10 Female Sportscasters We'd Put A Ring On And 5 Who Are A Complete Nightmare

Nowadays, a lot of people watch sports simply to ogle at their favorite sportscasters, to soak in some eye candy. Pretty much every network, most shows, have a steamy sportscaster on board. Although the sporting spectacle might be mundane, people will still tune in. Many of these sportscasters have built up quite a name for themselves. They’re arguably more popular than the athletes themselves. A lot of guys who watch sports would give anything to go on a date with one of the hot female athletes on show. Now it’s the same for sportscasters. People watch sportscasters in action and all sorts of ideas must be flitting through their minds, one of which must be walking down the aisle, the sound of wedding bells.

We’ve seen a lot of these sportscasters over the years. Some are darlings, beautiful inside and out and would make for perfect spouses. Others not so much. Others have gained reputations for themselves, are a tad controversial, or for whatever reason, you’d want to stay away from them, as they are a complete nightmare. These are 10 female sportscasters you’d want to put a ring on and five who are a complete nightmare, five who perhaps you wouldn’t mind having some fun with, but nothing more.



When it comes to female golfing stars, none are hotter than Holly Sonders. Holly’s just drop-dead gorgeous in every which way. She made the right decision to focus on a career in sportscasting, because as a sportscaster she reaches a wider audience and can show off her model swing to the masses. One downside is that many people think she looks a bit plastic, as she’s had so much work done, but no one can deny that she’s a stunner. She’s gorgeous, driven and is eager to make a success of things as a sportscaster, all top personality traits. She is though currently married, although it might not be for much longer – plenty of rumors have been surfacing in recent months that she and her hubby are getting divorced. Of course, we don’t wish their marriage ill, but it gives the rest of us dreamers a little bit better chance of making that dream a reality!


Heidi Watney is currently doing her thing on the MLB Network. She’s got sportscasting gigs with all the big networks over the years, but currently, hers is a name that’s synonymous with the world of MLB. Heidi is another blonde bombshell – there are plenty when it comes to female sportscasters – but she hasn’t just gotten by on her looks. She’s no stranger to looking fabulous, as she used to partake in beauty pageants and she’s done numerous modeling shoots over the years. But she’s also a strong academic – beauty as well as brains. Heidi’s enamored herself to the masses during her time in the limelight, of course because of her beauty, but also because of her vivacious personality. She’s all smiles all the time, and it means people are drawn to her. Put a ring on her finger and you too will be grinning like a Cheshire cat all the time.



Britt McHenry is undoubtedly a beautiful woman, but many of her comments in recent years have been a total turnoff. For one, a couple of years ago she was caught on camera verbally abusing a tow lot employee. She went on to insult the employee's appearance, poked fun at his job and went out of her way to say how important she was, being an ESPN reporter. She was filmed saying, "Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh?"

Recently McHenry also attacked Craig Sager Jr. in an argument with his ex-girlfriend on Twitter. Sager's daughter Kacey, unloaded on McHenry in an epic rant afterwards. McHenry was let go by ESPN this year and has tried to stay relevant by spewing hate whenever she can. Doesn't sound like a woman you'd marry, does it?


This is an interesting one, because a lot of people might put her under the nightmare section. Katarina’s been the subject of quite a bit of controversy over the years, but the thing is, it’s been through no fault of her own. Katarina Sreckovic came to worldwide attention when she almost got fired, basically for being too hot. She was sportscasting and conducting interviews on the touchline at soccer games and practice sessions in her native Serbia, when she was asked to leave because she was so hot she was distracting players, who just couldn’t deal with her being there.

Don’t know about you, but it just makes me want to put an arm around her and tell her it’s all going to be alright, that it wasn’t her fault. Katarina’s the type of woman who’s so attractive, she probably doesn’t get a lot of people going up to her. People are intimidated by her beauty. That could work in your favor!


If you want to get hitched to a strong, independent woman who’s absolutely gorgeous, then Charissa Thompson is your woman. She’s definitely one of the hottest, most popular sportscasters in America, in the world for that matter. From a young age she set herself a goal of becoming a sportscaster, and then went out and did everything within her power to achieve it. Over around a decade in the industry she’s worked for all the big networks, and has blossomed into not only a great sportscaster, but a TV personality too. Charissa is very career-orientated, very driven, which may not leave a lot of time for anything else in her life. But a girl’s got to have her downtime, and who better for her to spend her downtime with than you.



Sara Carbonero is drop-dead gorgeous, no one’s doubting that. But she’s also gained a reputation as being a bit of a diva. She thinks she’s the main woman, behaves like a stereotypical sporting WAG. She’s hitched to Spanish international soccer goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Soccer WAGs have a reputation for being a tad wild, for being gold diggers; that may not be necessarily true about Sara, but there have been rumors that she is exactly like that. She also loves the limelight, perhaps a bit too much.

Her integrity as a journalist and sportscaster has been called into question when she interviewed her hubby-to-be after an important match. She was also on the sidelines during that World Cup match, and it’s said that she acted as a distraction to Iker, who committed a mistake which resulted in Spain losing the match. If you get with Sara – hypothetically speaking of course – it’ll be all about Sara. It’s drama it’s fair to assume that a lot of people could do without.


Alex Curry might not be the most mainstream sportscaster on this list, which frankly speaking is an utter travesty. She is without doubt one of the hottest sportscasters around. Perhaps the reason why she’s not spoken about in the same light as an Erin Andrews for example, is because her sport’s primarily soccer, which isn’t yet a massively popular sport in The States.

