10 Female Athletes We Used To Crush On, But Don't Anymore And 5 We Still Do

Over the years we’ve seen some great athletes across a range of different sports. These athletes aren’t just considered to be great due to their sporting prowess, but they’re famous, have acquired decent fan followings because they’re hot. It might seem crude, but let’s face it, female athletes get lots of attention if they’re considered to be hot. Whether that’s how it should be or not, that’s a debate for another day. A lot of athletes achieve instant fame when they come onto the sporting scene because of their looks. Their beauty, physiques, means they’re picked up instantly, gain tremendous fan followings. Some of these women get more attractive over the years. But some don't. This could be because of a number of reasons. For some, their looks diminish. Some have been caught in uncompromising positions, or have gone through ordeals or scandals, meaning we’ve come to see them in a different light.

For some of them, it’s just a case of them no longer being the new star on the block; new women have entered the fray, surpassing these athletes. In some cases, the sultry women we once drooled over remain ever-beautiful, are still thought of as some of the hottest athletes on the planet. These are 10 female athletes we once drooled over and ogled at but no longer do, and 5 we still think are sultry athletes.


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When Maria Sharapova burst onto the scene and started winning titles as a teenager, what seems like many moons ago now, people quickly became obsessed with the Russian beauty. During those initial stages, people were besotted with her – you couldn’t exactly say that she was hot. But it was evident that she would blossom, and that she certainly did. She became one of the hottest players on tour, but now, that’s not really the case. We used to put the TV on mute so as not to hear her grunting, just watch her in action, but I doubt many people would even do that anymore.

We’ve seen some not so glorious pics of Maria over the years that have changed our perceptions of her. Without having her face plastered in makeup, she looks like a totally different person. Also, her recent doping ban has meant that people are no longer really enamored. It might also be the case that there have been tons of beautiful women who’ve graced the WTA tour, and so people have their new favorites.


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Ronda Rousey’s someone who hasn’t always been deemed to be hot. When she started out fighting MMA and in the UFC, there was never any doubt about her prowess as a fighter, but she wasn’t exactly a looker. She’s an athlete who’s no stranger to getting body shamed, and when she’s all sweaty, her hair’s all tussled, and she’s got cuts and bruises all over her face, it’s hard to see the attraction. But that all changed when she posed for ESPN's “The Body Issue.” Suddenly people were going gaga over Ronda Rousey the beautiful woman, not just Ronda Rousey the UFC superstar.

We’ve seen her get really down in the dumps after two successive losses, and the aura around her when she was unstoppable has disappeared. Ronda still gets all glammed up for the odd movie she appears in, but she doesn't have it all like she did a couple of years ago.


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Ice hockey isn’t exactly a global sport. But even in countries where it’s not played, it’s not really viewed or followed, people still know one name – Hilary Knight. I’ll be honest here; I know about Hillary Knight, even though I have no clue about her ice hockey career, her stats, or anything like that. It’d be easy enough to find out, but I like many other, don’t really give a toss about her stats. She’s one of the hottest athletes on the planet - that’s why she’s acquired such a fan following. And that’s mostly down to the ridiculously steamy photoshoots she’s done. Her beauty’s evident on the ice, but just shines through when she adorns a sultry spread in a magazine. That ESPN issue in which she posed au naturel – wow! You just can’t get any hotter pictures than that.


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A lot of you might be thinking that I need my head examined with what I’m about to write. Brace yourselves; I’ve never rated Caroline Wozniacki to be as hot as everyone makes out. I reckon she’s seriously overrated in the looks department. I appreciate that those shoots she’s done for Sports Illustrated, and her various other photoshoots, are seriously stunning. But that was some ago, and the appeal’s gradually worn off. Those who drooled over her when those pics were released, fair enough. But now, many attractive players are on the WTA scene, and it’s hard to put Caroline in the same category she used to be. Players like Garbiñe Muguruza and Eugenie Bouchard have emerged and less attention's been given to Wozniacki.


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Danica Patrick’s been around for a hell of a long time, over a decade in fact. As a stock car racing driver, she’s established herself as one of the best in the world. Her list of achievements, accolades, is never ending. You can add her career out of the car, as a media personality, model, actress and spokeswoman to that too. Understandably, it’s meant we’ve seen a lot of Danica, posing in sultry attire and looking all fabulous. But Danica’s now in her mid-30s, and that sex appeal’s beginning to wear off. She’s probably still one of the hottest women in the sport of racing, but that doesn’t mean people are still drooling over her. She’s getting slightly older, and the adrenaline-fueled sport of stock car racing is starting to take its toll. We’ve also seen various bouts of controversy when it comes to Danica. She’s a bolshie woman, speaks her minds, but sometimes, goes too far. People have commented on their being an ugly side to her personality, and that’s resulted in no more drooling over Danica.


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Whitney Miller’s a bit of a Jill of all trades kind of woman. She hasn’t just been involved in one sport, she’s tried her hand at plenty of different things. At college, her career as a professional sportswoman began. She became a professional wake surfer, gained a sponsor, and her face began getting picked up. This marked the start of her modeling career. She entered the Miss Texas United States pageant, won the overall, and the won the swimsuit award. From then on it was more modeling for Whitney. She’s appeared in some seriously sultry shoots over the years, and she’s still looking fabulous. Whitney also went on to do some MMA, and boxing, and has since become a reporter; that's just as well.

9 No More - HOPE SOLO

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Hope Solo’s regarded as being one of the best goalkeepers in the world. For the American soccer team, she’s been a stalwart between the sticks, has numerous accolades to her name, and was regarded to be one of the hottest players on the pitch. Seriously, what’s up with the women’s American soccer team – it seems as if they just breed sultry beauties. Hope Solo also gained fame because of the sultry shoots she’s partaken in. But she’s getting on a bit now. She’s now in the twilight of her career at the age of 36, and although she’s still attractive, some character issues have risen that lends concern. She’s been involved in numerous bouts of controversy which leads people to believe she’s a bit of a loose cannon. Like I mentioned, there are also other attractive soccer players in the American team, and these women have become the focus of people’s attention.


