10 Female Athletes Who Aren't As Attractive As People Claim And 10 Who Don't Get Enough Love

Everyone seems to be a sports analyst now a days. Every fan that watched some sort of professional sports or even recreational sports has a comment about every little thing that is going on around them. "This guy stinks!" "Why is this guy still managing this team?" "Why didn't they run the ball at the two yard line?" The list goes on and on. Nobody will ever be right about everything that goes on in professional sports. For female fans, they can even get into heated debates about which professional athletes look best in their uniforms. In New England, one debate between women is whose better looking: Tom Brady or Julian Edelman? It just goes to show what types of aspects in sports can be discussed. One thing that always seems to be discussed is the physical appeal of female professional athletes to men.

You've seen them all before. The WNBA players that put their hearts on the floor every single night, the USA Women's National Team running and sliding for the pride of their country, etc. These women work extremely hard and still get judged on their looks more than anything it seems. This list takes a look at a few different aspects. It examines which women people will typically say are good-looking, but might be just a bit overrated. The other side looks at how beautiful some of these athletes are even more so than they are given credit for. Without further adieu, let us examine 10 women who are not as hot as people claim and 10 women who are hotter than others realize.

20 Not As Attractive - Carli Lloyd


The United States Women's National Soccer Team is definitely a team full of size, speed, and beauty. This woman however seems to get more attention than she deserves. Carli Lloyd is a midfielder that has been a consistent piece of the U.S. National Team's recent success. Lloyd definitely does her job on the field. In 2016 in friendly matches, she scored 11 goals in nine games. So Lloyd definitely knows how to put the ball in the back of the net. However, when it comes to attractiveness; she is not top notch.

She has other teammates that outshine her in looks such as Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux who will be looked at later on. If they weren't on the team, Lloyd would probably stand out more. But they do and people need to stop referencing how hot Lloyd is when there are plenty of other viable options to consider.

19 More Than You Realize - Jennie Finch


Softball girls get some of the worst reputations known in sports. They get known as these big, brutal girls that aren't the most friendly to look at. This girl definitely didn't seem to get in line behind other girls with that rumored reputation. Jennie Finch won the hearts of many, including a lot of men during her run as a U.S. Softball pitcher in the mid 2000's. She helped the U.S. finish with the Gold in the 2004 Athens Olympics and finish with the Silver in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The 6'1 Finch had the tall legs and beautiful blond hair flowing through the wind that could drive a man crazy. She also is strong in her Christian faith, believing she should be a role model to the younger generation. An unbelieveable pitcher and genuinely good-hearted woman? That is definitely a combination that should be recognized more, making Finch hotter than people realize.

18 Not As Attractive - Cat Osterman


Some softball girls can pull off playing and being beautiful like Finch. However, this woman couldn't seem to pull both of those tasks off. Cat Osterman was the tall dominant pitcher that was America's daughter on the diamond before Finch bursted onto the scene. Osterman made quite the name for herself on the diamond. In her professional career, she was 96-24 with an ERA of under one. That is simply unthinkable to be able to shut out opponents more often than not. For what Osterman could do on the diamond, she couldn't really show her sparkle off of the diamond. Osterman is 6'3 which in ones opinion is a bit too tall.

She also seems to have the "Plain Jane" look giving off of her. She doesn't seem to try too hard with make-up and goes natural most of the time. Whatever she is doing didn't seem to work, so it was hard to believe a lot of men were in love with her during her playing days.

17 More Than You Realize - Erin Phillips


Female basketball players have a very interesting dynamic when it comes to their looks. Some look really slender and sexy while others seem to be on the bigger, more dominant side. This woman definitely falls under the first set of assumptions. Erin Phillips is a 5'8 guard that knows a bit about success in basketball and in life. She was a two time WNBA Champion in 2012 and 2014 along with playing for the Australian National Team on multiple occasions. She definitely is hotter than people give her credit for. She is only 5'8, which is a very good height for men to deal with rather than a woman 6 feet and up. Her blonde hair and toned legs also give her a mysterious elegance about her. She also has a beautiful wife and two children which she loves. A family woman and someone with that athletic ability is definitely hotter than people realize.

