10 Female Golfers Who Aren't As Attractive As People Claim And 10 Who Don't Get Enough Love

Golf is a sport of class and finesse. It is one of those games that you will seldom see a person who is not a fan stop to watch while shuffling channels on a television. The reason behind that is because it takes some understanding for someone to really grasp the beauty of the game. For someone who is not a fan, a 2-foot putter and a 20-foot putter might look the same and not really seem like there is a difference in difficulty. Meanwhile, those of us who are fans of the sport know that to sink a 20-footer on a green that is not leveled is nothing short of attaining greatness for however long that swing took.

Even with that little hurdle stopping the sport from becoming more popular, golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Maybe it is because more countries actually have courses now, and the PGA and LPGA are trying their hardest to spread knowledge and try to reach more fans. Maybe it is because more people have stopped while shuffling their TV channels to try and understand why so many people watch golf. Either way, golf is on the rise, and female golf is growing even faster than their male counterpart.

What is most interesting about female golf is that where genders are concerned, this is one of the sports in which women can most easily make up for the physical handicap against men, and can provide the fans with incredible performances every weekend. There are also some beautiful ladies, which probably helps some guys stop and watch the golf channel every now and then.

20 Not As Attractive: Natalie Gulbis

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Since this list is all about us talking about female golfers who are not as attractive as people claim, and those who deserve a little more love than they actually get, what better way to start than with a statement that might sound like blasphemy to most of the people reading this? Yes, this is going to get controversial folks, so hold on tight to your seatbelts.

First a disclaimer, we are not saying that Natalie Gulbis is not hot or anything like that. What we’re here to say is that she is not as hot as people claim she is. And if you look at it more closely, you should be able to agree with us. This is a woman who has constantly been called the hottest golfer ever, and we don’t think she deserves that spot anymore.

19 Deserves More Love: Danielle Montgomery

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From an international legend who we deemed is not as hot as people think she is, we shift gears to a lady who made most of her golfing career in Europe and does not get as much love. Danielle Montgomery was born in Southampton, England in 1984, and she has been dazzling fans all around Europe since she became a professional.

Playing on the Ladies European Tour, her best result was a tie for second place at the 2012 South African Women’s Open. So, while we might get to take a look at some ladies who have more significant achievements than this British beauty, we do believe that Danielle Montgomery is one of the female golfers who does not get as much love as she deserves for her looks. Still, all we can do is sit and wait, hoping she gets a bid to play on the LPGA Tour and dazzle even more people.

18 Not As Attractive: Sandra Gal

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From England to Germany, the next lady we think is not as hot as people claim, is no one other than the German professional golfer, Sandra Gal. Despite being born in Germany, Gal has made most of her career in the United States as she played for the University of Florida at the collegiate level and hasn’t looked back since. Another interesting fact about this lady is that she was one of the women who got the chance to play in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio last year. Sure, she finished tied for 25th, but just saying you had a chance to play at the Olympics should be more than enough to earn you some points back home. Still, while her game speaks for itself, we don’t think Gal is quite as stunning as many of her fans will lead you to believe.

17 Deserves More Love: Paige Spiranac

Hey, if there is only one subject in women’s golf that we will not touch with a 10-foot pole, it is even considering to say Paige Spiranac is not as hot as everyone believes. Much on the contrary, we think that Paige does not get enough love for how stunning she is. This woman might just be the most beautiful golfer in the history of the sport.

Not only is she one of the most beautiful ever, but Paige is also an incredibly skilled golfer. Seriously, just take a look at her Instagram account and you will see some of the craziest trick shots out there. She has been doing them since her college days at San Diego University. Unfortunately, she has yet to be able to translate those skills into actual professional competitions. But she is still only 24 years old, so Paige has some time to turn that around.

16 Not As Attractive: Maria Balikoeva (Verchenova)

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Another female golfer who had the chance of becoming an Olympian was the Russian, Maria Verchenova. Some fans might not recognize that last name because between 2012 and 2015, Maria actually competed under her married name, Maria Balikoeva. But leaving relationship issues aside, we talked about her being an Olympian, and she did pretty well at the Olympics. She finished the competition tied for 16th place, but Maria managed to shoot a course record 62 in the fourth round of the tournament. No Olympic medal, but at least she got an Olympic record.

On the beauty side of things, Verchenova is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful ladies in the Ladies European Tour, and while we do think she is one stunning lady, we also think there are other ladies in the LET who could make people doubt that claim.

15 Deserves More Love: Anna Rawson

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Anna Rawson is one of those golfers who even people who don’t follow the sport might recognize. This Australian bombshell is one of the most beautiful golfers ever, and you will hardly find anyone able or even willing to deny that. Rawson is so beautiful that she even had to juggle her responsibilities as a golfer with her modeling career. And yes, we do think she could’ve probably been an even better model than she was a golfer.

