15 Athletes Who Have Had Personal Footage Leaked

Today it's really hard to do something wrong and try to hide it. With social media and internet hackers working around the clock, if a video of an athlete is recorded you know it will be leaked onto the internet somehow. Before internet it was a lot easier to hide something than it is today. With Twitter, people don't have to wait till the six o'clock news to find out the latest. Some athletes and celebrities think they can do whatever they want and they won't get caught. Sometimes all the money they make goes to their head and they do something stupid. It could be an 'intimate' tape geting released, footage of an athlete getting busted for a DUI, or even footage of the athlete using illegal substances. They think it won't get out or it can be hidden but that is never the case.

In this article we will go through 20 athletes who have had personal footage leaked in one way or another. In some cases it would ruin the athlete's career while others it would teach them a lesson and they moved on from it. Whichever the case may be it would be a distraction to the team they athlete was on because the focus would be on what the athlete did instead of the production on the field.

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15 JAMAL ANDERSON Exposes Himself In A Gas Station

via AJC.com

Ex- NFL player Jamal Anderson decided to walk into a gas station convenience store in Atlanta and whip out his unit to the clerk last December. According to TMZ Sports, he walked up to the clerk took out his unit and started pleasuring himself. The cops arrived and deemed Anderson to be intoxicated after he told the cops he had been dropped off by friends. The clerk however didn't want to press charges. Anderson is now banned from the store QuickTrip if he shows up he will be arrested on the spot.

In a 2017 interview to TMZ Sports Anderson said "I'm doing fantastic I've had a very good past couple of months got my mind right been taking care of myself that's the most important thing."

14 BRANDON SPIKES's Chatroulette Session

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Spikes was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2010. He was a great asset to the Patriots defense at the time. Spikes was good on the field but off the field he had some issues for example he was suspended for violating the substance abuse policy. In 2010 however he had a steamy session that got released onto the internet which is a big rule breaker if you're on the Patriots.

In the video it's Spikes and another woman in a  Chatroulette session. A Chatroulette session is basically like Skype but people have intimate conversations and they get strip down until they're, you know... It's a wonder why Spikes didn't get released after that came out, but maybe it's because it was handled internally.

13 AMIR KHAN's Skype Session

via thesun.com

Olympic Boxer Amir Khan was just recently just involved in a sex scandal. He had just married Faryal Makhdoom then weeks later, a tape was leaked onto the internet. He was performing a sexual act on himself while having a conversation with a female model on Skype. He probably thought it was private and it wouldn't get out. How naive. The clip was released in January of 2017. In August however, Amir did an interview with ITV This Morning saying." I love my wife, and I love my family. The marriage is brilliant, it’s going really well. Everything is fine between with us.” Faryal added saying "It’s just the past that’s coming back to try and bring us down. But our focus is now the next fight."

After briefly splitting, Khan and Makhdoom are back together, having reconciled for the sake of their second child, who is on the way.

12 Paige, Xavier Woods & Brad Maddox's Triple Threat Match

via youtube.com

We're going to delve into the world of professional wrestling for a bit here, as this was one of the biggest leaked tape scandals of the year. In the video that was leaked, WWE Superstars Paige and Xavier Woods were filmed doing very un-PG things to each other, along with former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox, who was the one originally filming and was involved in the 'physical activity' as well. In the video was also the company's NXT Women's Championship, which Paige held back when the videos were taken. Shortly after the tapes came out, WWE changed their Women's Championship belt in NXT. Coincidence?

11 Nick Young Admits To Cheating On Iggy On Tape

via etonline.com

Hey, get your minds out of the gutter; we're not only talking about intimate tapes here, sometimes there's other personal footage of an athlete that gets leaked. This time though, it came from an unexpected source. Back when Nick Young was engaged to Iggy, he was on the Lakers and his teammate D'Angelo Russell recorded Young bragging about how he had scored with so many women. Well, as a joke, Russell put the footage online and it eventually got to Iggy, who broke up with Swaggy P shortly after. While Young was definitely at fault here for being unfaithful, there are such things as privacy and Russell clearly didn't respect it. It didn't seem like Russell was doing it to expose a cheater, but rather to play a prank. If he wanted to expose Young, he'd have done it privately with Iggy.


via cincyjungle.com

On Christmas Day in 2012, a report came out that Chad Ochocinco and two women released a sex tape that happened three years prior in Florida. Ochocinco's ex-wife who is a Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada tweeted "LMFAO Those chicks in the video are not my 'friends' & the video is old news over here in my circle - Merry Christmas f---s" She called out Media Take Out for posting the photos. Ochocinco played for the Bengals and really was the star player for them. However Ochocinco's career quickly went downhill after signing with the Patriots. Ochocinco sued two sites for leaking the video, but they scoffed at it, claiming the tape was sold to them by the legal owner.

9 At Least TRENT RICHARDSON Is Scoring Elsewhere

via businessinsider.com

The year was 2013 when photos and a tape emerged on the internet of former NFL Draft bust Trent Richardson engaging in intercourse with not one but three women. According to Every Joe the owners of the tape wanted 10 grand for the video. The funny part about the video is that nobody would spend that kind of money on a sex tape involving Richardson, so whoever wanted 10 grand is out of luck.

