15 Athletes Who Married Beauties Half Their Size

Regardless of the sports they play, most athletes can be described as finely tuned machines. They can also be described as more than just regular human beings. Because it is only just fair to describe people who devote their lives to becoming experts at something most regular folks would struggle to do even at amateur levels. Take for example LeBron James, and then compare him to any grade B celebrity around the globe. Do you really believe celebrity (insert random name) would be able to do half of the stuff James does on the court? More than that, do you believe a regular person would be able to lift half of the weight James probably destroys every time he’s out in the weight room working on his body?

And that is just part of the point here. We have to respect athletes for who they are and what they are. But one thing that defers athletes from other human beings that we can see outside of the court or the field or whatever surface they perform their sport on, is their physical attributes. In order to play a sport these days, you can’t just walk in at 5’6” with no practice and weighing in at 125 pounds thinking that you’re going to be balling with the best. Athletes are huge. And this brings us to the subject of this list. Because even though some guys are well over 6’5” tall, they manage to fall in love with the tiniest of ladies. So get ready because here are 15 athletes who married beauties who were half their size.

15 Mark and Stephanie McGwire

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When a guy’s nickname on the baseball field is “Big Mac,” you know that he is a solid candidate for being on this list. At 6’5” of height and weighing in at 215 pounds, Marc McGwire was a beast while he played in the MLB. McGwire finished his lengthy career with 583 home runs to his name. To go along with that, he scored nothing less 1,414 RBIs. So a guy who was this good and this big could choose any woman he wants, right?

It is true, which makes it all the more amusing that he chose to marry a little beauty called Stephanie Slemer. Their height difference is almost comical, but it is still heartwarming to see that they are a big and loving family as McGwire has six children.

14 Melo and LaLa

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This is an example of a marriage between a really tall guy and a shorter lady that is not going too well after a massive scandal that involved Carmelo Anthony getting a younger woman pregnant while he was still married to Lala Anthony. Needless to say, the marriage went south, and they have broken up, which is sad because it’s is never nice to see a seven-year-long marriage being broken up because of infidelity. Nevertheless, while they were still together, these two were an interesting couple because of their height difference, even more so than because of their celebrity power. Anthony is a 240 pound 6’8” tall forward in the NBA and Lala is about 5’5” tall. As we will undoubtedly mention again in this article: love knows no height.

13 Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra

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Dennis Rodman might be the perfect definition and personification of the word "odd." This guy has been notorious for years for having the craziest haircuts, creating exquisite fashion trends and even for being friends with two of the most insane world leaders of our time: President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

While his personal style and political affiliations are weird, to say the least, we can’t complain about Rodman’s relationship accolades. This guy was married to Carmen Electra. The funny story is that the two married in Vegas and nine days later Rodman filed for an annulment because he said he was of "unsound mind" when he agreed to the wedding.

Height-wise their difference is also fascinating. Rodman is 6’7” tall while Electra is a little over 5’2” tall.

12 Tony Parker and Eva Longoria

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During most of his time out on the court with the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker is usually the smallest of the ten guys playing. Perhaps that is why when he decided to get married, he tied the knot with Eva Longoria. Parker is 6’2” tall, which is of about the average height for an NBA point guard but is still taller than your average human being. Now you have to take into account that his former wife, Longoria, is a little shorter than your average woman. The American actress from Texas is only 5'1.

This makes the difference in height between these two almost the same as the difference between Carmelo Anthony, who is a rather tall small forward in the league, and his soon to be ex-wife, Lala Anthony.

11 Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

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You might not want to tell this to Kanye West, but his wife has been married to another guy before. Yeah, we’re just kidding, Kanye definitely knows who Kris Humphries is. Some might even say that the music legend has a picture of Kris Humphries in a secret room in his mansion and throws darts at it just for fun. No, we’re just kidding, he probably doesn’t do that.

Now going back to the topic, Mrs. West was once Mrs. Humphries. And during that time, whatever little of it was there, the difference in height between the two was nothing short of astonishing. Kim Kardashian is not even the tallest of the Kardashian sisters at just 5’2” tall, and her former husband is nothing less than 6’9” tall.

10 Joe Flacco and Dana Grady

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The one and only football player on our list, Joe Flacco sure has earned his place in the top 10. Many people might not realize, but Flacco is pretty tall. The Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback is 6’6” tall while weighing 245 pounds. So next time you’re watching a Ravens game try to think about that before complaining about the rookie linebackers who can’t bring Flacco down with a single tackle. It’s probably not an easy thing to do. Either way, we’re here to talk about his relationship.

The Super Bowl winning quarterback married his wife Dana Grady almost six years ago in June 2011, and the couple has three sons and one daughter. As for how tall Dana is, we will let you guys be the judge of that. Take your guesses and don’t be shy to leave a comment so we can zero in on the right number.

9 Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere

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Here is one unlikely couple that actually looks pretty good together. That is unless you feel creeped out by seeing giant 40-year-old Russian dudes dating tiny American ladies. Actually, yeah looking at these two together is a little bit creepy. Wladimir Klitschko does not need any introduction to people who are even just a little bit tuned into the world of boxing. He has a professional record of 64 wins, 53 by knockout, and only five losses. The man is an Olympic champion and much more. Now, unlike many would stereotypically assume, this guy decided to marry a former Disney star who is almost 15 years younger than him. As for their height difference, Klitschko is 6’6” tall and Hayden Panettiere is a quarter inch taller than 5 feet.

