10 Steamy American WAGs And 10 Steamy International WAGs - Who's More Attractive?

Here comes the Super Bowl of the best-looking WAGs of sports. Some athletes have some of the most beautiful girlfriends and wives around. Some players are together with famous stars, while other players have some beautiful ladies that aren’t know other than because of their husband or boyfriend. Athletes can pretty much get whatever women they want, for the most part. So, some of the women on the list may be jaw-dropping to see.

Some of these international WAGs may be unknowns to you, but plenty of them are recognizable as well. Sometimes many of the most beautiful women are often overlooked, due to the other beautiful women that are famous for their talents.

This list however, is all about comparing some of America's most attractive sports WAGs, while also taking some of the most attractive and or the most famous sports WAGs from around the world and leaving it to you to decide which "group" has more beauties to brag about.

For every Kate Upton in the States, there's a Victoria Beckham from across the pond. It's almost impossible for us to say whether the States, the UK, or even Canada presents the most attractive WAGs, so we'll leave that choice up to you.

20 American: Kate Upton (Justin Verlander)

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It is going to be difficult for whoever has to compete with this beauty. Kate Upton is the wife to Justin Verlander, starting pitcher of the Houston Astros. Both Verlander and Upton are very successful in their respected careers. Verlander is one of the best pitchers in the MLB, while Upton is one of the best-looking models. Upton is known for modeling for Sports Illustrated, but was able to get into acting due to her beauty. Upton performed in Tower Heist and The Other Woman. Kate Upton is one of those women who turns heads whenever she walks into a room. She may be one of the most beautiful woman in this generation, and that includes being better looking than another woman like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. Everything about Upton just is perfect.

19 International: Shakira (Gerard Pique)

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Many Americans reading this probably have no idea who Gerard Pique even is. Pique is a professional soccer player who plays for Barcelona. He’s currently dating Colombian superstar Shakira. Shakira is known all around the world for her songs and her dancing. The two met in 2011, and even after those breakup rumors, are still going strong. When thinking about athlete WAGs, no one really thinks about Shakira because Pique isn’t really all that popular outside of Europe. But there was a time where Shakira was one of the most popular singers in America. She has lost a lot of popularity as she has aged and hasn’t released any hits that have been big of late. But, Shakira’s hips will never lie, and that is why she is on this list.

18 American: Jessie James Decker (Eric Decker)

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That’s right, Jessie James Decker is famous despite being married to Tennessee Titans wide receiver Eric Decker. Most NFL fans don’t know that because they expect every NFL WAG to be famous, unless they’re extremely popular. Well, Jessie James Decker is a country pop singer. She hasn’t released a ton of hits, but she had released a successful self-titled album, Jessie James. Jessie originally was dating Reggie Bush in 2010, before she met Eric.

Mrs. Decker became even more popular on social media when her and Eric got married, due to all the couples pictures that were taken. The Deckers became the relationship that everybody wanted, based on how happy they looked. The two eventually even started their own reality show. There’s no denying Jessie’s beauty, as her smile can make a whole lot of people happy.

17 International: Elisha Cuthbert

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We don't have to go too far away from America for this next beauty. Taking the venture up north is well worth it for a glimpse of Elisha Cuthbert, the Canadian beauty who's now married to Ottawa Senators defenseman Dion Phaneuf. She married Phaneuf while he was plying his trade for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have the biggest hockey media market in Canada. Of course, some fans once went so far as to blame Phaneuf's struggles on Cuthbert. Cuthbert's heyday for fame was back in the 2000s, as she's somewhat taken a backseat in Hollywood the last few years. However, she remains one of Canada's finest exports and the country is probably grateful Phaneuf has never played for an American team, because that would mean losing Cuthbert too.

16 American: Hannah Jeter (Derek Jeter)

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Many people may look and say, “oh, well, Hannah Davis was on Sports Illustrated.” Hannah never became famous until she started dating Derek Jeter. In fact, when many people found out that the two were a couple, the majority of people had no idea who she was. It wasn’t like many people just weren’t aware of what her occupation was, as many people legitimately had no idea who she was. Then, many reporters started researching and found out that she did some modeling. But before that, she was barely known as a celebrity. When you date the face of New York, you will become famous very quickly.

There’s nothing shocking that Derek Jeter is married to an absolutely stunning woman. And like Jeter, he gets to marry someone who doesn’t have that much focus on them.

15 International: Victoria Beckham (David Beckham)

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Unlike some of the other international names you'll see on this list, Victoria Beckham is in fact very well known here in North America. She of course, first earned her fame as part of the Spice Girls and being that she ended up with the most famous soccer player of his generation, David Beckham, she was bound to only grow in popularity. Since her days of touring ended, Victoria has become known as a style icon and fashion designer. She's still gracing magazine covers and still has an insanely large following. Her and her husband's net worth is estimated to be around £508 million, or $686 million. Now that's one solid power couple (and probably the best looking couple possible).

