10 Female Tennis Players Who Aren't As Attractive As People Claim And 10 Don't Get Enough Love

When you think of the most attractive women in sports, there’s one sport that takes precedence, that seems to be filled with sultry sporting beauties. One sport more than the rest, gets people watching, gets people ogling at the competitors. I am of course, talking about tennis. Female tennis players are mightily fit, and the vast majority of them are also incredibly good looking. It’s funny how that works out - tennis is a sport that seems to breed sultry women. We’ve seen plenty of them too over the years, not just in a sporting capacity, on court. Companies know that these women get people watching, that people follow them, and so plenty have gotten one famous tennis star or other on board for sponsorship deals. It also means there’ve been tons of modeling shoots, there are plenty of super-hot pics of our favorite tennis stars out there. It’s meant that when it comes to some players, we get to see them in a different light.

Some are stunning, like Eugenie Bouchard for example; they know it, and we know it. But some get all dolled up, and we suddenly become transfixed. Their beauty comes as an unexpected, pleasant surprise. Others are deemed to be hot, but we don’t really see it. This article might get a lot of people frothing at the mouth. Feel free to share your opinions. But keep in mind, by saying these 10 aren’t as hot as people claim, it certainly doesn’t mean that they’re not attractive; just not AS attractive as people claim. So if you see a certain name on this list and are clenching your fists, simmer down. Here are 10 female tennis players who aren’t attractive as people claim and 10 who don't get enough love.

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20 NOT AS Attractive - SIMONA HALEP

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There’s one pic out there of Simona Halep that has gotten people salivating. One pic, that’s it. And, because of its pretty explicit nature, we’re unable to share it with you. That is if it is even Simona Halep. Compare that pic to others, and she looks unrecognizable. I wouldn’t be surprised if all that hype about Simona looking so stunning, about that pic, is about nothing.

Look at Simona on court, and she doesn’t exactly cut a dashing figure. She’s one of the best players in the world, which is the main reason people watch her in action. She’s also someone who possessed a pretty massive set of twins – which she actually get to get reduced because they were a hinderance on her game. But aside from her sizeable assets, attractive isn’t really a word I’d use to describe Simona.

19 More Than You Realize: HEATHER WATSON


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When thinking about tennis from a worldly aspect, Heather Watson probably won’t be up there as one of the hottest players. But in the UK, she’s one of Great Britain’s most-loved sportswomen. She’s decent on the court and has taken part in some epic matches against some of the world’s best in recent years. But that’s not really why. It’s part of the reason, but another reason why she’s received so much love is because she’s hot. She’s pretty small, but is fit and packs a powerful punch so to speak.

That’s why she’s had no shortage of sponsorship deals come her way, why she’s always on TV in some capacity, is always showcasing her physique in some modeling shoot or other. Her Instagram page is also a hive of activity. If you ever doubted that Heather Watson is attractive, check it out, and you’ll soon come around to our way of thinking.


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This 30-year-old Czech international has been on the pro scene since 2002, and over the years she’s acquired quite a fan base. She’s unpredictable on the court, but has recently put her focus in doubles competitions and has achieved a career high ranking of number one. Her steely gaze, those piercing eyes, is also what gets Lucie noticed. She’s also been in some high-profile relationships in tennis, and has dated players on the men’s tour which only served to increase her popularity. This surge in popularity has led to modeling gigs and sponsorship deals.

But put her pics side by side some of those on the “more” section of this article, and she doesn’t measure up. Lucie has this girl next door look about her, and don’t get me wrong, she’s not hideous or anything by any means. It’s just there’s been a load of hype about her, her beauty, and it’s hard to see what the big deal is.

17 More Than You Realize: MANDY MINELLA

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Mandy Minella; the name might ring a bell, or you may think it does because it’s got a nice ring to it. But it’s fair to assume that a whole lot of you reading this, probably even a lot of tennis fans, have no clue who she is. That’s because she hasn’t exactly set the world alight with her on-court ability. She’d be the first to admit that she hasn’t realized her potential, has been a mediocre player. That’s perhaps why she’s not spoken about as being hot, the same way Maria Sharapova’s considered to be for example.

But she’s certainly up there with those star names when it comes to her looks. It’s fair to assume she’s earned more money through modeling shoots than she has through playing tennis. She’s hot stuff alright, it’s just a pity her game isn’t close to being on par with her looks, then she really would possess the entire package.



Tall, elegant, graceful – all words commonly used to describe Maria Sharapova. Maria’s regarded to be the WTA’s most marketable player – or she was before that whole drug scandal came to light. She was pretty hit and miss on the court, but still managed to become one of the highest earning female tennis players on the planet. Why is that? It’s because she’s charming, intelligent, business-savvy, and of course beautiful. But those other things take precedence. She’s a businesswoman more than a tennis player – she herself would probably agree with that – and markets herself superbly. But in terms of her being as hot as everyone raves about, I don’t think so. Firstly, have you ever seen Maria when she hasn’t paid a visit to the makeup chair? She truly is unrecognizable.

