15 Athletes Who Got Cheated On By Their Partner

When it comes to cheating in a relationship, athletes are usually the ones doing it, rather than being on the receiving end of infidelity. However, as proven by the cases mentioned here, sometimes they're also victims. Leaving their loved ones while they're earning money participating in sporting events, athletes leave their partners an opportunity to cheat on them. Fame is a double-edged sword, as it gives you "options" for relationships, but also makes cheating on someone easier as well. The significant other of a famous athlete is also an object of adoration, therefore is also at risk of being unfaithful.

Yes, the athlete may be praised for his/her incredible skills on the field, but off it they might be lacking something that another party was more than willing to give to the needy partner. Another reason might just be payback - the athlete wasn't particularly careful, got caught, but instead of exposing them, the best way to make them suffer was by getting into a relationship with a teammate. This must hurt, especially if the teammate is a much worse player than the athlete cheated on.

Relationships are complicated on their own, let alone in professional sports. When love is lacking, infidelity creeps in. Here are 15 times when it got the most of the partners of famous athletes.

15 Dwyane Wade

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The marriage made for a great story for some time, but Wade and his high-school sweetheart Siohvaughn Funches eventually divorced in 2010. During the divorce Wade's now ex-wife went through 16 different attorneys and two arrests, while the Heat star still provided for her. This all in spite of Funches' reported infidelity and all-in-all rather unconventional behaviour. She lost custody of her children and is now writing a book about her relationship with the superstar, while Wade got married with the woman he was reportedly cheating on his wife with - actress Gabrielle Union. He cheated on his current wife as well and has a child with his lover, so you shouldn't feel really sorry for him anyway.

14 Floyd Mayweather

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Princess Love is the wife of Ray J, a singer who's more known for being Brandy's brother and his involvement in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, than his musical career. The two got married recently, and earlier got the name of the other tattooed on their bodies. Love didn't do the same thing with her former boyfriend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. The relationship between Princess and Ray started in 2013, after she left the boxing champ for the singer. Mayweather could probably beat Ray J up, especially as the two were reportedly close and it was actually the champ who introduced the future pair to each other. The two men officially have beef, but no punches were thrown. Still, he shouldn't be too bitter about the break up - he was dating another woman at the same time.

13 Tim Duncan

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Tim Duncan is the best power forward in NBA history, a true testament to the force of fundamentals. He may also not be a very exciting guy, but you and I know this, so his future wife should be aware of that as well, right? Well, she found life in the Duncan household so boring that she eventually decided to have an affair, despite having three children with the Spurs legend. This led to a divorce, which is sad because Duncan is such a good guy. At one point he even declined to sign with the Orlando Magic because his wife wasn't allowed to travel with him on the team plane. It seems that his practical, unenthusiastic approach that was an integral element of his basketball longevity didn't translate to long-term relationship success.

12 Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol's career on the Lakers was rather stellar, but his exit was very much ugly. At the end of his tenure, Gasol was basically begging to get traded with his unenthusiastic performances. The power forward/centre led the team to two championship titles alongside Kobe Bryant, and one of their teammates was explosive reserve shooting guard Shannon Brown. He's currently out of the league and married to singer Monica for some time, but in the past it was presumed that he was the reason Gasol's game and overall enthusiasm declined - he supposedly had an affair with the Spaniard's fiancee, Silvia Lopez Castro. Brown dismissed the rumours on Twitter and Gasol found them hurtful to Castro.

11 Wayne Bridge

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In a rumour that turned John Terry into an universal villain and a punchline in every joke about sports infidelity, the Chelsea defender presumably cheated with Vanessa Perroncel. The model was around that time dating his teammate Wayne Bridge. The rumours broke Bridge's career, as he not only refused to shake Terry's hand before games, but retired from international competition in order to avoid sharing the pitch with the Chelsea and England captain as well. Unlike his reputation, Terry's professional career and marriage were left unharmed by the rumours. The same can't be said of Bridge, who bounced around from club to club after leaving Chelsea. The one cool moment left from this whole rumour was the famous handshake refusal before their first game against each other.

10 Steve Nash

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Steve Nash was a very interesting player - a Canadian point guard who won back-to-back MVPs and changed the way modern basketball is played. When on the Suns, it was rumoured that Steve Nash and his wife had a child of African American descent. Immediately it was also reported that she cheated on him with one of his teammates. Both of them are white and already had two children, so that was where the rumors started that it was either Leandro Barbosa or Jason Richardson, Nash's Suns teammates, that had the affair with Alejandra Amarilla. When it turned out that the third child of the pair was white, this should have silenced the rumours, yet since they divorced soon after the child was born, they live on to this day.

