Top 15 NCAA Schools With The Hottest Female Fans

Life as a college sports fan can mean a lot of things.

Pep rallies, tailgating and touchdowns are a part of your Saturdays. Whether its a evening game of hoops or milling around the diamond, there's always something to do with your fellow fans around campus.

And, of course, some of those fans just happen to be coeds... college girls who love sports, too.

There is perhaps nothing better in life than a good bottle of a wine, a great cigar and a pretty girl who understands sports. Throw in a first-class education and you have all the makings of your future ex-wife.

We've scouted the stands and bid-dogged the bleachers to bring to you, the red-blooded American sports fan, the list of The Top 15 NCAA Schools With The Hottest Female Fans.

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15 University of Washington

via si.com

Location: Seattle, WA

Female Enrollment: 16,000

Over the years, the University of Washington has developed a reputation for making the pacific Northwest pretty. Whether it's tailgating in The Zone or rocking in the stands at Alaska Airlines arena, these ladies represent the Huskies with pride.

Sororities are definitely represented at U-Dub, and whether it's an Omega or a Pi, you can definitely see some of the most amazing women in the world shaking their pom poms in support of the big school in the upper corner of the country.

These Pac-12 pretties are more than happy to sport the purple and gold in some creative ways...even during the cold weather months of football season. The Husky honeys definitely know how to keep things warm in the stands.

The Huskies football team returned to the top ten in college football this season. Perhaps it's because they were so inspired by what they saw when they looked into the crowd.

14 Cal

via californiagoldenblogs.com

Location: Berkeley, CA

Female Enrollment: 15,000

For everyone who wishes all girls could be California girls, the campus at Berkely provides just about every type of female that the Golden Coast can muster.

Long known as a home for public discourse and political discussion, Cal-Berkeley co-eds are on a the list of female fans who are not just smart, their sexy.

In Fall 2015, freshman applicants at Cal had an average ACT Composite score of 31–33, and average combined SAT scores of 2124 for in-state admits and 2171 for out-of-state admits. That means that these book smart ladies are some of the most educated fans out there.

Bathed in the warm sun of the west coast, the girls who support the Golden Bears have been known to shine BRIGHTLY in the stands at Memorial Stadium. And, the ladies who support the UC Rally Committee are always ready to put a smile on your face before a big game against Stanford.

13 Pepperdine

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Location: Malibu, CA

Female Enrollment: 4500

Swimming down the west coast, we venture to one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. If you're into scenic sunshine and beautiful beaches, then you may want to enroll at Pepperdine.

Resting comfortably on the beach lies Malibu, where the women who root for the Waves don't just rest on their good looks. In other words, they aren't just hot, they've got a heart, too. And who can complain about that?

Recently, Pepperdine’s famed Tri Delta chapter raised $15 million in a little over three years for St. Jude's Hospital. That type of philanthropy is downright sexy.

Pepperdine ladies also represent on the field, as well. Sarah Attar and Roxanne Barker competed at the 2012 Olympic games. Needless to say, the men of Pepperdine have the luxury of rooting WITH their girls, or FOR them.

The mix of allure and athletics permeates the Pepperdine campus, and the women of the Wave are a big reason why.

12 Howard University

via theundefeated.com.

Location: Washington, D.C

Female Enrollment: 6500

The Howard Hotties are not only awesome, they're abundant: the student enrollment is 67% female. So just like an old beach song, at this school, there really are two girls for every boy.

In the shadows of the Washington Monument and the US capital, these ladies shine. With a campus life including sorority activities and step shows, Howard provides its ladies wonderful social opportunities to meet and mingle.

Settled in the nation's capital, the women of Howard exemplify a business-like beauty. In a city built on gala events and high profiles, the female fans of Howard make sure to attend all sporting events "dressed to the nines". Representing traditionally African American colleges on our list, the ladies of our nation's capital aren't just political, they're pretty, too.

