15 Athletes Who Are Complete Momma's Boys

These athletes clearly haven't strayed too far from the nest... 15 Athletes Who Are Complete Mama's Boys.

Sports are a great distraction from our everyday lives. It's a good get a way from the bad things going on in the world. Of course, Athletes are a big part trying to be the best they can be. In every game, they have support of their parents, fans, and teammates. Athletes have parents that support them in anything they do. There are some that over-do it. For example, Lavar Ball acts like a complete child when it comes to Lonzo Ball. He's taken it a step further by first sending his younger sons LiAngelo and LaMelo to play ball in Lithuania, and now has announced his intentions to form a junior league. The parents sometimes take the spotlight from their kid and put it on themselves. This can get annoying to the team and the athlete themselves.

Even mothers can have an impact and over-do it. That is what this article is about. I'll tell you about athletes who rely on their mothers for everything, instead of cutting the cord and being themselves. Some athletes are mama's boys. Whether it was due to them having only one parent growing up, or simply staying a little too close, here are 15 athletes who are momma's boys.


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Shaq was a dominant player in the NBA. His number one fan, of course, is his mom, Lucille Harrison. She's on camera enough to have a lasting image in your head. This can say that Shaq a complete mama's boy. She is tall, at six feet, which is tall for a woman. Shaq would do anything for his mother as she is the type of mom that would cheer and be front and center at Laker games. JaVale McGee Tweeted at Shaq mocking him. McGee was mocking him about Shaquille O' Neal's "Shaqtin a Fool."

Shaq said in an interview with The Undefeated that his mom called and told Shaq to leave McGee alone. "My mama. Just say Shaq’s mom called him, told him, ‘Stop this silliness. Leave him alone.’ So that’s the end of the beef. You won’t be hearing about it from my side anymore. Mama has spoken.” Shaq without a doubt is a mama's boy.



Tiger Woods went from being great golfer to being a complete disaster. He lost a lot of fans and sponsors after the cheating scandal, and he hasn't been the same since. Most women would not forgive Tiger for what he did, but in his mother's eyes, he can do no wrong. He once made a statement, walked off the podium, and gave his mom a hug. His mom was asked what she said to him by ESPN. "I said, I'm so proud of you. Never think you stand alone. Mom will always be there for you and I love you."

It doesn't matter how unfaithful he was to his wife or how many women he slept with. His mother would always be there.



Mayweather retired from boxing in 2007 because he didn't feel like boxing anymore. In 2009 he would make a comeback and fight Juan Marquez. His came back because of his mother. He said at the time that mom, Deborah, was a big influence in getting him to box again because she thought he still "had it." In the Bahamas, Deborah said to Mayweather, "Everyone on the island keeps asking me when you're going to fight again." Mayweather felt guilty, and he couldn't do that to his mother, so he went back to Las Vegas and returned to the sport made him great. He began sparring and wasn't going to disappoint his mother anymore. For a boxer who is supposed to be tough, he had to have his mom assist him in getting back into boxing.



Michael Phelps, who is the greatest swimmer in the world, got into some trouble with his mom in 2009. Pictures surfaced of him doing his best Snoop Dog impression, and his mother Debbie didn't like it to much. He had some explaining to do. Phelps is a complete momma's boy. He was arrested for a DUI when he was 19, and apparently used the "get of out jail free card" already with his mom. He told the Baltimore Sun about confronting his mom about the impression. "Seeing my mom reminded me of how it was the day after I got my DUI and I swore to myself I'd never do that again." He also said she gave him the I'm not upset just disappointed look. This is a fine example of a momma's boy.



Dwight Howard plays for the Charlotte Hornets. He credits all is performance on the court to his mom, making him the perfect choice for this list. His mother, Sheryl, played for a women's basketball team at Morris Brown College from 1974-1975. She taught her son defense at an early age. Howard also gets into a lot of tech fouls, most recently being fined $35,000 for a obscene gesture during a Cavs game. He said one time, the reason he gets a lot of techs is because of his mom. "My mom is emotional. I think the reason I get a lot of techs is because of my mom."

That right there is a complete momma's boy, blaming mom for your fouls on the court. He should take responsibility for his own actions during a game.



Mark Sanchez is a single guy at the moment. He does love women, but his number one fan is his mom, Olga Macias. She talked about her son to the NY Daily News in 2010 saying, "It is just hard to explain. It has all panned out. To see it all happen, wow, there are no words. I don't know what to say, I want to cry happy tears." While things were working out back then, Sanchez hasn't given his mom much to cheer about in recent years. I'm sure she is still proud of her son even though he wasn't really a good quarterback in the NFL. He is also famous for the butt fumble against the Patriots. She would attend Jets games and make her presence known that she was his number one fan.



In 2008 Toews became the youngest captain in the NHL. Why does he make the list? His mom was right by his side to deal with the pressure of being a captain for a team. He lives with his mom during the offseason. Her name is Andree Gilbert. Toews looks after her at all times. He even told her not to wear his jersey to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final when the Blackhawks were playing the Philadelphia Flyers. Andree said it was good luck and decided to wear the jersey anyway. The Blackhawks would win the game and the Stanley Cup. When they celebrated on the ice, Toews was worried because he couldn't find his mother...if that doesn't say momma's boy, I'm not sure what does. Luckily for Jonathan, Andree and the family were being escorted out by security.




