10 D-Bag Stories About Floyd Mayweather And 10 About Conor McGregor

The announcement of the mega fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has officially set the sports world on fire. Predictions and odds have been at an all time high for what is to be the biggest sporting event of 2017, and due to the personalities of both athletes, the amount of fierce trash talk will be present. Their personalities have had there fair share off things that can be seen as off putting. Other people may rephrase that and cal both these fighters something else, douchebags.

Both athletes have personalities that are larger than life, and sometimes, they get a little too big for their own good. This happens often when people in highly competitive sports start to get the amount of money these champions have made. Despite being undefeated, Mayweather has become the subject of an insane amount of memes, just showing how much this man can be hated because of his actions. Conor McGregor is the most hated man in the UFC by his fellow fighters, and Mayweather has pissed off and isolated so many different groups of people that it is curious as to why he has fans. Here, we are highlighting the most infamous moments that these future opponents have had, and trying to figure out why these moments occurred.

20 Conor: Hotel Thrashing

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McGregor acts like he is a rock star, so this story comes as no surprise.. There were empty beer cans, downed liquor bottles as well as empty canisters of laughing gas all over the floor of a hotel room in England.. According to a local newspaper, there was thousands of pounds worth of damage. The room was such a mess that McGregor paid someone to try and clean up the mess and hide the damage, which included a completely destroyed sofa. This douchebag move gets even worse when the time of the event is considered. Less than two and a half weeks later, his son was born, meaning that all this partying and damage was done while his longtime girlfriend was near her expected due date.

19 Floyd: Entourage

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Floyd Mayweather's actions inside and outside of the ring have attracted thousands of people that cannot stand him. Haters will attack Floyd for almost anything, as he may be the single most scrutinized athlete alive right now. This is amplified when there is a Mayweather bout, and as he walked out during the Canelo Alvarez fight, we saw Floyd agitate his haters in a douche move. By allowing Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne to join him during his walk out, Floyd was intentionally trying to make news about the people around him. Mayweather took it upon himself to let two people who aren't the most respected or beloved people in their genres of music just to make some type of headline. In the end, it just looked uncomfortable and a miscalculation by Mayweather.

18 Conor: Fake Retirement

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Every single UFC fighter has media obligations. That is what makes Conor McGregor the star he is. McGregor did not want to fulfill those duties during a UFC event that was supposed to be the biggest event of the sports history, claiming that he lost to Nate Diaz due to strenuous media obligations. The UFC said that without Conor showing up to one of the biggest press conferences of the year, he would not be able to fight at that event. Instead of showing up and doing part of his job, the star suddenly “retired”. It was an attempt at a power play that made Conor look like a huge douche, complaining about a necessary part of his job. If it wasn’t for press conferences, McGregor would not be the star he is, and him trying to get special treatment wasn’t the greatest move for his image.

17 Floyd: Larry Merchant Tirade

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No one should come after Larry Merchant, a man who has spent 35 years commentating on boxing for HBO. That is exactly what Mayweather did in 2011 though, after Merchant fairly pointed out that Mayweather had beat Victor Ortiz amid controversy. That is what any person tasked with conducting an in ring interview would do after Mayweather's actions in the ring, knocking out Ortiz after he believed the refreee had called a break in the action. Mayweather stopped the interview early because he didn't like the job Merchant was doing, and afterwards said that he should be fired due to his intelligence. The comments were not the most pleasant, with Mayweather saying, "They can put somebody else up here to give me an interview. HBO need to fire you. You don't know s*** about boxing. You ain't s***." Not the most polite way to discuss one of the sports best commentators.

16 Urijah Faber Backstage Inicident

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McGregor acts like he can do anything he wants to any UFC fighter, in and outside of the octagon. That simply is not the case, but the champion still disrespects any fighter he sees. This was the case as he was walking backstage and ran into UFC Hall of Famer, Urijah Faber. The exchange looked pleasant before McGregor started to mess with Faber’s hair and then acting like he was trying to take Faber down. Afterwards, Conor said that the scuffle was nothing, but he could have thrown him on his head if he wanted to. That comment was McGregor trying to one up the legend, just to get into his head.  Faber was a pioneer in the very division that McGregor was fighting in at the time, and to escalate things to that point and to act so hastily to the legend after the fact shows that Conor has no respect for anyone on the roster.

15 Floyd: Choking Hazard

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In 2015, Floyd Mayweather was accused of putting his adopted son in a choke hold. The incident supposedly happened on Halloween in 2014, after his son Devion Cromwell was having a party in Mayweather's mansion. After Mayweather had everyone leave his house, there was an argument between the two, with Cromwell pointing out that Floyd is not his real father. Cromwell is the child of his former girlfriend, Melissa Brim, and he was apprehensive about pressing any charges due to the fact that Mayweather supports both of them financially. Floyd put a teenager in a dangerous situation by harming him violently, and hoped that it would not be public by charges being pressed because simply how much money he has.

