15 Athletes Under 25 That Put Professional Models To Shame

Beauty is objective, but there seems to be something about certain women that makes them worthy of being professional models with wide-ranging fans. Count me uninformed, but I just don't see the difference between models like Giselle Bundchen and your average Instagram hottie with a couple thousand followers. In fact, for my money, most professional models are way too skinny and could use a bit of meat on their bones. Strong athletes with muscle definition are definitely hotter than women who count calories and sometimes starve themselves to look thin. It's for that reason why so many sports fans list professional athletes when reciting their list of hottest women.

It's true. A hardcore sports fan is more likely to name Genie Bouchard or Hilary Knight (if you haven't, check out her ESPN: The Body photo shoot) as their dream girl rather than Bella or Gigi Hadid; don't get me wrong, they're both incredibly beautiful, but there's an added hot factor that comes with being a skilled athlete. That's why these 15 women under 25 years old are among our favorites - they're talented and beautiful. And if their talent somehow fades (see Genie Bouchard), they'll have no trouble making a living off of their looks.


15 Shelina Zadorsky

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Whereas several of the professional models previously mentioned have millions of followers on various social media platforms, this 25 year old Canadian soccer player has only 22,000 Instagram followers, which is surprising given the fact she's an absolute babe. The University of Michigan alumnus is currently playing for the Washington Spirit as a defender. She previously played for the Swedish club Vittsjo GIK and won a bronze medal with the Canadian national team at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

She has beautiful blueish-green eyes, which alone can help an average-looking woman appear exponentially more beautiful. But she's also helped by her adorable smile and long, brunette hair. It might be worth checking out the National Women's Soccer League in the near future - or at least following Zadorsky's Instagram account.

14 Lani Doherty

A 24 year old native of Maui, it should be no surprise that Lani Doherty is a professional surfer, not just because of where she's from, but also due to the fact both her parents were surfers. In fact, she participated in her first surfing competition when she was seven years old and, by the time she was 15, won the junior women's and women's open divisions at the Hoo-kipa Surfing Challenge Neil Pryde Maui.

While she may not have typical model looks, she's got a beautiful punk rock vibe about her; she has tattoos all over her left arm and right leg and is exactly what you might picture when you think of a "free spirit." If her Instagram account is any indication, she certainly could contend for some modeling jobs as she has the sultry and confident poses perfected. You'll want to see much more of this beach bum.


13 Mattie Rogers

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Admit it. You weren't expecting to find a weightlifter on this list, were you? Yet, Florida-based, 22 year old Mattie Rogers is not only one of the hottest women in the sport, but certainly one of the best-looking women in all of athletics - there's a reason, after all, that she has nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, beside the fact that she has represented the United States in multiple international competitions and holds the national record in the snatch, clean & jerk, and total. In fact, Rogers, who is listed at 148 pounds, has lifted 295 pounds in the clean & jerk.

That might be a bit intimidating to most guys, but the former cheerleader's warm smile and personality is enough to overcome those feelings. Don't get too excited though; if her Instagram account is any indication, she's taken, fellas.

12 Paige VanZant

Kick ass, go to space, represent the human race!!

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You may not have heard of some of the women on this list, but Paige VanZant has quite a large national profile, given her involvement in the UFC (in fact, she's scheduled to fight Jessica Rose-Clark on January 14 during UFC Fight Night: Stephens vs. Choi, so check that out) as well as appearances on Dancing with the Stars and Chopped. She's also releasing an autobiography in the coming year. Oh, and she's still only 23 years old.

As talented as she is in the Octagon, there's few, if any, fighters as beautiful as VanZant. The blonde babe is equal parts cute and sexy and simply just looks like a fun and interesting person. Of course, it's her beautiful physique and smile that has over 1.6 million people following her on Instagram.


11 Sloane Stephens

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Sloane Stephens was a once-promising American tennis star who seemingly fizzled out due to a variety of reasons. That was, of course, until she surprisingly won the 2017 U.S. Open and put some character back into the tournament in the absence of Serena Williams; Stephens was genuinely shocked when she was given a giant check for $3.7 million. When asked by a reporter if she will be even more motivated to win more Grand Slams, she replied: "Of course. Did you see that check that lady gave me?"

Many people attributed her drop in the rankings before winning the U.S. Open to her affinity for social media and the celebrity aspect that comes with being a recognizable athlete. And who could blame the 24 year old? She's a beautiful and talented young woman who has already done some modeling work and we're certain she'll have more opportunities moving forward.

10 Leticia Bufoni

A lot of popular musicians and celebrities don't even have one million followers on Instagram, which is why it's incredible to think that 24 year old Brazilian-born professional street skateboarder Leticia Bufoni has over 1.6 million. I mean, it's not all that surprising considering she's one of the most beautiful extreme sports athletes today, but it gives you an idea of her popularity in such a fringe sport.

Bufoni really has it all; a quick browse of her Instagram shows that she's pretty badass with a tattoo sleeve on her right arm and has a defined six-pack abs. She looks just as hot in a pair of jeans and a fitted hat as she does in a bathing suit ... OK, that's a lie. Nothing looks as good as Leticia Bufoni in a bathing suit.


9 Tiffany Suarez

fit 🤙🏼

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We'd be remiss if we ignored college sports, where there's seemingly a model-type woman on every roster in every sport. In basketball, there's few woman as hot as Tiffany Suarez, a former University of Virginia and Fordham University player who recently transferred to Eastern Michigan University. The 5-foot-11 guard doesn't see the floor much and only averaged 2.3 points per game during her time with Virginia, but she's described by her coaches as a talented playmaker.