16 Not As Attractive - Sarah Backman

Has anyone ever had that nightmare in middle school where the girl destroys you in an arm wrestling competition? Well, this woman definitely could have made it a reality. Sarah Backman used to be a world renowned arm wrestler who was the Swedish Arm Wrestling Champion eleven times in her career. She also made appearances in the WWE. This woman is not as hot as people might think because she appears to be a bit too muscular for the common man. Sure, some men like to be restrained and dominated by a beautiful woman, but for people to call her smoking frequently is a bit obsessive. But if Backman came into your room and her muscles were on full display, you wouldn't be the least bit scared? Doubt it. Her blonde hair and pink lips definitely have potential, but her muscles take up too much of the attention. Congratulations Sarah on getting to be that ripped, personally not one's desire but you have your husband so it all works out.

15 More Than You Realize - Lauren Chamberlain

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If anybody remembers Oklahoma Softball, they remember the magical 2013 season that resulted in a Division One National Championship. If anybody was truly paying attention, they would have noticed the star of the show was their star First Baseman. Lauren Chamberlain was a force to be reckoned with on the softball diamond. She set the Big-12 season home-run record as a freshman. As a sophomore, she led the nation in home-runs. Sooner fans were thrilled at the fact they had a girl that could knock the ball out of the ballpark at any given time. However, what really goes under the radar is how good-looking she really is. She is a brunette with a smile that was seen on multiple occasions, while playing the game she loves at the biggest level. People will definitely look at Chamberlain different if they ever choose to watch fast pitch softball and see her on the screen, beauty and all.

14 Not As Attractive - Lauren Jackson

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Lauren seems to be a very popular name currently around the world. Some women named Lauren end up being extremely breath-taking. Others just do not seem to make the cut. This athlete is one of those girls that seems to be more hype than anything. Lauren Jackson is a former professional basketball player that had a very accomplished career. She was a two time WNBA champion and was also a three time scoring champion in the league as well. For everything she accomplished on the court, her looks weren't exactly keeping up off of it. Her face isn't as good as some of the other names on this list and she is also 6'5.

If she was dating Gordon Hayward or DeAndre Jordan, she would be fine. For everyone else, she would seem to be a giant. There is nothing she can do about her height, but for someone who was hyped to be as beautiful as she was good; she didn't hold up to standard.

13 More Than You Realize - Hilary Knight


One sport that fans don't typically see beautiful women in is hockey. Some would think it is because of blatantly obvious reasons: it is too aggressive, too physical, etc. This girl seems to be handling professional hockey no problem and looking good doing it. Hilary Knight is a forward that can just about do anything hockey related. She skates fast, hits hard, and knows how to score. She led the Wisconsin Badgers to a runner-up finish her freshman season. Her sophomore season saw her leading the team in points and leading them to a National Championship as well. She currently plays for the Boston Pride in the NWHL and boy does she look amazing doing it. The 5'11 brunette is an absolutely astonishing looking woman who hardly gets any love. Her 1st love may be hockey, but maybe some lucky fan will realize she is hotter than people realize and make her gain a second love.

12 Not As Attractive - Lindsey Vonn


Some girls seem to like older guys with a bad reputation based on past endeavors. This girl seemed to get in line with other women who have followed down this path. Lindsey Vonn is an Alpine Skier that has dominated the slopes. She has won three gold medals in her professional career, the most recent one being at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. For every good decision that she made to have a successful skiing career. She made one choice that didn't look too wise when it came to her dating life. Vonn was known to be dating professional golfer Tiger Woods, after all of the backlash he got for his cheating allegations against his former wife.

The fact that Vonn would date somebody like that makes one question her character and morals. Overall, she is a cute girl but she isn't as great as somebody says and might not pick the best men in the world.

