15 Athletes Mia Khalifa Has Trolled On Social Media

If you type Mia Khalifa’s name into Google, you are bound to find some very non-PG things. Don't act like you don't know what her previous profession was! before leaving the industry in early 2015. Mia is now a rising social media personality with a massive fanbase – 1.9 million Twitter followers and 3.5 million Instagram followers. Though she has often been criticized for her former career, she has managed to transform that platform into a budding sports broadcasting career.

That’s right, Mia also happens to be a very big sports fan, and is never shy about supporting the professional sports teams from the Washington area. Although her social media feeds are more risqué than most, Mia comes across as a genuine sports fan. Many people, including pro athletes themselves, are beginning to learn who Mia Khalifa is.

Many professional athletes, and other celebrities, have tried to “slide into her DMs”. For those unfamiliar, this basically means that thy are trying to start up a, usually flirtatious, direct message (DM) conversation with her. These DMs are private conversations. All have been unsuccessful, as she had made a reputation for publicly embarrassing and trolling them on her social media accounts. Mia Khalifa will, without hesitancy, post a screenshot of the DM’s a celeb or pro athlete has sent her, and will shamelessly troll them for it.

As you will find out, Mia Khalifa is savage. Whether it is a player for an opposing team or someone trying to slide into her DMs, she is never afraid to publicly humiliate and savagely troll a professional athlete.


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As we noted, Mia Khalifa is a huge Washington Wizards fan. In the 2017 Eastern Conference semi-finals, the Wizards were playing the Boston Celtics. Mia Khalifa happened to be in attendance for Game 6 at Washington, but was still active on Twitter. Khalifa tweeted out to then-Celtics star Isaiah Thomas and her millions of followers that she would let Thomas touch her “twins” if he is able to reach them.

The entire premise of Khalifa’s attempt to troll and mock Thomas is pretty funny. Even though Thomas is short by NBA standards at 5-foot-9, he is much taller than Khalifa who is 5-foot-2. Khalifa doubled down her trolling of Thomas when she posted a video of her playing basketball in Thomas’ court, in other words a tyke’s basketball net. The clip can be seen here.


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Denver Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly was the victim of some of Mia Khalifa’s most savage trolling. It started when Kelly was the quarterback at Ole Miss in September 2016. As she does with most famous people, Khalifa exposed him to the millions on Twitter when he was caught trying to slide into her DMs. She called him out saying he should have studied his playbook more rather than being in her DM inbox.

Clearly, Kelly did not learn his lesson as she repeatedly trolled him for again trying to slide into her DMs. For her part, Mia spoke to ESPN Radio’s Russillo and Kannell about Kelly. She said that she does not regret putting him on blast and that he is asking for public humiliation when he calls himself “Swag Kelly”. When news broke Kelly wasn’t invited to the NFL combine because of off-field issues, Mia trolled him for a fourth time when she said he also isn’t invited into her DMs. Hopefully Chad Kelly has learned his lesson by now.


Sup, @StephenCurry30? pic.twitter.com/A2Qlx0cNe4

— Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) October 16, 2017

Even 2-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry is not safe from Mia Khalifa’s trolling. A few weeks ago, his wife Ayesha Curry was a guest on The Real, a daytime talk show. Ayesha made the mistake of showing not only showing a picture of her feet, but revealing Stephen LOVES feet. Ayesha said, “My husband really loves my feet. So when he says to ‘send nudes’, that’s what he’s getting – a picture of my bare feet.” Yikes. That’s too much information for us.

Enter Mia Khalifa. She took to Twitter to troll Stephen by posting a photo of her feet by the fireplace, along with the caption “Sup?”, and tagged him in it. In hindsight, this troll job should have been expected from Khalifa.


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Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras is another pro athlete who tried to slide into Mia Khalifa’s DMs. In early-August 2017, the Cubs catcher tried to get a conversation going with Khalifa. He subtly referenced her past job when he said that he was a “big fan”. Not a great pick up line, Willson.

Mia just said “bye” to him, but he obviously didn’t get the hint. When he repeatedly sent texts to her over a one-week period, all of which went unrequited, Khalifa made him suffer the embarrassment. She tweeted a screenshot of their conversation with the caption, “Cubbies, your man is wandering around left field. Can you come get him?”. Although her trolling doesn’t portray Contreras too badly, he does come off looking very desperate and he did not approach her that respectfully. He later claimed his Twitter account was hacked. Okay, Willson, whatever you say.


