10 Devilish Female Athletes (And 10 Who Are Angels)

Sugar, spice and everything nice? That’s what girls are made of, right? Well, not always. Over time, female athletes have had to prove repeatedly that they can be just as tough as men in the sports industry. And along the way, some of them gained some pretty bad reputations.

When a person sees a female athlete, one of the first things they notice is her body. Our guess is this is because a lot of their uniforms are made from thin and skimpy material. Another thought is because they are in such great shape, some female athletes make the decision to proudly show off their physique to the world. While none of that necessarily aids in making one athlete better than the other, it could lead the player to a category she may not want to be a part of.

Nearly everything in life can be split between the good and the bad – the pure and the evil. Do I let my win go straight to my head and brag about it to the loser? Do I model in this risky photoshoot? From Venus and Serena Williams to Lindsey Vonn and Mia Hamm – from basketball to tennis to wrestling, women can be found all over the industry. Every day they wake up and are watched intently by the public. Every day they must ask themselves who they want to be today – an angel or a devil. Here are 10 devilish female athletes and 10 who are definitely angels.


20 Devil: Paige 

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Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known by her WWE stage name Paige, signed on with WWE in 2011 and has been kicking butt since day one. While she rose to fame for her power in the ring, she fell off the high pedestal after personal life issues began raining on her parade. During the end of 2016, Paige faced two separate suspensions for “violating the wrestling company’s anti-drug Talent Wellness Program.” Paige, who also underwent some serious neck surgery during 2016, is very adamant that she has not done any drugs.

Then, in 2017, the British wrestler’s personal cellphone was hacked, and some very explicit videos and photos were leaked online and went viral. The footage appeared to show the Diva champion engaging in acts with two separate male wrestlers, flashing her chest and allegedly using her title belt in one of the acts.

19 Angel: Ronda Rousey

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While she’s a big fighter in the ring, she’s a lover in real life. Ronda Rousey is best known for her matches as an MMA fighter, but she has also competed in the Olympics for judoka in 2008. It was there she became the first American woman to win a medal in judo. Her career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship may be done after her brutal loss to Amanda Nunes, but her life in fighting is far from over. Rousey may soon be heading straight to the WWE.

Ronda Rousey is another female athlete with some real angelic qualities. She finds the time within her busy schedule of training to run her own charity, too. “It’s not your purpose in life to be happy, it’s your purpose in life to leave the world better than how you found it. I’m trying to do that.”

18 Devil: Anastasia Ashley

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Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer and has won many surfing titles. Even though she is one of the greatest surfers in the game, her modelling choices often overshadow her many awards. In 2014, Ashley appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and really flaunted her body. Since then, she has also appeared in Maxim and model has become another one of her career titles.

Ashley is constantly posting images of herself in different tiny bikinis. Yes, maybe a bikini is her “job’s uniform,” sometimes too much really is too much. In 2017, the surfer starred in Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid.” The surfer babe found another chance to showcase her body, when she joined a YouTube star to survive in the jungle completely naked for 21 days.

17 Angel: Maria Sharapova

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The beautiful Maria Sharapova is a famous Russian tennis player who has competed in the Women’s Tennis Association since 2001. She runs her own charity foundation called Sugarpova with the mission to help young children realize their dreams and the possibility to achieve them. In 2007, the tennis star became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Program and has donated huge amounts of money toward some really great causes, including Soles4Soles and (RED).

Sharapova is a stirring leader who inspires women to be stronger. She has faced obstacles in her life, but never gave up on her dream. In 2016, she was hit with a major suspension by the International Tennis Foundation for testing positive with banned substances. After facing her 15-month sentencing, Sharapova returned to the court with hopeful energy.

16 Devil: Blair O’Neal

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This professional golfer leaves little to the imagination, that’s for sure. Blair O’ Neal, or as some like to call her “the Golfer Babe,” became a real household name when she won Golf Channel’s BIG BREAK: Dominican Republic. She travels all over the world for both her golf career and her second job as a model. This model has been seen on TV, in magazines and even on the runway.

What makes O’Neal really devilish is what she models. In her early modelling career, she could almost always be seen wearing some form of bikini. She’s even poses while golfing. As she continues to make a name for herself as a golfer and model, we should expect to see much more from her and much less on her.

15 Angel: Gabby Douglas

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The now 22-year-old, three-time Olympic gold medalist gymnast started gaining popularity during the 2012 Summer Olympics when she was dubbed a member of the “Fierce Five.” During those Olympics, Gabby Douglas became the first African-American in Olympic history to win the individual all-around event. Douglas, who has her very own Barbie doll modelled after her, has been described as an amazing woman who inspires many young girls.