On the course, her best result was a 55th place finish in the 2010 US Women’s Open. She is also one of the ladies who played in more than one of the major tours around the world. In 2005 she played on the Futures Tour, on the Ladies European Tour from 2006 to 2007, and on the LPGA Tour from 2008 to 2010.

14 Not As Attractive: Paula Creamer

One of the most accomplished golfers of her generation, the 31-year-old Paula Creamer was already deemed to be one of the hottest American golfers even before she joined the Instagram world and started to dazzle people on the Internet. We have to admit that she has some of the best Instagram pictures any golfer has ever posted. Still, her beauty might be a little bit overplayed because of how good she was on the golf course.

After all, this is the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open champion. Creamer also has other major finishes, like a pair of third-place finishes in the 2009 and 2012 Women’s British Open, and another pair of third places in the 2005 and 2011 Women’s PGA Championship. She was also the 2005 LPGA Rookie of the Year.

13 Deserves More Love: Blair O’Neal

It is kind of sad that we don’t see many of the most beautiful golfers on the golf courses anymore. At least we don’t see them play anymore. That is the case with Blair O’Neal, who stopped her golfing career for quite some time to focus on modeling. And, we cannot really blame her for that. Can you imagine how much money a woman like Blair must make as a model? We don’t know the exact figure, but we can rightfully assume that it is a lot. Nevertheless, she does have the talent to be a professional golfer. This is, after all, a two-time NCAA Long Drive champion.

She did have her chance of playing in the LPGA but ultimately decided that just smashing drives was not the best decision for her career. So today, she is also a Golf Channel personality.

12 Not As Attractive: Charley Hull

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Sometimes skill is attractive. And if there is one thing we can call Charley Hull, it is skilled. This 21-year-old British talent is one of the most impressive up-and-coming golfers we have on the LPGA Tour today. Despite her youth, Hull has already tallied one tour win, and she also has a Ladies European Tour victory to her name. Where majors are concerned, her best finish was a 12th place in the 2014 Women’s British Open, when she was only 18 years old. Yes, that is crazy soon for someone to finish that high in a major championship. And that is one of the reasons why we think people believe Hull to be hotter than she actually is. Nevertheless, it is still very early in this lady’s career, and who knows, she might prove us wrong going forward.

11 Deserves More Love: Kathleen Ekey

We are just realizing this, but there are a lot of ladies in their early 30s on this list. And let us just say that it seems like 30 is the new 20, because these ladies look stunning. At 30 years old, Kathleen Ekey looks better than ever, and she definitely does not get as much love as she deserves. This Cleveland gal should always be featured on the lists describing the hottest golfers out there. She has been competing on the LPGA Tour since 2012, and we are sure she is one of the many reasons why more people are following women’s golf today. In terms of results, Kathleen’s best finish in a major LPGA competition happened in 2014, when she finished in 62nd place in the Women’s PGA Championship.

10 Not As Attractive: Michelle Wie

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We already made the argument that skill is attractive when talking about the British up and comer, Charley Hull. But that same argument could be used to describe the crazy attraction fans have to Michelle Wie.

This Hawaii native has been a professional golfer for more than a decade and is arguably one of the ladies who has the largest fan bases in golf today. And we must give credit where credit is due. Most of her following is due to her talent on the golf course. This is the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open champion. Michelle has a total of four LPGA Tour wins. Another thing that sure helped her build her fan base was that, in the year she became a professional, Michelle came razor close to winning a major competition, as she finished in second place in the 2005 Women’s PGA Championship.

9 Deserves More Love: Suzann Pettersen

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Now it’s time to add some Nordic flavor to the mix of beautiful ladies on our list. Someone who has been around for quite some time and surely does not get as much love as she deserves because of her stunning looks, is the Norwegian superstar, Suzann Pettersen. We said that some ladies get more love than they deserve because of their skill, this is one case in which a player’s skill might actually have overshadowed her beauty.

At 36 years old, Pettersen is about as accomplished as golfers come. In total, she has 15 LPGA Tour victories in her resume, as well as seven Ladies European Tour triumphs. Where majors are concerned, she has won both the 2007 Women’s PGA Championship and the 2013 Evian Championship.

8 Not As Attractive: Holly Sonders

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Someone who gets almost too much love because of her looks is Holly Saunders. This TV personality was a promising golfer before she decided the media life was a better decision for her career. She was a collegiate golfer at Michigan State before becoming a personality for the Golf Channel.

