10 Female Sportscasters Who Aren't As Attractive As People Claim And 10 Who Don't Get Enough Love

Few professions in the world deserve as much recognition as that of a female sportscaster. Seriously, we are not joking about this. So many people love sports that merely finding work in the sports industry is nothing less than a Herculean task. For every Stephen A. Smith or other famous pundits you follow on television every day, there are thousands and thousands of aspiring sports journalists gunning for their place, hungry for a chance to show what they got. Now multiply that by 10 or more. That is the spot a woman who is looking for the same gig will unavoidably find herself in. And that is not even the biggest problem.

Even when a woman manages to rise through the ranks of a network and set her name as one of the top sportscasters in there, she will also have to face the fact that many people will claim that she is only there because of her looks. And if we are to be completely honest, there are cases in which that is true. At least there were until a few years back. Nevertheless, women in sports today seem to be about as knowledgeable about their games as their male counterparts. They will always have to face the stereotype, but there is recognition out there for those hungry enough to look for it.

Still, as much as we firmly believe looks are not something that influences the position most of these women find themselves in, like in any other industry we can’t help but put our hats into the debate. So here are 10 female sportscasters who aren’t as attractive as people claim, and 10 who don't get enough love for their beauty.

20 Not As Attractive: Sam Ryan

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We're sure you heard this somewhere before, but if there is one true enemy to humanity, it is time. Especially when it comes to looks, time is something we cannot control. And even though some people might try their hardest to fight against it, there is little you can do to fight the ravages of time. Although she is an excellent example of someone who is doing an astounding job and looking good while aging, Sam Ryan is someone who could give any other sportscaster a run for her money, but most of the time she would come up short purely because of the age factor.

When it comes to journalistic prowess, on the other hand, this lady is second to none. A Hofstra University alum, Ryan even won a local Emmy award for “outstanding series feature-soft” in 1999.

19 More Than You Realize: Britt McHenry

Sometimes the best sportscasters are those who were themselves, former athletes. An excellent example of that is Britt McHenry. Although this DC-based reporter was terminated by ESPN after aiding in the coverage of the 2017 NFL Draft, she was quite the sight to behold while she was with the company. Britt covered anything from baseball to football, but during her college days, she spent most of her time practicing and playing the other kind of football, the football of the world. Yes, this charming sportscaster was a Division I soccer player at Stetson University before she graduated and got a job with ABC7 Washington.

Her layoff from ESPN was quite controversial as well. Just a few months after the network terminated her contract, McHenry came out on Twitter talking about how one of the reasons the company sent her away was because she was a conservative.

18 Not As Attractive: Alex Flanagan

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By no means could we ever say that Alex Flanagan is ugly. Much on the contrary, this NFL Network reporter is considered by many one of the best-looking sideline reporters of the gridiron. But that is where the controversy lies. We don’t think she is ugly, but to claim that Mrs. Flanagan is one of the hottest football reporters out there is outrageous.

Nevertheless, just like Sam Ryan, Flanagan is one hell of a journalist. She actually is one of the many women who make us firmly believe that journalistic ability is the number one concern of the most media outlets when choosing their female talent. Not only football but Flanagan also has other sports in her journalism resume, as she was one of NBC’s hosts during their extensive coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

17 More Than You Realize: Erin Andrews

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No list of female sportscasters is ever complete without the author mentioning Erin Andrews. Perhaps the most famous sportscaster in the world today, Erin Andrews is not just a journalist anymore, she has kind of become a celebrity. And let’s just say no one is complaining about that. Someone who has fought her entire life to live up to the legend that was her father, Steven Andrews, a top-notch journalist who won six Emmy Awards while working as an investigative reporter, Erin has been tracing quite the successful path herself.

From freelancing for Fox Sports in Florida to becoming nationally famous with ESPN to ultimately going back to Fox Sports as an established top-class journalist, Andrews is someone every aspiring female sportscaster should be looking up to.

16 Not As Attractive: Molly Qerim

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First Take is arguably one of the best and most watched sports television shows in the world. It has everything from fiery debates to guest athletes, to a pair of pundits who seem eager to get at each other’s throats every day. Literally, this is the recipe for a great sports show. And given the proportions, we have to give them some props because they have found the perfect moderator for the show.

Anyone who says that Molly Qerim does not do a good job in controlling her colleagues and pulling in the reins whenever she has to is spewing a whole bunch of nonsense and blasphemies. Molly is one of the reasons we tune in every morning to watch the show. But that is also the reason why she is on this list. Despite the fact that Molly is beautiful, if she was as gorgeous as everyone seems to think she is, we would not pay attention to a single word Max or Stephen A say during the show.

15 More Than You Realize: Charissa Thompson

Since we have mentioned Erin Andrews, it is only fair that we mention one of the few women who is on pair with Andrews in terms of popularity among sports fans. Just like Andrews, Charissa Thompson currently works for Fox Sports. But that is not the only coincidence we will find when looking at the careers of these two beautiful sportscasters. Both of them currently work for Fox Sports, and both of them are former ESPN employees. During her career with the international sports juggernaut, Thompson got the chance to host a few of ESPN’s best shows in SportsNation and occasionally made an appearance on First Take.

