10 Current And 10 Former Female Athletes Known More For Their Looks Than Their Talent

The world of sports has something for everybody. Sports fans, of course, watch athletes in action because of their sporting prowess. Hardcore sports fans want to witness great athletic feats. We all want to see some great entertainment, a sporting spectacle. But there are some fans who watch sports solely to ogle at the hot athletes on show. Some tune in to enjoy both; watch great sports, and soak in some eye candy in the process. Women watch sports to ogle at hunky men, doing what they do best, being all manly. And men watch sports due to the hot women on show – all dependent on your sexual preferences of course, who turns you on. It may sound crude, but you can’t get away from the fact that that’s the case. Everyone, even the athletes themselves, have grown accustomed to it and have learned to accept it. Not every female athlete loves to be sexualized. But some play to it, dress provocatively, perhaps in low-cut or tight-fitting tops, and take part in sultry shoots in order to draw in the fans. The athletes on this list are beautiful, are known for their looks, and they all have hot physiques.

Thankfully for us, these 20 take delight in showcasing their physiques and showing off their beauty. These are 10 current female athletes who are known for their looks, and 10 former athletes who’ve still got it, who still look as stunning.

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Hilary Knight is an American ice hockey forward. It may not be the most mainstream sport, but Hilary’s the poster girl for ice hockey, has brought a whole heap of fans to the game. It’s hard to notice beauty when the players are competing on the ice. They’re all decked out in protective gear, helmets, etc. But when ESPN came knocking at Hilary’s door, got her to do that famous shoot for their Body Issue, suddenly people began to see Hilary in a different light. Due to that nude shoot, Hilary became not just one of the hottest women in ice hockey, but one of the hottest women in sports, period. We got to see her entire body, which was just sizzling from top to toe. Her rippling abs, beautiful toned physique, and of course, her assets. Hilary possesses a stunning physique and is beautiful too, and it’s part of the reason why people have been going gaga over her these last few years.

19 Retired: MIESHA TATE

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You don’t really expect to tune into an MMA fight and see a sultry fighter walking into the octagon. Miesha Tate didn’t exactly look glamorous striding into the octagon or when she was in fight mode. But when she stripped down to her bare essentials, posed in sultry shoots for various publications, we got to see Miesha Tate resplendent in all of her beauty. She’s now retired and is earning her corn as a pundit – hers is a face that’s perfect for TV. When she was fighting, she was known for her looks, her beauty, and now she’s no longer getting punched and kicked for a living, she’s arguably even hotter, even more of a stunner. Her looks haven’t diminished in any which way, and she’s still got the physique too – she’s got the entire package.


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Anastasia is a professional surfer. She spends most of her time on the beach, where she resembles a goddess, emerging from the sea, surfing the waves, sunning herself on the sand. Take one look at Anastasia, and you’d mistake her for a glamor model of some sort. Unsurprisingly, she does have modeling credentials. Her modeling career is something she’s balanced side by side her life as a surfer. I can’t think of two career that fit together more perfectly. I just mentioned that Anastasia resembles a glamor model. So, the fact she’s smokin’ hot is kind of implied. She’s beautiful and has a sizzling physique too. The majority of people who know her name don’t know her as a surfer. They know her as that beautiful model who poses in sultry shoots. I reckon that’s just fine with Anastasia.


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In terms of track and field athletes, there are very few who are hotter than Jessica Ennis-Hill. When she competed, she was the poster girl for the British Olympics. Her face was plastered all over the place, and actually still is, even though she’s ceased competing and is now focusing on family life. Jess wasn’t – isn’t, because she still is – just beautiful. She’s got a lean, muscular physique, a rippling set of abs and a toned physique. Her complexion, beauty and body just marry together to make one sultry athlete. It’s no surprise she was the most marketable British female Olympic athlete. Her beauty leaves people spellbound, stumbling over words, ogling at the screen. It’ll certainly help her if and when she decided to go into the media side of things. There’ll be no shortage of companies, broadcasting networks, wanting to get her on board.


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Alpine ski racer Lindsey Von has what many people would deem to be the perfect body. It’s all covered up when she’s on the slopes, but when she takes off her helmet, unveils her beauty and struts her stuff in front of the cameras, she transforms and becomes one of the hottest athletes in the world. She’s certainly one of the hottest amongst the current crop of female athletes, and there are a lot to choose from. Lindsey Vonn is gorgeous and has what many people would rate to be the perfect body. Why is that? Because she’s not stick-thin, yet isn’t overly muscular. She has an athletic build, yet is still curvy – oh, and she’s beautiful too. She’s not beautiful in a glamor model kind of way. That’s by no means doing her a disservice. Lindsey’s renowned for her looks, and has this girl next door look about her. Her looks combined with her physique make Lindsey one of the hottest athletes around.


