15 Athletes Who Are Only Famous Because Of Their Wives

Many of the athletes on our list are huge losers. Sure, they were professional athletes, but the career aspirations they had for themselves definitely weren't fulfilled. I mean let's be honest, it probably wasn't Hank Baskett's goal to cost his team a Super Bowl and then get cut. As disappointed as he may have been, he may have been the luckiest guy in the building when you consider it was pinup icon Kendra Wilkinson making him feel better. Marko Jaric spent most of his career playing basketball overseas, but perhaps that's how he was able to woo an international babe like Adriana Lima?  And you may know and fawn over Jessica Simpson, but can you tell us anything about her former tight-end husband Eric Johnson? We didn't think so.

Several of our stars are also no longer performing, but the ladies they've locked down have kept their households afloat while they focus on working on their cuddle game. Though in some cases, the famous woman they once had by their side - such as Chris Howard and Gabrielle Union - realized their value and left them by the wayside.  In which case we're sure the amazing photos we have definitely won't be making them feel any better! They say love don't cost a thing, but how does it feel for these athletes that their better halves are also better earners?

These are 15 athletes who are only famous because of their wives!

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15 Hank Baskett (Because Of Kendra Wilkinson)

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Who Is She? Kendra Wilkinson is a famed former glamour model who also dated Hugh Hefner. Considering his age, we're sure Hefner's skills in the bedroom weren't too much for Baskett to overcome. The relationship between Hefner and Wilkinson also led her to appear in The Girls Next Door. It may be worth noting that while she appeared without clothing in pictorials, she was not officially considered a Playmate. She later had her own reality show that lasted for 4 seasons.

Who Is He? Hank Baskett's career may always be defined by his inability to recover the on-side kick in the infamous Colts/Bears Super Bowl XLI matchup, followed by being cut. At least Wilkinson was waiting at home for him! Outside of that, he had a few great games but was otherwise unnoticeable in a career that lasted from 2006-2010. There could be worse things to be famous for than having a super gorgeous wife.

14 Ryan Sweeting (Because Of Kaley Cuoco)

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Who Is She? Kaley Cuoco is one of the most popular actresses on television. Along with The Big Bang Theory making her bank with reruns, it is also signed up for at least 12 seasons (and currently on #11). Which means that by this point, if you don't know who Cuoco is it's you living under a rock and not her.

Who Is He? Unfortunately for Ryan Sweeting, his career on the tennis court pales in comparison to Cuoco's success. Her single episode earnings are almost more than his entire career net worth (which was roughly $1 million). Making this all the more awkward for him is the fact that the two divorced in 2016. His relationship basically was his only claim to fame!

13 Marko Jaric (Because Of Adriana Lima)

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Who Is She? Adriana Lima is perhaps the most associated name with the Victoria's Secret label. And considering Victoria's Secret sells seductive lingerie, that's probably a pretty good company to be affiliated with if you're dating her! A model since the early 2000s, Lima is worth upwards of $75 million and has been influential for the new generation of gorgeous girls.

Who Is He? Marko Jaric was drafted in the 2nd round by the Los Angelas Clippers but spent a large portion of his career playing overseas. His best days were from 2003-2008, when he was averaging around 25 minutes a night. That being said, he's no Lima! The two announced their separation in 2014. He is mostly remembered for this relationship instead of his career.

12 Eric Johnson (Because Of Jessica Simpson)

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Who Is She? Jessica Simpson is one of the most iconic blondes in Hollywood's history. She's found fame in reality television, films and perhaps her biggest passion, the music industry which has seen her sell over 30 million albums. Her career is still continuing to grow, including having aspirations to release another musical album in the near future, as well as continuing to promote her own brand.

Who Is He? Simpson's husband Eric Johnson was drafted in the 7th round of the NFL draft. A tight-end with only one memorable season (in 2004), Johnson's career was full of injuries including missing two full seasons. He finished with 240 catches and roughly 2,200 yards in a career that lasted from 2001-2007. She must have to introduce him a lot!

11 Tyson Kidd (Because Of Natalya Neidhart)

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Who Is She? Natalya Neidhart is the current Women's Smackdown Champion. She also may be recognized and loved by fans for her appearance on the reality show Total Divas. While there are many potential women that can come and take the belt off of Hart's shoulders, it's clear the company is ecstatic to have her on top, including having her recently "beat" (...okay, get herself disqualified) against Charlotte Flair at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

Who Is He? Tyson Kidd could be a tremendous current wrestler in the company, but a serious spinal injury led to an early retirement. He married Natalya in 2013 and currently has a role as a producer with the company. It's great to see she has stayed by his side!

10 David Otunga (Because Of Jennifer Hudson)

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Who Is She? Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol, but she sure used that as a platform to launch a tremendous career. Granted it also helped that she killed it in the movie Dreamgirls that saw her win an Academy Award. Hudson is also currently rocking out on TV as one of the judges on The Voice U.S. after previously "winning" the U.K version of the show in 2016.

Who Is He? While Otunga used to be a wrestler, when you get to spend your life curling up to Jennifer Hudson maybe you too wouldn't mind taking a step away from the physical demands of being a professional wrestler. Otunga is still active with the company, but his role as a pre-show panelist is probably a lot less physically demanding than his previous aspirations. He will never reach the fame Hudson has!

9 Mike Fisher (Because Of Carrie Underwood)

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Who Is She? Some winners from American Idol don't go on to have a tremendous career. That is far from the case for Carrie Underwood. Many consider her to be the biggest artist in Country music and she has taken home countless awards. Anytime she goes on tour, it's sure to be in high-demand, including her most recent tour selling over 1 million tickets.

