10 Shameful Pics Of Eugenie Bouchard (And 5 She Wants Us To See)

As a teen back in 2013, Bouchard’s aggressive play put her on the map as a future force to be reckoned with. Just turning 20, Bouchard took her game to the next level in 2014 finishing in the semis of both the French and Australian Opens. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she slotted in the finals of Wimbledon. Along with her on-court accolades, her popularity grew even further because of her God-given “assets”. It’s no secret by now, Bouchard’s one of the steamiest natural female athletes in the world.

Unfortunately, such a label might have gotten to Bouchard. Her play has been on the decline ever since 2014 and skeptics claim her focus is now elsewhere. In this article, we’ll give you guys an idea on where that focus might be. From selfies, to Halloween costumes, to steamy Instagram posts, these moments are indications as to where Eugenie might have lost her way. We declare SHAME on these moments!

We’ll also look at flip side and highlight pictures Bouchard wants us to see from her past. From the glory days to shameful moments, we’ve got a variety of photos to choose from in this article. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share it with a friend.

16 Shameful – Halloween Queen

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In a couple of more years, we’ll finally be able to showcase a complete article on the steamiest Eugenie Bouchard Halloween outfits. Hell, don’t be surprised if we muster something up of the sort this year as the day is fast approaching. Looking back at the archives, you’d be shocked to realize just how many steamy Halloween pics Bouchard has out there. Whether it be dressing up as a “Not So PG” cat, or a sexy Bowser, Bouchard does not disappoint. Oh, and let’s not forget her take on a firefighter or whatever the hell she is in the picture above, the reoccurring theme in all the outfits is that she’s willing to do what it takes in order to pull off the “Not So PG” look.

Some, have no problem whatsoever with such a mindset, while others, call the behavior shameful given the fact that she’s a role model to many young women.

15 Shameful – Them Selfies

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Denis Shapovalov is now the talk of Canada. Only 18, he continues to shock on the ATP tour, his future is certainly scary (in a good way). However, many are still a little skeptical when it comes to his future and that’s in large part, because of Eugenie Bouchard, another Canadian youngster that thrived early on and later, failed to keep up such a pace. Many hope Denis won’t fall into the same track as his career moves forward.

A big critique when it comes to Eugenie is her priorities being elsewhere, like for example, the picture you see above as she poses for a selfie. Many believe that Eugenie’s thirst for fame is a little bit too shameful instead of focusing on her on-court game. At the age of 23, one would assume it’s time for Bouchard to put the selfies away, however, given her recent Instagram photos that doesn’t appear to be the case.

14 Wants Us To See – Standing Up To Sharapova

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The tennis community was rather enraged following the announcement that the great Maria Sharapova had tested positive for a banned substance. Several male players spoke out against the Russian and in terms of female WTA players; Bouchard was one of the first to stand up showing no remorse for her one time idol. Bouchard made the claim that Maria was a “cheater” and that she should have been banned for life. All of this built up rage couldn’t have come at a better time as the two squared off at the Madrid Open this year.

Putting an exclamation mark, Bouchard actually surprised Sharapova defeating her at the event. Eugenie was also cold as ice following the victory handshake shared by the two. It was a moment many of her colleagues thanked her for and one she’ll want us to remember given her recent struggles.

13 Shameful – Undercover Boyfriend

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A little known fact that many regard as shameful pertains to Bouchard’s personal love life. She’s been dating former NHL’er Jordan Caron for a very long-time now, however, it took her a while to actually unveil such information. Back in January of 2017, she finally posted a photo of the two holding hands in Puerto Rico. Though, we never really see the two fully together, all we ever had was such pictures like the one you see above from a Killers concert.

Not to worry though, TMZ spotted two out in Spain following Eugenie’s tournament exit. Out in the beach resorts of Mallorca, the paparazzi had a field day sniping photos of both 'Genie and Jordan. For those of you that are wondering what’s Caron’s NHL status, well, he spent the bulk of last season playing down in the AHL with the Chicago Wolves.

