15 Athletes Who Got Too "Close" With Their Fans

The life of a professional athlete brings with it many advantages. One of the most tantalizing may be the fact that many of them could have women literally lining up around the block for the chance to spend time with them. In fact, for Mike Tyson, that's exactly what they did. To make the story all the more unbelievable, the women were waiting around a prison because he was incarcerated for a serious crime at the time.

There are many athletes just like Tyson who have had no shortage of moments with fans that are well worth talking about. Including Jason Kidd who allegedly became involved with a season ticket-holder when he was playing with the Nets and Sunny, the once great WWE Diva, who at one point in time was offering her services over Skype.

Not to mention the athletes that have been caught in candid situations as photos have emerged of them after doing some cardio with the fans. Jaromir Jagr, Julian Edelman, James Harden, Ezekiel Elliot and even Usain Bolt have all hopefully learned the lesson the hard way to turn the cameras off in private. And while we don't know if Bolt is fast at everything, you will learn if Alex Rodriguez can handle his bat and if Tiger Woods knows how to use his putter!

These are 15 Athletes Who Got Too "Close" With Their Fans.

15 Julian Edelman

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Julian Edelman was probably feeling pretty good back in 2015 when he was out celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl victory. He even met a woman named Sabrina who was clearly down to get all up in his business. We're sure she sweet-talked him and his career up and down and before long, clothes definitely became a hindrance.

After the session though, Sabrina uploaded a photo of Edelman passed out with a rather brash and revealing caption. She received a tremendous amount of backlash for the photo, including allegedly being banned from clubs in the Boston area. We're sure Edelman was wishing he went home with a different fan that night.

14 Jaromir Jagr

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Jaromir Jagr is one of the greatest players to ever lace up a pair of skates. And even now in his 40s, he still can skate laps around some guys half of his age. So perhaps it's not too surprising that he also has the ability to attract women who are also half his age!

Jagr's intimate activities became public knowledge back in 2015 when a fan that he took to be named Catherine who was apparently 18 years old, took a selfie after a private encounter. She had hoped to receive $2,000 from Jagr in order to secure his silence. When you consider he has made millions in his career and still refused to pay her, you definitely get the impression that he couldn't care less about the world knowing what he does in private.

13 Jason Kidd

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Joumana Kidd spent 10 years married to Jason Kidd and had three children with him, but their relationship was not a healthy one. Kidd allegedly beat her and it was also reported that he was unfaithful throughout their relationship.

In her divorce filings, Jourmana stated that Kidd's list of affairs included one woman who was a season-ticket holder for the Nets, several exotic dancers in different states, an employee for the Nets Organization, a cheerleader from New Orleans and two other women who were only identified as "Petra" and "Lisa". Something tells us the Nets don't typically offer the services of one of their stars to season ticket holders!

12 James Harden

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James Harden was coming off a loss in the Western Conference Finals to the Golden State Warriors when he went out to have some fun. He found his fun in the arms of Instagram model Farrah Flossit who shared a photo of a passed out Harden - seemingly indicating the two had enjoyed each other's company for lack of a better word.

Harden was not outspoken on the matter, which definitely didn't help his case. At the very least having a beard like that makes it pretty hard for him to deny that it was him! That being said, a friend close to Harden did come out and say she thinks the photo was photoshopped. We'll let you be the judge!

11 Scott Steiner

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There are many athletes out there who can boast that they have slept with a lot of women. But Steiner may have one of the most "impressive" track records when you consider he recently stated in an interview that he has taken 15,000 women to bed.

Not only that, but Steiner said he was with 15,000 women in one year! 1999 was the year to be exact. Is that possible? Honestly, no it really doesn't seem like it is. But it was what he claimed never the less. We're sure if Steiner was seeing women that often, he was probably touting to them the fact that he was a professional wrestler. Though with a body like Steiner's, it's not like he had too many other logical career choices!

10 Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt may be known as one of the fastest men in the world, but you imagine he wanted to race to his phone to delete the photos that were shared by Jady Duarte to Whatsapp during the Rio 2016 games.

Jady was actually approached in a club by someone representing Bolt, but clearly, she thought her conquest of the Olympian was worthy enough to share with her friends. That clearly was not where the sharing stopped though and the photo quickly spread online. When talking about the situation, Jady mentioned that it had left her mortified. Especially because Bolt has a long-term girlfriend Kasi Bennett, whom he is still with.

9 Sunny

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Now if we're being fair, Sunny hasn't technically "got close" with her fans. I mean, she could have, but that's not what we're going to talk about here. Instead, we'll take the time to mention that while you may not be able to do anything with her in person, there was a period of time where Sunny was offering her "services" to her fans over Skype (for a monetary fee). Something tells us that's an experience you probably weren't forgetting anytime soon! She is also the only star on our list to have that on her resume, but you're probably not too shocked by that. Sunny later went on to appear in a film which we're sure offered much better lighting than her apartment.

