Not Safe For McGregor To Fight Mayweather Say Physicians

We're just over 24-hours away from one of the most hyped boxing matches ever as Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Conor McGregor, but byit sounds like some people don't believe it should happen. The Association of Ringside Physicians has come forward and said that they don't believe this fight is safe for McGregor.

This group is made up of 100 doctors that have been in and around the sport of boxing for years. And they're arguing that McGregor is way overmatched given the fact that this is his first ever boxing match and it's against one of the greatest boxers ever.

“We were very surprised this bout was even sanctioned and was going to be permitted to carry on,” said Larry Lovelace, a doctor and the president of the organization, via The New York Times. “The thing I really fear, truly fear, is that somebody’s going to get really hurt in this upcoming fight.”

Back in June, another mixed martial artist by the name of Tim Hague suffered fatal injuries while fighting Adam Braidwood in match held in Canada. It was only Hague's fourth boxing match after fighting in 34 MMA matches during his career.


You might be wondering if someone has to approve a fight. The answer is yes, the Nevada State Athletic Commission is in charge of deciding whether or not a fight is actually fair.

Even though McGregor doesn't have any experience as a boxer, the commission approved this fight because he's a premier athlete that can handle a bout with Mayweather.

Bob Bennett, the executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission further explained why he approved this fight.

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“If you’re going to take the position that Conor has never had an amateur or professional fight, then I’m not going to change your mind,” Bennett said. “If you look at him today versus Floyd Mayweather, Conor is the taller, longer, stronger, more powerful opponent. He’s also a southpaw, which makes it a little more difficult for a conventional fighter. He’s 12 years younger than Floyd.”

Even a retired Hall of Fame referee by the name of Richard Steele isn't sure he would have sanctioned a fight between Mayweather and McGregor.

“Here’s a guy from one sport, challenging the world’s best in his own sport — I really don’t know how it’s going to work,” Steele said. Referring to McGregor, he added: “He can’t kick. He can’t elbow. He can’t do nothing. Nothing that he’s used to doing that makes him a great MMA fighter.”

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You have to wonder if the referees that are assigned to this fight might be more inclined to stop it if things get out of hand.  Steele says he would be a little over protective of McGregor.

“I would definitely have it in mind about protecting this kid,” Steele said. “The safety of the fighter is always going to be there. But it might be a little bit more in this fight because this guy’s never been in a boxing ring before.”


While both boxing and MMA are brutal combat sports, they're also very different and I don't think many people realize that.

McGregor is young and strong and hopefully, that will help him have a chance of at least lasting 12 rounds in the ring with someone like Mayweather. Never mind actually winning the fight.

It's also in McGregor's favor that he's 29 years-old and Mayweather is 40. That is likely the thing that will keep McGregor for getting really hurt.

At the end of the day, it might take a miracle for this fight to go the distance on Saturday night.

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