10 Pictures Of Lindsey Vonn And 10 Of Elin Nordegren That Prove Tiger Woods Made A Mistake

Sometimes in life, there are instances where the one you love slips out of your fingertips and into the arm of somebody else. Sometimes it's just a case of the relationship being toxic. Other times it's a case of one partner in the relationship getting the job offer of a lifetime far away. Sometimes, one of the partners shows their true colors and commits infidelity, showing how much they really loved and cared for the other person. Professional athletes have gone through it before and there will be plenty of future cases where more of them find themselves in. Some athletes get more of the spotlight on them depending on their sport and where they are rankings wise in their respective sport. One athlete that has had a hard time staying out of the spotlight because of his cheating ways is Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods has been a household name in the world of golf. He has been hitting long drives and sinking big putts since the late 1990's. He was seemingly on every commercial on television and being the spokesperson for big-time companies such as Nike. He also was portrayed as the ideal family man with a loving wife and beautiful children. So we thought! The big bombshell came out in 2009 when it was revealed that Tiger cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren on several occasions. Since then, Tiger has said he doesn't regret cheating; especially since he went on to date professional alpine skier Lindsey Vonn. But the real question is who does Tiger regret losing more? Elin or Lindsey? This list takes a look at some of the steamiest pictures of the two that will make fans go crazy. Here are 10 photos of Lindsey Vonn and 10 photos of Elin Nordegren that will me Tiger Woods and fans everywhere drool!

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20 Lindsey: Winners Win!

via cnn.com

Tiger Woods is not the only athlete that has won multiple championships in their respective sport. Former flame Lindsey Vonn also has a tendency to bring home the hardware. In this photo, she is seen holding up a trophy while smirking knowing she has just done well on the slopes. Winning and success is one of the sexiest characteristics that an opposing partner can have. Add to the fact that Vonn is doing this at a professional level, just like Tiger has done so many times in his career; makes her that much more appealing. That smirk on her face is saying, "This is nothing, wait until the next big competition!" Three gold medals, five silver medals, and four bronze medals later and Vonn's career is looking like a definite success. This is only the first of dazzling photos of Vonn. There won't be as much winning, but the sexiness will always be there for all to enjoy and Tiger to drool about.

19 Elin: The Headshot Seen Around The World!

via alchetron.com

Taking a break from Lindsey for a second, it is time to introduce the original love of Tiger Woods's life: Elin Nordegren. Nordegren is originally from Sweden and now lives in the United States as a model. Judging from the first head shot that we have of Elin, it isn't hard to conclude that the profession was the right one for her. This first photograph is a very simple one: a head shot of her beautiful face. For most, this would be just an ordinary photo. But this really symbolizes the natural beauty Elin Nordegren has even without showing her body from the neck down. Woods and Nordegren had a beautiful life together with a great family, all blown by infidelity. This is only the start of Woods drooling over his ex-wife and remembering what he could have continued to have if he stayed faithful.

18 Lindsey: Nothing But Smiles With UnderArmour!

via pinterest.com

After messing up his marriage, Tiger Woods decided to date somebody that understood his hectic athletic schedule in Olympic Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn. Vonn has shown us that she has the natural instinct and power to win at any moment's notice. She also shows just how attractive of a woman she truly is in this next picture. It is a very beautiful photo of Vonn modeling off UnderArmour gear. She is wearing a black sports bra and black yoga pants to make for a relaxed, going to the gym look. The features here that Vonn shows would make any sports fan squirm in excitement. The blonde hair and shiny smile combination are a very tough one to beat for all Alpine Skiers.

She also shows off a lot of mid-section, proving she works out vigorously to be able to compete. She knows what it takes to be a champion, works out non-stop, and looks as good as she does; so why did her and Tiger split up? Only they know the true reason behind the break-up. With this photo, maybe it will make Tiger's jaw drop and make him reconsider getting back together with Vonn.

17 Elin: Taking A Dip

via blacksportsonline.com

This picture can make people drool because she is just stunning here, taking a dip in the water and displaying her prominent Swedish features. The long blonde hair, those piercing blue eyes and the gaze into the camera will make any man blush. Somehow, Tiger felt someone like this wasn't enough to satisfy all his needs so he went out and fooled around. Surprisingly, Tiger recently revealed that he and Elin have actually maintained a cordial relationship, for the sake of their kids.

