10 Athletes That Despise Ronda Rousey (And 5 That Love Her)

Ronda Rousey is still one of the most fascinating names in sports right now despite her MMA career unofficially coming to an end. The first female fighter to break out in the mainstream helped get UFC to a higher level. Rousey was arguably the biggest draw for the UFC during her run as an undefeated champion. Along with the UFC success, Ronda would get offers to join movies and other opportunities. All of them helped elevate her above the status of just a fighter. Rousey had a 12-0 undefeated streak at her peak with all submission or knock out victories. It ended in dramatic fashion as she lost her final two fights early by knock out.

Rousey’s most recent fight took place at the end of the 2016 and it appears she will not be returning to the octagon any time soon. WWE is rumored to be pursuing her to appear in the sports entertainment world. Other opportunities in the acting world make her a hot commodity even after the disappointing ending to her UFC career. Everyone had opinions about Rousey during her top UFC days as she was a polarizing figure. We'll look at various athletes from MMA and beyond to react to her. These are ten athletes that despise Ronda Rousey and five that love her.

16 Despise: Bryan Caraway


Bryan Caraway is known both for his MMA career and for dating fellow fighter Miesha Tate. Ronda Rousey actually started her drama with Caraway as part of her rivalry with Tate. The comment from Rousey claimed she could beat both Tate and Caraway. This didn’t sit well with Caraway who used the term “unintelligent bimbo” to describe Ronda. You know someone is mad when they start using sexist comments in an argument.

Rousey responded to the social media rant of Caraway by just saying that it would be fun to beat him up. This was all based off Rousey and Tate having a rivalry that extended to Tate’s significant other. Caraway looked like the biggest fool despite Ronda starting it all. The relationship status between Caraway and Tate is unknown at this time.

15 Despise: Miesha Tate


The top rival for Ronda Rousey during her UFC career was definitely Miesha Tate. These women faced off twice in UFC with Rousey winning both fights during her undefeated streak. Tate and Rousey weren’t afraid to talk trash in the spirit of competition and generally disliking each other. UFC even marketed a season of The Ultimate Fighter around Rousey and Tate’s rivalry.

It became clear these two ladies couldn’t stand each other and loved getting paid to punch each other in the face. Tate was the first woman to last more than a round against Ronda but unfortunately couldn’t get a win to end the streak. Despite her career being just great, you have to wonder if it haunts Tate that she wasn’t one of the two fighters to score a victory over Rousey.

14 Love: Triple H


One of the main reasons it is believed that Ronda Rousey will join WWE is her relationship with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Both Stephanie and Triple H have publicly supported Rousey and gone out of their way to make sure she has a good time at WWE shows. It was no coincidence that Rousey worked directly with Triple H and Stephanie at WrestleMania 31 when hitting the ring for a few moves.

Triple H reportedly spoke to Rousey backstage at the Mae Young Classic in hopes of finalizing a contract. While business is important to the bond, they're definitely friendly enough to get along every time Ronda attends a show. Recent interviews have seen Triple H confirm that Rousey will be welcomed into the WWE if she wants to have official conversations about making it happen.

13 Despise: Laila Ali


Laila Ali is known for being the daughter of Muhammad Ali and a great boxer in her own right. The tension between boxing and mixed martial arts reached a boiling point when both Ali and Ronda Rousey exchanged insults. Laila started it when claiming Rousey was too small to handle her in a real fight and compared Ronda to her three-year-old daughter for the parting shot.

Rousey responded to Ali by calling out Laila to put her money where her mouth is. The chances of this fight taking place seem to have closed its window. It could have been a spectacle similar to Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor, but they missed out on it. Regardless, there is an obvious dislike with Rousey and Ali as each woman believes she was the top fighting star of the past decade.

12 Despise: Bethe Correia


Brazilian fighter Bethe Correia delivered some of the most vicious trash talk towards Ronda Rousey that crossed the line from competition to genuine disdain. Correia referred to Rousey as a phony that would turn to drugs after losing. One stiff comment featured Correia stating that she hoped Ronda wouldn’t commit suicide after their fight. Rousey’s father actually committed suicide after an injury that left him paralyzed. Dana White claimed that Correia knew about the incident when making the comment.

The fight ended with Rousey knocking out Correia just 34 seconds into the first round. Rousey may have been extra motivated to destroy one fighter that crossed the line into making things extremely personal. Correia didn’t appear to have respect for Rousey. Many fighters disliked Ronda due to her perceived ego but no one stooped this low in their trash talk.

11 Love: Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant is one of the top names in the sports world after the past two decades of success in the NBA. Sports fans and sports media appreciate hearing Bryant’s input on any of the top stories in the sports world. Bryant spoke out about Ronda Rousey following her first UFC loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193.

Many fans and pundits were throwing shade at Rousey for her unbeatable persona ending in dramatic fashion. Kobe made his voice heard when telling fans that they should be applauding Rousey for her greatness in the undefeated streak taking UFC to another level. The term “pioneer” was even used by Bryant showing the ultimate respect. Kobe is brutally honest about his opinions, so his praise for Rousey was completely genuine.

10 Despise: Dennis Hallman


MMA fighter Dennis Hallman is one of the names from the UFC to speak out against Ronda Rousey. Drama ensued on The Ultimate Fighter 18 leading to Hallman accusing Rousey of being a prima donna. According to Hallman, Rousey was “severely immature.” The accusations saw Hallman claim Ronda was rude to the producers of the show and took out anger on them due to the coaches not getting paid on time.

Hallman basically painted Rousey as a drama queen that picked on the little people behind the scenes. Ronda shut down these claims calling Hallman a liar. There was no point to this drama considering they would never actually face off in a fight or reach a genuine conclusion to settle the issues between them. The most realistic option is that Hallman tried to get some attention by voicing his dislike of Rousey.