We just think it is not always fair for female golfers who have to focus on the game to be compared to someone whose paramount concern is how she appears in front of a camera. That is quite the handicap. Still, we can find female golfers who look better than Holly Saunders. So, we are not sorry for saying that we think she is not as hot as people think, especially when compared to some of the beautiful golfers we have competing today.

7 Deserves More Love: Gerina Piller

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It is a good thing that Gerina Piller was born in Roswell, New Mexico, because she sure is out of this world. No, sorry, we were just kidding. Who could ever resist a Roswell joke when it presents itself to you that easily? Either way, we do think the talented Gerina Piller is one golfer who does not get as much love as she should. She has dedicated a good chunk of her life to the game, and she has looked great while doing it.

Gerina has yet to win an event on the LPGA Tour, but she has had impressive showings in several of the Tour’s major competitions. Some of those include six place finishes in both the 2012 Women’s PGA Championship and the 2016 ANA Inspiration. She also finished eighth in last year’s US Women’s Open.

6 Not As Attractive: Veronica Felibert

We have reached almost every single continent with major golf players, so is about time we talked about a South American golfer. Despite being a golfer since she was seven years old, the Venezuelan export, Veronica Felibert has yet to make a dent when it comes to the LPGA Tour. She has won more than $150,000 in prize money during her career, but she only has one top 10 finish since joining the LPGA in 2012.

A self-proclaimed gym rat, while her skill might not be enough for her to gather a massive fan following, Felibert does have quite the impressive number of followers on social media because of her looks. Still, we are sure that if she had more impressive results on the golf course, that number would be even higher.

5 Deserves More Love: Belen Mozo

While they might share their native language, we find it hard to compare Veronica Felibert to Belen Mozo. We say that in terms of beauty, because in terms of results the two are not that different. While the Venezuelan does not have that many impressive achievements, neither does her Spanish counterpart. At 29 years old, Mozo’s most impressive results on the LPGA Tour was a 37th place finish at the 2013 Evian Championship. Nevertheless, when it comes to beauty, she might just be unparalleled among her fellow Spanish-speaking golfers.

Mozo looks stunning on every golf course she appears on to compete, but she looks even better whenever she posts a new picture on her Instagram. And you don’t need to take our word for it, just believe the more than 70,000 people who follow her on that account.

4 Not As Attractive: Morgan Pressel

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Another golfer whose superb skills might have led people to overplay her looks is the Tampa native, Morgan Pressel. She is a good-looking gal, but we are sure Morgan would not complain if anyone said that most of her following comes because of her skills rather than her looks. After all, that should be what most professional athletes are after. And when it comes to results, there are few 29-year-olds in the world who can say they are as accomplished in their sport as this American lady.

A professional since 2005, Pressel has five professional victories to her name. Two of those wins came on the LPGA Tour, while one of them came on the LPGA of Japan Tour. More than that, one of those victories came in a major championship, as she won the 2007 ANA Inspiration.

3 Deserves More Love: Mckenna Pautsch

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This is the one entry on our list we are sure no one will have a complaint about. Now, the only interesting fact here is that a lot of people might not know who McKenna Pautsch is. So we are here to clear that up for you.

This stunning golfer became famous at the collegiate level. She played for the University of Redlands in California. And no, she is not only here because of her looks, which by themselves could put her in first place in any list of stunning female golfers. McKenna is also here because of her skills. She was part of the golf team that took the University of Redlands to their first-ever NCAA Division III Championships. Yes, this lady has already made history at the collegiate level.

2 Not As Attractive: Claudine Foong

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Another social media sensation, Claudine Foong might not have made many waves in golf courses around the world, but when it comes to the social media game, she is nearly unparalleled. Nevertheless, while we agree she is one of the hottest golfers on social media, we don’t think she is as hot as many people claim.

A little bit more about this beauty is that she works mostly as a conditioning coach who specializes in golf conditioning. Although she was a professional golfer, Claudine decided that a career in wellness and dedicating herself to better others was the best move going forward. And we are sure none of her clients nor her fans complain about that. She is very passionate about what she does, and you can easily tell that is true by checking out her Instagram feed.

1 Deserves More Love: Cheyenne Woods

We wonder how many people were already asking themselves: “where is Cheyenne Woods?” Well, here she is, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, we are sure a lot of people will agree with us on this one. Cheyenne Woods does not get as much love as she deserves when it comes to her looks. Yes, Woods got the looks.

Not only is she the best representative for the last name Woods in golf (zinger alert), Cheyenne is one of the most stunning golfers to grace courses all around the world today. She has yet to win a tournament since joining the LPGA Tour in 2015, but we are sure that is just a matter of time and hard work. She does have a Ladies European Tour victory to her name, as she won the Volvik RACV Ladies Masters in 2014.

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