10 Bold Predictions For Clash Of Champions

To the Millennial wrestling fan, Clash of Champions may sound new and fresh; a spin on WWE's Night of Champions. However, the slightly older Generation X wrestling fan will recall Clash of Champions from the days of World Championship Wrestling.

Yes, the Clash of Champions event once lived during the days when torn jeans and flannel shirts dominated the fashion scene. However, the concept was revived and brought back to life as a Monday Night Raw exclusive Pay-Per-View.

So, to the modern fan: throw on your skinny jeans, fix your hair and prepare for a dose of wrestling's past. And to the seasoned fan: dig out the old grunge garb, leave your hair unkempt, and prepare to feel the sting of nostalgia as Sunday night.

The following are 10 bold predictions we have made about he upcoming event:

10. T.J. Perkins and Brian Kendrick Will Steal the Show

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This past Monday Night on Raw, Brian Kendrick - the old-timer of the new Cruiserweight Division - would win a #1 Contender's Fatal Four-Way match; earning the right to face T.J. Perkins this Sunday at Clash of Champions.

Brian Kendrick is no stranger to the WWE Pay-Per-View scene but this Sunday, T.J. Perkins will be placed on display for the entire WWE Universe to witness (both die-hard and casual fans).

However, with all eyes on the "first ever" WWE Cruiserweight Champion,  T.J. Perkins will shine just as brightly on the main roster as he did during the Cruiserweight Classic. Expect this match to steal the show at Clash of Champions.

9. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Become Tag Team Champions

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The New Day - a team many believed would never get over - have gotten over in a massive way. And their record-setting WWE Tag Team Championship reign has proven to be one of the most entertaining tag team runs in recent memory.

However, as the tired, old expression goes: "all good things must come to an end." (Perhaps its time to give up the use of that expression?) At Clash of Champions, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows should become WWE Tag Team Champions.

While Enzo Amore and Big Cass seemed likely as the next Tag Team Champions, a strong heel duo will provide a nice change of pace for the Tag Team Division which has been far too colorful for far too long.

8. Minor Tension Between The New Day

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Back when Xavier Woods seemed frightened by yet slightly enamoured with The Wyatt Family, it appeared as though a small rift had occurred within The New Day. However, Woods was soon back to blowing his horn.

This Sunday at Clash of Champions - should The New Day in fact lose their WWE Tag Team Championship - one can assume that the shock of loss would stir up some tension among the usually cheerful trio.

Should one member break away from the group, it would make sense to have Kofi Kingston - the veteran - separate from Big E and Xavier Woods. Look for at least a slight sign of tension between The New Day.

7. No Winner In Sheamus/Cesaro Match

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Well, it all boils down to Clash of Champions. The Best-of-Seven Series between Sheamus and Cesaro is currently tied at three matches a piece. This Sunday, it's sudden death; Game Seven of the Stanley Cup, without the excitement.

At this point, there is no reason to root for one Superstar over the other. According to Monday Night Raw General Manager Mick Foley, the winner of this series will receive a future championship match.

In the end, these two will likely wrestle to a double pin, double count out, or double disqualification. This sets the stage for some sort of "overtime" match on Monday Night Raw or a Tripe Threat Championship match.

6. Chris Jericho Will Use "His List" During Match

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The most difficult opponent a Superstar from the past can face, is the opponent of relevancy. How does one remain current in today's WWE? For Chris Jericho the answer came in the form of a scarf, Kevin Owens, and a list.

Yes, the sights of The Undertaker and The Rock are pleasant to behold but let's be honest: as it pertains to today's product, neither is relevant. However, Chris Jericho has managed to reinvent himself once again this time around.

On Sunday, Chris Jericho will square-off with fellow Canadian Sami Zayn. While the match promises to be a solid example of wrestling, watch out for Jericho's list as Zayn, the commentators, or even the referee can be added during the match.

5. Roman Reigns Becomes United States Champion

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This feud has taken up quite a bit of time on Monday Night Raw. Why? Because there remains a belief that Roman Reigns can rise to the top; a place he has been and a place from which he has fallen hard.

Do not expect a scientific wrestling match here. Look for the grunts and the howls in between some sub-par action. Or look for Lana whenever "The Ravishing Russian" is within camera shot. Either way, don't look for wrestling.

Roman Reigns and Rusev will brawl it out for a while before Reigns kicks into "Superman Mode" and captures his first United States Championship. Yes, the American hero who will topple the mighty foreigner will be Reigns.

4. Sasha Banks Becomes Women's Champion

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Three of the "Four Horsewomen of NXT" will compete at Clash of Champions in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Women's Championship. This match could cause quite a scene, provided WWE allows the Women to have enough time.

With Sasha Banks dropping the Women's Championship to Charlotte at SummerSlam, there remains a distinct possibility that "The Boss" will claim the gold once again this Sunday and walk out victorious.

As for Bayley: while the hug-happy Superstar's inclusion in this match provided that wild card element, Bayley will not win the Women's Championship. Bayley will definitely hold the title down the line, just not at Clash of Champions.

3. Ric Flair Will Cost Charlotte the Title

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Something has to come from Charlotte tossing her father aside and humiliating "The Nature Boy" on national television. After all, nobody makes a fool of Ric Flair; not even his own flesh and blood.

Ever since Charlote cut a scathing promo on her father, Ric Flair has not been seen on WWE programming. And it's about time for Flair to make an appearance. One that will cause ai impact and teach a lesson.

Obviously Ric Flair will not physically assault Charlotte but a simple distraction, or a classic Flair trip-up could cause Charlotte to lose the Women's Championship. Consider it the tough love of a father.

2. Kevin Owens Defeats Seth Rollins

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Once, not that long ago, Seth Rollins was considered to be "The Golden Boy" of The Authority. However, times and circumstances has changed drastically. No longer can "The Architect" lean on the bosses.

The New Era has introduced a new look to the main event picture: a rugged, chubby, French-Canadian style. And that style belongs entirely to one man: Kevin Owens. The reigning WWE Universal Champion.

This Sunday, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins will delight viewers when they wrestle each other for the Universal Championship. However, only one man can walk out with the strap and that is sure to be Owens.

1. Triple H Appearacne

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Triple H has not been seen on Monday Night Raw since he officially cut ties with Seth Rollins and gifted the WWE Universal Championship to Kevin Owens. And while Rollins has inquired, there are no answers.

This Sunday, an appearance from Triple H would be ideal for the first Monday night Raw exclusive Pay-Per-View since the Brand Split. However, it what capacity should "The Game" appear at Clash of Champions?

Triple H needs to appear in the arena and not just backstage. Perhaps once again costing Seth Rollins the match? Or coming out to lay a "Cerebral Assassin" style beat-down on Rollins following the match with Kevin Owens.

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