Douglas has a strong sense faith that has influenced her life and journey with gymnastics (which started at just 6-years-old). She thanks God for all she has been given in life and lets others know how important it has become to her. When she isn’t training, she is known to visit with sick children, even helping a 13-year-old Lupus patient live her gymnastic dream.

14 Devil: Serena Williams

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Serena Williams is definitely hardcore when it comes to the game that has shaped most of her life. This professional tennis player has been ranked world number one by the Women’s Tennis Association eight times over the last 15 years. With a reputation like that, she’s bound to have some haters. She’s been called many things over the years including “mean” and “arrogant.”

Williams has fought back these claims stating that “people think she’s mean because she is black.” She has come forward saying she’s realized that many people see her as really tough, mean and probably really street, but the new mother denies all of those personality traits. While Williams may not be mean, she is a total and complete beast on the tennis court.


13 Angel: Bayley

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This WWE Raw Superstar is one of the most likeable and cuddly girls in the industry right now. Pamela Rose Martinez (better known by her stage name Bayley) has a big giddy smile that melts hearts and her butt-kicking power in the ring has won the hearts of tons of WWE fans. Bayley quickly became WWE’s most popular personality and was soon known as “the hugger.”

As a lifelong WWE fan, Bayley was stoked when she was signed on in 2013 and her large following is a major bonus. In real life, Martinez is just as genuine as the WWE makes Bayley out to be. She is 100 percent committed to her fiancé and her best friend and fellow WWE wrestler, Sasha Banks.

12 Devil: Angela Rypien

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Angela Rypien is a quarterback in the Legends Football League, previously called the Lingerie Football League. These women football players wear the skimpiest uniforms ever while playing tackle football, and that’s what many could call the most enticing part of the game. Rypien, daughter of former NFL player and Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien, joined the “half-strip-show, half-football” concoction known as the LFL ready to play a legit game… if you can forget about all the thongs.

Playing in your underwear might not seem like the best idea for both morals and safety, but somehow Rypien and the other LFL football players manage just fine. They get down and dirty, and take every aspect of the game seriously. They have real coaches who get real frustrated at the players when they mess up; Rypien has been under fire from coaches a time or two.

11 Angel: Danica Patrick

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NASCAR driver, model, spokeswoman … Is there anything Danica Patrick can’t do? Patrick is the most successful woman in history of American open-wheel racing and one of the most popular personalities in the industry. She’s lusted over by men and admired by women. Because she was so unique to NASCAR, Patrick was able to attract all sorts of different fans to the sport.

Patrick has used her popularity status to help others in need by volunteering for various charity organizations, including the Make A Wish Foundation. Although Patrick has been surrounded with controversy in recent months with the potential end in her racing career, she is an inspiration to all young girls who want to become something big one day.

10 Devil: Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard is a pro tennis player with a personality and body that captivates. The Canadian born player has made headlines for quite a few things other than her gameplay. She was called “scandalous” for wearing a black sports bra under her white bra while playing at Wimbledon in 2015. Wimbledon is notorious for having an all-white attire rule. Her match was stopped and she was questioned on court, but did not receive a sanction.

Bouchard suffered a couple of falls while playing in the U.S. Open, and as a result decided to sue the heck out of them for “negligence over injuries suffered in a locker-room fall.” During the slippery fall, Bouchard endured a concussion. The lawsuit has been going on for over two years now.

9 Angel: Maya Moore

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This Minnesota Lynx WNBA baller was named Sports Illustrated’s Performer of the Year in 2017! Maya Moore had just won her fourth WNBA championship of her career, adding to her numerous other titles. Sports Illustrated called her the “greatest winner in the history of women’s basketball” and she is just 28-years-old. Moore has used her earned fame to help the less fortunate around her.

Moore’s faith plays a huge role in her life and she is involved with several faith-based charities. With “Athletes in Action” Moore sees first hand how her influence and words can change people’s lives and help them discover their path and purpose. Moore has also been known to auction off her game-worn Jordans and Kobes for the charity United Way Worldwide.

8 Devil: The Bella Twins

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Nikki and Brie Bella are a pair of hot tag team professional wrestlers for the WWE who go by the title “The Bella Twins.” Both of these girls are former Diva Champions and both of these girls are notorious for wearing next to nothing in front of the camera. The two girls have been a part of some major drama since they entered the WWE in 2007. Nikki and Brie have always been paired together, though at one point they had a major feud against each other.

The Bella Twins have sort of been used in the most steamy storylines of the WWE, and have revealed several dirty secrets about the business, including what it is like in the showers after the matches. Granted, it had more to do about cockroaches and man-stench than anything too intimate.

