Top 15 Hottest NCAAF WAGs

This isn’t a “classic all-time list” but rather a compilation of college football WAGs who’ve dominated during this decade, since 2010.

As busy as college football players are with classes, studying, practice, then actually having to play the games and physically recover from them, it’s a wonder any of them find time--or stamina-- to have a social life. But seeing as we are talking about 18-25-year-old red-blooded American males, most of them at their physical peak in life, you can bet the house that they’re going to prioritize relations with the opposite sex. This is especially true when they have the opportunity to date the pretty women that populate this particular list, 15 of the finest football WAGs that have ever strolled through a college campus--or in one instance, an NFL cheerleader who got the hots for a college baller she was watching on TV! 

While a number of these girls gained notoriety--and sometimes endorsement deals-because of their affiliation with a college football player--it's also true that in some cases, the women were already prominent student-athletes or prestigious beauty pageant award winners themselves  Sometimes it was the WAG who raised the profile of the college football player!

This isn’t a “classic all-time list” but rather a compilation of college football WAGs who’ve dominated during this decade, since 2010, including a handful of active college players and their gorgeous girlfriends--and in some more serious relationships--wonderful wives!

15 SARAH SAVAGE - Johnny Manziel


The sexy Ms. Savage was Johnny Football’s muse when he was at the height of his prowess and popularity as a Heisman-winning quarterback for the Texas A&M Aggies in 2012, the first time a freshman ever took home college football's most renowned individual award. Because it has all gone so wrong for Manziel since, it’s easy to forget how astonishing his two seasons were at A&M, as he threw 63 touchdowns. As Dallas News whateverblog noted, a bikini pic of the buxom Savage, a senior, was enough to make her an instant contender for hottest college football WAG with notables such as Katherine Webb, who might just be making a later appearance on this list.

14 BAILEY PEREIRA - Jake Hubenak


In December 2015, Gamedayr took notice of Pereira--who just happened to be the reigning Miss Alabama World at the time-- being the girlfriend of then brand-new Texas A&M quarterback Jake Hubenak. Although Hubenak’s playing time for the Aggies was limited during his sophomore and junior seasons of 2015 and 2016, being involved with the perfection that is Ms. Pereira did nothing to distract the quarterback, as he threw for nine touchdowns and only three interceptions.

13 JORDAN DAIGLE - Zack Craig


12 HEATHER CARR - Derek Carr


11 ADELINE KENERLY - Greyson Lambert


The relationship between this WAG and college footballer manifested on the field like no other, as the bombshell brunette Kenerly--dating Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert at the time--was actually crowned Miss Georgia during halftime of the October 3 2015 contest between the Bulldogs and Alabama. Kenerly had actually finished runner-up in the beauty pageant, but was awarded the crown when the reigning Miss Georgia was elected Miss America 2016. Lambert didn’t have quite as nice a day versus the Crimson Tide defense, going 10 out of 24 for a pathetic 86 yards and an interception for good measure.

10 LINDSEY DUKE - Blake Bortles


9 BRIANA MULZAC - Nyles Morgan

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8 BROOKE HEAPS - Jake Heaps


7 KAYLA PUZAS - Dak Prescott

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Before the football world became aware of current Dallas Cowboys quarterback and budding superstar Dak Prescott, Kayla Puzas knew Prescott intimately as the two dated while the passer was establishing his skills at Mississippi State, setting all school passing records, as noted by Maroon and White. Ms. Puzas, who hails from Atlanta, is well equipped with luscious lips and bedroom eyes that make her a no-brainer for such a college football WAG list. 

6 LAURA BULANDA - Matt Vandeberg


As noted by Busted Coverage, in August 2016 Iowa Hawkeyes’ tight end Matt Vandeberg was dating the gorgeous Laura Bulanda, a true doll-face with blonde tresses that fall on her slender shoulders. And don’t forget Ms. Bulanda’s fantastic figure, including rock-hard abs off of which one could bounce a quarter. Though Vandeberg’s playing time was limited by a foot injury in 2016 per Hawk Central, having the beautiful Bulanda rooting for him inspired the tight end to 19 catches in four games--three of which went for touchdowns.

5 JEANNE O’NEIL - Will Grier


4 ANI SARKISIAN - Wilton Speight


3 JAYLEE MERRILL - Mike Bercovici




Despite play-by-play announcer Brent Musberger (in)famously drooling over the stunning brunette on national TV, the then-girlfriend--now wife--of then-Alabama star quarterback A.J. McCarron has always exuded class. Mrs. Webb-McCarron is a true southern belle with a smile that’s more successful than her husband’s winning percentage was while he called signals for the Crimson Tide. Webb-McCarron shot to instant fame January 7, 2013, when Musberger took note of her beauty during the National Championship Game while McCarron's Tide was trouncing hapless Notre Dame 42-14.

Katherine’s mouth-watering Carl Jr’s commercial in 2013 makes her an all-time WAG icon. As recently as January, Webb-McCarron was dignified as ever, thanking the retiring Musberger for being “good to me” via Twitter.

1 BREANA DODD - Josh Smith


Barstool Sports declared the delectable Ms. Dodd “the hottest college football girlfriend of the season," and no one here at The Sportster is about to argue, as she tops this list of hottest NCAA pigskin WAG’s of the decade. The prized Kappa Delta blonde beauty is with Tennessee Volunteers’ wide receiver Josh Smith, whose career totals of 58 catches for 721 yards through his junior year of 2016 is clearly outshone by his dating Dodd. For her part, Ms. Dodd landed a gig promoting Jolly Ranchers candy on Instagram. Hard to argue that anyone’s ever had a better spring break than Smith last year, when he accompanied the nonstop sexy Dodd to the St. Thomas Virgin Islands,. It's going to be hard for someone to dethrone Dodd from the no.1 spot here.

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