29Deshaun Watson (QB – Clemson)

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Deshaun Watson took the NCAA by storm last year when he led his Clemson Tigers to their first ever championship game. The 6’2” QB threw for over 4000 yards, ran for another 1000, and was responsible for 47 touchdowns. He found himself in the thick of the Heisman race last

year, coming in third in the voting, and he was named an All American. The starting defense for Clemson last year had 6 players leave for the NFL, but all the world could talk about when Clemson came up was Watson’s play. He outshined one of the most prolific defenses in recent memory. He reminds us of Russell Wilson, both in size and play style. Not only can he break a 60 yard touchdown by outsprinting an NFL level corner, but also he can throw a 70 yard bomb in the face of a great pass rusher. We would love to see this guy on the Bears, who are expecting to move on from Jay Cutler sooner rather than later. They have a talented group of wide receivers that Watson would be able to dump the ball off to, and a good enough line to give Watson some time to run if he needs to.

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