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When basketball player, Skylar Diggins, first started appearing on court, people just couldn’t get enough of her. They were infatuated with her, although having said that, she’s never really cut a dashing figure on court. But off the court, due to pics she posts, when she’s got her glad rags on and is out and about, she cuts a dashing figure, was incredibly beautiful. Endorsement deals seemingly fell into her lap, and numerous modeling opportunities came her way. As she’s gotten older, her looks haven’t diminished in any way. But in the past year, she got married. Since then, she seems to be focusing more on her family life, and hasn’t been preoccupied with taking part in sultry shoots. We’re no longer getting to see Skylar in the same light, which means no more drooling, which is a real shame for Skylar and basketball fans.


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Another reason why people no longer drool over Skylar Diggins, is because there are now plenty of sultry women playing in the WNBA. It’s now no longer all about Skylar – other women have become the focus of people’s attention. One of these women, is Elena Delle Donne. Even if you’re not a fan of women’s basketball – this pic will definitely spark your interest – set eyes on Elena Delle Donne and you’ll be able to appreciate why she’s gained a tremendous amount of popularity. She’s drop-dead gorgeous in every which way; her beauty, body, that toothy smile – she has to be up there as one of the most stunning athletes around. She's also much taller than the average woman, being around 6'5, so that just adds something that not many other women could match.


Serena Williams is a bit of an odd one, in terms of how people have viewed her over the years. During her younger days, and the initial stages of her career, she wasn’t really thought of as a tennis beauty. As the years rolled by, she garnered split opinions. That’s because she’s not your stereotypical svelte, dainty looking female tennis player. Serena’s all muscle, something a lot of people could find quite intimidating. On the other hand, that’s what’s made Serena Williams the hottest person on the court in some people’s eyes. Those muscles and eye-popping assets has been what’s made people drool over her. But now, she’s on a hiatus from the game. So, it’s safe to assume there’s been no drooling over Serena recently, but perhaps the ogling and drooling will start again in the future when she gets her body back and gets back in action.


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How many of you knew who Allison Stokke is? If you do know of her, it’s probably because of articles like this one – hottest athletes etc. But those articles tend to be from many years ago. It was a decade ago in 2007, that her popularity really took off. An internet frenzy ensued when people first set eyes on Allison pole vaulting. It led to her being sexualized, something which she didn’t take too kindly too. But over the years, there have been new athletes that have taken people’s attention. Allison’s athletic career has slowed down, meaning we don’t get to see much of her on the track – which is why people took to Allison in the first place – anymore.

The fact that she didn’t embrace the attention she garnered for her looks means there aren’t too many sultry pics of her out there either. She hasn’t given some fans what they want, and so people have gradually begun to lose interest.

4 Still Do - LINDSEY VONN 

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A lot of people first became aware of Lindsey Vonn when she began dating the troubled golfing superstar, Tiger Woods. That’s actually a travesty, because Lindsey shouldn’t be known just for her association with Tiger. She’s done plenty throughout her career, other than dating Tiger. But one thing she’s always been known for is her looks. It’s a shame she has to wear all of that clothing on the ski slopes, but when she's off the hills, her beauty’s unveiled, and what a beautiful woman she is. She’s the face of alpine skiing, and there aren’t many better faces around that’d get people watching, attract people to the sport. Some of the photoshoots she’s done has also endeared her to the public, and she’s definitely up there as being one of the hottest athletes around.

3 No More - HALEY COPE 

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Haley Cope is now in her late 30s and has fallen off the radar. She’s now no longer a competitive swimmer. Her family life takes precedence and everything else seems to have taken a backseat. That’s partly why people no longer drool over her, because we don’t get to see her, or not as much as we’d like to anyway. Being 38 and popping out four kids has taken its toll too – she no longer possesses the svelte, athletic physique that made her famous. She achieved fame, and people began drooling over Haley, in 2004. In 2004, Haley Cope, the sexy female swimmer was unveiled. It was all because of that shoot for Hugh Hefner. She posed for the esteemed men's mag in what was one memorable spread.


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Gabrielle Reece is a bit of a Jill of all trades kind of woman. She’s known primarily for her volleyball career; actually, I say that, but it’s fair to assume that a whole lot of people know her primarily for the sultry shoots she’s done in the buff, and the various others she’s posed for. There’s the volleyball, she tried to make it as a pro golfer, she’s published books, has appeared in movies, and of course, there’s the modeling. She’s 47 now, and credit where credit’s due, she’s still in terrific shape. But she’ll always be known, in the eyes of many people anyway, for those glorious shoots. She possessed one sultry physique at the time, looked like a glamor model, and it’s something that’ll live long in the memory. People probably still drool over those pics, but not any recent ones.

1 Still Do - ELLEN HOOG

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Dutch field hockey player, Ellen Hoog, is widely considered to be the hottest female athlete on the planet, or amongst them at the very least. She’s hot stuff alright, just sizzling from top to toe, and is cute, has that girl next door look about her too, which just enhances her sex appeal. Field hockey isn’t a massive sport in terms of its worldwide popularity, but Ellen’s certainly added to it’s fanbase. She stands out like a beacon of light, radiating beauty, just as she always has done, ever since she first took to the hockey field. Ellen’s 31 but looks like she could be in her mid-20s. She’s got a lot still left in her, and hopefully for our sake, she continues wowing fans, on the field and in front of the camera, for a long time yet.

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