Alex shines when doing her thing on TV and she also shined on the pitch. Yes, Alex used to play soccer, but we’re all thankful she made the transition to sportscasting. She’s worked with all the big-time networks, is beautiful, and very knowledgeable about soccer, and now about many other sports. She has this ability to connect with those who come across her, because of her smile, attitude, knowledge and love for sports and just her general demeanor. Put a ring on it and it’s likely you’ll have a fair few stimulating conversations, among other things of course.




Charissa Thompson and Samantha Ponder are actually pretty similar in a lot of ways. Not only are they two blonde bombshells, they look similar and their careers have followed a similar trajectory. Samantha is also at the top of her game, is regarded to be one of the best sportscasters in the world. She’s currently hosting Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN and has proven to be such a hit over the years, that she’s also become somewhat of a TV personality, has gotten involved in various different TV shows.

Sure, Samantha is married, getting hitched to Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Christian Ponder in 2012, but that doesn’t mean you can’t imagine what life would be like if you had the opportunity to wine and dine Samantha and eventually put a ring on it.


Heading into the weekend with a smile on my face!!! ✨

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Everyone’s got a past. But Leeann Tweeden’s past might just be a little too much for people to deal with. Not necessarily through any fault of her own, controversy seems to follow her around. Again, a lot of that’s down to her past and the fact that because of the character that she is, people feel that they can take liberties with her. Leeann used to work at Hooters, and is actually regarded to be one of the hottest Hooters’ girls of all time. She’s also appeared in the coveted publication, Playboy, twice, 15 years apart. Leeann is sizzling hot, that’s for sure, and is basically known for parading about in very little clothing. She’s beautiful, but do you really want a wife who’s displayed herself to millions of people? That might be a tad old fashioned, but it could bring up some complicated scenarios.



Inés Sainz is rated by many esteemed publications and polls as being one of the hottest sportscasters in the world. Set your eyes on some of her raunchy pics, including some of those of her in action, sportscasting, and you’d be hard pressed to disagree. She really is stunning from top to toe. After starting out as a model, Inés made the transition to sportscasting. There were no shortage of networks eager to get her on board. She’s currently applying her trade as a boxing match hostess, but has had numerous other sportscasting gigs over the years. Inés is a hugely intelligent woman, quick witted and humorous too. She’s also regarded to be a bit of a bad girl, so the prospect of being wed to her is something a lot of people are sure to find awfully titillating.



When it comes to European sportscasting babes, very few are hotter than Kirsty Gallacher. She comes from a sporting family, which includes her dad who was a golfer and captain of the Ryder Cup. It was inevitable that Kirsty was going to get into sports in some capacity. After toing with the idea of getting into the fashion industry, Kirsty took the plunge and got involved with sportscasting. She’s been working as a sportscaster and doing various other things sports-related since the mid-90s. That seems ludicrous given how she looks, but Kirsty is in her 40s. You certainly wouldn’t know it though, because Kirsty still possesses one drop-dead gorgeous physique. You’d want to put a ring on it for that physique alone. Aside from the obvious, Kirsty’s immensely talented at her job, loves all-things sports, and is just what a lot of people would deem to be perfect in every which way.



Shibani Dandekar has many things that she can list on her résumé. She’s a singer, actress, sports anchor and primarily a model, and you can add sportscasting to that list too. She operates out of the cricket mad country of India. India is a place where once you’re successful at something, you can then dip your fingers in many different pies so to speak, and Shibani’s done just that. She used to work as a sportscaster during India’s premier cricketing tournament, the IPL. Now she focusses her attention on hosting shows, acting, but mainly modeling. Just look at some of her raunchy pics and you can see why. She frequently shows off her modeling prowess by posting images on social media.

This hasn’t always gone down too well in the largely conservative country of India. Although she’s received plenty of plaudits, she’s also been subjected to a whole load of abuse over the years. Put a ring on it and it’s likely you’ll have to bear the brunt of that abuse too. That’s something a lot of people could do without.



Now here’s the woman you’ve all been waiting for. It’s a pity she recently got hitched, but hey, we can all still dream. Erin Andrews is probably the most famous sportscaster on the planet. Her fan following is just ridiculous and she’s synonymous with sports in America. It’s gotten to the point where even those who aren’t really into sports know about Erin Andrews. She’s more than just a sportscaster – she’s a top TV personality too, and what a personality she possesses. Of course, she’s also hot – Erin just possesses the entire package, the perfect package for marriage. On top of all of that she also does a ton of charitable work and gets involved in plenty of good causes. What a woman.



She’s hot, sexy and sassy – the ultimate combination. Charlotte Jackson is a sporting babe through and through. She comes from a sporting family, was brought up in a sporting environment, and was naturally going to pursue a career in sports. Luckily for us she chose to be involved in sports in a sportscasting capacity. We sure do thank her for her decision. Charlotte has been a sportscaster for over a decade. She’s also become a media personality and has done a ton of other stuff. We’ve therefore come to know a whole lot about Charlotte over the years, and we like what we see, what we’ve learnt, so much so we can hear the sounds of wedding bells when she’s on air. Get dreaming because she’s happily married with two kids. But it doesn’t cost a thing to dream.


Jimena Sanchez knows what she wants, knows how she wants people to perceive her. She’s after a certain type of fame and she’s certainly achieved that. Jimena Sanchez has been deemed to be the mini Mexican Kim Kardashian. That just about says it all. I’m not saying that Kim Kardashian is bad, just would you want to marry her? It takes someone with a personality like Kanye West to be with her for a reason. Sure, Jimena is gorgeous. She’s undoubtedly one of the hottest sportscasters around. Her assets have their own fan pages. Incidentally Jimena’s Instagram page has over 3m followers. A lot of those 3m are infatuated with her. But would they want to marry her? They’d probably want to cozy up to her for a bit of fun. But marriage is a whole other ballgame.


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