8 Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez might be a great baseball player, but his accomplishments off the field might be all the more impressive. Including having relationships with Torrie Wilson, Cameron Diaz, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez - Rodriguez was also known to get his cuddle on while on the road.

This includes one woman, Candice Houlihan, who worked as an exotic dancer in Boston and met up with A-Rod when he came into town on two different road trips. We're sure his experiences with her definitely helped make him get a lot more excited to come to Boston. To A-Rod's credit, she did say he is very gifted at more than just baseball!

7 Ezekiel Elliot

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Ezekiel Elliot is definitely familiar with having some nasty headlines being written about him and his now former relationship with Tiffany Thompson. But back in May 2016, Tiffany would have had every reason to be furious at Elliot after a photo emerged of him after he engaged in some activity with a fan.

Thankfully for Elliot, Thompson at the time was not visibly affected with the incident and simply tweeted out "Y'all don't gotta worry about me I'm just fine sitting here with you guys laughing". If he stays healthy Elliot could spend over a decade in the league, so here is hoping he will take these experiences as things to learn from. Elliot also made headlines after he pulled down the top of one of his female friends at a parade, but later defended his actions by saying that they "made friends" later in the day.

6 Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson was literally in jail for an assault charge, and still had women lining up around the block hoping to show the Champ a good time while in the can. Or you know, have a "conjugal visit"! Tyson also admitted that he had also become intimate with a counsellor who worked in the prison.

Tyson has been open in the past about his sex addiction, including his love of prostitutes and one particular incident where after a fight with Buster Douglas (which he lost) - he blamed it on having too much sex with all the hotel maids. Mike also had no shortage of high-profile relationships, including one with model Naomi Campbell.

5 Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods is one of the most talented golfers of all-time, but it's his prowess off the golf course that earns him a spot on this list. Woods had a rampant addiction that saw him spend upwards of hundreds of thousands on courting women (some "professionals"), many of whom we're sure jumped at the chance to check out Tiger's "Driver" which was reportedly more than adequate.

It was even reported that Woods became involved with his neighbour's 21-year-old daughter. Did Woods ever use his fame to impress a woman at the bar (or otherwise)? We don't know for sure, but given his penchant for getting around, we'd be stunned if the answer was no.

4 Eugenie Bouchard

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Now we need to be upfront here, there is a pretty good chance that Eugenie Bouchard didn't end up becoming intimate in any way with John Goehrke. But Bouchard did still make headlines after she went on a date with a fan after he won a bet with her over Twitter during SuperBowl LI.

The bet was made after Goehrke asked her if she would go on a date with him if the Patriots made a comeback in the Super Bowl game despite being down 25 point. Bouchard honored the date and the two went to an NBA game. She did agree to a 2nd date, but nothing has been reported meaning that Goehrke may have dropped the ball! That or he just wanted to be the guy who turned down Eugenie Bouchard. Either way we can all be jealous of him for getting that first date!

3 Ryan Lochte

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Ryan Lochte is no stranger to being involved in scandals when it comes to the Olympics. But one of the happier things that he wanted to talk about during the London 2012 games was how excited he was to be single. In an interview, he admitted that he wasn't single for the last Olympics but was this time and had been hitting up Tinder. Not surprisingly, the gold medalist quickly found himself with plenty of potential matches who we're sure were wooed by his swimmer's body.

Especially because this story came out in 2012 and not after his Rio incident! Something tells us he might not have quite as much luck in the dating game going forward, or at least have some awkward moments when he explains his past incidents.

2 Breaux Greer 

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Who is Breaux Greer? While his name may not stand out in comparison to some on this list, he is a former American javelin thrower. Not only that, but he also holds the world record for longest throw, so you know you better not mess with him, even from a distance.

And while in his real life he is now engaged to Katy Mixon (who appears on the series American Housewife) and has a child, back in 2000 during the Sydney Olympics he admitted that he would become involved with upwards of 3 women every day. Not only that but he also joined a very infamous club on an airplane on the way back home from competing. Talk about one way to get a positive impression of Australia!

1 Wilt Chamberlain

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When you consider Wilt Chamberlain was 7'1, you can understand that he was always going to garner a lot of attention wherever he went. Add to his incredible height the fact that he's arguably the most dominant basketball player of all-time and you can understand why he was quite successful with the ladies.

Chamberlain wrote a book in 1991 titled A View From Above, in which he states he had been with upwards of 20,000 women. Many of which we're sure were impressed with more than just his basketball prowess. It was also reported that there was one 10-day road trip that saw Chamberlain take 23 different women to bed with him.

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