“She’s been one of my best friends and I’ve talked to her about so many different things and she does the same thing with me back and forth,” he explained. “We communicate so much better now, it’s incredible. I wish we would have done that earlier on, but it’s been incredible to have a best friend like that.”

Looking at this picture though, Elin doesn't look like someone you want as just a friend.

16 Lindsey: Stunning At The Emmys

via gotceleb.com

With the Sports Illustrated swimsuit and body issues coming out, it seems as though women in beautiful dresses gets under-looked now a days. However, Lindsey Vonn is proving that professional athletes can still make 'dressed' extremely noticeable. Professional athletes are always getting asked to attend these luxurious events such as the ESPY awards and EMMY awards. During one particular EMMY awards show, Vonn definitely impressed with her choice of fashion. We see Vonn wearing a red dress with a very noticeable open in her back. Here, we can see the back muscles nicely on display and we can also see her curves showing off in a lot of ways. Vonn is usually in ski gear because of the cold temperatures she is working in. It is nice to see her sporting something light and flowing on a beautiful night for a lot of special people. Tiger must be looking at this photo biting his lip, wondering why he didn't notice how beautiful Vonn truly is before it was too late.

15 Elin: Thinking Where It All Could Have Went Wrong

via nyppagesix.com

I know that we said dresses don't get enough credit for making a woman look amazing. But Elin Nordegren's case, her photos on the beach continuously prove Tiger made a terrible mistake by sleeping with other women. She dazzles with every part of her body, so seeing her in a swimsuit gives fans a first glimpse of her with minimal clothing. Here is Elin on the beach with her sunglasses, hat, and black bikini all clearly on display. She seems to be looking off into the waves and ocean, wondering what could have gone wrong with Tiger. Or, she could be thinking about the way she wants her next husband to treat her.

Elin Nordegren could wear a tent on her body and still be looking fabulous. She is very familiar with clothing as she worked in a clothing store, which was the initial connection in meeting Woods. She probably regrets meeting Woods, but with a photo like this on the beach; Woods has to be drooling and still full of regret (even if he says he has no regret).

14 Lindsey: Hoping For An ESPY Award!

via si.com

One of the main rules of fashion is making sure color schemes match in all ways possible when going to a fancy event. Lindsey Vonn has been invited to many red carpet events in her life. She knows exactly how to dress and what to do unlike some of the other professional athletes that may be doing it for the first time. Even when her shoes don't exactly match her dress, she still finds a way to look incredible. Vonn appears to be at the ESPYs, wearing a yellow open slit dress with red high heels. Now ordinarily, red and yellow wouldn't really go too well together. But in this case, we are willing to make an exception. Vonn continues to bedazzle us all, from winning, to looking great in dresses. Tiger's drooling will only continue to intensify with the rest of the photos we will show later on.

13 Elin: Smile Honey, We're In Public

via dailymail.co.uk

Being married to a professional athlete means there will be fancy parties to attend and you have to look your best in any given circumstance. Elin Nordegren is good-looking, that has been established by now. But when she is all dressed up (or dressed down in some cases), she reaches another level of hotness that men love and women tend to strive for. Here is Elin, wearing a blue frilly dress with black high heels. The heels do a fantastic job of making her legs look shapely and curvy which Tiger and others loved. She also is showing some nice cleavage that leaves imagination to all. Tiger is probably drooling over this photo of his ex-wife looking amazing and then having a great time with the woman he vowed to be faithful to for the rest of his life.

Did all of the other women feel good at the time, Tiger? If they did, good; because now you have a woman you let go and a family you let down. All that are left is the memories you two made with drool-worthy photos like this one.

12 Lindsey: Hold My Drink Real Quick

via thedailymail.co.uk

It doesn't have to be the winter season for ice to be going through fans veins that see Lindsey Vonn. Vonn can pull off being beautiful in the summer without any effort what so ever. Here we see Lindsey Vonn in a yellow sports bra, little blue bikini bottoms along with black and pink UnderArmour sneakers. She also is holding a cold drink in her hand while she sizzles in the hot sun. She also has her other hand on her hip with that look that says, "I know I'm attractive. Just look at me!" Lindsey Vonn does a great job of knowing where the camera is and how to look fierce for it. Some people probably wish they had as much confidence in themselves as Lindsey Vonn does in her body.

When her days on the slopes are up, she can easily become a full time model to make a good income for herself. She is showing how fine she is doing with the former number one golfer in the world out of her life. Tiger Woods is also showing how dumb he is for giving somebody like this up after ruining his first marriage.