9 Maxi Lopez

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Lopez was a surprising signing for Barcelona in 2005, following his lacklustre performances for River Plate, yet once he got to Europe, it seemed he wanted to get the most of the experience and played in Spain, Russia, and finally in Italy. He took his supermodel wife, Wanda Nara, with him. While at Sampdoria, Nara had an affair with Mauro Icardi, Lopez' nine years younger teammate. The couple divorced and as Lopez is friends with Messi, it's presumed that the extremely talented Icardi isn't getting many international caps for Argentina as a personal vendetta. Icardi eventually married Nara and tattooed the faces of her three children with Lopez on his shoulder. The couple have two daughters of their own as well.

8 Antoine Walker

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Make fun of his trigger-happy attitude on the court all you want, Walker wasn't particularly careful off the court either, which was most notably proven by his bankruptcy. Antoine Walker and Evelyn Lozada were in a relationship for ten years. While she currently might be more famous than her ex-fiance, there was a time when Walker was the man that gave new life to a struggling Boston Celtics franchise. Being together for so long, and exposed to possibilities, both parties haven't been particularly faithful. In the end it was Lozada who left Walker. According to the player the breakup occurred after he lost most of the money he made during his basketball career.

7 Craig Janney

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Brendan Shanaham was never the most popular guy on any team, but the writing is on the wall: he married the ex-wife of his St. Louis Blues teammate, Catherine Janney. In a way this is a situation similar to Icardi's - Shanaham is still happily married to the woman and the couple have three kids of their own. He was very serious about this relationship, and still is, so this can serve in defence of his actions. Janney and Shanahan were both traded away by the Blues, one year away from each other, which in a way proves that despite his incredible skills, the teammates still couldn't trust Shan The Man enough to actually share the ice with him.

6 Eric Wynalda

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An affair with a more prominent teammate's wife can cost you your career, or at least participation in the most important sporting event of your life. This was the case with John Harkes, the D.C. United midfielder, who presumably had an affair with Eric Wynalda's wife. The striker was one of the best players on the US National Soccer Team, so it's understandable that then-coach Steve Sampson wanted to make him comfortable. One way of achieving that was getting rid of Harkes, who was cut from the roster. Wynalda and his wife divorced in 2003. His wife and Harkes both denied the rumours, but Wynalda believed in them so much that he claimed the affair was one of the reasons the marriage didn't work.

5 Jason Kidd (Or Jim Jackson)

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This case is a matter of perspective, as singer Toni Braxton was presumably dating both men at the same time. Kidd and Jackson were a very promising duo on the Dallas Mavericks, and with Jamal Mashburn they formed what was supposed to be the team's core for years to come. And with Don Nelson as the coach, this team could be really fun to watch. That didn't happen as the music star caused a rift between the two guards. Jim Jackson dismissed the story about how Braxton ditched Kidd to hang out with him, but to be honest, it wouldn't be classy to say otherwise. Remember, this was during the time Toni Braxton was more popular than ever. The truth will never be known, and it's really sad that the three stars failed to build enough chemistry to last together for longer.

4 Lindsey Vonn

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Getting into a relationship with a known cheater there's always uncertainty that he can return to his ways. This was the case with Vonn, who decided to give Tiger Woods a chance. As you probably know, he wasn't the most faithful partner during his marriage with Elin Nordegren. The golfer and skier looked like the sports next power couple for years to come. They were together for three years, and Vonn got into a relationship with him after divorcing her husband of six years, alpine ski racer Thomas Vonn. The woman and the golfer split after Woods reportedly cheated on her. You can't teach an old tiger new tricks now, can you?

3 Fritz Peterson And Mike Kekich

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The New York Yankees have always been one of the most scandalous and entertaining teams in US professional sports. An integral element of the creation of this myth were two press conferences organized by teammates Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. The two Yankees announced on the exact same day, just hours from each other, that they were leaving their wives for the wives of the other. Petersen married Suzanne Kekich and the two were together since 1973, while Mike Kekich and Marilyn broke up after a couple of years. Kekich left the Yankees in the same year, while Peterson stayed on the Yankees for another season.

2 Kevin De Bruyne

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The Manchester City footballer was once an interesting prospect owned by Chelsea, just like his Belgian teammate Thibault Courtois, who was on loan in Atletico Madrid at that time. Caroline Lijnen, the woman who de Bruyne was dating for three years, got into the relationship with Courtois after her boyfriend revealed his affair, with her former best friend. Courtois presumably cooked a dinner for her in Madrid and was really nice. While this caused a rift between the two players, they eventually talked things out and put the affair behind them, as both are currently integral elements of the Belgium National Team. De Bruyne and Lijnen, not so much.

1 Brent Barry

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Brent Barry had an OK NBA career and is now one heck of a colour commentator, who shows great awareness of and respect for the game of basketball. Unfortunately, the good guy doesn't always win, as was the case with himself and his wife Erin, who cheated on Brent with none other than his Spurs teammate Tony Parker. The real kicker is that Parker was at the time married to Eva Longoria, one of the most desirable women in television at that time. Both pairs divorced around the same time. The move to San Antonio cost Barry his wedding ring and the two championship rings he won with the Spurs sadly won't make up for it.

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