10 Photos Of Female Athletes That Make Us Drool (And 10 That Make Us Cringe)

In the world of professional sports, there is no shortage of gorgeous women. Perhaps it's the fact that they have careers that keep them in impeccable shape. Something that becomes even clearer after you see them on our list wearing outfits that leave very little to the imagination.

We travel throughout several sports to bring you nothing but the best. Whether it's getting extreme with Lindsay Vonn (and her extremely seductive outfit!) or hitting the ring with stunners like Stacy Keibler and Paige. Though perhaps Paige will be facing off against Ronda Rousey in the near future, who also proves she can knock out her competition in the looks department.

But both Paige and Rousey have had moments that are sure to make you cringe. Such as when Dana White perhaps was caught grabbing too much of Rousey's downstairs. Or Paige's partying ways being caught on camera, which is sure to make her cringe with embarrassment. Though you seeing Paige make out with another woman probably won't be the worst part of your day.

At least Paige remembers to use the toilet when she drinks, something that you'll see Kelly Kelly fail to do when she elects instead to go for the sink instead! You're sure to be entertained with both sides of our list as we show you 10 Pictures Of Female Athletes That'll Make You Drool (And 10 That Make Us Cringe!)

20 Drool: Paige Takes A Selfie

There are many women in the sporting world that have had their private photos leaked on the internet. It's a tremendous violation of their privacy. Just because some of them like posing in risque positions or clothing, doesn't mean they deserve to have that right taken from them. Paige is perhaps the most impacted star of any as photos and videos emerged of her allegedly engaging with Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods.

Outside of the bedroom, Paige is no stranger to embracing her body in various outfits like the one we have selected for you. She definitely knows how to walk the line between showing too much and not enough!

19 Cringe: Dana White Shows Love For Ronda Rousey

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There is no denying that Dana White is passionate about the UFC and his athletes. And while there are plenty of stars in the company that has landed on his bad side, there are definitely some that he is always going to hold near to his heart. But our next entry, he at least appears to be caught with his hand too near another part of Ronda Rousey's body!

We're sure she didn't notice, or mind, because if she did the situation would have definitely ended a lot worse for White. At the very least you can understand why the two would often be giving each other a loving embrace.

18 Drool: Danica Patrick In The Sand

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Danica Patrick recently made headlines when it was announced that she had driven her final lap as the partner of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. The two had been together for years, but it was reported that Stenhouse was unwilling to propose.

Let's hope he doesn't have regrets because the next headline about Danica was that she was allegedly getting all up in the face of Aaron Rodgers. That'll make him feel better about this past year! With how gorgeous Patrick is, as evidenced by this photo, it's hard to blame Rodgers for moving in quickly! Though Stenhouse Jr. is no slouch himself, so perhaps it'll only be a matter of time before he is seen living it up at the clubs with gorgeous women. Especially if he isn't looking to commit!

17 Cringe: Kelly Kelly Uses The Sink

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When you go out with your friends, there are several elements that you need to always factor in. If you're a woman, you need to make sure that your outfit isn't going to be so restricting that going to the washroom is not an easy feat. Because let's be straight up, slamming back some cocktails often coincides with needing to relieve yourself on a regular basis.

But one thing you also need to make sure you plan out is where the toilet is. Because if you ever find yourself peeing in someone's sink, you've made some mistakes. Kelly Kelly is often considered one of the most beautiful women to ever enter the WWE ring, but she looks a lot worse mid-stream!

16 Drool: Genie Bouchard In The Water

t h r e e d a y s ⛄️

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The world of tennis seems to attract some of the hottest blonde bombshells of any professional sport. But if you want to keep your sights stuck only in North America, there may not be a bigger winner (at least in the looks department) than Eugenie Bouchard. Hailing from Montreal, Bouchard's good looks have landed her in the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Something that we're sure her fans are hoping she'll do again this upcoming summer.

Sadly, her career as a swimsuit model may be more successful than her tennis career as she has been hampered by injuries as of late. This includes recently suffering an injury in a loss on January 5th.

