15 Athlete Hook Up Confessions That Are Hard To Hear

As fans, we are constantly bombarded with on-the-field stories, and off-the-field rumors.  Is Andrew Luck ever going to be healthy? Are the Chiefs going to trade Alex Smith? Is LeBron eventually headed to LA? Is Derek Jeter purposefully tanking in as owner in Miami? All of these questions dominate the headlines. But, the stories that don't make the bottom ticker on ESPN are the ones NSFW. While we may here of the arrests and the suspensions, we don't get to hear about the juicy details behind these competitors' antics in their private lives.

Thanks to the internet though, what once was locker room folklore, has leaked into the everyday fan's home. Groupies post their tantalizing tales online for all to see. We all know these guys are freaks, but some of the stories that come out are just grotesque. Whether it's a substance-fueled "group activity", overly-descriptive one-night stands, or just an odd preference, these athletes can be into some weird stuff. Some of them are just hearsay from crazy admirers, yet other stories have proven to be true!

That being said, it's time to dive into these famous athletes' 'personal' lives, and strap up for 15 athlete hookup confessions that might gross you out.

15 Najeh Davenport Is "The Dump Truck"

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Ah, the classic tale of hit it, quit it, s*** it, and forget it. Back in 2002,  NFL running back, Najeh Davenport was arrested at Barry University, after he allegedly broke into a dorm, and defecated in a girl's laundry basket. We are not making this up. Now, there is no mention of Davenport hooking up with anyone in the girls dorm, but we can't help to think that's why he was there. Pretty much, he hooks up with someone, can't find the bathroom, breaks into some random dorm, and takes a dump.

Eventually, the Packers fourth round pick reached a plea bargain, only having to complete 100 hours of community service. Once in the NFL, the players and fans ran with the story, nicknaming Davenport "The Dump Truck" and "Dookie." Green Bay's equipment manager was even receiving letters from fans, urging him to change Davenports practice jersey to "Number 2."

To this day though, "Dookie" still proclaims his innocence, and famously said, ""Where's the evidence? Where's the manure? I know I didn't do it – I just wanted to get it over with."

14 Curry Gives A New Meaning To "Shuffle Your Feet"

I just wanna get that foot popping love in my life....✅

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I think opponents have some new ammo against Steph Curry when it comes to trash talking on the court. On the daytime talkshow, The Real, Steph's wife Ayesha opened up about Steph's fetish due to an odd picture they found in her phone.

"My husband really loves my feet and so the light was hittin' them just right that day and so, I was like, let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet. I always say, when he says to send nudes, that's what he's getting -- a picture of my bare feet."

Looks like Rex Ryan and Steph have something in common. Ayesha's Instagram photo makes a little bit more sense now. The ironic thing is that despite being a "foot guy," he puts out some of the ugliest shoes!

13 Anonymous NFLer: I think I'm Going To Be Sick

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We know that NFLers must have some crazy hookup stories, but normally, these don't make it to the media in fear of some backlash (probably from their girlfriends and wives).  But Complex did a story back in 2011, guaranteeing anonymity, which let some NFL players open up about these crazy tales only heard in locker rooms. An anonymous NFL Pro Bowl tackle opened up about one wild adventure.

The player went on to say that a teammate and a woman left a room and went to do the deed. They then started hearing some strange sounds from the room and thought their teammate's life was in danger. When they entered they found out that he had sustained a "lower body injury" and began vomiting uncontrollably. The Pro Bowler described it as "hilarious and disgusting."

We like to think the guy's name is Ralph. Let's just say they both blew chunks in this situation.

12 Dwyane Wade's Balanced Diet

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Back in October of 2017, Gabrielle Union, went on the morning radio show, Sway in the Morning, and was talking openly about her love life. The gist of what she said is that whatever a girl does to a guy in the bedroom, the man should reciprocate.

When the host told Union that most guys aren't into all the acts described, she responded with, "That's what they say." As you can imagine, the internet had a blast with the rumor, and Wade even had to shut down some Twitter trolls who misquoted him. No wonder his shots have been rimming out lately.

Wade has been no stranger to bedroom stories either, as a former associate admitted that Wade and friends would have "group sessions" fueled by the green stuff at least two to three times a week! I wonder if they served tossed salad as an appetizer?