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Yep, another pro athlete who thought it would be a good idea to repeatedly try to slide into Mia Khalifa’s DMs. Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams sent 5 direct messages to Khalifa’s Twitter over the span of 5 months. He initially asked her how she was doing, then asked her to come to Vegas, before twice asking her to come visit in Miami.

After that, Khalifa decided she had enough and savagely shared the fairly one-sided conversation she had with Duke Williams. She included the caption, “Warning: Trespassers in my DM’s will be shot and hung out to dry in public.” Sure, this is a harsh trolling, but Williams ought to have known she wasn’t interested after she didn’t reply. You’ve got to commend him for his dedication but, man, haven’t you heard what Mia does to people who try to slide into her DM’s?


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As we talked about earlier, Isaiah Thomas was the target of Mia Khalifa’s trolling. In game 7 of that same Boston Celtics/Washington Wizards playoff series, Khalifa made it known she is not a fan of Celtics forward Kelly Olynyk. Throughout the entire game, Khalifa kept tweeting various “insults” directed towards Olynyk, presumably to get inside his head just in case he happens to hear of them.

Among her best tweets are, “Olynik [sic] can’t get off unless he’s scissoring”; “Olynik [sic] sits when he pees”; “Olynik [sic] bites into a whole kit kat bar” and “Lebron’s feet > Olynyk’s face”. Those tweets are just plain savage. While they are meaningless on the surface, it was very successful in getting underneath the skin of Celtics fans on social media. If that was her plan all along, then mission accomplished! I can only imagine Olynyk’s reaction when he checked his phone after the game!


Room full of L's

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Mia Khalifa bravely chose to take on basketball’s resident king of Instagram trolling: Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. Back in January 2017, Embiid and teammates Ben Simmons and Nerlens Noel posed for a photo with rapper Meek Mill. Embiid shared the photo with pride since Meek Mill was part of the process to get Embiid elected to the NBA All-Star Game.

Once a photo is published online, it’s out there for everyone. And that includes Mia Khalifa, who took that photo and used it on her own Instagram, seen above. She used the image to take an easy shot at Embiid, the other Sixers players, and Meek Mill. She isn’t wrong about the Sixers taking lots of “L”, since the team seems stuck in a rebuilding phase. Embiid’s response is just as good, writing, “says the women [sic] with miles of D”, an obvious reference to her former career in the adult film industry.


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This Mia Khalifa troll job is different from the other time she trolled athletes. In this instance, she joined Jenn Sterger in heckling (and trolling) former NFL star Brett Favre. Long story short, Sterger accused Favre of sexually harassing her years ago and sending her inappropriate photos. She does not miss an opportunity to let people know of Favre’s alleged sexual harassment, since it is seemingly swept under the rug.

At the 2015 ESPYs, Caitlyn Jenner was walking to the stage to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Favre was seen clapping and then rubbing his hands together, as seen above. Khalifa lifted that image and shared it on Twitter with the following caption: “Brett Favre looking at Caitlyn Jenner like ‘So do I send her a pic of my d*** or …….?”.


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Yep, here is another NFLer who was put on blast by Mia Khalifa. During a press conference last month, a female reporter asked Cam Newton about one of his wide receiver’s route running. Newton laughed at the reporter and remarked at how it was funny to hear a female talking about running routes. The incredibly sexist remarks almost instantly garnered Newton widespread criticism.

Newton did issue an apology to the reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer, but it was too little too late. The damage had already been done. Many people did not believe the apology was sincere enough, including Mia Khalifa. As we have found out, Khalifa is not one to hold back.

Her tweets, which came after the apology, are too profane to include here. As one might imagine, they basically involve her saying how his mother demands a maternity test and how he made those sexist remarks because he is feeling insecure about his own “manliness”. Khalifa’s tweets are still public. This might be one of those instances where Mia Khalifa was entirely justified in her trolling.


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We’ve seen a lot of instances where Mia Khalifa masterfully trolls football players and basketball players. She does not discriminate based on sport and, after doing some research, we found that she masterfully trolled a hockey player as well. In 2016, Khalifa took aim at Tom Sestito, a player in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization.