15 Cringe: Maria Sharapova Forgets Her Limit

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When you see Maria Sharapova on the tennis court, she is often seen looking calm and composed. As is the case for the male in the photo, fellow tennis pro, Novak Djokovic. But if you put a tennis racket in their hands after this photo was taken, we're pretty sure even you and I would be able to take them down.

The two were clearly in a celebratory mood when they attended a night out that included some time at a karaoke bar. Or at least we hope it did and that they didn't just take the mic! There's no telling what song it was they were belting out, but if they wanted to play it safe then perhaps they were belting out some classic Disney songs. Who can boo "Can you feel the love tonight?"

14 Drool: Aly Raisman Shows Off

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There is no shortage of controversy that has emerged in the world of female gymnastics. It was reported that Aly Raisman was among many women that had been assaulted by once renowned gymnast doctor Larry Nassar.

Raisman has used her horrific experiences to help inspire women and build dialogue in a positive way. It's not the only time she has tried to use her platform to better the world. Raisman has stripped it all off to promote body positivity for the ESPN Body Issue, as well as appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Raisman is one of the best gymnasts of all-time, but we'd be lying if we didn't say many people think she is also one of the best looking!

13 Cringe: Tammy "Sunny" Stych Posing With Fans

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If you watched wrestling in the 80s, we definitely wouldn't blame you if you found yourself crushing on Tammy "Sunny" Stych. Hell, her appeal was strong enough that she managed to bump it up behind the scenes with various wrestlers! But there aren't many wrestlers who have slid down further than Stych. This includes several arrests for various offences including a DUI.

Stych has also posed for fans to make money. Not a terrible thing, but awkward as heck when you see what she wore for them. Though she also bumped it up for Vivid entertainment, so exploring her intimate side on camera isn't exactly the most shocking thing!

12 Drool: Ronda Rousey For SI

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When Ronda Rousey was in her prime, there weren't many athletes in the history of any sport that was able to match her level of dominance. But her downfall came quick and sudden. However, the past few years are still littered with various moments that she experienced as a result of her time in the spotlight.

That includes this incredibly steamy photo shoot that we're decided to include for you today. Rousey is recently making headlines not for her UFC days, but with rumours that she may make her "official" (she previously appeared at WrestleMania) debut in the WWE in 2018.

11 Cringe: Chyna's Other Acting Career

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If you grew up watching wrestling in the 90s, there's no doubt that you were well aware of Chyna and the influence that she had on the company. But after Triple H decided he'd rather bump it up with Stephanie McMahon than Chyna, she quickly found herself on the outs from the company.

And while there is nothing wrong with engaging in a career of adult entertainment, the above photo may still be incredibly alarming. We suppose with Chyna's physique that at least she is a natural selection to play the character of She-Hulk! Judging from how Sue Richards is staring at her, it also is clear that Chyna didn't mind exploring her intimate side after her career in the ring ended.

10 Drool: Stacy Keibler

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In the world of professional wrestling, there is no shortage of gorgeous women that have entered in the ring. But for our next entry, we're going to embrace the past in a positive way and give you this stunning photo of Stacy Keibler.

With good looks like this, it's no wonder she was able to catch the eye of renowned actor George Clooney! Even if their relationship didn't end on the most positive of terms, we're sure she still gave him plenty of nights that he won't soon forget. Keibler is doing just fine without him though, as she is currently married to the CEO of Future Ads, Jared Pobre.

9 Cringe: Ballboy Gets Caught Looking

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There is an infamous scene in Seinfeld where George is caught staring at a woman's cleavage. To which Jerry Seinfeld laments that it's like looking at the sun, you take a quick glance and look away! This ball boy definitely hadn't seen that episode. If he had, it's clear that the appeal of Bethanie Mattek-Sands was too much for him to resist.

We know the job requires him to keep his eye on the ball, but we don't think that's exactly what the job description meant. Not helping his case is the fact that a candid photographer just happened to catch him in the act. If Sands called him out for it, we're sure it would be a moment that he would never live down!

8 Drool: Nikki Bella Makes You A Fan Of BirdieBee

There is nothing wrong with having a preference on if a woman is, how shall we say, all natural or if she has spent some extra time with the doctor. But if you're a fan of the latter, then Nikki Bella may be one of the most eye-popping divas to ever come to your attention. Especially considering her twin sister Brie didn't elect to undergo the same procedure!