One of the differences between the two of them is that Thompson is someone we could call a Jill of all trades. She has covered anything from football to hosting American Beastmaster.

14 Not As Attractive: Jacqui Oatley

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It is only fair that most of the women who covered the beautiful game are beautiful women themselves. In Britain, one of these women is Jacqui Oatley, and she has one hell of a resume. Believe it or not, this lady started her journalism career as a broadcaster on hospital radio. Jacqui really had to grind her way up the pecking order before she became someone within the profession. It was while she was getting a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism that she finally got her break and joined BBC Radio Leeds.

From there, everything was flowers for Jacqui. She rose within the BBC until she finally became the first female football commentator in the history of Britain’s largest television network. Where looks are concerned, Jacqui is a beautiful British woman, but she cannot hold a candle to some of her counterparts in other countries.

13 More Than You Realize: Katherine Webb

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Here is our controversial entry of the day. Katherine Webb is not a full-time sportscaster, but she did cover Super Bowl XLVII for Inside Edition, which technically makes her a female sportscaster. Hey, don’t argue with the logic, just be thankful that we found a way to put her in here. Webb is arguably one of the most beautiful women who ever appeared on television to cover a sporting event. And if you haven’t quite pinpointed who she is yet, here is a little hint: Webb was discovered during a sporting event.

Have you remembered yet?

Yes, Katherine Webb was the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron during the 2013 BCS National Championship Game. And while McCarron took home the trophy, Katherine was the one who took home the fame. But we don’t think AJ cares since he is now married to her.

12 Not As Attractive: Meredith Marakovits

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It really feels like we are going to hit every single sport on this list. We have already covered football and soccer, so it is about time we throw our hats in and talk about baseball. Most notably, we would like to discuss the New York Yankees’s clubhouse reporter for YES Network. Meredith Marakovics seems to be the kind of reporter who has grabbed every single opportunity that was thrown her way and made the most of it. A Pennsylvania native, she covered everything from the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, to the Philadelphia Phillies and the 76ers. But ultimately, she made the move to New York and has become quite the successful reporter following the Yankees. Meredith has been YES’s clubhouse reporter since 2012.

Again, it is impossible to say any of these women are ugly, but when the competition is as vicious as it is around there, it is tough for everyone to make the cut.

11 More Than You Realize: Melanie Collins

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Melanie Collins is quite the talent in the world of female sportscasters. She might not be as recognizable a name as a few of the women we have talked about on this list, but there are not many female sportscasters out there with the resume of events covered that Collins has. Seriously, this woman has literally covered the three biggest sporting events in the world. She has covered the Olympics, she has covered the World Cup, and she has covered the Super Bowl. We cannot even imagine how many male sportscasters would dream of having a resume even vaguely resembling this one.

She has been the face of places like the Golf Network, CBS, NBA TV, MLB.com, PGA.com, and Yahoo! Sports. And one thing that is never too much to remember is that she always looks good whenever there is a camera around.

10 Not As Attractive: Mayanti Langer

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When you first think about India, women empowerment is not the first thing that springs to mind. As a matter of fact, after recent news surfaced the problems women face there in terms of their social status and the disgusting tendency some Indian men have of raping women and getting away with it, the picture we get is the complete opposite.

However, there are success stories for many Indian women. Mayanti Langer is the perfect example that even in a society like that, women can rise and be recognized for their talent. Today, this 32-year-old is one of the most recognizable faces of Indian sports journalism as she covered several high-profile events like the 2010 FIFA World Cup for ESPN and the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup. But although she is an example, Langer is not one of the hottest sportscasters out there.

9 More Than You Realize: Erin Sharoni

Since we are talking about sportscasters with underrated looks, let’s talk about a sportscaster who is underrated in many ways and looks are just one of them. Erin Sharoni first appeared in the scene of sports broadcasting in 2010 as a sideline reporter for St. John’s Basketball. And from there, she just kept growing and growing within the career. Although she did not restrain herself to being a sportscaster, Erin has recently appeared as a correspondent on Jim Rome’s Showtime program.

And while she has quite the talent for covering sports, it seems that Erin’s real passion is music. A testament to that is that she is the US deputy editor of DJ Mag. In terms of sports, she is not only a good correspondent, but she is also a U.S. Junior Olympic-certified swim coach.

8 Not As Attractive: Adriana Monsalve

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Arguably one of the most famous Spanish-language female sportscasters, Adriana Monsalve sure has the looks to earn her a spot among the most beautiful Spanish-speaking sportscasters. But to claim this Venezuelan beauty is the number one when it comes to that class of sportscasters is quite the stretch.