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It’s fair to say that this former soccer defender was known more for her looks, what she did off the pitch, than her soccer abilities and what she did on it. Heather’s been sexualized ever since she first stepped onto the pitch. Some may have a problem with that, but Heather loved it, just lapped it up. Due to her looks, body, and the fan following she’s acquired, plenty of doors have opened up for Heather, and she’s made the most of these opportunities. She began modeling and was labelled as being one of the hottest athletes of all time. Her looks have also helped her transition from soccer and modeling to becoming a media personality. There aren’t many hotter sports reporters and sporting experts around.


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Danica Patrick is hugely responsible for making the sport of stock car racing what it is today. There’s no doubt that she’s sexed it up; seeing a sultry woman in leathers racing cars – there aren’t many sights more titillating than that! Danica’s a damn good racer too, and markets herself superbly off the track. To be fair, it’s not exactly hard to market a woman like Danica. Her face on a poster or ad campaign and a few sultry shoots of her torso would suffice. Seeing Danica in her leathers is a splendid sight. But nobody’s complaining when she strips down to her bare essentials, which she’s done numerous time. She’s stunning and has a gorgeous physique; she really does have the entire package, which is one of the reasons she’s acquired such a fan following.


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Former figure skater, Katarina Witt, is used to stripping down and posing for the cameras. She’s one of the most successful figure skaters of all time, but a whole lot of people know her solely for her Playboy photos. Yes, Katarina posed for the esteemed lads’ mag and gained a whole new heap of fans. She was beautiful then and had a hot physique, and she’s never been shy about showing everything off. Now she’s 51 and still looks absolutely fabulous. She’s eased back on the modeling nowadays, but from what we’ve seen of her, out and about at various events, if she did she’d still sell tons of copies. Katarina had it, and never lost it. It’s why many people still talk about her with a great deal of fondness.


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Natalie Gulbis is one such player on the LPGA tour that’s rated highly for her looks. The pro golfer is known for her smoking hot body too. She knows she’s hot too and is constantly flaunting her beauty and physique. She could be attending a glamorous event, taking part in one of her sultry shoots, or she could just be out and about, but no matter what situation she’s in, her beauty’s very evident.

But her love for flaunting what God gave her has gotten her into plenty of hot water with the LPGA due to their new dress code. It’s safe to say that Natalie isn’t a fan of the new dress code. But she’s someone who shines regardless of what she wears – her beauty shines through, so she’ll find a way around the LPGA’s new guidelines.


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Swimmers, more than any other sportspeople, tend to start young, do their thing, then get out early. They tend to retire young, and Stephanie Rice is someone who’s done just that. The Aussie beauty is only 29, and she called time on her swimming career in 2014. But it’s not like she’s been sitting around twiddling her thumbs, missing the action. Stephanie’s got plenty of things going on to keep her busy. Modeling is one of her other career choices. If you didn’t know she was a former athlete, you’d think she had been modeling her entire life. Her face and physique just belong on a double page sultry spread in some esteemed publication. She really does have flawless looks. It’s why people revered her when she was competing in the pool, and it’s why many still do.


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Holly Sonders has become one of golf’s most recognizable personalities. She plays, but nowadays most people know her as a broadcaster. She’s the top woman on all-things golf, and is one of the hottest women in the game. It really isn’t a surprise that all these media companies want Holly on board. She didn’t exactly have a tough time of it transitioning from life on the course to life in front of the cameras. Her face and figure is made for TV. Talking about her figure, Holly possesses one of the hottest figures in the game. She’s athletic, very slim, and that only serves to accentuate her ample assets. This physique combined with her model-like looks, means she’s someone that’s always on people’s minds in the world of golf.

9 Retired: GINA CARANO

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Today, Gina Carano’s morphed herself into an acting superstar. She’s a TV personality, a model, and the new action queen of Hollywood. Gina’s MMA days are long behind her. She retired from competing professionally in 2009, but hasn’t been twiddling her thumbs – she has plenty of other strings to her bow. As an ex-MMA star who’s remained in the limelight, unsurprisingly Gina’s someone who’s looked after herself. She still possesses that lean, mean, fighting machine of a physique. She’s lean, toned, and people go crazy over her six pack abs and rippling muscles. Her beauty shines through too and is model-like. It’s fair to assume that a lot of actors in the acting profession wouldn’t mind having their asses kicked by Gina. Gina Carano is someone who really does possess the entire package.



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If you’re a fan of the female form in all of its glory, tennis is a sport that’s going to keep your attention. The number of sultry women on the WTA side of the draw is just ridiculous. Every other woman seems to be a hottie – not just an average hottie, but a real stunner. When looking at Simona Halep on court, you wouldn’t really put her in that category. Of course, it depends on your individual preferences, but amongst the current crop, Simona wasn’t someone who rated too highly on the hotness scale. But that all changed, and now Simona’s up there and is viewed as one of the hottest athletes around. That change came about because of the sultry pics she posts on Instagram, but mainly due to one pic that was snapped, that started to make the rounds. There’s a pic of her emerging from the water like a goddess, stunningly beautiful with a sizzling physique. It’s a pic that’s stayed in the minds of many tennis fans.