Bella surely turns heads wherever she goes, but let's hope people are subtle about it because the man on her arm is going to be her fiance John Cena. While Nikki hasn't spent as much time in the ring in the past year as her fans would probably hope, we're sure her social media profile at the very least will be very active in 2018.

7 Cringe: Paige Getting Too Wild

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When it comes to our next entry, it's possible that the main emotion you are feeling from it is far from cringe. And while Paige's exploits are well documented, perhaps the above photo is the most graphic photo of her that has been shared online and not stolen from her phone and leaked out.

Paige had to know someone was going to be snapping the photo, but given the WWE's general "clean image" that they're going for, we don't know if of this photo of Paige partying away is exactly what they were looking for when they decided to make her the youngest Diva champion in history. Paige has since vowed to clean up her life away from the ring, which means this photo may definitely make her cringe.

6 Drool: Lindsey Vonn In Vogue

Lindsay Vonn is talented enough that she could have had an entire career where people only shouted praise her way for her accolades in the ring. But Vonn also decided to engage in a high-profile relationship with Tiger Woods, which while boosted her popularity, became a lot more awkward after their split. Especially when leaked photos of Vonn later emerged on the internet that was allegedly taken off Woods' phone.

It's not like Vonn hasn't been willing to show skin off before at her own pace, but that didn't stop the hacker from deciding her privacy was deserving of being violated. Spoiler alert, it wasn't.

5 Cringe: Ronda Rousey Gets Rowdy

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There aren't many people in the UFC that were able to defeat Ronda Rousey in the Octagon. In fact, when she would face off with a lesser opponent she would have her night finish in less time than it'll take you to finish your commute into work.

Which means that at least before her downfall, there were many reasons for her to go out and have herself a great time. She probably just wishes that if she was going to have her brunette friend take her pants off with her mouth, that the other person in the room wasn't taking photos. You may not be able to blame them for wanting to capture the moment, but c'mon man, you had to know it was going to go viral!

4 Drool: Asuka Wishes You A Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays 🎄🤡💋

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Triple H was definitely one of the most vocal supporters of Asuka from the very beginning. He was quoted as saying, “When we signed her, it made everybody already inside look at who we were bringing in and they were seeing what I was seeing – this girl is going to change the game. She’s changed the main roster too and how the girls work and that intensity level”. It's clear the company is going to continue to push her forward in 2018. Which is tremendous news for her fans who may love staring at her good looks as much as her talents in the ring!

3 Cringe: Stephanie McMahon Regrets Her Food Choices

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There aren't many people in the entire wrestling industry that is respected as Stephanie McMahon. If you're involved in the industry, she has the power to make or break your entire career. Which means that if you ever want to stay on her good list, you're probably better off never mentioning the above incident that makes up our next entry.

Is it possible that Stephanie just accidentally backed into something brown? Absolutely. Does it allegedly look like she had an accident in the ring? You tell us. We aren't going to ask, but if she had it her way, we're sure this moment would be one that she wishes she could erase from her life. Next time wear a brown dress Steph!

2 Drool: Sasha Banks Rocking Yoga Pants

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When you look at the current state of the WWE, there is definitely an expectation that the women are not just going to be hired for their good looks. There are enough gorgeous women out there, who also just happen to have the drive and talent necessary to make a serious impact in the sport going forward.

One of the biggest examples of that newfound talent is Sasha Banks. While she looks stunning in the ring, there has been no shortage of photo opportunities where she proves she's not only talented, but she's as good looking as any diva to ever enter the ring. Let's just hope she can stack up to some of the other competition she has that also have earned spots on our list!

1 Cringe: Venus Williams Caught At A Bad Time

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There are many female sports in which the athlete in question is going to find themselves in what appears to be compromising positions. But we don't know if any sport has more of a "risk" factor than tennis.

The weather is often hot, the clothing often involves some form of spandex and with the amount of running around, you are bound to work up a serious sweat. And while Venus Williams is one of the most beautiful women in the entire sport, you may agree that she looks far from her best in our next entry when she was caught mid-match. Either her skirt was just a tad too short or the wind was just a tad too strong. Yikes!

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