9 Despise: Tank Abbott


Former UFC fighter and WCW wrestler Tank Abbott expressed a very weird disdain of Ronda Rousey that came out of nowhere. Most of the people to have drama with Rousey saw it start with both parties taking shots at each other leading to escalation. This situation was basically just Abbott insulting Rousey and making sexist comments out of resentment towards her success.

Abbott claimed Rousey was out of line for thinking she could take Floyd Mayweather in a fight. The comments that were most confusing featured Tank challenge any woman to a fight demanding she make him a sandwich after he wins the fight. Rousey never responded to him and likely doesn’t even know these comments exist considering Abbott is an afterthought in the MMA world these days.

8 Love: Serena Williams


Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey have been compared quite often during Ronda’s undefeated streak. Both women were the biggest names in their sports that have been dominated by men for many years. The success of Williams and Rousey each took tennis and MMA respectively to bigger platforms with fans tuning in to see their dominance.

A friendship formed between Ronda and Serena at some point over the years. Williams admitted to reaching out to Rousey after her first UFC loss to see where her head was at. Rousey spoke glowingly about having dinner with Serena in the past when both women “handled some sushi.” The friendship between Williams and Rousey shows that all sports are connected in some ways since they had many parallels during their best runs on top of the sporting world.


6 Despise: Sasha Banks


WWE is teasing the potential rivalry between the Four Horsewomen of WWE facing off with the Four Horsewomen from NXT. The four women from WWE’s unofficial faction are Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Bayley. On the other side, the MMA Four Horsewomen are best friends Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Both factions showed signs of tension at the Mae Young Classic.

Banks specifically seemed to get personal when it came to Rousey and the other Four Horsewomen of MMA. They love professional wrestling, but Banks doesn’t believe that is enough for them to get roster spots. Sasha referred to Ronda as a “fan” and stated she should go train in the Performance Center with the rest of the Four Horsewomen instead of trying to get in the ring for the first time at a big PPV. While this is partially a work, Banks viewing Rousey as nothing more than a fan says it all.

5 Despise: Paige VanZant


Paige VanZant became one of Ronda Rousey’s enemies through the petty world of UFC gossip. The actions of VanZant congratulating Holly Holm for defeating Rousey caused tension between the two. Rousey allegedly confronted VanZant in person for congratulating her opponent. According to VanZant, the situation was “shocking and totally unnecessary.”

The two crossover stars likely had drama with each other as everyone wanted to be the top name in their respective sport. VanZant confirming the incident happened and painting Rousey in negative light shows there is still no love lost there. Rousey clearly instigated the issue here if all reports of the story are true. VanZant may not have the fame of Ronda but her name value is quite high. With Ronda leaving UFC, Paige has nothing but opportunity to continue to become the biggest mainstream name in the sport.

4 Love: Conor McGregor


An unlikely ally for Ronda Rousey is fellow MMA Superstar Conor McGregor. Rousey’s undefeated streak and McGregor’s momentum saw him replace Ronda as the face of UFC in recent years. Many people expected McGregor to have an issue with Rousey considering he loves to talk trash on just about anyone in the sport and beyond.

McGregor criticized those in the sport that cheered and celebrated Rousey’s undefeated streak ending. The claims of Conor went as far as to say that he “loves” Ronda and has nothing but respect for her. As the two biggest names in UFC in recent years, they likely share a bond that very few can understand. McGregor’s popularity helped him understand the pressure attached to Rousey’s reign and it earned his respect.

3 Despise: Cris Cyborg


Cris Cyborg and Ronda Rousey never actually had a fight in UFC, but that didn’t stop them from forming a rivalry. Following a suspension for using PEDs, Cyborg wanted to face off with Rousey. It was only fitting that Ronda made several insulting comments towards Cyborg for her steroid use. A potential fight was discussed but Cyborg’s inability to drop a weight class prevented it.

Both women continued throwing shade at each other through the years despite never getting close to a fight being made. You know the hate is real if there’s nothing to directly gain from expressing it. Cyborg posted petty comments on social media last year when Rousey lost her second fight in a row to Amanda Nunes. Ronda and Cyborg each have been in rumors regarding WWE. Can we see the fight finally happen at WrestleMania?

2 Despise: Floyd Mayweather


One of the highest profile war of words between Ronda Rousey and another athlete featured boxer Floyd Mayweather. The past incidents of Mayweather committing domestic abuse and refusing to apologize for it made him an enemy of the MMA fighter. Rousey called out Floyd saying it would be nice for him to get beat up by a woman for once instead of the opposite as she challenged him to a fight.

Mayweather’s retorts saw him boast about making more money than Rousey and claiming his undefeated record in boxing was more impressive. Ronda kept her insults subtle and blunt by calling him “illiterate” for not knowing how to read. Mayweather found humor in Rousey losing her final two UFC fights as he remained undefeated. The hostility between these two will likely never end, given the personal issues in play here being more than about sport.

1 Love: The Rock


As discussed earlier, Ronda Rousey is a huge professional wrestling fan. The nickname “Rowdy” was added to her name as a tribute to her favorite childhood wrestler Roddy Piper. Rousey’s passion for wrestling and her desire to get into acting made her form a friendship with The Rock. Whether you know him as The Rock or Dwayne Johnson, he's the biggest crossover star from a sports based world into mainstream acting.

Rousey and Johnson worked together in the seventh installment of the Fast & the Furious franchise titled Furious 7. It only made sense they would unite again for a segment at WrestleMania 31 where they decimated Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. There have been rumors of an actual mixed tag match between all four parties at a future WrestleMania. That wouldn’t be too surprising considering Rock and Rousey are pals that have nothing but respect for each other.

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