Once she completes her collegiate career, Suarez could - and should - become a professional model because she has all the assets required. She's tall with long legs and has a beautiful face and body to boot. She has all the main poses down pat and doesn't mind showcasing her body on Instagram.

8 Amber Hill

You can be the president of an anti-gun club, but you're still going to find Amber Hill of Great Britain absolutely stunning. The skeet shooter represented Great Britain at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and recently won a gold medal at the 2017 Commonwealth Championships, so yeah, she's not only incredibly sexy, but equally as talented.

We can only presume her accent would make her even more attractive, but for now all we have is her Instagram account, which not only details her shooting activities, but also her interest in fashion and makeup. Hill looks phenomenal in her element with a shotgun over her shoulder, but she's even better in tight-fitting dresses with dark-red lips. Do yourself a favor and join the 67,000 others that follow her on Instagram.


7 Sierra Blair-Coyle

So, we've covered surfers, skateboarders, and skeet shooters, but those aren't the only fringe sports with beautiful women worthy of holding down a modeling job. You probably weren't certain professional rock climbing was a sport, but it's something you should follow moving forward, if only to catch a glimpse of Sierra Blair-Coyle, a 23 year old who has competed professionally for nearly a decade. She's a two-time Junior National Champion and marketing graduate of Arizona State University.

She has no plans to put her degree to work as of yet, however, as she's still training and competing in rock climbing competitions. Most of her photos on Instagram detail her training methods, although she does clean up well, as evidenced by the numerous photos in which she's rocking a dress. That said, she looks phenomenal in a pair of shorts and workout top.

6 Maggie Cory

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Every other woman on this list has a public Instagram account because attention is almost always a positive thing. The more people that know your name, the more successful you can be in the real world, once your athletic career is over. That isn't the case with Maggie Cory who, earlier this year, made her account private after a popular publication dubbed her the hottest player in all of college hockey. And boy were they right.

The blonde bombshell took over the Internet for the day as many men were in awe of her look; the Ohio State goaltender appears hot in full goalie gear and proves it in a bikini. The 18 year old Minnesota native isn't just a pretty face either. She has yet to play for Ohio State, but had an impressive .915 save percentage with the Madison Capitals under-19 team in 2016-17.


5 Grete Sadeiko

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Grete Sadeiko is an Estonian heptathlete who you might know better as the fiance of former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. The 24 year old Sadeiko gave birth to the couple's first child back in July, but is already back in incredible shape, which isn't much of a surprise given she trained as a world-class athlete for much of her life.

We'll be honest, if you're looking for an Instagram account to follow for pictures of beautiful women, hers might not be the one as it's mostly filled with photos of the couple's child, but scroll down a bit and you'll understand why we've placed her so high on this list. Heck, she even posted a photo of her three months postpartum in which she basically has a six-pack abs again.

4 Genie Bouchard

Afternoons off 💦

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This one is no surprise. You've been aware of Genie Bouchard since she broke onto the women's tennis scene a few years ago at the Australian Open and went on to have an incredible season, reaching the semi-finals in a pair of Grand Slams before her career went off track the following year after an injury at the U.S. Open. Right now, Bouchard isn't even in the conversation as one of the best female tennis players, whereas she once appeared to be headed for that distinction.

She'll be fine even if she doesn't turn her career around. In fact, she's more known simply for being a celebrity at this point. She has done a great job at staying in the public spotlight through business partnerships and following through on a date with a fan. It also doesn't hurt that she's simply stunning and has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.


3 Winifer Fernandez

A 22 year old native of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, Winifer Fernandez rose to fame during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games not for her athletic talents (although she is a very good volleyball player, as evidenced by making the Olympic team) but for her beautiful looks accompanied by her bountiful backside.

Male viewers everywhere wanted more of Fernandez and an Instagram account with her name provided multiple photos, though they were all posted during and shortly after the Olympics. It seems unlikely that it is actually her account given the photos are mostly focusing on her "asset," but there are some fairly intimate photos there that a stranger wouldn't have access to. Regardless if it's her actual account or not, over 283,000 people thought it was worth following, and we agree.

2 Alicia Schmidt

A potential track star at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, German sprinter Alicia Schmidt was dubbed the "Sexiest Athlete in the World" earlier in 2017 and it's easy to see why. The 18 year old blonde bombshell has grown up in a world where social media is king and she certainly embraces the power it has to turn someone into a star based on their looks. Make no mistake, she's supremely talented, but she doesn't mind giving us up-close looks at her long, beautiful body, and for that we're thankful.

Due to the nature of her sport, she has long and strong legs, not to mention a particularly tight backside. We're saying she could outshine a professional model, but the truth is she might as well be a professional model herself at this point. Most of her Instagram photos have a model feel with her rocking designer clothes or posing in front of scenic backdrops.


1 Paige Spiranac

You've probably heard of Paige Spiranac for a number of years now, so it might be surprising to hear that the professional golfer and University of Arizona alumnus is still only 24 years old. While she likely isn't going to win any LPGA tournaments any time soon, she will have her place in the history books as she is basically the reason for the association introducing a more strict dress code. She was also one of the most vocal critics of the new dress code.

She did so to empower women to wear what's comfortable when golfing and she definitely had plenty of male supporters in that cause, if only for the opportunity to see more of her in tight-fitting and revealing clothing. Otherwise, you can visit her Instagram account, where the big-chested blonde proudly shows off her shapely figure.


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