Another one of her unattractive qualities is her grunting, something that people just can’t stand. Then of course, there’s that whole PED scandal, for which she paid the price.

15 More Than You Realize: VICTORIA AZARENKA

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Victoria Azarenka, the Belarusian beauty, has had a tough time of things of late. She spent some time out of the game because of her pregnancy, returned to action, and has since missed Grand Slams because of a child custody battle. It’s a shame because when Victoria’s on song, she’s one of the best players on the planet. It’s also a shame because she’s one of the hottest players around. People tend not to focus on her beauty, because she doesn’t either, when she’s on court that is. When she’s playing, she’s not preoccupied with looking fabulous, and only cares about getting the job done. She may not look glamorous on court, and she get criticized a lot because of her fiery nature and her ear-splitting shrieks which people can’t stand. But off the court, set eyes on some of her modeling pics, and you won’t be able to deny that she’s one of the hottest players around.

14 NOT AS Attractive: LAURA ROBSON

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I seriously don’t get why once upon a time, there was so much hype about Laura Robson. It just shows how starved the British public were when it came to female tennis stars they could really get behind. For a while, Laura Robson was the number one British female tennis player, despite her not really having done anything of note. But because of this surge in popularity, people began to see her in a different light. Not seeing it? You aren’t the only ones. Laura’s not bad looking, not at all. But the way people were talking about her, you’d think she was Genie Bouchard or someone of similar looks. She’s certainly not as stunning as people claim, but you never know, she’s still young and could yet blossom into someone special.

13 More Than You Realize: SERENA WILLIAMS

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Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time, and is arguably one of the greatest athletes of all time too. People can’t stop talking about all that she’s achieved, and rightly so. But for some reason, people get lost in her monumental successes, and don’t really speak about Serena as being hot. She may not have been many moons ago when she was starting out. But boy has she blossomed. One reason she may not get spoken about in this light, is because she can seem quite intimidating. She’s certainly not svelte; look at her assets, her physique, and she resembles a bodybuilder, has a truly massive frame, which might not float everybody’s boat. But it’s my opinion that her muscular physique, makes her different and makes her one of the hottest players in the game.

12 NOT AS Attractive: LI NA

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Li Na retired in 2014 and actually had a pretty decent career. When she retired, she was ranked number six in the world, and she managed to achieve a career-high ranking of two. During her playing days, and even now that she’s retired, Li Na was one of the most famous tennis players in the world. That’s because she hails from China, and became one of the nation’s most successful athletes. She was also one of the most marketable athletes, not just in tennis, and was massive throughout East Asia. Because of this popularity, people became obsessed with Li Na.

She’s appeared in a ton of marketing campaigns, has sponsored many brands, has appeared in glossy spreads, and because of that people have become infatuated with Li. She’s not unattractive, but certainly not as much as people claim, if you get my drift.

11 More Than You Realize: ANGELIQUE KERBER

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Angelique Kerber is just drop-dead gorgeous. The German tennis star is hot in every which way, just sizzling from top to toe, and when taking her personality, her charming mannerisms into account too. People know she’s hot too, but for some reason, she doesn’t really get the plaudits that she deserves. But the former world number one is right up there when it comes to the hottest players to have ever played the game. Perhaps, a reason why she’s not really spoken about in such a manner, is because she’s a pretty unassuming character. She goes about her work, doesn’t make a fuss, and is just your normal – normal in a good way! – charming tennis player. That attitude certainly hasn’t done her any harm in terms of her career.



Now hold your horses. Before you start scratching your heads about the fact that Garbine Muguruza is in the Not As Hot section of this list, just read on and some of you might come around to my way of thinking. There are of course going to be people who have different preferences, and remember, I’m certainly not saying that Garbine Muguruza isn’t hot. It’s just that with her being relatively young, having already tasted so much success, she’s gotten into people’s heads, and many see her as being a whole lot hotter than she actually is. She does wear sultry outfits on court, possesses a killer physique, but I just don’t believe she’s as hot as people make out. There are pics of her without makeup, pics of her not looking all that glamorous, and these really will change your way of thinking.

9 More Than You Realize: AGNIESZKA RADWANSKA

One World Players Party #inglot

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Agnieszka Radwanska has always been here or there on the tennis court. On her day she can beat the best, and has always been at the top of the rankings. She’s also one of these players who’s incredibly glamorous. On the court and off it, she obviously cares about her appearance, and is one person the crowds come in to see. She has a thing for prettying up her nails, even when she’s playing, for jewelry, and for sultry tight-fitting attire. And of course, she’s beautiful and possesses a hot physique, which certainly helps.

Off the court she’s charming, is always smiling, and just has that chilled out persona that endears her to the masses. Incidentally, her sister’s pretty hot too – it must be a genetic thing.


via vogue.com

When she was playing, this Serbian beauty was regarded to be the hottest person in tennis. She’s a former world number one, but her form’s always been inconsistent. But one area which she’s always excelled, has been her off-court activities. Ana’s never been short of a modeling gig or two. That’s simply because she knows how to work it, knows how to play to the camera. She’s also not shy about showing off her sultry physique, and is loyal to her brands, her sponsors, which is why people love her. People also love the fact she’s always jovial, has a smile plastered across her face, this combined makes people go crazy over Ana Ivanovic. But is she really the most attractive player in the game – which is what people deem her to be – is she as stunning as people keep going on about?

