10 Female Athletes Who Are Wild (And 5 Who Are Pure)

There are some female athletes who really show off their cardio skills when the lights go down and the doors are closed. Like Trish Stratus, who's been open about her ability to keep going for a significant period of time; though it may give her husband a serious struggle! There is even Paige, who managed to have the energy to take two WWE superstars home with her. And now that she's newly single, who knows what the future holds?

Paige also didn't intend to let you see her without her clothes on, but that isn't the case for several of our gorgeous athletes who've bared it all willingly. Some, like Torrie Wilson, on multiple occasions and others like Sunny and Chyna who even dabbled in the other "film industry". Though Kelly Kelly's alleged history may leave her more experienced than any other woman on our list!

But you don't get one side of the list, without also realizing there are some athletes who could not be more opposite to their more open colleagues. Like famed gymnast Gabby Douglas who puts religion at the forefront of her life. Or the inspirational amputee Bethany Hamilton, who has only ever kissed her husband. NHL player Brooks Laich and professional dancer Julianne Hough also teamed up to preach purity prior to tying the knot.

These are the 10 female athletes who are wild (and 5 who are pure).

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15 Wild. Amanda Beard: Most Decorated Athlete To Pose For Hef

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Amanda Beard is one of the most talented and decorated Olympians of all-time. Amanda Beard's wildness isn't found in her dating life, as she's married to photographer Sacha Brown and has two children. But Beard definitely acted in a "wild" manner when she became arguably the biggest athlete in the world to strip it all off for Playboy. Perhaps not surprisingly, many people rushed to buy the magazine and see what she looked like without her medals draped around her neck! Beard also embraced her beauty when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. But is it shocking that the swimmer looked good in a swimsuit?! Amanda is wild and we are loving every minute of it!

14 Wild: Lindsey Vonn Was With Wild Tiger Woods For Years

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Lindsey Vonn has recently separated from her boyfriend of one year, Kenan Smith. Prior to that, she also engaged in a 3-year relationship with Tiger Woods. And while we don't know how wild Vonn is, we know plenty about how wild Woods is.

Former mistresses of Woods have indicated that not only is Woods packing a pretty hefty Driver, but that he also had tremendous stamina. One source who talked to TMZ also said Tiger also allegedly always made sure he had "entertainment" downloaded on his phone. Whether that played into his antics with Lindsey something we can only speculate about. On her own end, Vonn also sent Woods several photos without clothing on that were leaked earlier this year and has also appeared in only body paint for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

13 Pure: Gabby Douglas Always Makes Sure To Praise

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When you think back to the 2012 Olympic games in London, one of your first memories may be of the "Fierce Five" women who formed the U.S gymnastics team. Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber were all tremendous; but only one of them is "pure" by our list's standards.

Douglas has been open in the past about the importance of religion (and being a Christian) has in her life, saying "I love sharing my story and I love sharing about my faith. God has given me this amazing God-given talent, so I'm going to go out and glorify his name". While this is incredibly noble, we can't help but feel jealous toward the lucky man who will land this talented good girl!

12 Wild: Caroline Wozniacki Showing Off For Several Magazines

via vogue.com

Caroline Wozniacki is often seen working up a sweat on the tennis court, but even then, it's evident how gorgeous she is. So naturally when she appears in things like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or Vogue magazine, that beauty is going to be dialled up even higher.

Especially when Wozniacki is wild enough to appear in nothing but body paint! That's not the only time she's bared it all though, as she has also appeared in the ESPN Body Issue. If you're wondering who the lucky guy is that gets to see her up close and personal, Wozniacki recently announced her engagement to NBA player David Lee. This is the second engagement for Wozniacki, who was previously set to marry professional golfer Rory McIlroy.

11 Wild: Paige Took On Two Superstars

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There are some women on our list who have willingly shown the world their birthday suit. Some of them on a variety of occasions. But while you may know all about Paige's tumultuous personal life, it wasn't her who put it all out there for the tabloids to eat up. Paige had several intimate photos and videos leaked earlier in the year showing just how wild she, Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods can get. Paige talked about the situation on Twitter, saying "Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent." This situation is actualy quite sad, as she never wanted any of this to go public. What is public knowledge however is Paige's tendency to tend to ride on the wild side, and we love her for it!

10 Pure: Bethany Hamilton Has Only Ever Kissed One Man

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When Bethany Hamilton was 13 years old, a shark attack left her with one less arm. But rather than let that deter her dreams of becoming a professional surfer, Hamilton surged on more determined than ever. At the time of her accident, 2003, Hamilton had already started making a name in the industry. Amazingly, in 2004 she won the NSSA National Competition and was awarded an ESPY for Comeback Athlete of the Year.

She has continued to compete, including coming 3rd in Fiji's Women's Pro back in 2016. Married in 2013, Hamilton may be the purest athlete on our list! “I also wanted to honor God with the way that I approached [getting married]. I definitely was patient and I didn’t mess around and [my husband is] the only guy I’ve ever kissed," said Hamilton.

9 Wild: Trish Stratus Has Been Open About Her Cardio

via wwe.com

Trish Stratus has been married to Ron Fisico since 2006. He was actually her high school sweetheart, which means that he may be the only man whose ever gone all the way with Stratus. Stratus has also never bared it all. Which may have you thinking, shouldn't she land on the "pure" side? Not so fast! Especially when you read that she has bared the truth on her intimate life that includes the fact that she can get loud, can go pretty long and often enjoys being in control! Full-on nudity or not, Stratus' career was still full of moments that made it easy to see she is such a bombshell. She's also admitted she doesn't mind walking around in the buff at home, so at least Ron gets a constant view!