8 Phil and Amy Mickelson

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Now if there is one sport you probably didn’t imagine you would see featured in this article, it is golf. Golf players are not particularly known for being the tallest guys out there. In fact, compared to many of the other names on this list, Phil Mickelson is not a ridiculously tall man. At 6’3” of height, this golf legend, who has more than 42 PGA Tour wins, is barely taller than Tony Parker. Either way, when compared to his wife Amy, Phil is a really tall guy. We don’t know exactly how tall Mrs. Mickelson is, but one picture is enough to guess that she doesn’t get too close to her husband’s line when they’re drawing with chalk on the walls to see how fast their kids are growing.

7 Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

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Arguably one of the greatest scorers who ever lived, the Black Mamba is unsurprisingly much taller than his wife, Vanessa Bryant. At 6’6” tall, the Laker legend easily towers over his wife. Not only their height difference, but a lot of facts about this couple are out of the ordinary when we compare them to other couples in professional sports. Vanessa was still in high school when the two of them met, while Kobe was already an NBA star at 21 years of age. When the couple married, Kobe’s family barely attended the ceremony or interacted with the couple for that matter because they were opposed to their son marrying so young, as well as of a few other issues. Today the couple is still together, and they have three children.

6 Dirk Nowitzki and Jessica Olsson

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Dirk Nowitzki might just be the greatest international player ever to grace the NBA game. Dirk was a pioneer of his style of playing basketball. In a time when big men were exclusively judged by their power and skill to play under the rim and inside the paint, this German forward changed the way people everywhere look at seven footers in the game of basketball. At 7 feet tall, Dirk certainly has a sweeter shooting touch than more than half of the guards in the NBA. Needless to say, he also has a sweet touch outside of the court. One look at his beautiful wife Jessica Olsson should be enough to confirm that point. To delve a little further into this topic, it would be nearly impossible for someone to marry a seven footer and not look short next to him. Still, she is not even a 5’2” tall.

5 Chris Bosh and Adrienne Williams

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When it comes to basketball, this past decade has arguably not been as tough on anyone as it has been on Chris Bosh. At first, he probably believed he was set for his career when he signed a contract with Miami along with LeBron James to join Dwayne Wade in South Beach. Nevertheless, while Bosh might have earned a few championships while he was down in Miami, his years with the King and D-Wade have proven that even though he is a great basketball player, he was nothing more than a figurant when the big names rolled into town. When James and Wade left South Beach, Bosh probably imagined it was his time to shine, and then the exact opposite happened. He struggled, and he is about to be released by the Miami Heat.

But if there is one comfort this 6’11” power forward can count on, is his wife Adrienne, who is just a little bit shorter than him at 4’9” tall.

4 Kotooshu Katsunori and Asako Ando

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Now let’s take a break from the big-time professional leagues in America and take a swing towards the Orient. That man up there is Kotooshu Katsunori, a sumo legend. Born in Bulgaria in 1983, he started his fighting career as a Greco-Roman wrestler, a sport in which he was fairly successful as he was already a European Champion at age 14. Now here’s the funny part: this dude turned to sumo because he got too heavy for Greco-Roman wrestling; something that might not be that surprising considering how this 6’8” sumo fighter now weights around 337 pounds. Needless to say, he became a great sumo fighter and even reached the ranking of "Champion" within the sport.

Now, why is this guy on the list? Well, just take a look at the picture of him and his wife, Asako Ando; that is a crazy difference in size.

3 Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku

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Rick Fox is a multi-talented guy. There is no doubt he was a great basketball player. If you have any doubts about that, just go ask his three NBA rings, they should talk for themselves. More than that, Fox has also nurtured a rather long and successful acting career in comparison with some other NBA stars. He played a role in the VH1 series Hit The Floor, he played a role in the show iZombie and even appeared in the Showtime original series Shameless, and that is not even considering his many appearances in reality television.

With all that in mind, is not tough to guess that he had a long-term relationship with an actress. The interesting part though is that the actress, Eliza Dushku, is a bit shorter than Fox. She is 5’5” while Fox is a 6’7” former small forward.

2 Shaq and Nicole Alexander

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Shaquille O’Neal is a legend. If you have never heard of Shaq, you have never heard of the game of basketball. This man was arguably the most dominant center ever to play the game. He averaged 23.7 points and 10.9 rebounds per game throughout his career, those are ridiculous numbers. In the playoffs he was even better, averaging 24.3 points per game and 11.6 rebounds to go along with 2.1 blocks during his playoff career. A guy that was so dominant, so charismatic and so rich as Shaq, could probably choose any woman he wants. That is, any woman willing to date a 7’1” 325-pound man. Which, amazingly enough, was the case with 5’1” reality TV star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Their relationship only lasted two years, but the pictures that came out of it will last forever on the web.

1 Shawn Bradley and Annette Everson

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Shawn Bradley might not have been one of the greatest players ever to play the game of basketball, but this 7’6” German center was certainly one of the tallest. A fun fact about Bradley is that even though he was born in the West Germany in 1972, he grew up in Utah, which earned him a few nicknames like “the enormous Mormon.” Now leaving the fun aside, this guy was never really an offensive force to be reckoned with, but he was a beast when it came to blocking shots, which is not all that surprising considering that he is 7’6” tall.

On his personal life though, Bradley cared little for height. He married Annette Evertson in 1993, and they are still together. What is tough to believe is that the difference in height between the two of them is over 2 feet as Evertson is reportedly 5’3” tall.

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