11 LSU

via theadvocate.com

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Female Enrollment: 17,000

Way down in the bayou, the southern girls are cooking up something spicy. Like a drop of hot sauce on the tip of your tongue, there's a good chance that LSU women may just get you to sweating, baby.

Baton Rouge is known for its blend of cultures, its traditional Cajun food, and miles and miles of beautiful women. It's definitely worth dodging the alligators and the swamps to pay a visit to this Louisiana jewel.

One look at the homecoming court or the spirit squads on the Parade Ground would give you an indication of the type of curvaceous cuties residing on campus. LSU pep rallies are literally a bevy of bengal beauties, who are as vocal as their male counterparts when they're gar-on-teeing the Tigers a victory

10 San Diego State

via sandiegouniontribune.com

Location: San Diego, CA

Female Enrollment: 15,275

Aztec Nation enjoys the sunny side of things for most of the year, so its no wonder that their well-tanned, female fanbase makes this list.

Founded in 1897, the California school boasts a luscious campus and now accepts around 20,000 new applicants every year. Out those beautiful people stepping onto their campus, the eye-popping coeds sport a skimpy wardrobe that allows sunbeams to gently kiss their perfect skin.

When the Aztecs take the field or the court, a bevy of black red clad beauties will be there, faithfully rooting on their.

One other side note gives some extra bonus points to SDSU: Legendary Hollywood beauty Raquel Welch was once a coed at the university...  'Nuff said.

9  9. Clemson

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Location: Clemson, SC

Female Enrollment: 8600

The sassy spirit of South Carolina is exemplified by the women who root for the Tigers. Their Atlantic coast allure has convinced many a potential male candidates to apply at the historical school.

As the home of the national football champions, the seats in Memorial Stadium are a virtual orange and blue sea of southern, sexy charm. Between their big smiles and big... personalities, these ladies provide plenty of motivation for the home team.

With a style as sweet as a Yellow Jessamine, the ladies of Clemson are the pick of Pickens County. Even if the Tigers don't repeat in 2018, they'll have a heck of a consolation prize to go home to.

8 Oklahoma

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Location: Norman, OK

Female Enrollment: 11,500

Summer in the mid-south means mid-riffs. And on the flip side, winter means sexy cowboy boots and plenty of fur. So, at any time you're near the Red River, you're not far from a host of Big-12 beauty.

Welcome to Norman, Oklahoma... home to some down home dishes that make men wish that college life would have arrived a little Sooner. Only the scrumptious menu walking around campus outweighs any meal that could be put on a plate.

Whether socializing at "campus corner", or whooping it up at pep rallies, Oklahoma ladies bring all the drive of a stampede when cheering on the home squad. Perhaps the roaring sound you hear isn't tornadoes or a cattle drive, it's the hearts of men, pounding in their chests as they survey the Sooner stands.

7 Stanford

via gostandford.com

Location: Stanford, CA

Female Enrollment: 3400

With high academic and economic standards, Stanford University represents the cream of the crop. So, it's no wonder that the Cardinal female fans would make a list when in regards to any form of excellence.

Following the logic that a smart girl is sexy, there's a good chance you might run into a future lawyer or doctor who just happens to be a perfect 10 hanging out in the seats at Maples Pavilion.

The school's founder, Senator Leland Stanford, would be most certainly be proud of the beautiful scenery associated with the campus bearing his surname. The Pac-12 is definitely a lot prettier place, thanks to the women who roam its campus.

6 Arizona

via dailybruin.com

Location: Tuscon, AZ

Female Enrollment: 17,000

The Wildcat women definitely know how to take the desert heat and make it even hotter. Park next to a cactus, and get a icy drink... you might need it just to keep your cool.

If short shorts and tied-up t-shirts are your thing, then you might want to attend a game in the oven of Arizona Stadium. You might even see a few bikini straps and high heels as, well.

With in-state talent coming from such superb cities and Phoenix and Scottsdale, there is a virtual roster of Wildcat wonders to watch when attending a game at the school by the desert. At Arizona, the sun may provide the light, but these ladies are the ones bringing the heat.