8 Wild: Kelly Kelly Was Allegedly With As Many As 10 Wrestlers

via timexplore.com

Kelly Kelly's debut gimmick of "Extreme Expose" made it abundantly clear from the beginning that the WWE knew audiences were going to find her desirable. But according to Randy Orton, the fans weren't the only ones who couldn't get enough of her. In an interview with KUPD, Orton admitted that he could name at least 10 guys that had "method acted" with Kelly Kelly.

Kelly's high-profile relationships include ones with Batista, Test, and former NHL player Sheldon Souray. Randy Orton immediately apologized for his comments, "The fact that she has dated a few guys I work with doesn't make her a bad person and is also none of my or anyone else's business." Bad move aside, it doesn't make Kelly Kelly any more wholesome in our eyes. And there is nothing wrong with that!

7 Pure: Julianne Hough Waited For Good Reasons

via twitter.com

Julianne Hough is a woman of many talents, but her athleticism was perhaps never put on display more than when she appeared on Dancing With the Stars. Did we say appear on? Perhaps more appropriately, we should say she won twice before going on to appear as a judge! Hough's athleticism may have been what helped attract her husband Brooks Laich (who just happens to be an NHL player) to her. But Hough talked in the past about how the big moment was something she wanted to save until marriage,

“I want to be with that special person. I think [the choice] to have [relations] before marriage is an individual one, but if you’re just with one person, it’s only for one good reason, and [waiting] will strengthen that relationship. I’m not trying to preach consequences here, but I think when you say no, down the line it will be a better decision."

6 Wild: Torrie Wilson Can Be Dominant

When you take a trip down memory lane and think about some of Torrie Wilson's biggest moments in the WWE, many of them may involve her wearing clothing that leaves little to the imagination. The era that she was apart of definitely emphasized their Divas' bodies, including having Wilson appear in Playboy.

It was clearly a positive experience the first time around, as Wilson later re-appeared in the magazine. Wilson has also opened up in the past about her bedroom life, including the fact that she doesn't mind being dominant once in a while. Her main relationship in the past was one with Alex Rodriguez, but she currently appears to be single.

5 Wild: Chyna Spiralled Out Of Control

via stimg.com

Chyna unfortunately is no longer with us as we're sure you know. That doesn't mean her life wasn't full of plenty of wild moments. This includes posing for Playboy, having a tape with X-Pac get leaked, and even dabbling in the "other" film industry.

But when you get the offer to play She-Hulk in a movie how do you turn that down?! On a positive note, Chyna was seemingly happy with her decision to enter the industry. Considering she didn't exactly leave the WWE on the best of terms, we're glad she was able to at least find ways to fulfill her passion in other routes. While society may have frowned upon it, it was ultimately her decision. We are just sad she couldn't have been with us longer.

4 Pure: Lolo Jones' Waited For Marriage

via wikifeet.com

Lolo Jones not only has kicked some serious butt as an American hurdler, but she's also managed to appear on the U.S. bobsled team! Perhaps she had time to focus on her athletic goals because she wasn't busy being distracted by other things.

Along with saying she was waiting until marriage due to her Evangelical Christian beliefs, Jones also tried to get people to boycott 50 Shades of Grey saying that it caused people to think that pleasurable experiences will relieve emotional pain. Perhaps that day will come for Jones, but until then she's admitted it is something she is looking forward to. She has said: “Some people medicate pain by being more and more physical to where if they are ever alone they can’t feel any peace." You have to admire her dedication!

3 Wild: Maria Kanellis In Public

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Maria Kanellis' mattress isn't all too busy in terms of new partners coming in and out (at least as far as we know), as she got married to Mike Bennett back in 2014 and they've been together since 2011. But Kanellis has been more than open in the past about her intimate habits, including saying she has had experience getting intimate in a variety of public places, such as on the balcony at a hotel! And considering how often wrestlers travel, perhaps that's something she has experienced more than once. She better be careful though, or her career may involve an arrest for public indecency! Kanellis has also posed for magazines, as seen above. It's no surprise she can easily find a willing partner to Tango with!

2 Wild: Sunny Has Offered Shows For Fans

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Sunny had several accomplishments in the ring, but when it comes to her most exciting moments, they may have happened behind closed doors. She has allegedly been with several stars, including having a significant relationship with fellow wrestler Shawn Michaels.

Sunny has embraced her fame and looks even more in her post-ring career, including appearing in a less than wholesome film. It was also rumoured that at one point in time Sunny would offer fans a webcam show that for $100 would entitle the viewer to a very thorough look at Sunny. Yikes, we're sure in those moments she may have wished she had saved some of her money from her time in the company!

1 Pure: Danica Patrick Went Back To Back Serious Relationships

via lifetailored.com

Danica Patrick is one of the most inspirational athletes in the entire world. But when it comes to her personal life, Patrick definitely tends to keep her details close to her chest. And while she's embraced her wild side for GoDaddy, as you've seen by now that's nothing in comparison to the wild ladies on the other side of the list!

Patrick's also been pretty steady in her dating life, going from a marriage to Paul Hospenthal that lasted from 2005-2013, into a relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr. that is still ongoing. While her previous marriage may make her hesitant to tie the knot again, perhaps it is something that is just around the corner for the two of them. She may not have been "pure" until marriage, but she does seem to stay on the straight and narrow in terms of her low-profile love life.

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