10 Athletes With Adorably Chubby Kids

There's a common misconception that professional athletes have to be in tip-top shape to be good at their sport. However, this is not true. Not every athlete has to have the brawny body of Lebron James to be successful. Take Marcell Dareus (Buffalo Bills, DT) or Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers, 1B) for example. These two stars are at the top of their positions in the NFL and MLB, respectively, and don't have the abs, stamina, or muscle tone of players who rank below them.

Ever heard of the expression "like father like son?" Well, it rings true when it comes to professional athletes' children looking like them. Some athletes who are heavy set have children that follow in their footsteps. Body type is a product of genetics and environment meaning if a child's parents are bigger sized, then he/she will most likely be too.

On the other hand, there are also athletes in great shape whose kids are not built the same. Kids with professional athletes as parents usually grow up living a luxurious lifestyle and with that comes a lot of temptation. Some kids on this list grew up with personal chefs who could make them whatever foods they want when they want. Ahh, wouldn't that be nice?

Before I begin this list, I just want to make one thing clear. The purpose of this list isn't to shame anyone for his/her body type or make fun of anyone. Most of the overweight kids on this list are athletes in training, who love to play sports, while many are young children who still have their baby weight. Chances are if I grew up with a personal chef at my service, I would definitely be chunky too.

The main purpose of this list is to compare how famous athletes' genes transferred over to their children and to predict if they will look like their parents when they grow up.

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10 Scott Wells - Jackson Wells

via celebritybabyscoop.com

Jackson Wells, nine, is the son of Scott Wells, the center for the Green Bay Packers. One thing you don't know about this 302 pound, 2011 pro-bowl player is that he has eight children. Jackson, like his father, is also a bit on the heavier side. In Jackson's defense, he is only nine and has the genetics of his largely built 6'11" dad. Aside from Jackson and his other biological children, Well's and his wife, Julie, adopted three children from Uganda in 2012. Wells, a Super Bowl XLV Champion, may be a huge man but he's got a huge family and a huge heart to match.

9 Warren Sapp - Warren Sapp II

via celebritybabyscoop.com

Warren Sapp, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle, has four children. His sons Jaelon Austin Sapp and Warren Sapp II both play football, but Warren Jr. seems to be taking the shape of his 300 pound dad more than his brother. Warren Sapp Jr. is basically a smaller version of his dad and looks exactly like him, especially when it comes to his facial features and body type. Nothing wrong with that though! Warren Sapp had one of the most admirable careers in the NFL, as he went to the Pro Bowl seven times and is a Super Bowl XXXVII Champion. Not only did he do that, but Sapp also won numerous accolades, including being inducted into the Hall of Fame and being voted an All-Pro four times. Maybe his son will follow in his footsteps.

8 Tony Gwynn - Anisha Nicole

via mp3million.com

Anisha Nicole may be out of shape, but she is still a fabulous R&B singer and daughter of MLB Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. Gwynn, the 15 time All-Star right fielder, passed away in 2014 after losing a tough battle with salivary gland cancer. During his MLB career, Gwynn was known for not having one of the best bodies but was nevertheless an amazing player. His daughter, the 29-year old Anisha, probably doesn't have time to work out and stay in shape because of her successful music career. Her single "No Means No" came in at #3 of the top Billboard R&B songs in 2003 and she released her first album, entitled "19" in 2005. Her album was named in honor of her father's number for the San Diego Padres.

7 Diego Maradona - Giannina Maradona

via purepeople.com

Giannina Maradona is the daughter of former Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona. After marrying Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero and giving birth to a baby boy with him, Giannina gained a bit of weight and has had a hard time returning to her original figure. Her father, whose 5'5", currently has a short, round frame and shares that trait with his daughter. Giannina had her baby a couple years ago, which may seem like a long time to lose the baby weight, but it's actually not. When it comes to losing baby weight, it can take women multiple years to get back down to the weight they were before and some women don't even get back to their original weight. So no shame Giannina! No matter what size you are, you are still a fabulous mom.