11 Stan Collymore Popularizes "Dogging"

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Collymore was an English soccer player who played with a bunch of clubs throughout his career, and even appeared in three international matches with England back in the 90s.  The Striker dribbled himself into hot water in 2004 when he was arrested at Cannock Chase, a countryside natural area, by an undercover agent. So, the question is, what was Collymore booked for?

The real answer might surprise you, and maybe gross you out. He was caught dogging.  For those of you that are new to the phenomenon, dogging is a British thing where you meet up with strangers in car parks, and hook up. Sometimes it's just the one, sometimes it's a group, and sometimes people just show up to watch. Collymore would shoot out texts to his group, engage in the act, then head home. After two years, he was caught, and lost his job at BBC Radio because of it. With the birth of Tinder, this may seem normal nowadays, but back then, it was pretty taboo. According to Collymore, everything was planned out and consensual, so this time, we'll throw him a bone.

10 Ronaldo Gets Caught Soliciting. And Gets More Than He Bargained For

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No, no, we aren't talking about Cristiano (who's had his fair share of strange rumors), we are talking about "O Fenômeno" (The Phenomenon), the Brazilian, Ronaldo. Widely ranked as one of the top footballers of all-time, Ronaldo got into some trouble back in 2008 when he was caught with three transvestite prostitutes in Rio.

Per authorities, after Ronaldo realized that three prostitutes were indeed men, he kicked them out of his hotel room, yet they tried to extort him with upwards of $30,000. In Brazil, prostitution is legal, but damn man, exercise some caution. The former World Cup champion has come out and said that he just wanted to amuse himself, whatever that means.  Clearly, the whole situation tainted his reputation, and we hope that nothing actually happened, but if it did, it definitely grosses me out.

9 I Didn't Peg Dez Bryant Like That

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Let's preface this next gross hookup confession with the fact that it's a groupie rumor.  Maybe this chick was trying to defame Bryant, or extort money, but if the story is true, it's a damn good one. Twitter user, and self-hyped athlete groupie, under the now deleted account, @NFL_NBA_Hoe,  went on a tirade back in 2013, calling out all the athletes she hooked up with. She posted a supposed conversation with Dallas wide out, Dez Bryant, and which had some NSFW language.

Allegedly, the three-time Pro Bowler liked using certain 'toys', and also getting urinated on. Bryant sued the groupie, who admitted to extorting money by claiming she was pregnant, and having the athlete pay for an abortion. While again, this is all hearsay, to go as far as suing makes it seem somewhat truthful. Hey, at least it's better than getting screwed over by the Green Bay Packers every year!

8 The Dirty, Dirty South

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From doing the "Dirty Bird" in the endzone, to doing a "dirty deed" in a nightclub bathroom, Jamal Anderson has had a tumultuous life post-NFL. Our gross confession stems from a 2009 arrest in which an undercover agent caught Anderson snorting coke off a toilet seat at the Peachtree Tavern nightclub in Atlanta. People in the ATL weren't having that explanation though, and thought that Anderson, who is allegedly gay, frequented the nightclub looking to pick up frat boys, and was caught with someone in the bathroom stall. The supposed story is that the undercover cop found some white powder on him, and changed up the story to not tarnish the Pro Bowler's image.

Honestly man, the story grosses me out either way. Not because Anderson may have been gay, but do you know how nasty nightclub bathrooms are? There are probably traces of every disease known to man in there. And if he wasn't hooking up, and just snorting as the report suggests, there has to be a better place than the toilet seat, right?

Obviously, Anderson's sexuality is a hot topic, but it didn't help when he exposed himself at a gas station in Georgia in 2016.

7 Woods Plays A Round

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Who can forget the infamous 2009 Thanksgiving night incident, in which Tiger's then wife, Swedish model, Elin Nordegren, caught him cheating. She threw his phone at him, which chipped his tooth, and chased him out of the house with a golf club, only to have Woods wreck his car at the end of the driveway. Over the next few weeks, more women came out as Woods' lovers, and he eventually released a lengthy apology on national TV, but we are here to gross you out, so here are some of the crazy confessions from some of his side-chicks.

He was known to get it on all night because of sleep troubles. Apparently, he knows what he's doing and learned everything he knows from hooking up with 40-year-olds in his younger years.

While all that may not gross you out, since it's just the signs of a typical addict, we just know too much about Tiger's antics.

