15 Athletes With More Kids Than They Can Afford

If you think about it, professional athletes are basically the sports versions of rock stars. They're blessed with rare talents that some of us can only dream of. They put on incredible performances that captivate fans, and make themselves household names all over the country, if not the world. And of course they can have their pick of some of the types of women that most men can only dream about landing a date with. But while that all sounds amazing, anyone who’s “made it” will tell you about the dark side of all those things that fame will bring you. You’ll have legions of people hating you and trying to bring you down. You’ll have people constantly looking for handouts, and expecting you to share all that wealth and fame that you’ve accumulated.

And many times, there will be women who will want to get pregnant and have children with you, fully knowing that their lives – along with their children’s lives – will forever be taken care of, thanks to the money your fame has brought you. The sad truth is, so many athletes are quick to take advantage of the women who are very eager to spend the night with them, not realizing that those women have ulterior motives. That’s why you’ll see so many athletes who have so many children with so many women. And sadly, that’s why you’ll see so many athletes who basically go broke having to make exorbitant child support payments to all the women they’ve had children with.

Here’s our list of professional athletes who have fathered multiple children with multiple women, which ended up costing them a fortune:

15 Marshall Faulk

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Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk is the only player in the history of the NFL to amass 12,000 yards rushing and 6,000 yards receiving. He was a three-time winner of the Offensive Player of the Year award, and won the league's MVP award in 2000. Unfortunately, Faulk hasn't quite had the same success when it came to the ladies. Sure, he did father six children with four different women, but he hasn't exactly had fairytale relationships with any of those women. Faulk's former girlfriend, Helen Dunne, who was the mother of three of his children, accused him of domestic violence but he was acquitted of those charges. He also has a son with the former wife of NBA player Derek Fisher, and was married to a woman named Lindsay Stoudt for eight years before the two got a divorce. At one point, it was reported that Faulk was paying as much as $15,000 a month in child support payments.

14 Ray Lewis

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Future first-ballot Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis considers himself a devout Christian, but we're not 100% sure if that applies to the fact that he had six children with four different women. Shortly after his NFL career began, Lewis began paying $3,800 a month to the mother of his first two children, whom he met while at the University of Miami. In January of 1998, Lewis was forced to pay $29,700 in back payments plus $2,700 a month to a woman he had fathered a daughter with. While he was rehabbing from a torn triceps injury during his final year in the NFL (2012), he had to deal with the fact that one of the mothers of those children was trying to hire a forensic investigator to snoop through Lewis' finances, in order to up the amount of child support he was receiving.

13 Vladimir Guerrero

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Outfielder Vladimir Guerrero was named to the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star game nine times over the course of his career, as a result of being one of the most feared and respected batters of the 2000's. Naturally, he made plenty of money over the course of his career, and thankfully still had plenty of it after retiring in 2011. However, that "nest egg" he's put aside may not last long, as he's on the hook for $25,621 a month in child support, paid to five different women with whom he's had eight different children. One woman in particular - named Heidy Ogando- required Guerrero to reveal his finances during a paternity lawsuit filed. That revealed that Guerrero had more than $25 million in stocks and bonds which he made investments in during his 16-year career in professional baseball. Guerrero was previously paying sums between $1,655 and $5,237 per month to four of the women, but was also paying $12,050 per month to Ogando.

12 Janoris Jenkins

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In the spring of 2016, cornerback Janoris Jenkins signed a five-year contract worth $62.5 million with the New York Giants, making him one of the highest paid cornerbacks in the NFL. Jenkins has five children with four different women, two of which filed petitions seeking "increased child support payments and other benefits" after Jenkins signed the aforementioned deal. Previously, Jenkins agreed in 2013 to pay $4,000 a month in child support to each woman, after listing his salary as $660,000 and monthly income at $84,000, when he was a member of the (then) St. Louis Rams. With those numbers set to take a big jump, one of the women in the suit petitioned for Jenkins to pay for the child's private school tuition and all related costs.