The Mannings are a big football family. Eli, though, is the quiet brother to Peyton. Ely will never be as good as his brother. Why is he a mama's boy? He brought his mother to an interview. What athlete that isn't a mama's boy would do that? None. Olivia Manning always makes sure that people include Eli in discussions. Archie Manning told the New York Times, "Eli and Olivia are certainly very close They have that special bond that you see between mamas and their baby boys.” Also, Manning would tell the New York Times that she ran the household like he runs the offense. "Growing up, we would have been lost and clueless without her. She ran the household and was our biggest supporter." Right now he may need his momma with the way the Giants are playing.



LeBron is without a doubt a dominant player, but he is also a huge momma's boy. LeBron has made a fool out of himself at times, and his mom is always front and center, cheering her son on. James uses his mom as motivation to be a stronger and better player. When nasty rumors spread about her, and LeBron had some words to her ex-boyfriend, Lambo. He forced his mom to dump Lambo because he was cheating on her. Lambo would call out LeBron on Instagram. LeBron is supportive of his mom and she his supportive of him. With LeBron having grown up without his father, it's understandable that he would be so close to his mom, and considering how her son's turned out, she did a fine job raising him.



The number one pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Stafford had everything going for him. The only problem? His mother was getting in the way. After an NFL Films microphone picked up him swearing in a game against the Browns, mother Margaret was not happy with her son. He injured his shoulder in the game and the language he used wasn't virtuous. He led the team to a victory, but, his mom was onto other things telling the Detroit Free Press, "What I didn't like about it was watching the tackle again and seeing him curled up in pain. And for the record, I might have said the same thing if I had been in his situation—but I'm still his mom and need to remind him to watch his language." That screams mama's boy so bad, it isn't funny.



Alex Ovechkin is one of the best hockey players in the NHL. On the ice he may be tough, but off the ice he is a momma's boy. Ovechkin loves his mother, Tatyana, and lived with her until he married Anastasia Shubskaya in 2016. He did say one time in a HBO Series about Winter Classic, "I'm not married. Who else is going to clean and cook for me? I'm not going to do it myself." Well now he is married, so hopefully he's learned how to cook and clean. He is still a momma's boy though. He dumped his agent and his mom took over. Ovechkin's contract is worth $124 million and goes through the 2020-21 season. Question is, will Ovechkin ever grow up and realize he cannot rely on his mom all the time? So far he is on the right track after at least getting married last year.



Patrick Kane needed his mother's help after a TMZ headline. She also went with him to Switzerland during the NHL lockout to cook for him and be there with him. Donna Kane told WSJ at the time, "When I got here, I was like, 'There's just no way.' I cook for him every day. There's only like five stations on television. There's not much really to do. It's kind of lonely." That is exactly what he wanted his mother to come and rescue him. I'm sure he wanted other women besides his mother to do his bidding. That sure is a prime example of a momma's boy. When his mom was with him is was sanity. Kane went from partying to eating macaroni and cheese and reading books for fun. A little too much from the hockey mom.



The dirtiest player in the NFL. On the field he's a big bully, but off the field he's a real softie who lives at home in the offseason. His sister, Ngum, is his manager and his mother, Bernadette, defended her son telling GQ, "They’re saying my son is angry… This child is blessed. He has nothing to be angry about.” Suh also said in a interview to the Associated Press in 2011, "I'll consider myself a dirty player when my mom calls me a dirty player." He is an example of a mama's boy without a doubt. If you need mommy to tell you your playing dirty to realize your playing dirty then your a momma's boy. Anybody who's watched football in the last 10 years knows Suh's among the dirtiest players the league has seen in recent memory.



Kevin Durant won an NBA Championship with the Golden State Warriors last season. His number one fan is his mother. Wanda Durant is always the center of attention at games saying one time of Kevin, “He’s been like this since he was a baby. Always humble. Low-key, generous, considerate of others.” When Kevin sees his mom she relaxes him and he uses her as motivation to have a great game. Kevin Durant is a fine example of a momma's boy. Hart told TMZ Sports that he still gets spanked by his mama. He was probably kidding, but she is a big part in Durant's life. Even during the post game celebration, after the Finals win, Durant's mother was the center of attention giving her motherly love to her son. And of course, who can forget his famous MVP speech, saying to his momma, "You da real MVP".



In 2012 Lochte was the star of those Olympics. According to the US Weekly they asked his mother, Ileana Lochte, if there were any women in sight. Her response was "He's too busy! He's so warmhearted that I don't think he'd want to have a relationship with somebody. I don't think he wants to get into a relationship." The only relationship at that point was being a momma's boy. He's had a girlfriend since last year named Kayla Reid. If something were to happen though you know his mom would be there to defend him over anything. Last year he was given a 10-month suspension after the Rio photo scandal saying he was "being robbed and being held at gunpoint." He falsely reported a crime and it got him suspended from swimming. His mother backed up the robbery story to USA Today and stood up for her son.

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15 Athletes Who Are Complete Momma's Boys