5 Harvard

via bostonherald.com

Location: Cambridge, MA

Female Enrollment: 14,500

Sexy and sophisticated, the ladies of Harvard can challenge you both intellectually and physically. That is a factor that carries a lot of desirable weight behind it.

With easily the highest grade point average on this list, don't let these brainy beauties fool you... they know how to cut loose just like their sisters outside the Ivy League. The definition of a schoolgirl, many Harvard fans sport that very look on Saturdays while cheering the Crimson.

A gorgeous group of future doctors, lawyers and politicians awaits every young Harvard freshman, as he steps onto the storied campus. Several of those potential mates have also been voted Most Likely to be Hot.

If you're lucky enough to make the grade, you can root right next to these Harvard honeys. Just remember to always study hard.

4 Miami

via si.com

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Female Enrollment: 5600

Known for its South Beach bodies and big money ballers, the Miami metropolitan area is the definition of Southern Fabulous. It's no wonder their women can proudly be labeled the same way.

Bentleys and Beemers aside, the southernmost school on our list provides the potential for a year-long tan to go along with active, outdoor bodies. The typical campus coed enjoys drinks by the beach or maybe a night out at the club, but for a die-hard Hurricane hottie, there's nothing like the end zone at the U.

Florida flash mixed with sexy style is on display when the ladies of Miami do their tailgating. And the down-home good times they provide in the post game party is how the Hurricanes blew onto this list.

3 Texas

via ndinsider.com

Location: Austin, TX

Female Enrollment: 20,500

Deep in the heart of Texas are some ladies that know how to treat a Longhorn.

With a giant enrollment that comes from a giant state, these babes of the Big 12 come from metro areas like Dallas and Houston, as well as the plains of El Paso and the oil fields of Odessa. Every shape, size,make and model seems to come from one of the four corners of the Lone Star State.

Jayne Mansfield and Farrah Fawcett both attended UT, and Renee Zellwegger earned her bachelor's degree there before she was 'had at hello.' And that only scratches the surface when it comes to the talent in Texas.

And as far as what the say about the shapes of southern women?

Let's just put it like this: Great things come in pairs, and everything truly is bigger in Texas. We'll leave it at that.


via pinterest.com.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Female Enrollment: 22,500

LA is known for luxury and abundance, and the luxurious ladies of USC are both luxurious and abundant.

With a whopping roster of females to choose from, the diversity on campus is probably a big reason. The tanned and toned Trojan ladies are absolutely striking in the Southern Cal sunshine.

The stunning Trojan female athletes have won consistently, as well,  earning 26 national championships. Needless to say, the guys have NO PROBLEM rooting for their female counterparts.

With 284 days of sun per year, you can find them showing off their bods on the surf team and the new beach volleyball team.

Showing a tender and caring side, the women of USC also get involved with Helene’s, the female organization that provides meals and health screenings for homeless women in their area.

Smart, sensitive and (most of all) sexy. That's Southern Cal, and that's why we LOVE L.A.

1 Florida State

via orlandosentinel.com

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Female Enrollment: 23,000

The Panhandle sometimes gets labelled as the 'redneck Riviera', but anyone that's gone to games in Tallahassee might call it paradise.

LEGENDARY for the women who are in the front stands at Doak Campbell Stadium during Seminoles games, the FSU female faithful have some well-known alumni.

Both Jenn Sterger and C.J. Perry (now known as 'Lana' in WWE) are former FSU "cowgirls"- coeds who cheered from the bleachers while dressed in straw cowboy hats and Daisy Duke denims. Their stunning beauty once prompted ABC broadcaster Brent Musburger, upon seeing the pair on camera, to comment in the middle of the broadcast: "1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State."

When you throw in the sundresses and sandals that start to make their way around campus in the early fall, Florida State University has all the elements to lead this list.

Take a bow, Seminole Nation... you're lookin' good!

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