7 Angel: Simone Biles

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The 2016 Olympic gymnast individual all-around, vault and floor gold medalist is only 20-years-old. Simone Biles is forever grateful for her time on the Olympic team as a member of the “Final Five.” This Catholic athlete realizes she is extremely lucky and her experience is something she will cherish in heart forever.

Biles and her sister Adria were adopted by their grandmother at a very young age. Biles credits her grandma for teaching her how to be respectful and prayerful. She inspires so many young aspiring athletes. Biles uses her life’s journey as her own inspiration and has given back in a major way to other foster kids by pairing up with Mattress Firm Foster Kids. Their mission is to collect donated items that will help the kids and families tremendously.

6 Devil: Alana Blanchard

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Alana Blanchard is a professional surfer and model. She has surfed on the ASP World Tour and designs surfing wetsuits for Rip Curl. When she’s modelling, she’s usually wearing a skimpy bikini. Her fit body has led her to being renowned by men everywhere, She even has her biography featured on Playboy’s website and her sensual curves are all over the internet.

However, Blanchard’s “stimulating” photo sessions landed her in some hot water during the “Fappening Photo Crime.” A few years ago, several celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked and their personal nudies were leaked to the web and Blanchard was among the unfortunate group that also included actress Jennifer Lawrence. While Blanchard hasn’t exactly been shy with her body before, this was obviously a different situation.

5 Angel: Morgan Pressel

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Turning pro at just 17-years-old, Morgan Pressel is the youngest winner of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) major championship ever. This pro-golfer continues golf professionally 12 years later. Pressel is another female athlete who lets her faith play a huge role in her personal life and professional career.

Pressel has helped found the Morgan Pressel Foundation to help fight breast cancer. Pressel’s mother suffered from breast cancer and passed away at an early age. Pressel uses the foundation to help aid and support patients and research for a cure; they have raised over $5 million so far! The foundation holds an annual event called “Morgan and Friends Tournament” as one of their biggest fundraisers. “We want to end those tearful kitchen-table conversations where Daddy tells three young children that Mommy is sick,” Pressel explains on the foundation website.

4 Devil: Ellen Hoog

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Ellen Hoog is a Dutch field hockey player who isn’t to be messed with. She’s tough on the field and even tougher off. Hoog has been photographed for Sport’s Illustrated and pivoted up as being one of the hottest field hockey players ever! She’s been dubbed “Hockey’s Pinup Girl” and her Olympic team was called the “most beautiful team in sport.”

This “Wonder Woman of the Field” has not issues showcasing her athletic physique for all the world to see. When she was featured in Sports Illustrated, it looked like more of a swimsuit model shoot than a sports player profile. Hoog has been quoted as saying she likes modelling but she likes hockey more. That’s easy to understand since she is an Olympic gold medalist for the sport.

3 Angel: Allyson Felix

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Growing up in a very strong Christian home shaped the person track and field sprinter Allyson Felix is today. She is an extremely talented athlete and is a six-time Olympic gold medalist. Felix is very open about her faith and credits her parents for being such great role models. She has explained she continuously tries to grow in her relationship with God.

Felix is an ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network. When she isn’t training, she enjoys spending her time spreading the word about the network’s cause and visiting with sick children. Felix is an athlete who recognizes her life’s blessings and always goes back to her home roots to share with others that with hard work and true dedication, dreams do come true.

2 Devil: Paige Spiranac

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Paige Spiranac is a professional golfer who is better known for her undeniable beauty and revealing clothing. She is a big player in the social media world and shares all sorts of private details on her life. Spiranac is outspoken at best and has trash talked the entire LPGA over their recent dress code changes. One of their more controversial changes was baring “plunging necklines.”

This could greatly affect Spiranac since she is notorious for her scandalous attire while playing golf. She likes to wear form-fitting, skimpy clothing that showoff all of her best assets. Even though this pro-golfer doesn’t currently have a spot on the LPGA tour, she is deemed too attractive for the tour. It’s not really any surprise that she’s also been rumoured to have photos leaked online.

1 Angel: Caroline Wozniacki

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When Caroline Wozniacki isn’t rocking it on the tennis court, she can be found giving back to those in need. She loves finding ways to support and empower youth. Wozniaki is a steadfast tennis player who never gives up a fight no matter the hardships she faces. The Danish athlete once held the world number one on the WTA Tour for 67 weeks. She is currently planning on making a major comeback in the Australian Open.

Wozniacki’s family has played a major role in her career. She credits them with teaching her how to survive in tough situations and believes her fiancé, former Knicks baller David Lee, has also helped her in her profession with his undying support. With her resilient attitude and charitable nature, Wozniacki is the perfect role model.


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