She’s hot alright, but not that hot. Another thing is that she seems to spend far too much time worrying about her looks, rather than her tennis, which takes the attractiveness scale down a tad.

7 More Than You Realize: TSVETANA PIRONKOVA

Ok, let’s be honest. On the court, Tsvetana Pironkova may not look all that in terms of her looks, her hotness. She’s pretty lanky, and has a pointy face – looks and a physique that might not do it for a lot of people. But those kinds of people need to do some research, perhaps check out Tsvetana’s social media profile, because off the court she’s one hell of a beautiful woman. Some of her pics are just wow. And I’m talking about simple pics too, not necessarily modeling pics. Pics of her taking selfies with that beautiful hair caressing her face, with her lips drawn into a cute smile – she cuts an adorable figure, and one that’s super-hot at the same time. Tennis is obviously Tsvetana’s primary focus, but she doesn’t scrub up too badly either.

6 NOT AS Attractive: SANIA MIRZA

via apherald.com

Although a lot of you probably won’t know who Sania Mirza is, she’s actually one of the most famous, most popular people on this list. The Indian tennis star is treated like an A-list celeb in her home nation, and is a megastar to Indians around the world. Another reason you may not know too much about Sania is because she sticks to playing the doubles side of the draw. More time for celebrity appearances!

People go gaga over Sanai because of her assets. She’s also not bad looking. But have you seen her without makeup? Sania’s also gained a reputation of being incredibly arrogant. That’s not really surprising considering the way she’s revered in India. But it’s another one of her not so attractive qualities.

5 More Than You Realize: CAROLINE GARCIA

It really is amazing that Caroline Garcia isn’t really spoken about in the same light as some of the hottest pros on the female circuit. It’s hard to fathom why that is. Perhaps that’s because until recently, she hasn’t really tasted too much success. It may also be because she’s pretty shy. doesn’t put herself out there, which is a real shame, because if she did, she’d have an almighty fan following. But she’s still young at 23, so although she might be shy and retiring now, hopefully she’ll gain more confidence as she gets older.

Caroline’s got a whole load of appeal she doesn’t even know about. She’s got the looks, but her shyness and that cute little smile, also works for her at this stage. Caroline will truly blossom when she comes out of her shell.


Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no arguing with the fact that Caroline Wozniacki has got an amazing physique. We’ve seen that, we’ve seen all of that, when she’s striped down to her bare essentials for Sports Illustrated, or when she removed every stitch of clothing for that famous ESPN Body Issue shoot. Suddenly, people began to see Caroline in a different light, as you would after seeing her in such images. She may have a stunning body, but in terms of the entire package? It just doesn’t really do it for me. I’m in no way trashing the Danish tennis star. But the way people keep going on about her, you’d think she was the hottest player on tour, which is simply not the case in my eyes, and the eyes of a lot of other people who know their tennis too.

3 More Than You Realize: DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA

There’s a reason why Dominika Cibulkova features near the top of this list. That’s because she has to be the most underrated hottie in the game. On the court, you can tell that she’s got something about her. You can tell that she’s got the looks. But having said that, her body type might not float everyone’s boat. She’s rather short and stocky in stature, possesses a massive lower half, set of pins, and is built like a bull. Not a quality a lot of people find all that attractive. But have you seen Dominika’s Instagram profile? She just looks ridiculously hot in pretty much all her pics, seems like a totally different person. In fact, I’d go as far to say that she’s the hottest player in the WTA – check out her sultry pics and try and argue with me.


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Sabine Lisicki is adorable, is loved by pretty much everyone on the WTA tour, and by all the fans. She rose to prominence when she reached the 2011 Wimbledon semi-finals, after being brought into the Grand Slam as a wild card. Fans took to her immediately, just loved her vivacious personality, over exuberant nature, the passion with which she played the game. The Wimbledon crowd and tennis fans around the world took Sabine into their hearts, and because of that she gained a ton of popularity.

Sabine’s someone who’s loved more for her personality than for her looks. But having said that, she’s not bad looking, not at all. Those eyes and that toothy smile stick out, but they make Sabine seem hotter than she actually is.

1 More Than You Realize: PETRA KVITOVA

Petra Kvitová might not be svelte, might be on the bigger side – I’m certainly not implying she’s fat – and might not possess glamor model looks or anything like that. But the way people talk about her – actually, the way people don’t talk about her looks – just doesn’t make sense. Sure, on the court, she’s not exactly graceful. Petra relies on power to get the job done. She’s a big lefty who packs a powerful punch, and it’s certainly proven to be effective. But off the court, Petra is quite shy, is a really sweet, cute individual. That cute smile she flashes gets the pulse racing, and over recent years she’s come into her own and has gotten herself out there. It’s meant we’ve seen some really hot pics of Petra, pics that prove she’s as hot as anyone on tour.

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