14 American: Julianne Hough (Brooks Laich)

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How does a relatively unheralded Canadian hockey player get to marry a dime like Julianne Hough? Brooks Laich is currently a free agent, but spent a lot of his hockey career in the NHL playing for the Los Angeles Kings. Just this year, he got to marry one of the most stunning performers in Hollywood, Julianne Hough. Apart from her previous relationship with Ryan Seacrest, Hough gained a lot of her popularity from performing on Dancing With The Stars. Her beauty and dance moves gave her so much popularity, which carried her success outside of the show. She even has been hosting the Disney Christmas Celebration on ABC Christmas morning the past two years. Hough’s smile and beautiful voice makes her one of the most stunning and electrifying WAGs on this list. Not every WAG needs to be a model in order to be beautiful.

13 International: Anna Kasterova (Evgeni Malkin)

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Anna Kasterova is from a country you've yet to see on this list, Russia. Kasterova is married to Pittsburgh Penguins star Evgeni Malkin. While Sidney Crosby still gets most of the attention in Pittsburgh, Malkin's wife takes the cake in terms of Penguins WAGs. Kasterova has one of the must follow Instagram accounts when it comes to WAGs, as she loads it with steamy pictures. Malkin isn't exactly known for being a looker, but clearly hat doesn't bother Kasterova, who married him back in 2016. They've also had a daughter together and it seems to have had no effect whatsoever on Kasterova who lost her baby weight very quickly. Not only does Malkin have the best teammate in the game, he also might have the most stunning WAG.

12 American: Khloe Kardashian (Tristan Thompson)

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Is it really a shocker to see a Kardashian on this list? It shouldn’t be, considering Kim was with Reggie Bush, while Khloe was married to Lamar Odom, and is now dating, and pregnant to Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In most WAG articles, Khloe pops up due to her extreme popularity, but also her beauty. The Kardashian family is one of the most popular families in America due to Kim’s scenes on tape, that led to her and her family's fame. Khloe is also an extremely pretty girl, and even worked out to get into really good shape, which was shown in a beautiful photoshoot. A lot of people overlook the beauty of Khloe due to Kim’s beauty, and now the growing popularity of Kylie and Kendall Jenner. But, Khloe is up there for being one of the most beautiful women in society too.

11 International: Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady)

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While Gisele Bundchen is essentially an adopted American now, thanks to her marriage to Captain America himself, Tom Brady, she's still earned her fame as a model coming out of Brazil. She's not just any model, as she's one of the most famous of her profession, and despite being married to the greatest QB of all time, she's worth way more financially than her husband. Gisele's now 37 but she still looks as good as ever. The two have admittedly been through ups and downs, with divorce rumors even popping up a couple of years ago, but Brady feels that makes his marriage to the Brazilian beauty stronger: "We found each other at the right time. We've been through a lot of ups and downs together, and in so many ways, that's kind of built our relationship so strong."

10 American: Jessica Simpson (Eric Johnson)

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Jessica Simpson could never get away from athletes. She dated Tony Romo, and now she’s currently married to former NFL tight end Eric Johnson. Simpson is known as a singer and a movie star. Some of her most popular songs are “With You” and “I Wanna Love You Forever.” She was also in movies like The Dukes Of Hazzard and Blonde Ambition. If you have ever watched The Dukes Of Hazzard, you know exactly why Jessica Simpson is on this list. Simpson has also been in television shows, such as The Twilight Zone and Entourage. Simpson has been a superstar since her career started, and is looked at as one of the most beautiful WAGs to constantly be shown at games. Many jokes were always made that even when Tony Romo didn’t win on the field, he had Jessica Simpson as his girlfriend.

9 International: Sam Cooke

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Prepare to see one of the most beautiful women in the world that you never knew even existed. Sam Cooke is the girlfriend of Chris Smalling, professional soccer player for Manchester United. This guy may have found the fourth Kardashian, who is barely even known. Cooke has a very similar body type to the Kardashians. She’s nice and thick, with an incredible body. She kills it in all the pictures she takes. This is the perfect example of someone who is incredibly beautiful, but isn’t famous at all.

Cooke has modeled a few times, but not enough to become famous. Even with dating Smalling, many people don’t really know who she is. But start to get to know her, because she’s definitely one of the most stunning women on this list.

8 American: Hayden Panettiere (Wladimir Klitschko)

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You know that times are flying by when Hayden Panettiere has a child and is engaged. The actress is engaged to former professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko. He just recently retired this year, and is a two-time world heavyweight champion. Panettiere has done a lot of very successful things throughout her career, including acting, modeling and singing. In 1999, she won a Grammy Award for the Disney movie, A Bug’s Life. She stuck with Disney for quite a while and even recorded some music for them. She even voiced the character, Kairi, in the video game Kingdom of Hearts.

