TV Host John Oliver Absolutely Destroys The NCAA

In honour of the March Madness tournament, John Oliver, the host of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver went in on the NCAA. He killed it, absolutely invalidating every excuse the NCAA has ever made.

Oliver points out that the NCAA makes over a billion dollars each year. In the 20-minute investigation of the organization, the sassy Brit includes a clip of a star NCAA basketball player talking about going to bed hungry because he doesn't always have money to eat.

Richard Sherman even makes a cameo, talking about his experience as a student-athlete. The way the Seattle Seahawk tells it, he was basically working a full-time job as a college football player without the actual school work that comes with being a student.

While athletes don't make a dime for their work, even when they are injured, coaches and schools make millions.

Oliver's takedown is a must watch. It might make you feel dirty when you tune into the March Madness tournament later this week but it's a big win for human decency.


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