11 More Than You Realize - Danica Patrick


NASCAR racing is a sport that hasn't gotten much attention throughout the years. But this hottie may have come onto the track at just the right time. If fans have ever watched sports, they have probably seen the GoDaddy commercials. In those GoDaddy commercials is Danica Patrick. Patrick is a NASCAR driver that certainly deserves a lot of credit. At 5'2 and only 100 pounds, she definitely has to be tough to endure crashes going at high velocities and have the right state of mind to be able to keep her mind on the race despite doing countless laps. She does have one win in her IndyCar Series Career, but is still looking for her second career win. Patrick could drop the sport right now and model for any lucky modeling agency that wants to have her. She is definitely one that needs to get more credit for her looks and her profession.

10 Not As Attractive - Hope Solo


Soccer girls tend to have a good reputation of being beautiful and model citizens. It is a shame this U.S. National Women's Team hero didn't understand what that meant. Hope Solo was the backbone in the back of the net for several Olympics and FIFA World Cups. However, she got into some trouble that makes her very unattractive. She was involved with domestic assault against her nephew that made worldwide news. Eventually, she was relieved of all the charges. But, it has to make fans wonder whether she is a woman just trying to play some soccer or a hostile, person waiting to attack at any second? Fans probably would not want to fool around with Solo as it can get violent. Whatever the case may be, she is definitely not as attractive as everyone makes her out to be.

9 More Than You Realize - Alex Morgan


There is attractive, and then there is extremely attractive. This woman can probably be put into a category that is past extremely attractive. Alex Morgan came onto the scene between 2008-2012 as one of the youngest members of the U.S. National Team. She was given the nickname "Baby Horse" because she was fast, could change directions in a hurry, and was also very young. In 2012 during international play, she scored 28 goals and recorded 21 assists as well in her peak year. But with her beautiful brunette hair and award winning smile, she can light up a room anywhere. She is married to a professional soccer player so unfortunately she is off-limits. She still is one of the best-looking players on that team with some Sydney Leroux fans potentially arguing that point as well. But fans can still enjoy pictures of her, wondering why they didn't think she was this attractive before.

8 Not As Attractive - Candace Parker


Most Valuable Player awards are nice to acquire. Championships are also nice to acquire. But for men, it is more arousing for men to see those happen to good-looking players. This player is definitely not as good-looking as people make her out to be. Candace Parker is a 6'4 guard that has burst onto the scene ever since she entered the league in 2008. She won the coveted Rookie of the Year award while changing the culture of the Los Angeles Sparks. Parker is a two time WNBA MVP and has won a championship in her star-studded career. There is just something about Parker that doesn't look quite right. The height is a given considering she is taller than a lot of men around the world. Her toned arms are definitely scary to the fan who hasn't gone to the gym a day in his life. There is a lot of respect for what Candace Parker has done during her playing career. But looks wise, she doesn't make the cut like people think she should.

7 More Than You Realize - Ronda Rousey


She has been known for her devastating arm-locks and killer kicks. She also has been known to sizzle up the screen in commercials and movies such as "Entourage". Rousey made a career for herself in the ring. She was 12-2 with three wins coming by way of knockout and the other nine coming by the way of submission. As far as her amateur record goes, she is undefeated with a 3-0 record with all wins by way of submission. Her photos are second to none in terms of ravishing. Her legs and butt are parts that keep viewers eyes glued to the television sets. Unfortunately, she too is also recently married.

She married fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne in August of 2017, so she is recently off the market. Will she ever make a return to fighting? Only time will tell. But fans can realize she is hotter than people give her credit for with photos like this one.

6 Not As Attractive - Leilani Mitchell


It looks like we are sticking with the basketball theme of professional women athletes that are not as hot as people want to make them out to be. It is also another Australian-born WNBA and WNBL player that doesn't quite deserve the recognition she might be getting. Leilani Mitchell is a 5'5 guard that has played for both leagues and seemed to hold her own in both. In the WNBA, she was the most improved player during the 2010 season. When she made the switch to the WNBL, she took a leap. She made the starting five of the All-Star team in three seasons, a WNBL champion, and a Grand Final Most Valuable Player. But looks wise, they haven't improved much. Her face doesn't do it for the common fan. But somehow, people think she is very attractive? Very interesting logic. She will definitely find a husband that will love her for all she is. But right now, fans should realize Mitchell is certainly not as hot as a lot of fans make her out to be.