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When you read that Ashley Harkleroad is 32, you’ll probably think that she should be on the “current” side of this list, especially considering that nowadays in the world of tennis, people are playing into their late 30s. But Ashley’s tennis career has been over for a long time. She probably realized she’d done all she could in the game, and wanted to pursue other career choices. Ashley wasn’t exactly the best player around. But due to her looks, and the fact she became US Playboy's first professional tennis player, Ashley received plenty of attention. She received plenty of attention anyway, because she was so hot, but that shoot put her fan following through the roof. She was basically nude on the cover, and has since partaken in many other raunchy shoots.


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Golf, like tennis, is a sport that seems to breed hotties. The LPGA is filled with sultry beauties, and none are hotter than Paige Spiranac.

Paige Spiranac is to all extents and purposes, a glamor model. Look at some of the shoots she’s done, and she’ll give any glamor model a run for their money. She became famous, not for her golfing game, but for her beauty, her sizzling physique, and the fact she wore revealing outfits to show off her assets. Some of the outfits she wears on the course aren’t what you’d call typical golfing attire. But we’re not complaining one bit. There are a group of people who aren’t too happy about that, and that’s the LPGA. Paige isn’t too fond of their new dress code, and if we did a poll, it’s safe to assume the majority of golfing fans aren’t either.


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This former Dutch swimmer was pretty decent in the pool. She’s a four-time Olympic champ and four-time world record holder. That puts her up there alongside some of the best in her sport. But having said that, she still wasn’t as popular, as well-known as she is today. Back then it was evident that she was hot, but you still couldn’t see too much of her due to her tight-fitting swimming costume. We’ve certainly seen a lot of Inge since she’s retired. When she was 43, she bared all for a reality TV dating show, Love Island. She was filmed casually strolling down the beach, completely naked. Suddenly people began to sit up and take notice. It actually made the news around the world – it’s the Inge De Bruijn effect.


Women’s soccer has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years. That’s not just because of the prowess of the sultry soccer athletes on show, but because there are a good number of players who are absolutely stunning, that certainly warrant people’s attention. The U.S. team is head and shoulders above the rest in regards to the hot athletes on the pitch. Pretty much everyone on that team has done some type of modeling work. Sydney Leroux’s at the top of that list. She’s rated as being the hottest female soccer player in the world. That shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve seen some of her pics. Everything about her is sizzling hot. She knows it and seems to love showing her beauty and her physique off too, not just in modeling shoots, but by posting sultry pics of herself clad in skimpy attire on her Instagram.


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One sport that a lot of people watch solely to ogle at the hot women on show, is beach volleyball. Hot women and beach volleyball just fit, just go hand in hand. Gabrielle Reece is one of the hottest women from that sport. Even though she retired, she still is, has amazingly still got her beach volleyball body, even though she’s had two kids and is approaching her 50s. It’s testimony to her will and determination to succeed, to stay in the limelight, all be it in a different capacity. Gabrielle has balanced modeling, and various other ventures, with her life as a pro volleyball player, then with motherhood. And we’re so glad she does, because Gabrielle has one of the hottest bodies around. Looking at her, if I hadn’t had told you, there was no way you’d have guessed she was 47.

2 CURRENT: Paige VanZant


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Paige VanZant may be the most beautiful female fighter in the world today and that has carried her to a ton of fame. While she hasn't won any titles in the UFC or taken the sport by storm like Rousey did, she has a very marketable look and it's led to many opportunities for her. Among those is the fact that she appeared on Dancing With The Stars a few years ago despite not being among the most accomplished names in MMA. Hopefully VanZant is able to accomplish a little more in the octagon because her accomplishing more would make it that much bigger a star. At a 7-3 record and only being 23 years old, there's still plenty of time for VanZant to become as known for her skills as she is for her looks.


Loving the sunshine ☀️

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The tennis world was shocked and saddened when Ana Ivanovic announced her retirement. She’s only 29, but chose to retire last year due to bad form, and because she wanted to pursue other ventures. The Serbian beauty was just that. She was, and still is, absolutely gorgeous, and was probably one of the players that posed for the most photos, did the most number of shoots. It’s little wonder that although she was constantly struggling with form on the court, the cash continued to roll in due to endorsements and sponsorship deals. Everyone wanted a bit of Ana. It’s what being a hot athlete can do for you. Today, she’s a WAG, and is still very much in the limelight. Even though she’s retired, she still works hard to maintain her looks, along with the rest of her sizzling body.

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