12 Shameful - Taking It Off For SI

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It’s not the first, nor will it be the last time we mention a shoot from Sports Illustrated here on our website. Sports Illustrated perfectly displays a fantastic female athlete and their many “assets” which are on full display via the Swimsuit Edition. We’ve said it time and time again and we’ll say it one more time, thank you SI, thank you deeply.

In early 2017, some of tennis’ biggest stars took part in the spread. The likes of Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki posed in some breathtaking photos. However, in terms of pushing boundaries, Eugenie took it to another level posing topless for the magazine. Of course, she’s not topless in the picture above because it’s a little too steamy for our list. Pushing the boundaries quite a bit in the shoot, some saw her decision to take it all off at such a young age to be a little bit shameful.


10 Wants Us To See – Celebrity Friends

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Although many blame her fame (hey the rhymes) for the recent struggles on her current freefall of her career, you can’t deny the fact that her list of celebrity friends is quite impressive. As you see in the picture above, we’re that much more jealous given the fact that she’s posing alongside the great Dwayne Johnson but in truth, he’s one of the many she’s gotten a chance to hang out with off the court.

The Biebs is another one, after a match Bouchard made the claim Justin was her celebrity crush and before you knew it, the two were playing doubles together at a tournament for a charity and according to the rumor mill, even went out on a date together following the practice matchup. Despite the hate, you can’t undermine the brilliant connections she’s managed to make. If tennis doesn’t work, she’s certainly got the resources to step into another field.

9 Shameful – Branding Machine

When you're freezing on set lol ❤

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Like many other female athletes out there, it comes to a point when the given athlete is known more so for their various endorsement ads than their actually game play in their specific domain. Now Eugenie isn’t quite there yet, though she’s walking into that direction as her game continues to decline, while the various endorsement deals continue to mount. Like Danica Patrick who we’ve discussed at length here on The Sportster, many regard such behavior as shameful, taking on emphasis off their craft.

From Rogers Communication to Coca-Cola, Bouchard’s turning into an advertising giant. Heck, the other day I myself was opening up a box of pre-ready chicken breasts only to see Eugenie’s mug on the box (Pinty’s deal). She recently signed a ten year sponsorship deal with Aviva Canada, so you can expect her to sit comfortable with the endorsement deals for a long time.

8 Shameful – The Tennis Origins

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No, we’re not poking fun at Eugenie’s braces, we’re not that harsh here on TS. Instead, we’ll assess her troubled earlier days when she initially entered the tennis world. At a young age, her dad actually got investors to contribute to her career, the partnership alongside Eugenie was known as the “Tennis Mafia”. Yup, it sounds just as sketchy as the situation. The investors basically made a portion off of Eugenie’s total earnings. Thankfully, in 2013, a year before her huge winnings, the court ruled the decision as illegal due to obvious fact that Bouchard was incapable of making such a decision pertaining to her career as a nine year old.

Nowadays, Eugenie is shareholder free, however, she’ll always have this shameful story from her past.

7 Wants Us To See – Role Model


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Perhaps the greatest part of being an athlete is providing the youth with a source of inspiration. Faces such as Eugenie Bouchard are regarded as role models to a plethora of youth, especially in Bouchard’s case, it’s not every day the nation has a world known tennis player crushing it on the biggest stage in tennis (even if her performances have declined). As documented by CBC, Eugenie has inspired many youths especially females to take up tennis at a young age, and that’s truly what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Looking at such pictures above, Bouchard has done a great job in the past on putting smiles on various faces. Not to mention, she’s also extremely charitable taking part in various causes. For these reasons, we applaud Eugenie and proudly showcase this side of her. Okay, now back to the shameful stuff....

6 Shameful – 2015 US Open

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Following back-to-back years of huge success, Eugenie hit a wall in 2015. Her year was highlighted by lackluster play, various injuries and even a lawsuit. Looking at the lawsuit specifically, that’s when the word shameful comes into play.