11 Chad Johnson

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Imagine this: you're trying to be a good father by attending the middle school graduation of one son you had with one mother. Then, as you're walking out of that event, you end up getting a legal notice served to you by the grandmother of another son you've had with another woman. That's exactly what happened to Chad Johnson, the wide receiver who was also once named "Chad Ochocinco." In 2016, Johnson was served paperwork because of the $38,000 he was behind in child support payments; the said Johnson was required to pay $6,000 per month in support ($72k per year) plus another $1,000 per month, the latter of which would go to the child's college fund. Johnson stated that he was unable to pay those bills, as he hadn't received an NFL paycheque since he left the league early in the 2011 season. Johnson has four kids between two women, so his child support situation might get worse before it gets better.

10 Evander Holyfield

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In 2012, the Georgia Department of Human Services threatened former boxing heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield with potential jail time if he didn't make good on the $372,097 he owed the mother his 18-year-old daughter named Emani. Emani's mother claimed the father never paid a dime of the child support he was legally required to pay, beginning two years prior. To make matters worse, after all the court fees were tabulated in this case, it actually brought the amount owed by the former champ up to just under $564,000. The thing is: these payments are just for one woman he fathered a daughter with; Holyfield actually fathered 11 children with eight women, including the woman who gave birth to Emani. We don't even know how much more money he's paying to those other women but based on this one case it must be quite the sum. That's a big reason he didn't officially retire from boxing until he was almost 50 years old.

9 Larry Johnson

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Larry Johnson was one of the biggest names in the NBA in the 1990's as one of the young stars on the Charlotte Hornets, a key player on the New York Knicks team that went to the NBA Finals in 1999, and his role as "Grandmama" as part of his iconic endorsement of the Converse sneaker brand. Naturally, that made him very popular among the ladies... which resulted in him having five children with four different women. Despite earning over $40 million over the course of his NBA career, Johnson declared bankruptcy by claiming more than $300,000 in debts, including over $120,000 in unpaid child support to the aforementioned four women. In a bit of a twist on the situation: one of those women alleged that Johnson has $26 million stashed away in a private account, but receives only $1,000 of the $11,000 that Johnson owes her in monthly child support payments.

8 Willis McGahee

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Apparently, there's a reason why former Pro Bowl running back Willis McGahee was able to have as many as 10 kids with eight different women. Former music and reality television star Aubrey O'Day - of the failed musical group "Danity Kane" - once professed to having personal (and intimate) knowledge that McGahee was one of the most "gifted" men she had ever been with (if you catch our drift). It's believed that another one of the women that McGahee had a child with is Kandi Burress, while another woman he had a child with is an elementary school teacher who was already married. Clearly, McGahee knew how to get around more than just the football field. In 2014, McGahee and girlfriend Marshevet Hooker announced that Hooker was pregnant, which enabled McGahee to hit the double-digit mark in terms of children for whom he is the father.

7 Jason Caffey

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In 2008, Jason Caffey was served a lawsuit for not being able to make his required child support payments. Maybe it was hard for him to keep track of how much he was paying and to whom, considering he owed monthly child support payments for 10 children by eight different women. Caffey professed that he had sent all his child support payments, but they weren't for the total amounts he owned. Of course, no judge was going to feel an ounce of sympathy for the fact that he was negligent in paying the amount he owed, which is one reason Caffey had to serve an eight-day sentence for failure to pay his child support payments. The worst part was, he couldn't even declare bankruptcy for the fact that he couldn't afford all his debts, because that actually could've led to the eight mothers of his 10 children to all sue him for child support.

6 Antonio Cromartie

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Antonio Cromartie's penchant for having numerous children with numerous women gained national attention in 2010, he had difficulty remembering the names of all 13 of the children he had fathered during a one-on-one player spotlight segment on HBO's Emmy Winning "Hard Knocks" show. In the two years prior to that segment, Cormartie was served five paternity suits, which cost him so much that the New York Jets had to front him $500,000 of his annual salary to deal with those legal issues. Now here's the best part: in mid-2017, Cromartie and his wife Terricka revealed that they were expecting a child together, which would be their sixth child as a couple and Cromartie's 14th child. Somebody in the medical field should be studying Cromartie's reproductive prowess, as he's actually had his last three children (plus the one on the way) AFTER having a vasectomy performed.