6 Welcome To The "Love Boat"

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Back in 2005, the Minnesota Vikings were wrapped up in a crazy rumor, known as "The Love Boat Scandal." On two houseboats on Lake Minnetonka, with 17 members of the Vikings present, and over 100 women, including prostitutes flown in from across the country, a gigantic 'party' went down. The players were performing crazy acts in front of crew members, and everything got out of hand.

Per the attorney of the cruise company, these players were engaging in just about any act you could think of. Also, per the cleaning crew, they left "used condoms, K-Y Jelly, Handi Wipes, wrappers. It was just incredible how it was left. Never in the history of this group of people have they ever had anything like this."

I think I don't need to explain anymore. Four players were charged with misdemeanors for the incident, and many think this led to then coach, Mike Tice's, termination.

5 Rooney Is Definitely a Cat Person

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The English footballer may be a hero on the pitch, but he's a cheating jerk off of it. Rooney has been known to frequent brothels and gentlemen's establishments since he was 16. In 2004, rumors came out that Rooney was caught with three separate prostitutes, varying in age. First was a 21-year-old, Charlotte Glover, with whom he had left his autograph as a souvenir. He was later caught on camera with 37-year-old Gina McCarrick in Liverpool, which only ran him a whopping £45 per night. Finally, the weirdest of them all, Rooney was caught banging a 48-year-old grandma who was wearing a rubber cat suit. Meow!

While we wish that the former FWA Player of the Year was just young and dumb, he was caught in 2010 and 2017 with prostitutes again. Damn Wayne, you've got to be "kitten" me!

4 Be Careful, Marv Bites

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"The voice of basketball," Marv Albert, was wrapped up in a crazy sexual assault scandal back in 1997. He was taken to trial on charges of felony sodomy! According to his accuser, Vanessa Perhach, he threw her on to the bed, bit her, and forced her to perform oral sex. After a lengthy trial, and testimony from former lover, Patricia Masden, who also accused Albert of being a biter, he pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges, while the sodomy charges were dropped. Eventually, NBC dropped Albert, but brought him back for the NBA Finals a few years later.

It's strange why in fact Albert was brought back and obviously when you're talking about a case of assault like this, it's no laughing matter.

3 Shaq Gives "Crimson Tide" A New Meaning

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"Big Diesel" is no stranger to sex scandals, and has opened up about his infidelities against ex-wife, Shaunie O'Meal. But, his former girlfriend came out with some details about Shaq's sex life that may seem a little gross to some.  Just read this snippet from her deposition:

“When he would call and want to get together, I was reluctant to see him when I had my period…. And [Shaq] would say “I don’t care.” And she went on to say, Shaq in fact enjoyed going 'downtown' no matter what her cycle was. In fact he apparently enjoyed certain parts of the cycle.

The pseudo-scientific term for this is menophilia, in which someone is turned on by menstrual blood. Clearly, a lot of you readers are cringing along with me, but if you are into that stuff, don't fear, you've got Shaq on your side.

2 Go For The Gold

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What do you get when you put a bunch of young athletes from around the world in the same living accommodations after months and months of celibacy? Exactly what you'd expect. While not many of the competitors talk about it, some have stepped up to share their Olympic sex stories.

Back in 2012, the dating app for men, Grindr, crashed in London in 2012 during the summer games. People have even stated that it went down the minute athletes started arriving. Coincidence? I think not.

In Rio in 2016, they had over 400,000 condoms available for over 10,000 athletes. After the Sydney games in 2000, the Olympic village eventually ran out of condoms, even though it started with 70,000. Don't be naive, they weren't making water balloons.

From outdoor intimacy eventually being banned in Seoul in 1988 to Hope Solo possibly taking home a celebrity in 2008, the Olympics is not short of athletes that are ready to go. Read some more juicy stories here.

1 I Did Not See That Coming

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For those of you that don't know Max Mosley, he's a former racecar driver and president of FIA, which is the governing body for Formula 1 racing. Oh yeah, his father, Sir Oswald Mosley, was a fascist and close friend to Hitler. It turns out, the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. The following is some messed up stuff that seems like it's straight out of a Tarantino film.

In 2008, Mosley was caught on camera engaging in Nazi themed group session with five prostitutes. He switched roles throughout the ordeal. He was dressed in a Nazi uniform, and they were re-enacting the darkest and most depressing aspects of World War II. The whole ordeal is absolutely crazy, and it's just straight up gross!

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