It was at the US Open when controversy struck, the timing couldn’t have been much worse as Bouchard was finally thriving entering the fourth round, something she was unable to do the entire year. Then, the incident occurred as ‘Genie slipped on a wet surface in the locker room. She not only withdrew from the tournament due to concussion like symptoms, but she also took things a step further by filing a lawsuit against the US Tennis Association for the injury. When that’s what you’re remembered for in 2015, we’ve got to label this as shameful!

5 Wants Us To See – The Glory Days

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2015 was the bad she wants us to forget about, however, the two years prior, it was the exact opposite for Eugenie. In 2013, tennis experts salivated at her potential as a youngster and in 2014, that potential came to fruition as she dominated the WTA in a shocking manner.

Looking at her Grand-Slam singles results, Bouchard had a year to remember finishing in the semis during both the Austalian and French Opens. However, her best performance came at Wimbledon reaching the finals of the prestigious tournament. It was a year that put her on the map and in truth, despite her recent struggles, that very year is still keeping her fans hopeful for a turnaround at some point. Even if she never achieves similar success, she’ll always have 2013 and 2014 to relive.

4 Shameful – Social Media Mogul

Pantless Mondays

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The picture above was posted just a week ago as Bouchard shows off her self-proclaimed “pantless” wardrobe along with the stunning Mercedes truck in the background as she spends some time in the beautiful Miami area.

Looking at her Instagram account, one would assume she was some sort of model and not a tennis player. Many believe social media is where Eugenie lost her level of concentration, focusing more so on her look and wealth, as opposed to her actual game on the court. With over 1.5 million followers, the proof is certainly in pudding. Heck, even her bio is a simple link to another social media platform, Snapchat. Had Bouchard been born a decade earlier before this social media boom, maybe her game would be elsewhere.

3 Shameful – Another Recent Defeat

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As of late, it seems like Bouchard’s enjoying more success as a doubles act recently reaching the finals of the US Open losing in straight sets (though she lost in the singles portion during the first round). It was a positive sign, however, in terms of her solo career, things don’t appear to be changing.

Just days ago, Bouchard took center stage in the China Open taking part in the round of 64, her first match of the tournament. Once again, the Canadian was ousted with ease falling in straight sets. With continuous first round exits (including in the Canadian Open) her play has once again been shameful during the 2017 calendar year. It remains to be seen what 2018 has in store for the young Montrealer?

2 Wants Us To See – Candid Beauty

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We saved the most bizarre entry for the last slot, some of you might be scratching your heads at this one given the fact that her looks, likely derailed her career given all the viral attention she’s been getting. However, thanks to those candid good looks, we can assure you Eugenie has a career outside of tennis when it’s all said and done. Whether it’s in modelling, acting or something related, we’ll be seeing Eugenie's beautiful mug for a very long time.

What makes her beauty so significant is just how natural she is. Take the candid picture above for example, Bouchard just looks perfect. There aren’t many out there that can appear flawless while rocking a natural look, thanks to the slew of candids; we can safely say the Eugenie is part of the minority. That does her a lot of favors for her future outside of the court.

1 Shameful – The Candid Bathing Suit Shot

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Speaking of candid pics, the likes of TMZ, The Sun and of course, The Sportster had a field day with Bouchard’s hotel stay while in Spain’s stunning Mallorca. Living the life of glamour and luxury, Bouchard shocked the paparazzi with her eye popping attire. Rocking a banana inspired bikini bottom, all eyes were on her.

Looking at the pictures, Eugenie certainly wasn’t shying away from the spotlight, it actually looked like she was thriving in it quite frankly. One picture of her bending over actually looks like she’s posing for the cameras and taking advantage of the situation. Whatever the case, it didn’t do anything to benefit her tennis career and once again, only shed a light on everything going on in her life that’s not court related. For that, we declare shame on this photo!

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