Richardson played for the Indianapolis Colts and currently plays in the Canadian Football League. He played four seasons in the NFL two with also the Browns in his career he rushed for 2,032 yards and 17 touchdowns. He played in 46 games and three playoff games rushing only one yard and zero touchdowns. Looks like he had better success in the bedroom.

8 WARREN SAPP's Solicitation

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Former Super Bowl winner Warren Sapp has had a very checkered life off the football field and his troubles never seem to end. The HOF Buccaneer got himself in trouble in Arizona leading up to the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. According to TMZ Sports, Sapp picked up two women in a Phoenix hotel bar and offered them money for sexual favors. Sapp said "I put the $600 dollars on the table, everybody got naked,"

When one of the escorts started talking, Sapp replied with"Why don't you use your mouth on me, instead of using it?!" Sapp would be fired from the NFL Network following his arrest. He pleaded guilty to of assault and he had to complete two counselling programs -- the first is a Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program, the second was an anger management course. If he failed to do that, he faced up to 30 days in jail and two years probation.

7 KAZUHITO TADANO's Past Resurfaces

via espn.com

Tadano was a great pitcher in Japan but in the Major Leagues he was a bit of a disappointment after the Cleveland Indians convinced him to come overseas. At one point in his life he needed money and did some same-sex adult entertainment back in his home country.

He would regret doing it and tried to put that terrible mistake behind him. He was a college student when he did it and in a 2004 interview he made a statement saying. "All of us have made mistakes in our lives," he told ESPN. "I did participate in a video and I regret it very much. It was a one-time incident that showed bad judgment andwill never be repeated. I was young, playing baseball, and going to college and my teammates and I needed money."

He pitched two seasons with the Indians and had an 4-4 record with a 4.47 ERA.

6 HULK HOGAN's Remarks Cost Him A Job

via newyorker.com

Hogan, unbeknownst to him, had made a tape with Heather Clem, who was the wife of his friend, Bubba The Love Sponge. The video was released by Nick Denton, an entrepreneur who founded the site Gawker. Hogan would then make a $112 million lawsuit against Gawker for posting the content. Hogan said at the trial "It's turned my world upside down." Hogan would win the case and was awarded $115 million, as it was deemed a violation of his privacy. Hogan was also recorded saying some very racist things in that video, which cost him his job in the WWE.

Whatever you think of Hogan and the stuff he said, it definitely was a violation of privacy. Still, over $100 million seems a little steep.


via cnn.com

The three Leicester City soccer players  were not thinking of their of the Premier League as when they decided to videotape a tape with three Thai women. The video was recorded on a cell phone then it was leaked. All three apologized but they had to make up for it on the field. The video was taken in Bangkok then sent back to England where it would be all over the internet.

Leicester would release a statement by announcing that  Hopper, Smith and Pearson's contracts had been terminated. The team revealed that they had concluded an internal investigation and felt it was best fort the team to move on. There was really no other appropriate action for the team to take.

4 OSCAR PISTORIUS Re-Enacts His Criminal Act

via nbcnews.com

In 2013 footage showed  Oscar Pistorius re-enacting the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The leaked clip is taken from a longer film which was shown on the Sunday Night documentary slot of Australia's Channel Seven. It shows the athlete running awkwardly on his stumps through a living room, his right arm held out in front of him as if clutching a gun. The video was  shot by an American company and Pistorius' lawyers were livid  at how the video was released. In another scene of the video, the athlete is on all fours, dragging a woman from a bathroom. The footage shows him able to move forward and backward unaided through the living room. Needless to say, it definitely didn't help Pistorius's stance in claiming his innocence.


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Back in 2010, Ben Roethlisberger was caught up in a scandal where he was accused of sexual assault inside a women's restroom in a Georgia nightclub.

Videotapes of Roethlisberger’s accuser emerged and it turned out the accuser had been seen with Roethlisberger before. The accuser went on to say that despite denying his advances, Roethlisberger followed her into the bathroom at the nightclub and the accuser also went on to say that when the friends of the accuser tried to intervene, they were blocked by Big Ben's entourage.

The case against Roethlisberger was eventually dropped after the prosecutor in the case could not find sufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges.

2 TIGER WOODS's DUI And Past Transgressions

via cnn.com

Tiger Woods has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons ever since his cheating scandal surfaced. TMZ reported that someone had approached the adult film company Vivid Entertainment with what was a video of Tiger Woods engaging in intercourse. Tiger's lawyers sent a letter to England that banned British publications from printing naked photos or footage of Woods. Alleged mistress Jamie Jungers once took nude photos of Woods when he was passed out drunk. It's not the first time Woods would make headlines as just recently he got arrested for a DUI.

He claimed it was an reaction to medications he was on. He said it has affected his golf game as he really has never been the same since his wife left him because he slept with all those women while still married.


via bet.com

Shaq had a very messy divorce after emails discovered that he had relationships with over 30 women at a time. Shaq would send these women $5,ooo each time they hooked up. Shaq would tell the Daily Mail: "I was a guy with too many options. Choosing to be with some of those women, well, that's on me. In my mind, I never did it disrespectfully, but obviously I shouldn't have done it all."

Shaq and his then wife Shaunie had a seven year marriage that ended in 2009 and have four children together. The Los Angeles Lakers star really was popular with women but probably should've divorced his wife, or never gotten married at all, instead of starting relationships with so many different women.

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