6 John Daly - Shynah Hale

via heraldsun.com.au

Daughter of pro-golfer John Daly, Shynah Hale, was born in 1992 and was a chubby seven-year old child. In a picture taken with her mom and dad in 1999, Hale is holding the JC Penney trophy and looks to be taking after her dad, who doesn't have the most athletic figure either. Although Syhnah was a little chubby as a seven-year old, that picture was taken over 16 years ago. It's hard to find current pictures of Daly's daughter now but I'm sure she has shed the extra baby weight since then. Shynah grew up living a high-income lifestyle and got to spend more time than the average-American kid hanging out on various golf courses and vacation. Like I said earlier, kids are a product of their environment and genetics when they are young so you can't blame Shynah for her childhood weight.

5 Angel Cabrera - Angel Cabrera Jr.

via golfdigest.com

Like his father, Angel Cabrera Jr., also likes to play golf. Angel Cabrera, the Argentinian professional golfer, is 6'1" and weighs 265 pounds. On April 14th, 2013, him and his son Angel Jr. shared the ultimate father-son bonding experience. Cabrera Jr. got to caddy for his dad at the 2013 Masters Tournament. The Tournament was the first time Cabrera and his son were caught side by side on camera and it showed how similar these two golf-lovers look. They both have the same body type and practically the same face. Who cares if Cabrera Jr. isn't in the best of shape? He got to caddy for his dad at the Masters! How many people can say that?

4 Prince Fielder - Haven Fielder

via dallasnews.com

You can't deny that Prince Fielder's kids are totally adorable. Fielder's two boys, Haven and Jadyn, both have different features of this infielder for the Texas Rangers. Haven has Prince's eyes and chubby physique while Jadyn has Fielder's jawline and smile. Fielder always makes time for his kids as he is often seen bringing them to post-game press conferences and games. These boys are adorable no matter what size they are and they definitely have a great dad, that's for sure.

3 Cecil Fielder - Prince Fielder

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking of Prince Fielder, his dad, Cecil Fielder, played in the MLB too. Cecil, 51, played in the MLB in the '80s and '90s as the designated hitter and first baseman for multiple teams, including the Toronto Blue Jays (1985-88), Detroit Tigers (1990-96), New York Yankees (1996-97), Anaheim Angels (1998) and then Cleveland Indians (1998). Cecil Fielder helped his son, Prince, learn the art of baseball and even negotiated his first contract. Prince is a big man who makes big plays as he is six feet tall, 275 pounds and lead the National League in home runs in 2007. Here's a fun fact about Prince and his dad: When Prince was first learning to play baseball, his dad helped him learn to hit with his left-hand instead of his right.

2 David Ortiz - D'Angelo Ortiz

via thebiglead.com

It's only fitting that David Ortiz, who everyone knows as "Big Papi," has a cute and chubby son who looks just like him. D'Angelo Ortiz, also known as "Lil Papi" is the son of "Big Papi," the designated hitter for the Boston Red Sox. D'Angelo is just a young kid and isn't incredibly big, but he does share the same pudgy face as his dad and has a little extra baby fat left on him. No big deal! "Lil Papi" gets to do something we all wish we could and warm up with the Red Sox. D'Angelo is always visiting the games along with his sisters Alexandra and Jessica and has been seen on the Fenway Park field several times. He even practices the batting stances of the Rex Sox hitting lineup. Aww!

1 Magic Johnson - E.J Johnson

via sports.yahoo.com

E.J Johnson is the 22-year old son of the retired basketball legend, Magic Johnson. E.J, once overweight and out of shape, is now undergoing a transformation. Like his dad Magic Johnson (the former point guard for the LA Lakers), E.J is 6"8' tall. This 'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' reality TV star is slimming down while staying in style. E.J is known for his fashion knowledge and after being big for his whole life has decided to change his habits. He currently does Pilates and other high-cardio workouts four-times a week to shed the extra fat. He's cut out alcohol, fried foods, and high-levels of sugar as part of his new lifestyle, according to an interview he did with The Wendy Williams Show. Through his weight loss transformation, E.J. has achieved more confidence and lost over 100 pounds. Go E.J!

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