Top 15 Worst Ceremonial First Pitches

The ceremonial first pitch is a longstanding baseball tradition in which a guest of honor throws out a ball to a player, usually from the home team, to mark the end of all pregame happenings and the official start of the game.

Top 20 MLB Players Who Are Underrated

Baseball has no salary caps or luxury taxes and teams like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers spend plenty of money to try and field the best possible teams. Baseball has more than its fair ...

Top 15 Players in the MLB Age 25 and Under

Incoming MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is going to have a lot of his plate when he assumes the office next January. From the Pete Rose issue, to declining attendance, to attempting to remove the taint ...

Top 10 Upcoming MLB Free Agents

The 2014 Major League Baseball season is beginning to wind down. Playoff races are heating up across the league and while some teams are making a serious claim for a playoff spot, other teams are quic...

Top 15 Worst Contracts in Baseball Today

In the most popular American sports, salaries for each team are limited by a salary cap. In football, where you only get what you are guaranteed, contracts are usually done with a lot of back-loading....

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