You have to remember that when we are talking about Spanish-speaking sportscasters, we are not only talking about those who appear on American networks. There is a whole world out there for us to explore, and it is one world full of ridiculously beautiful female sportscasters. Seriously, depending on where you go the sky is the limit.

There is one particularly interesting aspect of Adriana’s career. Most of the other women we have on this list have been journalists and studied for it their whole lives. Adriana, on the other hand, became famous as the lead singer of a pop band in Venezuela.

7 More Than You Realize: Kate Abdo

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As much as Americans love to whine, complain and try to argue against it, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. There is not much to argue. Today, the consensus is that American football is the most popular sport in America. And still, the Super Bowl, the most-watched American football event of the year, is often surpassed in TV ratings by El Clasico. And let’s just remind you that the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid sometimes happens four or more times in any given year, quite impressive in comparison to the Super Bowl, which is a once in a year occasion.

Hence, it is not surprising that female sportscasters who cover world football end up being underrated in North America. One of the best examples of this is the British sensation Kate Abdo, who works for Sky Sports and also hosted a few FIFA award ceremonies.

6 Not As Attractive: Ilaria D'Amico

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This situation is similar to the one in our first entry. Ilaria D'Amico has arguably been one of the most famous and beautiful television sportscasters in the history of Italy. Seriously, this woman still has the looks to allure a star of the status of Gianluigi Buffon. If you don’t know who that is, you most definitely need a serious history lesson that we will not get into right now.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that she has always been beautiful, these past few years seem to have been taking a toll on Illaria. After just turning 44 years old, this mother of one is still going strong on television and is in a domestic partnership with one of the most legendary soccer players in Italian history, but it is tough to say that she is still as beautiful as when she first rose to fame.

5 More Than You Think: Jenn Brown

When the subject is women in the sports industry, you can’t get much better than Jenn Brown. This American sportscaster has been everywhere and done everything when it comes to covering sports. She started out working for Showtime Sports as a reporter in 2008 and was widely regarded for her work as a correspondent on Inside the NFL. Brown did so well during that part of her career that she won an Emmy Award for outstanding studio show in 2008. During that time, she also covered events for CBS and focused mostly on MMA and boxing. She also worked for the NFL Network and spent eight years as a reporter and host for ESPN.

But her career is not just about journalism. Brown was a model in several ad campaigns for Under Armor and even appeared in a D.B. Sweeney film.

4 Not As Attractive: Lauren Shehadi

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If there is one female sportscaster in the world that we are pretty sure would not care about being featured in any list like this, it is Lauren Shehadi. Why? The answer is simple. Lauren is someone who seems keen on being recognized for her work and doesn’t really care much about what people think otherwise.

This 34-year-old currently works for the MLB Network, but her resume is quite extensive. She had stints with places like CBSSports.com and the CBS College Sports Network. Since joining the MLB Network in 2012, she has even gotten the chance to host a few shows like The Rundown and MLB Central. And although she is listed as someone who is not as hot as people think, Lauren got to the point of being a candidate for Playboy’s sexiest sportscaster contest back in 2010.

3 More Than You Realize: Alex Curry

Alex Curry is a female sportscaster who is everywhere, and everyone loves her for it. She is arguably one of the most beautiful women involved in sports today. Not only is she a great sportscaster, but Curry is also a great former athlete herself. While in college at San Diego State University, Curry played on the women’ soccer team and was part of the squad that took the NIRSA National Championship in 2006 back to San Diego and the Aztecs.

After graduating, she bounced around the industry for a bit until finally joining the Fox Sports crew in 2011. She started out by covering the World University Games in China but did not stop there. From beach volleyball to American Ninja Warrior, Curry has covered everything you could imagine in terms of sports.

2 Isn’t: Laura Esposto

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You know how when you are in middle school or high school, and when a kid from out of town shows up all the girls go insane? Or in the same scenario when a new girl shows up all the guys go nuts. We would like to call that the exotic factor. People like what they cannot have and what they are not used to. Those are not concepts that are hard to understand. Sometimes we see the same thing over and over again so many times that whenever something new appears, it seems so much better than it is.

It’s like when after two years of having a terrible running back, a mediocre one shows up breaking a few tackles in his first couple of games, and before you know it, you are raving the guy as the next Emmitt Smith. That’s that out-of-town fever that eventually runs off. That seems to have been the case when Laura Esposto was brought over to England to report on Italian soccer.

1 More Than You Think: Erin Hawksworth

Not just another Erin in the long list of beautiful sportscasters graced with that first name, Erin Hawksworth is second to none when it comes to beauty in front of the camera and awesome last names. Seriously, Hawksworth is a pretty awesome last name. Leaving that little tangent aside, this Canadian sportscaster who grew up in Washington is one female sports anchor we could never get tired of.

Still, perhaps the most interesting thing about Hawksworth is that she became most famous after joining CNN. And if you are a sports fan you know very well CNN is not exactly the first place you go to when you’re looking for sports news. Either way, she currently covers sports for WJLA and hosts Ravens Report for the Baltimore Ravens during the NFL season.

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