10 Athlete WAGS Who Lost Our Respect (And 5 Who Are Pure Class)

One of the most important decisions you are ever going to make in your life is who you choose to date or marry. Pick the wrong partner, and you're quickly going to learn that your life is going to be a living nightmare. The only problem is that once the damage is done, it can't be forgotten like a bad dream. The effects are often felt even after the relationship ends.

Such was the case for the athletes who just happened to link up with 10 of the women on our list below. And when you look at the overall actions of the women, you may agree that they would be considered undeserving of too much respect far more often than they would be considered classy.

Some of the athletes did manage to chew their way out of the bear trap that was their relationship, but not without some serious scars. Those athletes are also going to look on with extreme jealousy at the 5 gorgeous WAGs that would make the dream life of being a professional athlete all the dreamier. These 5 don't only make the world a better place, but they definitely make sure their man feels appreciated back at home. They have a grace and elegance that can make them and their partner a model for what a good couple should look like.

These are the 10 WAGs Who Lost Our Respect (And 5 That Are Classy).


15 Lost Respect: Joslyn James (Tiger Woods)

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There is nothing wrong with choosing to have a career in the world of film. Though you may agree that entering a relationship with a married man isn't the classiest thing to do. Yet the pull of Tiger Woods was too strong and Joslyn James ended up being one of the biggest names to surface during his affair scandal.

James' true nature was revealed in 2014 when reports surfaced that she had owed over $20,000 in unpaid child support. Let's hope she got on top of that because not caring for your kid is definitely never cool. That is something we're sure she would agree with, even if it didn't paint her in the best light. James has also been linked to MMA legend, Chuck Lidell.

14 Lost Respect: Sunny (Chris Candido)

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Shawn Michaels had two very distinct chapters in his life. One part of his life was spent partying it up and consuming illegal substances. The other chapter saw him find religion and become a much more devoted family man. What part do you think the infamous diva Sunny occupied?

The two were allegedly linked during her relationship with Chris Candido. Michaels is far from the only guy to interact with Sunny behind closed doors, as reports have surfaced over the years that she's taken more than 10 different wrestlers to task. Though it rarely  seems it happens in a setting that actually leads to a relationship. Sunny also offered to take fan photos while she wore posed in a robe. Call us crazy, but that is far from classy.

13 Pure Class: Carrie Underwood (Mike Fisher)

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Mike Fisher played in over 1,000 NHL games over the course of 17 seasons. This year marks the first year that he isn't playing. While that must be hard for him, one thing that might make it easier is getting to spend time with his wife, Carrie Underwood.

A talented country singer, Underwood is known for her bubbly personality and genuine appreciation for the success she has had. Underwood has also been outspoken in the past about how Fisher is her #1 priority in life and that she will do all she can to make him feel loved and supported. Similarly, following a fall that left her with significant injuries and required her to postpone touring, Fisher was there to support Underwood.

12 Lost Respect: Tila Tequila (Shawn Merriman)

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Tila Tequila and former NFLer Shawn Merriman did not have the healthiest end to their relationship. While he was arrested but never charged, Merriman allegedly restrained and choked Tequila. But when it comes to Tequila, the "trashiest" element about her is the fact that she has some very dark political views.

You read that right. Tequila has not only openly done the salute of a certain horrible dictator, but also attended an alt-right party that celebrated the electoral win of the current president of the United States. She has also been quoted as saying many things to the effect of wanting certain groups of people not to exist anymore. We won't repeat the words as they are absolutely deplorable. It is clear Tila has lost much respect, if she ever even had any.

11 Lost Respect: Paige (Alberto Del Rio)

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Paige has definitely made headlines in the past for the behaviour she has engaged in outside of the ring. Perhaps the most embarrassing would be the videos and photos that emerged of her engaging in some cardio with both Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox. Her most public relationship, however, was with Alberto Del Rio. Who, something tells us, probably wasn't the biggest fan of seeing his former lover engaged in some seriously raunchy acts.

The two were even engaged but called it off in 2017. When evaluating trashy or classy, Paige's partying may also rub you the wrong way. After all, while we don't judge, getting drunk and making out with a woman for the camera isn't exactly the classiest thing!

10 Pure Class: Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)


There are many reasons as to why you may absolutely detest Tom Brady. But it's hard to not respect the man for the number of accomplishments he has had in his life. Even putting Football to the side, he is still married to arguably the most successful model of all-time, Gisele Bundchen.

Bundchen has used her talents to help inspire a generation of models on how to represent yourself in a healthy and positive way. Bundchen's support for Tom, especially considering he doesn't appear to be slowing down, is also wonderful to see. Last but not least, Bundchen has definitely used her wealth to make the world a better place; including being named one of the most generous celebrities by Forbes magazine in 2012.

9 Lost Respect: Tarika Cromartie (Antonio Cromartie)

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We're sure Antonio Cromartie has had people come up to him his entire life and ask him if he had ever heard of a vasectomy. Because while it's possible it was by choice, 14 children with 8 different women probably wasn't in his life plans.