Sestito was engaged in a Twitter war of words with Liam O’Brien of the Hershey Bears, the Washington Capitals’ minor league affiliate (Khalifa is a big Capitals fan). Khalifa entered the feud and insulted Sestito on behalf of O’Brien, essentially saying he was the equivalent of a flaccid 'member'. Yikes. When Sestito shot back by saying she has a great playoff beard, Khalifa upped the ante and questioned his manhood. The moral of this story: don’t verbally attack Khalifa or someone in the organization of a Washington sports team or else you will be insulted and trolled mercilessly by Mia Khalifa.


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Pittsburgh Steelers’ receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster has had quite the interesting week recently. The rookie rides his bike to practices since he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Someone stole his bike, forcing Smith-Schuster to have to walk to the practices. When this news was revealed, #TeamFindJuJusBike was born on Twitter and prompted an effort by the Steelers organization to recover his stolen bike.

Mia Khalifa decided to join in the efforts too, for reasons largely unknown. She tweeted “You are my new favourite follow on Twitter”, and included the aforementioned hashtag. When Smith-Schuster called her out and said he’s not falling for her “trap”, Khalifa proceeded to try to troll the Steelers’ organization. She tweeted out to the Steelers’ saying, “I am the least of your issues”. Smith-Schuster is one of the only athletes who have not fallen for Khalifa and sent her overtures that in turn lead to embarrassment for the athlete. Good news for Smith-Schuster though: they did find his bike!


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Ryan Lochte is an American swimmer who has won 12 Olympic medals. He competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where he generated international controversy. Lochte had falsely claimed that he and three of his American swimming teammates had been pulled over and robbed by people wearing police badges. An investigation ensued, and it was established that Lochte had lied, leading to Brazilian criminal charges being laid. Lochte has yet to answer to the charges in Brazil (and might never do so), but he was suspended for 10 months.

Of course, Mia Khalifa took full advantage of “Lochtegate”. In one of her tweets, she just wanted to know how Ryan Lochte happened to be smartest person in a four-person group. She also alluded to how Team USA swimming is in trouble if they are looking to him as the next face of their team after Michael Phelps. She also tagged him in several other tweets, some of which included photographs, that cannot be reproduced. However, one her best tweets trolling Lochte can be viewed here.


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Le’Veon Bell, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is yet another pro footballer to have interacted with Mia Khalifa on social media. As if pro athletes never learn, engaging her on social media will almost always go wrong for them in a heartbeat. After helping the Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 43-14, Bell tweeted a clip of Khalifa lip-syncing his freestyle rap. Once again, a pro athlete engaged her on social media and it ended up in the athlete being savagely trolled. Although this time Khalifa didn’t have to do all the trolling herself, rather his fans did. The clip of Mia Khalifa, and his posting of it, did not sit well with many of his fans and landed Bell in hot water. When will these athletes ever learn?


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Mia Khalifa has not been shy about her dislike for Sidney Crosby. If you follow her on any of her social media accounts, you will know that she has almost never missed an opportunity to criticize or troll the Penguins star. Whenever her ‘hometown’ team, the Washington Capitals, plays the Pittsburgh Penguins, Khalifa goes out of her way to troll Crosby. Some of her tweets make reference to Capitals’ star Alex Ovechkin and how he is superior to Crosby in pretty much every possible way. If there’s a statistical edge that Oveckin has over Crosby, she’s sure to know about it. One recent example of her trolling Sidney Crosby was when she made threw shade at him for supporting the Penguins decision to visit the White House and President Donald Trump.


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A very recent example of Mia Khalifa trolling and throwing shade at a pro athlete is Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. In an October 31 2017 game, the rookie sensation had a one-handed assist to Brook Lopez off a missed shot. With as much hype as Lonzo Ball has received this year, social media inevitably went crazy over it.

Mia Khalifa was not as impressed by the play. The following day, she took to Twitter to throw some pretty savage shade towards Lonzo. She tweeted, “This is about as impressive as my p*** #NotImpressed”. Not only did she throw shade towards Lonzo, but also took at a shot at her former career. Clearly she is not as impressed with Lonzo as the media seems to be, as she took a shot at her past employment to get that point across.

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