5 More Than You Realize - Sydney Leroux


She isn't an Alex Morgan, but she definitely has the looks to prove she belongs in the underrated category. She dominated when she was younger and now she is bringing her level of talent to the U.S. Women's National Team. Sydney Leroux was something special since her college days. At UCLA, she was the leading scorer for the Bruins for three straight seasons. During her time playing for the National Team, she has made 118 total appearances and has scored 59 goals which is fairly impressive. She is married to fellow soccer player Dom Dwyer and also has a child. Leroux at 27 is definitely still amazing to look at even while balancing soccer, a marriage, and a kid. To balance all of that is quite sexy. Her smile, tan skin, and brunette hair make it difficult to look past. Leroux will always be known as a soccer player with everything going for her, including being underrated in the looks department.

4 Not As Attractive - Skylar Diggins


The state of Indiana has come out with some quality basketball players throughout the years. Larry Bird and Steve Alford are just a few to list out of the basketball tradition seen throughout Indiana. One player that gets lost in the shuffle both in that regard and in looks is Skyler Diggins. Diggins has made a name for herself in the WNBA. She is a three time All-Star along while also earning WNBA's Most Improved Player in 2014. She definitely isn't as hot as people make her out to be. She had signed on to do some commercials for Nike in 2014, but those can be assumed to be based on Diggin's basketball ability rather than her looks. Nothing personal against Skylar, she has had a heck of a career and knows how to play the game of basketball. But fans have to stop saying how good-looking she is as one cannot really see it.

3 More Than You Realize - Elena Delle Donne


There has been a lot of bias toward downgrading the basketball players on this list because of their height. This is one occasion where we can look past the height just because everything else is flawless. Elena Delle Donne has seemed to taken the WNBA world and sports world by storm. Yes, she is a very intimidating 6'5. But she also has shown that in certain cases, tall can be beautiful. Now, we have to take a look at her dominance on the court first. Delle Donne was the WNBA MVP during the 2015 season. She has also been named to the First-Team all WNBA for two seasons along with being Rookie of the Year in 2013. Her blonde hair and beautiful eyes make her an enchanting site from the neck up. From the neck down, her flat stomach and long, slender legs make her the complete package. Look for Delle Donne to be dunking a ball very soon in a blowout and also realize how underrated she is as a beautiful woman.

2 Not As Attractive - Winifer Fernandez

One good photo can make for an endless amount of likes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. It seems like this athlete got that one good photo and everybody ran with it. Winifer Fernandez was a member of the Dominican Republic National Indoor Volleyball team. She made headlines and made jaws drop when a photo of her lying on the ground with her butt nicely on display leaked out. Now, having more photos of one girl that are seen is fine considering if they have a good modeling reputation. But for Fernandez, this seems to be a one-hit wonder that won't last too much longer. She definitely picked the right time for the camera to catch her looking away. For one good moment like that, it cannot be said for other photos she has taken. If Fernandez has other photos like this, she can be in consideration. But for now, she has to be viewed as somebody who isn't as hot as people make her out to be.

1 More Than You Realize - Blair O'Neal


The one sport that hardly gets any credit for their incredible looking women. Blair O'Neal is definitely the top of the top. She is probably the most underrated professional athlete in terms of looks one has ever seen. The body on display in her bikini in this picture is going to make fans want to research more steaming photos about her. She has won two career NCAA long-drive competitions and turned professional in 2004. Her assets in this photo are unbelievable. The sexy smirk and look of confidence in her face send a chill immediately down fan's spines. Though she hasn't been known to win majors, she will sure win hearts with her sexiness. The funniest part is fans will probably think she is not even underrated. One would bet not a lot of common sports fans have heard of Blair O'Neal. But after seeing this photo, fans will probably go right to Google and see what else they can find.

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