Panettiere’s face is known everywhere, from children to adults. Her beautiful smile and incredible spirit has made many happy throughout many different forms of media. Unfortunately, in 2016, she experienced post-partum depression, and has been going through treatment lately.

7 International: Polly Parsons (Thomas Vermaelen)

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Wow, Polly Parsons is a true hidden gem. She’s so low-key that you can barely find any information about her on the Internet. She’s currently married to Belgian soccer player, Thomas Vermaelen. He’s the center-back for FC Barcelona and the Belgian national team. Due to his lack of popularity, Parsons is mostly a stranger to the media. But, she shouldn’t be. She’s incredibly good looking, so good looking that she’s probably better looking than 95% of women that are already on this list. Many of her pictures are taken in lingerie, which is why it’s so exciting to see her. The pictures that she gets taken of her are extremely hot, and may make other famous athletes question themselves why they never found a girl like her.

6 American: Jaime Edmondson (Evan Longoria)

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Maybe she’s not as famous as everyone else on this list, but she’s still pretty well known. San Francisco Giants third baseman Evan Longoria is currently married to Jaime Edmondson. Edmondson was a Playmate with Playboy, and took part in many different photo shoots of her wearing different teams’ apparel. In every photo, she looked really good, and made what she was wearing look really cute. She also appeared on the reality television show, The Amazing Race. Edmondson has no problem showing her body off, as she has posed for some of the most exotic pictures that any sports wife would take. As for Evan Longoria, he clearly is loving all the incredible views he can get from his wife. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see pictures of a model like her?

5 International: Natalie Weber (Mauro Zarate)


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Some of these overseas athletes date some pretty exotic women. It seems that in America, many athletes date actresses, singers and other pop stars. In other countries, many athletes date models and adult stars. Mauro Zarate, soccer player for Al-Nasr Dubai, is married to Natalie Weber. All that there is known about Weber, is that she has some sexy pictures all over the Internet. It seems like many of these athletes like to have something exotic in their life, rather than having a woman that attracts a lot of attention. Plus, a lot of these women are just as beautiful as the woman who are famous. Weber definitely presents a strong case here for international WAGs, but there's more to go.

4 American: Ciara (Russell Wilson)

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Ciara is married to one of the most popular athletes of this generation, Russell Wilson. The singer is dating someone who leads one of the best NFL teams, the Seattle Seahawks. The two have been married now for just over a month, and seem to be extremely happy with each other. Both Ciara and Wilson are stars of their times. Ciara is mostly known for her career as a singer. Lately, she has lost a lot of popularity as many of her hit songs came in the mid 2000s. It seems that she’s currently just riding the popularity train of Russell Wilson, who has gained a lot of popularity since he came into the NFL in 2012. Even when she’s not producing music, she looks stunning as ever.

3 International: Alice Goodwin (Jermaine Pennant)


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More and more, it seems like all the most beautiful women in the world go for soccer players. Alice Goodwin is an incredibly hot woman from the United Kingdom, who is married to Jermaine Pennant, a winger for Billericay Town. Pennant does not play for the top tier league, but he still managed to score this dime. The team he plays for is not popular whatsoever, so maybe it works out that both him and his wife aren’t as well known as Premier League stars and WAGs.

Well, lucky for Pennant, he gets to go home every night to one incredibly gifted woman. Goodwin is absolutely stunning, no matter what angle you look at her. It's all good for Pennant to fly under the radar with his partner.

2 American: Katherine Webb

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Many people may get confused and think that Katherine Webb was already a famous WAG because of the 2013 BCS Championship Game, but that is not being famous, that is getting attention. Webb is married to A.J. McCarron, backup quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. America found out about her during that BCS game, when the broadcasters focused in on Webb as she was at the game supporting her then boyfriend. Her appearance became so popular, that she gained over 170,000 followers on Twitter just because the media decided to show her. Supporting your boyfriend can also make you famous, supposedly.

If Webb’s beauty can break the Internet, she deserves to be on this list. Hopefully McCarron can get a starting job soon, so we can see more of Webb.

1 International: Nicole Scherzinger (Grigor Dimitrov)

One sport that we have not seen on this list has been tennis. Well, here comes our first tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov, who is dating Nicole Scherzinger. At first, you may be confused and think that neither of these people are famous. But Scherzinger used to be really popular, as she was the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. The Pussycat Dolls were quite hot for quite a while, until their fame died down. Scherzinger tried to go solo after the decline of the group, but noticed that her numbers were dropping dramatically, and that pretty much ended her attempt at singing in America. She remained very popular in the United Kingdom throughout her career, though. Scherzinger never aged badly, as she still looks as incredible as she did when the Pussycat Dolls were popular.

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