11 Elin: Graduation Day Grace!

via independent.co.uk

A woman with the ability to have intelligent conversations gives her a distinct advantage. Elin Nordegren did not want to only be known as Tiger Woods's wife. She just wanted to have her own identity and have some independence from the pressure of being a famous athlete's wife. In 2014, she graduated from Rollins College with a degree in Psychology. She also showed great academic work by receiving the Outstanding Senior Award. Considering she was going back to college and finished up getting her degree at age 33, you can't help but give a lot of credit to Nordegren. She knew exactly what she wanted to study and got it all done despite being a mother and being known as the woman that Tiger Woods cheated on. She seems to have moved on with her life and continues to be a great mother to their children. Tiger probably would have gotten more financial help from Elin with her graduating from college. She also looks great in her cap and gown as a plus. This is another drool worthy photo by showing Tiger that intelligence is just as sexy as outer beauty and body parts.

10 Lindsey: Celebrating Good Music and Good Times!

via fashnberry.com

Being close to 5'10, it must be hard for Lindsey Vonn to show herself off in high heels. The common fear would be that she is taller than her dates. Luckily for her, Tiger Woods was 6'1; so she could get away with small heels. Now that she is away from Woods, she can wear heels as high as she wants. Here we see Vonn at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards sporting a shiny black dress and high heels. A lot of women look good in the color black, but Vonn pulls it off at this event like fans have not seen before. She has been dazzling on and off the slopes since she made her debut at the young age of 16. With 77 wins and 130 podium appearances, she knows when to focus on skiing and when she can focus on her look for events like these. Tiger's drool count is off of the charts by now and we're only halfway done making him see photos of his two former flames.

9 Elin: Another Great Headshot!

via whatstrending.com

Isn't it funny how life works sometimes? That must be what Tiger Woods is thinking when he sees a gorgeous head shot like this of Elin. It was rumored that Tiger Woods was not introduced right away to Nordegren as she had a wide range of suitors, including other professional golfers, vying for her heart. In the end, Woods eventually hit a hole in one and got to marry Nordegren and made a family together. This photo reminds us all why Nordegren is a catch. Her green eyes and full lips send shivers down a man's body. Her beautiful hair flows like it has in the other photos. Plus, Elin Nordegren was loyal to Woods throughout their entire marriage.

They still would probably be together had Woods not gone and "had some fun" away from home. Here's a lesson to everyone: if you have a good significant other in your life; KEEP THEM! Otherwise, you will end up like Woods and drooling at photos of your ex-wife/girlfriend.

8 Lindsey: She's Got Her Red Dress On Tonight!

via pinterest.com

Lindsey Vonn knows how to mix and match her clothes very well. Red and black is always a good combination of colors for clothing if done right, and Vonn definitely did right with her choice in this picture. She is wearing a red dress with black high heels, looking as confident as Tiger was in his drives during his early days of dominance. Vonn's smile is also something to note. She just knows how to look good for the camera, even in times of difficulty. Why is it that Tiger just can't keep a long term relationship with these beautiful women that continue to appear in his life? Is it a question of trust issues? Could it be he just likes being a bachelor? One can only speculate.

What isn't a debate is Lindsey Vonn continues to look flawless in her photos and Tiger can't stop drooling. But honestly, could you stop drooling if you saw Vonn like this in the picture? Now just imagine seeing it in person! Tiger has and he lost it. That is his loss and Vonn's next boyfriend's gain!

7 Elin: Showing Love for Another Country!

via nydailynews.com

Elin Nordegren knows how to make guys turn their heads in her direction. Whether this is in a dress, in a skimpy bikini, or in just everyday clothing; she is just a naturally beautiful woman. She can be in a t-shirt and jeans and still look amazing for any guy to look at. That is the exact outfit we get to see Nordegren in with this next photo. She is wearing a white t-shirt that displays the modeling agency she works for. She also is wearing light blue jeans along with a USA winter hat on top. Typically, it takes a lot of makeup and time for a woman to look her very best for certain occasions. Nordegren just throws on literally whatever she wants and puts out photos like these. She ended up getting a lot of money through the divorce settlement with Tiger Woods. Honestly, she probably would have been okay with doing modeling full time and making more money than a lot of us every dream of.