5 Mike Tyson

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Back in a time when Professional Boxing was still a marquee sport, you could argue that, Mike Tyson might have been the most famous professional athlete in America. Because of that fame and his prowess in the ring he amassed a small fortune. With all his legal troubles and eventual incarceration, he lost all that money as fast as he earned it. In 2003, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, declaring himself unable to pay the $23 million in debts he owed. Among those debts were the $51,000+ he owed in child support to Kimberley Scarborough, the latter of whom gave birth to their daughter in 1991. If there's a silver lining to this situation, it's that Tyson is actually a hands-on father to all of his eight children. He's become an avid fan of tennis, supporting his seven-year old daughter Milan Tyson's growing interest in the sport.

4 Shawn Kemp

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During the prime of his NBA career, Shawn Kemp was really good at two things: hammering home rim-shaking dunks, and siring children with women. We know for a fact that "the Reign Man" fathered seven different children with six different women. However, there are rumours that the actual number of children Kemp may have had is somewhere around 11 children from nine different women. Regardless, at least six different women helped drain the $92 million hat Kemp made over the course of his NBA career. The sad part is, that number doesn't even represent the full extent of his earnings; between all his endorsement deals and off-the-court earnings, his earnings were likely in the nine-figure range. Either way, whatever money those women didn't take, Kemp either spent it to pay for some of the homes he had purchased, or simply on a whole bunch of stuff to take his mind off it.

3 Calvin Murphy

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Standing at only 5'9, the shortest player ever inducted into the NBA's Hall of Fame wasn't short on the number of children he fathered as a member of the Houston Rockets. In fact, the 14 children that Houston Rockets' great Calvin Murphy fathered are enough to fill an entire NBA roster; we're not exactly sure if that's an awesome or reprehensible coincidence. What is reprehensible, however, is the fact that he faced charges from five of his daughters; though he was acquitted of all charges, that's still an awful footnote on your personal record. And yet even after those allegations Murphy was selected to be a part of the NBA's mentoring program. The irony of that is so obvious that it barely needs to be stated. The lesson, as always: great people don't always make great athletes, and great athletes often aren't great people.

2 Terrell Owens

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A 2011 report revealed that former star wide receiver Terrell Owens had to pay as much as $45,000 per month in child support payment(s) for four children he had with four different women. He was actually served a bench warrant by a judge in that year, when he missed a court date with one of the aforementioned women. In response, Owens actually filed papers for three separate child support cases stating that he has zero monthly income, mostly as a result of having to pay over $62,000 per month for various properties he owned. In other words: even though he no longer plays in the NFL, he has to pay over $100,000 in child support and mortgage payments, for children that he's not a full-time father for, and for homes that those children don't even live in. He probably won't be receiving one of those "world's best dad" coffee mugs from any of those children anytime soon.

1 Travis Henry

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At about 21 or 22 years old, the last thing on most people's mind when they graduate college is getting married or having children. Yet, by the time Travis Henry left the University of Tennessee, he already had four children - from four different women. By 2009, after his NFL career had effectively ended, Henry was responsible for paying as much as $170,000 per year in child support payments for the nine children (from nine women) he had fathered. All this by the time he was just 30 years old! In early 2009, he was jailed for being over $16,000 behind in support payments for one of his children. Where did he spend those millions he had accrued in salary during his NFL career? A bunch of it went towards the cocaine trafficking ring he participated in, for which he eventually received a three-year prison sentence. And, like many other professional athletes, other large chunks of his income went to the three automobiles he purchased, along with the copious amounts of jewelry he accumulated, which he spent approximately $250,000 towards, by his own admission.

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