If it helps, 6 of his children are with his current wife, Tarika. What doesn't help is that while Cromartie was playing, Tarika was not shy about trashing his performance and the team as a whole. Though to be fair, the game she bashed on was a 49-9 loss to the Bengals, “Dalton making this [stuff] look like pop warner," as well as "This is just embarrassing the whole team failed to show up today.” It's understandable to be frustrated, but that definitely isn't the right way to express it.


8 Lost Respect: Tawny Kitaen (Chuck Finley)

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Chuck Finley was a respected major league pitcher whose career lasted 17 years; 14 of which came for the Angels. Finley may have felt he hit the jackpot when he also won over the affections of the actress, Tawny Kitaen. But their messy divorce proceedings proved that she was truly difficult to deal with.

Along with being physically abusive towards Finley, Kitaen started rumours that he was a heavy user of marijuana and steroids. Both of which the MLB would not have taken too kindly too if they ended up being true. Instead, it just helps mark one of the worst moments in (former) WAG history. At least Finley laughed about the accusations, stating "I can't believe she left out the cross-dressing".

7 Pure Class: Nikki Bella (John Cena)

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Both Nikki Bella and John Cena have allegedly bumped it up with other wrestlers during their time in the industry. But the stars finally aligned for the two of them and at WrestleMania 33; Cena and Nikki got engaged. It's the 2nd marriage for Cena.

And while Nikki may not shy away from showing off some skin, their love for one another is very evident and that's far from trashy. When discussing their future with E! News, Nikki stated: "It does feel different because I guess now there's a sense of security. I feel like I have a bigger smile and I'm like, 'Yeah I'm taken.' She is clearly in love with the face that runs the place and is a great spokeswoman for the company alongside him.

6 Lost Respect: Miko Grimes (Brent Grimes)

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Several players in the NFL come with a certain level of baggage that teams need to be aware of when they sign them. For Brent Grimes, that baggage comes in the form of his wife, Miko. When Grimes was a member of the Miami Dolphins, Miko took it upon herself to constantly trash the organization and the starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehill on Twitter. She did everything from invoke conspiracy theory to being using anti-semitic language in her tweets. It's bad enough to bash one of your man's teammates, but it's even worse to put down an entire people at the same time. She definitely earned her bad reputation in the sports world. Let's hope she's happier in Tampa Bay than she was in Miami.

5 Lost Respect: Kelly Kelly (Sheldon Souray)

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Now we suppose this depends on what your definition of "trashy" is. But if part of your requirement is that the lady loved to bump it up with multiple people, then we do need to spend some time talking about Kelly Kelly.

Along with an alleged relationship with Chris Jericho, Kelly was rumoured to have slept with upwards of 10 wrestlers during her time in the company. She seemingly found a level of stability in her life and eventually went on to marry NHLer Sheldon Souray. Their love wasn't forever, however, and the two filed for divorce in 2017. Though if her past history is any indication, it doesn't seem like she'll have to spend too many lonely nights if she so chooses!

4 Pure Class: Julianne Hough (Brooks Laich)

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Julianne Hough is one of the most captivating blondes in the sporting world. While she has appeared on Dancing With the Stars, it's her relationship with NHLer Brooks Laich that landed her a spot on this list.

Hough and Laich have always lived a relatively clean and scandal-free list. In fact, one of the more notable things about their relationship is the fact that Hough was open about how she wanted to wait until marriage to bump it up! Trashy? Far from it! We're sure that while Hough and Laich have trained long and hard for the accomplishments they've had in their life, waiting until marriage may have been one of the most difficult.

3 Lost Respect: Anna Benson (Kris Benson)

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Kris Benson was a fairly talented major league baseball player who made close to $40 million throughout his career. But as notable as Benson is, people can't talk about him for long without mentioning his now ex-wife, Anna. A former exotic dancer, Anna's penchant for lovemaking was well-known including the two romping it up at PNC Park. While Kris never cheated on Anna, he has to be glad he didn't because when talking to Howard Stern, Anna revealed exactly what she would have done. She said that if he cheated n her, she would get back at him by going at it with his whole team, including players and coaches. Talk about the opposite of class!

2 Lost Respect: Ayesha Curry (Steph Curry)

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There is no question that professional sports have the ability to become quite emotional. Ayesha Curry was definitely feeling fired up after her husband, Steph, was fouled out of Game 6 in the NBA Finals back in 2016.

Nothing wrong with being upset, but if you're such a big figure like Ayesha, you may agree that she shouldn't take those thoughts and share them online. Especially if what you're thinking is that the league is rigged! Taking to Twitter, Ayesha stated: "I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money... Or ratings in not sure which. I won't be silent. Just saw it live sorry." Steph later laughed off the incident stating he may need to cut off the WiFi at home.

1 Pure Class: Caroline Wozniacki (David Lee)

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Caroline Wozniacki has been able to be considered a WAG on two different occasions. Her first instance came in a high-profile engagement with the professional golfer, Rory McIlroy. And despite the wedding being called only weeks prior to tying the knot, Wozniacki handled the entire situation with a level of professionalism and should be commended.

She has since gotten engaged to a new man, former NBAer David Lee. Who we're sure is more than happy to spend his newfound retirement cheering Wozniacki on as she continues her incredibly accomplished career. Let's just hope that he doesn't also find himself getting cold feet as the big day gets closer.


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