6 Lindsey: Tiger, Care to Come Back and Cuddle?

via vogue.com

One part of the body that gets undervalued to look good on a woman is a nice set of legs. It looks as though Vonn knows just how good they look by the way she portrays herself in this photo. She is in a black long sleeved shirt with a mirror looking directly in the cameras with her bare legs showing. They look really good, especially when all Vonn is doing is sitting in a chair. Tiger wishes he was probably sitting in the room with Vonn, cuddling and watching a movie as opposed to thinking about the millions of other men that could be enjoying the same opportunity with Vonn. She might have had to do school online, but everyone can clearly see she attends all of her modeling sessions and looks good while doing so. Tiger and all other fans, eat your heart out because Lindsey Vonn knows she can get any guy she wants. She also has the good athletic achievements and looks off of the playing field to make her a complete package.

5 Elin: This Could Still Be Yours, Tiger!

via starcasm.com

Now is when we start getting to the cream of the crop pictures of Elin Nordegren. She is a lovely gal that was cursed to have dealt with an unfaithful husband. But, that doesn't mean she still cannot show off her body right? Right! In this scalding picture of the former Mrs. Tiger Woods, she is in a red bikini leaning against a rock while on her knees in the water. Her curvy body just begs for attention.

This photo can't help but give picture viewers hot sweats. Honestly, what was Tiger Woods even thinking when he was in bed with some of these other women? You have a Swedish model like this waiting for you at home and decide she's not good enough for you? Well, shame on Tiger and now he can only sit, watch, and drool as Elin continues to steam up the cameras. Gentlemen, if Elin makes an attempt at you, take it.

4 Lindsey: Bet You Want To See What is Underneath

via twitter.com

As I'm sure most of you know by now, Lindsey Vonn just doesn't know how to take a bad picture. We have tried to find bad photos of any caliber and cannot find any. It is quite astonishing to say the least. Here is yet another example of what Tiger Woods left in the provocative Vonn. Here we see her in a pink top, jeans, and her breasts eagerly wanting to show through the top. Some fans are probably wishing they would pop out to give a sense of what she works with. The blonde hair flows nicely in this photo once again. She has been skiing all of her life around the country since she was a young girl. Maybe she will wait longer in her life to finally settle down with the guy of her dreams. But for now, she will be the object of many fans affection and will be the reason Tiger Woods is drooling over what he once had.

3 Elin: Come Explore the Water with Me!

via thesuperficial.com

When your guy instinct tells you something, more often than not; it is probably right and you should listen to it. Elin Nordegren wasn't interested at first in dating Tiger Woods and she probably should have listened to her gut and never pursued it in the first place. She doesn't need a man like that. All she needs is her kids, her career, her dreams, and her pictures like these. Here we see Elin enjoying the water, sitting up on a rock in a camouflage bikini. She has even more of a fierce look in this photo than all of the others we have shown thus far. What is not to love about this?

The water, the elements, the beautiful woman in a right bathing suit; it all comes together to give this beauty. Tiger and Elin's two children are lucky to have her as a mother as she is strong, independent, and beautiful. I wonder what else Elin can do in her life if she can overcome everything that happened and come as far as she has. Until then, we will all enjoy this photo and Tiger can keep drooling if there is anything left in the tank.

2 Lindsey: Staying In Shape For Another Man!

via celebuzz.com

Rounding out the top pictures of Lindsey Vonn that will make old flame Tiger Woods drool is one on the most beautiful spot for all summer lovers: the beach. We see Vonn finishing a workout on the beach, once again showing she's going to look as good as she does for a long time. This photo screams, "You blew it Tiger, this was all yours at one point! Now look at you!" Lindsey Vonn truly is better off without Tiger Woods. She is still young enough to compete in Alpine Skiing and also is young enough to find a good looking guy and start a family if she so chooses. Her toned body is shown off very nicely here. This wraps up the photos of Vonn that will make Tiger drool, but for fun; let's throw in one more photo of his former wife.

1 Elin: Have a Nice Life, Tiger!

via theblemish.com

Tiger Woods is simply a fool for letting this woman go. Her legs are toned and tan, her stomach is slim and slender, and her eyes are something to get lost in. She knows her heart will eventually move on and she is sexy enough to lure in another man to love and cherish as long as they both shall live. Will that take a long time? Maybe. Will she have her guard/wall up? Yes! But Elin Nordegren is one woman that has been through a lot in her life and can handle anything else life throws at her.

This picture is one for the record books and will make Tiger Woods drool the little bit he might have left if he hasn't wasted all of his saliva already. All in all, these are 20 photos of Lindsey Vonn and Elin Nordegren that will make Tiger Woods drool and make him regret leaving both of them.

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