14 Conor: "Piece Of The Pie" Comments

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After becoming a simultaneous two time champion, Conor McGregor proved that he is either insane or just a major douche. In the post fight press conference McGregor was hurt that no one has reached out to him after the UFC was sold. Although this was none of his business as he is not apart of any management team and is an employee of the company who had no effect on those decisions. He makes claims that it is necessary for him to receive equity and partial ownership of the UFC for his efforts, claiming that he has deserved and earned a piece of the pie. McGregor doesn't deserve any of this, and he makes a fool of himself claiming that it is his right to become a partial owner of the company he is simply an employee for.

13 Floyd: Not So Cheerful

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Floyd does not know what losing feels like, so seeing anything less than victory may be upsetting. During a cheerleading competition in April that his daughter was competing in, Mayweather absolutely lost his mind after his daughter did not win the event. Cursing at the judges, claiming that they were cheated. The event manager, Jeff Krapf, was there for the whole ordeal, saying that Floyd actions were unwarranted, as nothing shady with the judges happened. Krapf was afraid things were going to turn psychical after Mayweather brought up how he put his own money into the event, with Mayweather claiming he funded the program.  “I thought, ‘Well great, here’s my big paycheck. My payday’s coming!’ But it didn’t happen," Krapf said. The fact that Floyd was that upset over a competition that he was not involved in just goes to show how his attitude would be if he actually lost in the ring at some point in his career.

12 Conor: Tyron Woodley Controversy

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These two have gone back and forth many times, with Conor "sizing him up" multiple times and claiming he could easily beat the 170 pound champion. This bickering went to a whole new level when McGregor defeated Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and needed a second belt to pose with. The UFC, inexcusably did not have another one on deck, and asked Tyron Woodley to give up the belt he just retained momentarily. When McGregor found this out, he said "It's only a sign of things to come." Woodley did not have any hard feelings about it at the time, until McGregor started to get personal with the Missouri native, claiming that he almost brought out the Ferguson back out of him in another exchange.

11 Floyd: Domestic Lawsuits

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The amount of domestic abuse lawsuits and claims that Floyd has been involved in is well documented. This doesn't help any positive reputation that Mayweather could have possible had, and one situation in particular gets worse. In 2010, Mayweather was sued for damages by a former girlfriend Josie Harris, after a he denied any violence against her, stating that she was on drugs at the time. Mayweather had this to say to Katie Couric after the lawsuit, ""Did I kick, stomp, and beat someone? No, that didn't happen. ... Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did. So if they say that's domestic violence, then, you know what? I'm guilty." Mayweather pleaded guilty to the charges later. After committing this crime, then lying about the severity of it and what actually happened, it is no wonder the Mayweather was sued, and is seen as a terrible human being.

10 Conor: UFC 197 Press Conference

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Building up a fight is what Conor McGregor does better than any person in the world, but sometimes he says things that make him look like the biggest douchebag in sports. Take his UFC 197 comments as an example. In preparation to fight against Rafael Dos Anjos, McGregor announced that could whoop Jesus' ass in the octagon. Dos Anjos took offense to the comments, as they are disrespectful to his faith. McGregor then proclaimed that his comments where okay, because all the gods are cool with each other. "Me and Jesus are cool, I'm cool with all the gods. Gods recognize gods." This took everyone by surprise, as many fans were trying to figure out if McGregor was serious comparing himself to a god or if he was trying to agitate Dos Anjos. Either way, it came off as an arrogant statement.

9 Floyd: Jewelry Heist

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Floyd Mayweather apparently is not a professional heist member, but attempted to get away with not paying for almost a half of a three million dollar diamond-encrusted necklace.. The fact that Floyd has enough money in the world to buy nearly any peice of jewelry he sets his mind to, but tried to get around with not paying for near half of this piece is fishy. This was not the first time Mayweather has been trying to dodge jewerly payments, the other instance was in 2005, where "Money" failed to pay for over 20 pieces of jewelry. For someone of his stature to be in the news because of failed payments, when he is one of the richest athletes in the world, is inexcusable. Jewerly store owners may not have the biggest smile on their faces when they see Floyd Mayweather and his entourage walk into their store, not because all the other things that are on this list, but because they may be giving away jewelry that wont be paid for.

8 Conor: GQ Style Article

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If you thought McGregor was ever a humble person, maybe this story will finally sway that opinion. In a feature story for GQ, Zach Baron got the chance to follow around Conor for a long amount of time. In the article he mentions McGregor scoffing at a $27,000 clothing tab at a luxury store, stating that this type of spending was the 8th time that week it occurred. When asked where he has traveled since he has received this type of money, instead of actually answering the question gives a vague response that comes off arrogant. “We’re just flowing. We’re on the earth. We’re just traveling from place to place. I’m f****** everywhere.”