Who Is He? Let's give Mike Fisher some credit, he did play 17 seasons and over 1,000 professional hockey games. Do you love hockey? You know Fisher's name. But after retirement, the only reason you're probably going to keep hearing about him is when he's standing beside his lovely wife.

8 Larry English (Because Of Nicole Williams)

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Who Is She? Nicole Williams is so good looking that despite her husband being retired and forgettable, she still landed a spot on the reality show WAGS. We're sure he doesn't mind the additional income! Especially because while her job makes sure she keeps her body looking good, he isn't spending his time being beaten up on the football field. Williams has over 1 million followers on Instagram and also promotes herself as a designer along as a TV personality.

Who Is He? Larry English spent 2009-2015 in the NFL as a linebacker and defensive end for both Sandiego and Tampa Bay. He racked up a little over 100 tackles but otherwise was far from a standout player on the field. He is a very lucky man to have been able to woo Nicole Williams.

7 Nnamdi Asomugha (Because Of Kerry Washington)

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Who Is She? Kerry Washington has not won but has been nominated for several Emmys for her outstanding work on the current television series Scandal. She also has an extensive film history including appearing in Ray and Django Unchained. She was also nominated for an Emmy for her performance in the television film Confirmation in 2016.

Who Was He? At the top of his game, Nnamdi Asomugha was considered one of the best cornerbacks in Football. But his career started turning down in 2011 after leaving Oakland for Philly and then fizzled after a last resurgent attempt with the 49ers in 2013. A few years as one of the better defensive players absolutely pales in comparison to Washington's continued success on mainstream film and television.

6 Chris Howard (Because Of Gabrielle Union)

via health.com

Who Is She? Gabrielle Union is a talented actress who has appeared in several great films including 10 Things I Hate About You and Bring It On. She recently starred in the film The Birth Of The Nation and continues to be talked about in magazines and entertainment programs.

Who Is He? Wait, that's not Dwyane Wade? While Union is married to a future NBA Hall of Famer, she was once doing the bad thing with the forgettable Chris Howard who only managed to rush for 123 yards in his career that lasted from 1998-2000. The two divorced in 2006. While Dwyane Wade has millions of people who love watching him play on a regular basis, we wouldn't be surprised if Howard is one of them! Even though she has moved on, people still bring up Chris Howard but only as a reference.

5 Kroy Biermann (Because Of Kim Zolciak)

via bravotv.com

Who Is She? You might want to pretend that all the various "Real Housewives" shows don't exist, but the reality is that they're some of the most popular shows on television. Kim Zolciak realized that The Real Housewives of Atlanta was her ticket to fame. She also appeared on Dancing With The Stars and made a reality show centred around her wedding to Kroy Biermann.

Who Is He? Kroy Biermann was an outside linebacker for Atlanta (hence the location for Real Housewives!), but his career ended after a run from 2008-2015 without any accolades worth talking about. The two were married in 2011 and have 4 children together. He may not have a SuperBowl but he has a super successful wife!

4 Kris Humphries (Because Of Kim Kardashian)

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Who Is She? C'mon, we can't even entertain the thought that you don't know who Kim Kardashian is. There might not be a more talked-about celebrity in Hollywood and anyone that stands by her side, even Kanye West, pales in comparison. Whether you know her for her shows, clothing, or various tabloid stories, there aren't many celebrities who also have a higher net worth than Kim.

Who Is He? Kris Humphries is a talented NBA player who debuted in 2004 and is actually still in the league. But he may enjoy his time a lot more without the Kardashian drama surrounding him. Their marriage which was in 2010 lasted only 72 days.

3 Mike Comrie (Because Of Hilary Duff)

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Who Is She? If you grew up in the late 90/early 2000s, you wouldn't be alone in loving Hilary Duff and The Lizzie Maguire Show. Now that she's appearing on Younger, it's abundantly clear that her career has never been in a better place. Not to mention the fact that she is easily considered one of the most beautiful and well-liked women in Hollywood.

Who Is He? Mike Comrie spent over a decade in the NHL for 6 different teams. His best year may have been in 2005-2006 when he scored 30 goals, but he faltered towards the end including suiting up for under 50 games in his last 4 seasons. Sadly this relationship did not stand the test of time and the two got divorced in 2015. He will forever be known as Hilary's ex instead of an NHL player.

2 Kyle Boller (Because Of Carrie Prejean)

via nbcconnecticut.com

Who Is She? Carrie Prejean is a former Beauty Pageant winner, coming out on top in the Miss California pageant in 2009, as well as being the first runner-up when she competed in the Miss USA competition. Prejean's popularity isn't all for positive reasons though, as she also spoke out during the Miss USA contest against gay marriage. She later wrote a successful book about her experiences.

Who Is He? Kyle Boller was a serviceable quarterback who lasted in the NFL from 2003-2011. In his last 3 seasons however he only played a total of 14 games. A first-round pick, his career was largely disappointing with his best year coming in 2004 but still saw him throw for under 2,600 yards. The two got married in 2010, and he has been largely forgotten since!

1 Tristan Thompson (Because Of Khloe Kardashian)

via health.com

Who Is She? Love or hate the Kardashian name, there is no point denying that they aren't one of the most influential families in America. Keeping up with the Kardashians continues to bring in millions of viewers and we're sure Khloe isn't planning on taking a break from Hollywood anytime soon. Especially because it was recently announced that she is starting her own line of luxury sunglasses.

Who Is He? Tristian Thompson would be benched and forgotten about (y'know outside of his contract) if this was any other year. But now along with having a rough start to the year, Thompson has allegedly impregnated Khloe Kardashian. His name is never going to be bigger than Khloe and if the rumours are true, he's never getting himself out of that spotlight.

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