He may be everywhere now, and have the money to go anywhere he wants, but his actions certainly are not adored by fans due to this type of behavior.

7 Floyd: History Of Violence

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When boxers on in the ring, that should be when they are most violent. For Mayweather, who is frequently ridiculed for his boxing style which includes barely getting touched, he is most violent outside of competition. There have been three separate times where Floyd has pleaded guilty to hitting a woman, and twice where charges were dropped due to things being settled out of court. These instances definitely make Mayweather out to be a douche, and the fact that there has been minimal punishments toward the boxing star due to his likeness does not help his image in this situation. A world champion boxer shouldn't be able to act violent outside of the ring like these, and because he has gotten off numerous times without any actual consequences are a big reason that many people do not have a positive opinion on the star.

6 Conor: CNN Comments

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McGregor shouldn’t have been asked questions about the political race, but that didn’t stop Rachel Nichols of CNN about his views on Donald Trump. During the interview in 2015, McGregor did not have much to reference about any of the beliefs that Trump had at the time, so he was basically talking with zero knowledge about the situation. He basically insulted the knowledge of Americans, stating that America is attracted to controversy, hinting at that being the reason for his success in polls. He finished the interview with this, “I suppose maybe I have done similar, I suppose maybe he has taken a play out of the McGregor book. Maybe I should run for president of the United States."

Really? The United States is going to change the constitution so an Irish born UFC fighter can make silly remarks about other candidates? Ignorance at it’s finest in this clip.

5 Floyd: Whining About Wine

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The Wine Bistro was sued by Mayweather himself because of a mistake. The bistro thought they had booked Floyd and members of his entourage to come to an event hosted by the bistro. No one from Mayweather's management had heard anything about this, and instead of informing the bistro that there had been a mistake and that he would not be attending due to his lack of knowledge, he sued the business. Mayweather apparently did it so that everyone would know that he was not a no show to the event, thus hurting his image. Not that his own actions hurt his image or anything.The bistro was only needed to pay around $2,000 due to damages on Floyd's image. There was a way to handle the situation professionally, but did anyone expect him to go about it that way?

4 Conor: Fan Interaction

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McGregor is one of the biggest draws the UFC has ever seen, so it is no surprise that the star gets his fair share of people trying to grab pictures with him. This fan in the video looks to be pleasant, asking the champion how is day is going, but Conor wasn't having any of this exchange, even pushing the phone away from him. Was it necessary for McGregor to reach out of his car and push the phone away? It seems like a little too much for this instance, as the person seemed to genuinely be a fan of his. The fan should be thankful that Conor was using his right hand to turn away the fan, as opposed to his famous left which may have pushed the phone out of fan’s hand.

Ultimately, attacking a fan for a picture isn't this most gentleman of moves.

3 Floyd: Messy Breakup Announcement

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This story is rather sad on Mayweather's part. Three years ago, Floyd and his then girlfriend Shantel Jackson broke up. Things happen, and it is reasonable that the two separate ways. This was different though, as the reason Mayweather broke off the relationship was due to a personal choice that Miss Jackson made. Floyd posted an explanation stating that "she killed our twin babies," announcing that Jackson had an abortion. The ultrasound of the twins was also posted on social media by the boxer. Mayweather has no business airing out this type of personal matter to the internet, and his lack of sympathy towards the matter is alarming.  What Floyd did was not only a douche move, it was also an illegal one, as you are not allowed to disclose medical records without permission.

2 Conor: Belt Stealing

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During a heated media tour promoting a featherweight bout against former champion Jose Aldo, Conor McGregor launched a vicious verbal campaign. The UFC spent months promoting this fight, and McGregor found himself in front of the microphone numerous times. One incident in Dublin resulted in the two exchange a war of words, then it escalated as McGregor stood up and reached over Dana White to grab the champion’s belt and hold it in the air in front of his fellow Irishman. The action itself was disrespectful in its own right, but then he yelled to the crowd “I’m the champion you b****. You’re looking at the king.” McGregor was able to back up the claims, knocking Aldo out in 13 seconds, but he went way too far multiple times in the build up to the fight itself.

1 Floyd: Ultimate Rat Race

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Mayweather refuses to lose, at anything. Ricky Hatton and Floyd were both flying in separate planes to New York, with Hatton's plane taking off first. Hatton was pulled aside by the pilot to listen in on an argument going on between Floyd and the pilot of his plane. The conversation was hostile, with Mayweather pleading to the pilot to overtake Hatton's plane to reach New York first. Hatton claims that Mayweather was ready to put up any dollar amount the pilot choose in order to make it happen, but the pilot continued to resist the possible dangerous situation. He tried to put the lives of whoever was on the plane in danger, in order to be the first fighter to touchdown in New York. This story is absolutely crazy, but it lead to this quote from Hatton that perfectly sums up Mayweather in some situations.

"What's the point of being the world's best fighter if everyone thinks you're a d***head?"

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